LibQUAL+ comments 2007: eating/drinking


1. I'd also like to point out that while the policy on eating and drinking in the library is clear, it is so universally ignored as to be virtually ineffective. I mention this not only because we don't need vermin or bugs destroying library material, but also because I have actually seen a delivery man bringing take out food into the building.
2. Please enforce the no-food rule. The smell of other's food is very distracting. Especially when garbage isn't collected very often, discarded food containers can smell for the whole day, making the library generally unpleasant (not to mention sticky). Please arrest people if you have to.
3. Also, do something about the amount of food being consumed in the library. Sure you post signs, but you never do anything about it. Either enforce the policy or abandon the policy. It is destroying the books.
4. My major complaint now is the prevalence of eating, conversation and other distractions.
5. I am not being humorous here but I would suggest that you hire a former high school librarian to police the ground floor of the Reg. The amount of food eaten, cell phone calls taken, computer spots littered is truly egregious.
6. Please relax the food rules now that you have closed the a level!
7. Water heaters would be really nice because for making tea.
8. It might be nice for there to be hot water taps in the libraries for making tea. There is such a one in the Law Library on the third floor and it is quite a nice addition.
9. We need a better cafeteria service (longer hours and easier access as we used to have)
10. What happened to the coffee shop that used to be housed in the same building?
11. Please provide food vending services at Crerar Library.
12. Vending machines, better printing options (same price as the U-site) on the first floor would be better fit, and enclosed cubicles with dry-erase boards would make the study area better.
13. Vending machine for food would be much appreciated.
14. …as well as a sort of coffee shop, to make studying much more comfortable at Crerar.
15. Either a microwave or a vending machine in the basement of Crerar would be nice
16. It would be nice to see a coffee shop or better vending options.
17. Crerar is not close to any spot to get food. The cafe in the basement is permanently closed.
18. crerar is dark and depressing and not near any eateries.
19. The library would greatly benefit from a better (or more comprehensive) cafe in the basement with some healthy choices (soup, salad, fruit, yogurt), or greater access (optional discount meal plan for example) for grad students to the cafeteria in the old gym across the courtyard. As it stands, the lirbary is open stacks and very convenient to use at almost any hour, but to eat anything healthy, you have to leave and go quite a distance. More people would stay if you offered a large and comfortable lounge/cafe experience.
20. Also, it would HUGELY improve the library, and in general the quality of life of graduate students, if the lunchroom had natural light, rather than being buried in a depressing basement. This sounds like a small concern, but it's really not. In the winter, especially, this would make a difference.
21. The Reg could also use a more inviting coffee shop--that space needs to be renovated! Thanks!
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