LibQUAL+ comments 2007: ILL

ILL - neg

1. Also, new policies need to be put into place regarding recalls and interlibrary loan, which sometimes make it difficult to access the material I need.
2. I rely heavily on library interlibrary loan services and would like to see journal article loans being sent through PDF on a wider scale.
3. I wish the library would change the policies on inter-library loans. I know they usually don't do interlibrary loans with books that the university has. But people usually aren't very good on returning recalled books in adequate time and I feel that this library policy should be revised. Furthermore, we should have more interlibrary loan opportunities other than with Northwestern. I had to go to UIC in order to find a book I needed for research but I couldn't check it out.
4. The recall system is awful. The fact that one cannot ILL books that the library owns, but that are checked out or on reserve, is seriously detrimental to research. In my experience, attempts to recall books are successful *maybe* half the time. Being dependent upon a book that is on 4 hour reserve for a class is extremely frustrating. This is a major problem that could easily be resolved by allowing users to acquire these materials through inter-library loan (though this service, alas, is not the most dependable...).
5. I have had some problems with ILL on Chinese-language titles. I once had to send back one request THREE TIMES because they sent the incorrect title. I just gave up without ever getting the book I was looking for.
6. The ILL online interface needs to be overhauled.
7. Also, let us use ILL for books that are checked out by others. Recalling takes too long. So does ILL.
8. The Interlibrary loan is not very good. There should be a possibility to request ILL for items that have been checked out from the Regenstein, and it would be nice if there were an expedited service, similar to the Borrow Direct system of the Ivy League Universities. Sometimes it's important to obtain books or articles very quickly when working on a publication.
9. One complain I have is when I request an article that is not available on campus, I can't get it as a pdf (or any electric form) with a link contained in a notification email.
10. My only frustration in this regard has been that I cannot use Chicago ILL privileges to get books delivered to me at a partner institution near me.
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ILL - pos

1. Since the last survey: Great improvements to the inter-library loan system --esp. in terms of access and speed of document availability.
2. ILL has amazed me with its ability to find documents/books and obtain them. I particularly like receiving electronic copies of documents via ILL (as long as they are shorter than book-length.)
3. ILL is an excellent service
4. Interlibrary loan system is very good.
5. ..or to know the my ILL request for the journal of obscure otolaryngology will be fulfilled within days. Thank you!
6. The ILL department is wonderful -- I am always amazed at how quickly my requested items arrive!
7. Many of the books and journals I get through ILL and they are always very prompt.
8. and every time I've requested a paper the library doesn't have it has been found :) So I appreciate it.
9. And the excellent ILL service.
10. the interlibrary loan system is very good. The service has always been good;
11. I only run into a couple gliches trying to get a journal or two, but that is easily overcome by the interlibrary loan system
12. ILL folks are really helpful!.
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