LibQUAL+ comments 2007: Heating/cooling


1. The construction this year has been extremely detrimental to study conditions -- I used to stay in the stacks for hours to work quietly, but this year, it has been noisy, dusty, and freezing/burning -- I feel homeless without my usual spot and certainly feel that my productivity has declined significantly. Otherwise, I love the library and prefer it to my apartment.
2. The recent construction has been extremely disruptive, and the temperatures in the stacks have been out of whack for far too long.
3. I look forward to completed construction. I spend very little time in the library due to the noise and poor temperature regulation.
4. But I have problem with the library hours, temprature setting, outlet availability, etc.
5. I'm glad the library is addressing the circulation/heating issues
6. What needs improvement are the facilities. Its remains a tough place to work: lighting, (seats are finally fixed, five years too late), outlets, air quality, noise levels, study areas, food, number of computers, ease of online databases, etc. Small gestures towards improving the experience of working in the library would go a long way.
7. The temperature control isn't very good either.
8. I have been using the library for 10 years and am constantly bothered by excessive heat, lack of proper lighting, and noisy conditions because of ongoing work.
9. I wish there were more questions about the library itself as a place, because it seems to be constantly getting hotter, noisier, and having more and more sections of books hidden in some transitional storage area...
10. It also has terrible temperature control.
11. Too Hot in the Winter, the heaters are too loud,
12. it has been ridiculously hot in the stacks.
13. My only complaint is the extreme heat in the stacks.
14. The staff at D'Angelo is great, but due to the renovations, the library is essentially unavailable as a study space (the floors that are open are crowded, there is noise, and the climate control is poor
15. Also, the construction and varying heat levels in different floors of the library make studying very difficult. (There's a sever noise problem)
16. Please, oh, please turn up the heat in Crerar! I've been asking for years, and the people behind the desk say either we're working on it, or we can't. I have been bringing extra clothes and blankets to the library for 3years now, and now I just don't want to go anymore because it's so cold to study there. Regenstein and my home are now much more preferable.
17. The climate control in the library is strange, and it is oftentimes too cold in the library during the summer (which makes it difficult to work there).
18. Also, throughout this winter, Crerar has been freezing! This really isn't conducive to learning.
19. Crerar study space is often too cold.
20. Cold, cold, cold
21. Harper is quiet but always seems to be too cold or too hot for comfort, and the chairs are really ratty.
22. We need better air circulation and more plugs in Harper and the reg.
23. Harper is great, although soporific because of the intense heat.
24. In the winter, Harper Library is only marginally warmer than the outside temperature.
25. The Harper Library does not have good radiators. It is extremely cold in there during winter.
26. longer hours and more heat at Harper.
27. Climate control. I understand that climate control is a difficult business at the Reg given Chicago's unruly weather, but improvement in this area would also contribute greatly to library life.
28. temperature is never consistent,
29. somehow improving the miserably depressing study spaces on the stack floors in the regenstein (what matters above all to me is improving air circulation.)
30. However, the ventilation work that has been done in the library for the past year makes it an unpleasant place to study-- the reading rooms are too cold, and looking through the stacks is a hot, nausea-inducing experience, at least for me. I hope that the construction will remedy this.
31. Heating/AC system before reparation used to cause excessive heat, now it causes ice-cold temperatures in the study places as well as in the stacks. This makes it impossible to spend a longer time with work in the lib itself!
32. The improvements to the buildings' infrastructure will, I hope, correct temperature problems, terrible stuffiness, and lighting on the basement, second, third, and fourth floors.
33. The noise and uneven temperature (much too hot all winter) due to the wiring etc going on in
34. Regenstein library have really detracted from the atmosphere there since the beginning of the 2006-07 academic year.
35. The one great flaw in the University's library system is the Regenstein; it is dark, cold, uncomfortable, and a poor environment for study
36. the temperature in the ssa library needs to be corrected.
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