LibQUAL+ comments 2007: Electrical outlets

Electrical outlets

1. I especially appreciate the recent installation of power outlets throughout Regenstein.
2. I requested more outlets for laptops and a quieter atmosphere last year. Both have been provided! Thank you very much.
3. Also, since the additional outlets have been installed, it has become much easier to use the library to complete my work.
4. The addition of new electrical outlets and more comfortable chairs has been very helpful.
5. First, It's really nice to have the new electrical outlets in the reading rooms.
6. additional power outlets in the reading rooms are great
7. The library could be more comfortable (more electric outlets, nerf balls to hit the people who use their cell phones or are talking).
8. more outlets for laptop use throughout crear.
9. Please Please Please add more electrical outlets in reading rooms and replace the chairs with more ergonomic designs.
10. The biggest problem, as I see it with Regenstein, concerns the lighting throughout the building, and the availability of naturally lit tables with electrical sockets.
11. The library also needs more electrical outlets for people to plug in their computers for studying. It looks like there used to be some but they've been covered over.
12. There are also few outlets, yet we are expected to use laptop computers.
13. Also, more electrical outlets closer to work tables would be a help for computer use.
14. though lack of electrical outlets is sometimes frustrating.
15. But I have problem with the library hours, temprature setting, outlet availability, etc.
16. Need more Plugs and computers, also need a larger mac lab
17. Lack of power outlets at each desk. At the very least run a power strip along the windows, where there are lots of seats. Just walk around your library and notice that you are going to trip over the power cords students are running all over the floor. We live in the age of laptops, embrace it.
18. In addition, the spaces that have plugs for our computers are few in number and usually taken.
19. Not enough electrical outlets,
20. Get more floorjacks for laptop batteries
21. More electric outlets would be welcome.
22. complete lack of power outlets,
23. Crerar needs more electrical outlets.
24. Power outlets at the tables where groups congregate Power outlets at the late-night study Crerar Library. I am severely limited by laptop battery life when I'm there.
25. Need more electrical outlets in Crerar for computers
26. The Crerar Library needs more electrical outlets for laptop computer users. It's a nice library otherwise, and I like the layout of the tables, but there's only a couple of places you can plug in your laptop, so I don't work there as much as I'd like to. This is especially problematic when I want to browse through a recent medical journal and I'm in the Regenstein Library.
27. in Crerar there are a lack of electrical outlets
28. crear had more electrical outlets for laptops
29. Also, it is important for there to be a large quantity of outlets spread through study areas. This seems to be a major problem in Crerar where there are only two outlets for approximately 25 chairs.
30. The science library and Regenstein both need to have more outlets available for laptop usage. Ideally, they should be attached to the tables and carols so the cords are not across isles.
31. SSA library and regenstein need more electric plugs for laptops in work areas.
32. We need better air circulation and more plugs in Harper and the reg.
33. But it means it's sometimes also difficult to find an electrical outlet to plug in one's computer.
34. Harper would be a better study space if there were more outlets.
35. the reg and harder both need more easily accessed electrical AC plugs for laptops in the private study areas as well as on the main study floors.
36. I have been very displeased with the lack of wireless network connectivity both in the library and in some of the classrooms.
37. …areas of improvement that I feel are necessary for the John Crerar Library.Access to electrical outlets. The wireless internet access in Crerar is excellent, but there are not enough power outlets to accomodate all the students who study with a laptop. Adding more outlets would make the library much more accessible.
38. Please install more outlets in Crerar. There are large sections of desks/tables with no outlets nearby.
39. There is a great shortage of outlets for laptops in Crerar. I'd say that well over half of students in Crerar use laptops, and lack of outlets creates problems.
40. Lack of outlets discourages me from using the library. It is IMPOSSIBLE to find an outlet in Crerar, and I am forced to walk around the Reg looking underneath desks to hopefully find an outlet to plug in my laptop.
41. The addition of more outlets in crerar would be helpful, as would easier browsing and discovery of electronic resources.
42. Crerar Library could use more efficient study space that includes more outlets for laptop computers.
43. It would be really helpful to have more outlets in Crerar. The outlets are VERY limited which makes it hard to study there with a laptop. Specifically the 1st floor along the perimeter it would be great to have more outlets.
44. Please add more power outlets at Crerar. I've had to walk around for minutes or even leave the library because I could not find a power outlet to use my laptop computer. The few that are in the library were all taken.
45. It would be helpful if the libraries (Crerar & Regeinstein) have more outlets available for laptops.
46. The libraries need more conducive and varied workspaces, such as more comfortable chairs, better lighting and more available electrical outlets.
47. I wish there would be more spots where we can use our laoptops in the library. The Reg. is over-crowded already , and it is really difficult to find a place where I can plug in my laptop & work sometimes.
48. More outlets would be very helpful.
49. Please install more outlets in the library
50. that I would appreciate the installation of more outlets for laptops.
51. please install more outlets in Crerar.
52. Please, better lighting and more electrical outlets!@
53. there are not enough place to plug in a computer
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