LibQUAL+ comments 2007: Library use

Library use

1. Disciplines & position bridge across biol & social sciences - so use Regenstein almost as much as Crerar
2. Remoteness of library buildings from others on campus inhibits my use a bit, but electronic resources make up for a good dealof that. There are times when the electronic resources aren't enough -- you have to go to the library and look at holdings.
3. I don't use the library that often, as most of the research journals and preprints are available online. However, when I DO use it, it's usually for something old and rare, and then having a first-rate library and sophisticated helpful staff is critical. Otherwise it's a waste of time. So, it's not the frequency of use in my case- it's the irreplaceable (sp?) ability to find historical rare documetns.
4. Go to Reg building most frequently to study; go to Crerar for most information/resources.
5. I started replying to this survey because of the special appeal made to faculty to do so. I then realized that I am not a good subject for this survey: when I am on campus, I am so busy with teaching and administrative duties that I very rarely have time for my own research and hence rarely use Regenstein as a researcher. My real use of libraries occurs during the summer when I am abroad. I thus can't provide the U of C library with an up-to-date picture of its functioning.I use Crerar electroninc journal access and Regenstein's bookstacks for general reading.
6. I use the library only ooccasionally; but, when I do, it's quite valuable and important.
7. In general I only use electronic resources, although I have found the stacks at Cerar very useful when ejournals are not available.
8. I really most use the Research Archives in the Oriental Institute, since I'm getting my MA/PhD in Egyptology, but the Reg is a useful resource to have as well, and some things I have only been able to get from there.
9. I have not yet used the library's services. I exlusively attend class at the Gleacher Center.
10. I am a weekend student. I use the Fischer library, if you can call that small space a library.
11. I use the resources less than quarterly but more than never -- seldom.
12. I never use the library staff for research assistance of any kind. My interaction with them is limited to checking out books and occasionally asking them to unlock my locker if it is stuck.
13. As an alum living in Evanston who uses the library for personal enrichment and support for activities outside the university
14. I forget that we have the library on campus for resources. It is easier to use the internet. I will reconsider utilizing the resoureces of the library.
15. I use the library partly for fun and partly for work-related reasons, and of course it isn't meant to be a general library--but that could be developed as a focus.
16. I am a new employee and have not used the library resources much. So, my answers to the questions are not accurate and reliable. It is just based on what I see and feel, not a personal experience. Thanks.
17. I filled in NA because, although I am a U of C employee, I have not yet used the collections there extensively, and so cannot give an informed opinion about anything but remote access and delivery of materials, which is inferior at Uof C to what I have experienced at other institutions.
18. I'm a staff member in the College but i'm also a part-time doctoral student in Comparative and International Education at Loyola University Chicago and use the U of C libraries on occasion for my research.
19. I have not relied on the library to help me distinguish between trustworthy/untrustworthy information. I don't believe this is part of the library's function (other than trying to select good material in the first place.) Similarly, question 28, I don't want the library to help me keep up with recent developments. I would rather see the library focus on its primary function of making as much information as possible, easily accessible (as in questions 29 and 30).]
20. Finally, I have learned to love the Reg. I really have. I would say I spend easily 45 hours every week here.
21. the employees are all great but that matters less than whether it's a habitable place to study in my opinion
22. I use the Regenstein, Harper, and Crerar libraries. I find all three excellent under all respects.
23. My responses to the questionnaire reflect my experience with the entire library system; I frequently use Crerar, Regenstein, and sometimes Law, in addition to SSA.
24. I use the library every day and I think it is a wonderful place to work.
25. I love going to the library to study.
26. I love all the libraries on campus and use them frequently.
27. I also frequently use the Regenstein and Harper Libraries.
28. I use the Regenstein Library because of the free printing available at the MacLab.
29. Access to paper materials is just as important as access to electronic resources.
30. despite the noise from renovations, Regenstein has been a good place for me to research and study
31. I have been using the library for 10 years and am constantly bothered by Excessive heat, lack of proper lighting, and noisy conditions because of ongoing work.
32. The constant construction has definitely affected my ability to work and use the resources of the library.
33. The construction this year has been extremely detrimental to study conditions -- I used to stay in the stacks for hours to work quietly, but this year, it has been noisy, dusty, and freezing/burning -- I feel homeless without my usual spot and certainly feel that my productivity has declined significantly. Otherwise, I love the library and prefer it to my apartment.
34. I have basically stopped coming to the library to read or study because of incessant student chatter and conversations in what are supposed to be quiet study areas (floors 2-5). I now only come to the library to get books and leave, or to access the internet from my computer to do non-academic work. Isn't that ridiculous? I know that many of my PhD student friends do the same. You just cannot study here if you dislike loud talking and interruptions.
35. I used to work in the library daily. The construction noise and hassle drove me away last summer and I haven't been back.
36. the library is a good study space,
37. My use of the library is almost entirely through its subscriptions to electronic versions of journals. Once in a while I go to the non-virtual library to peruse possible supporting textbooks for a class.
38. I really seldom go to the library to actually utilize the resources; the proxy server is my best friend in life, and will be for the remainder of it as well.
39. I increasinglyly use the electronic resources and miss my more frequent visits to Crerar in the past.
40. I almost exclusively use electronic access
41. Lastly, for 38 I had to put down daily because I am constantly using an online Japanese-English dictionary to do my homework and look up kanji that I don't know. It would be inconvenient to go to the library and search through a hard copy dictionary, wouldn't it? And it would be much more`tedious to look up words that way.
42. I would use the library more often, but I reside more than 100 miles from the campus. Thanks.
43. The main thing that is important to me in terms of library services is access to as much online scholarly journal content as possible.
44. The online journal collection is the thing that I use the most and it is essential that it remain updated with new databases become available.
45. I use the library's electronic resource quite a lot;
46. I mostly access information online. Most of my N/A answers are because I have too little experience with actually spending time in the library to form an accurate opinion.
47. I mainly use the library as a place to study, but whenever I've needed things there, they've been easy to find.
48. I use the library several times a day, but almost exclusively via the web. It would be tremendously useful to have recent significant books in my discipline available as on-line texts, even if they were not downloadable. Text search capability for books would be a great help.
49. Only one general comment. As long as everything is online I have no need for a physical library.
50. Even if all these issues were addressed I prefer to do all of my research online.
51. I use Chalk (which I love and which works very well) and the web-based journals.
52. The more materials and services made available electronically, the better.
53. I live and work off campus so electronic access to resources is very important to me.
54. And for persons like me who live far away from campus, getting to the library physically is not always practical.
55. I don't live in the state anymore so electronic resources are most important to me: not only what is available electronically, but how easy the resources are to use.
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