LibQUAL+ comments 2007: furniture


1. Thanks for the new chairs -- what a difference!
2. I am glad that the chairs were changed this year.
3. The new chairs were a good step, I'm sitting in one now.
4. The new chairs saved my life
5. New chairs and additional power outlets in the reading rooms are great
6. The addition of new electrical outlets and more comfortable chairs has been very helpful.
7. …though i love the lockers.
8. seats are finally fixed,
9. the new chairs in the reg were a good change.
10. And the new chairs are a plus. One thing I'd like to see is the curved tables like they have at the Grinnell library. They were designed through observing how users interact with work tables and are much more efficient and comfortable for reading and writing because they allow you to have materials arrayed in a semicircle around you.
11. Please Please Please add more electrical outlets in reading rooms and replace the chairs with more ergonomic designs. We must spend hours at computers in the reading rooms and ergonomic design of these spaces is very important to a healthy work environment. Especially at this University where Humanities and Soc. Science graduate students often are not provided with their own workspaces in their departments, we depend on the libraries to be our offices.
12. It would also be nice if you could get more comfortable lounge chairs. The desk chairs are fine, but the loungers set out near the windows are horribly uncomfortable.
13. I wish there were more private study areas, and some more of those nice wooden chairs they have in the north room of Harper instead of all cushy ones.
14. The libraries need more conducive and varied workspaces, such as more comfortable chairs,
15. Students should have nice carrels available with table lamps, and there should be nice, clean armchairs for reading. Every carrel or table should have an outlet underneath for computers.
16. Harper is quiet but always seems to be too cold or too hot for comfort, and the chairs are really ratty.
17. Why not update Harper into a useable study space instead of as a warehouse for broken furniture? You could heat that space, add more computers, and make it accessible instead of squeezing everyone into the Reg.
18. Comfortable chairs do little more to help make a comfortable environment for studying than for sleeping.
19. Crerar could use more comfortable chairs (like armchairs for reading in) but maybe this would lead to people treating like the regenstein and taking their shoes off and rubbing their feet all over the furniture.
20. There should be at least one place on campus that folks can find comfortable chairs to study in. Yet in no library (or even coffee shop) is there such a location. I can't understand it, as at Harvard there were dozens of places to study.
21. I wish both Eckhart and Regenstein had more inviting/enjoyable study spaces (New furniture, more comfortable chairs, etc.)
22. Eckhart library needs more comfortable chairs. The new tables are very nice, but uncomfortable to sit at.
23. need more comfortable chairs.
24. furniture is uncomfortable.
25. More big tables and fewer carrels would IMHO be much nicer.
26. Also, more tables and fewer cubicles for individual study.
27. I'd like to see cleaner carrels and more isolated study spaces.
28. I find these tables the best to work at, but feel there could be more of them.
29. A researcher cannot function without access to individual storage space for library materials. To have removed two-thirds of the locking shelves is UNCONSCIONABLE! Please restore and even augment this much-needed resource!
30. The tables and sofa chairs are too few, but it was definitely the right decision to put sofa chairs by the windows.
31. Please, change the gray color of the study desks with a more optimistic and prone to study color .
32. The law library is a disgrace - poorly lit, extremely uncomfortable chairs, very cramped and ugly.
33. What needs improvement are the facilities. Its remains a tough place to work: lighting, (seats are finally fixed, five years too late), outlets, air quality, noise levels, study areas, food, number of computers, ease of online databases, etc. Small gestures towards improving the experience of working in the library would go a long way.
34. Put more wood and less grey plastic in the library. It's bad enough having concrete everywhere: why exacerbate it with grey workstations?
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