LibQUAL+ comments 2007: Library: Crerar

Library: Crerar

1. The research staff in the Crerar Library was extraordinary!
2. I use both Crerar and Regenstein . Both are wonderful places to work. I use electronic recourses of Crerar throughout the day and evening. Unfortunately some of the medical journals do not open. I like the computer courses I took at Crerar and now periodically those I take at Regenstein.; They are most useful. I find everyone I come across curtious and helpful. But I know more about Mrs. Modschiedler at Crerar and the staff in DML lab. I cannot praise them enough. They are extremely helpful and nice to deal with.
3. Reference desk staff is always very helpful at Crerar
4. Crerar librarians have been extremely helpful in teaching me how to use citation programs and navigating medical literature, often going well out of their way- what a wonderful experience.
5. Keep up the great work! I think things run very smoothly.
6. Cannot say enough good about the staff in Crerar.
7. Desk staff at Crerar and Reg very helpful and pleasant.
8. Crerar is a great library and they should not change a thing; it beats H[arvard] M[edical] S[chool] Countway hands down. Reg is OK though I am disappointed they did away with displaying new acquisitions on a special bookshelf. Browsing is an important part of a library's function and this has been taken away at the Reg, but thank God not at Crerar. It takes too much time for new acquisitions to be listed online. The Reg is very busy so I don't go there as often, Crerar has a spacious and subdued atmosphere that is just right. The staff there are generally excellent.
9. Crerar library is a great resource on-campus to do research and to study.
10. Otherwise, however, I think the libraries overall, especially Harper and Crerar, are very well structured, serviced, and administered.
11. Also, once in Crerar, the electronic resources gateway wasn't functioning (i.e., the website was down and I couldn't search journal articles). A library employee (looked like a graduate student, maybe), spent 10 minutes with me teaching me how to search for those same journal articles using the web and then utilizing the library's IP address to link into them via their respective journal webpages. This was very helpful and it showed me another way to access the same information, a way that is much easier when I'm just searching through pubmed or a similar database. The time that person spent with me was VERY appreciated and really contributed to my positive opinion of the library system.
12. I was a post-doctoral research associate in Chemistry from Sep 2005 to Nov 2006. Unlike my graduate university (Rochester), which had excellent library services, the services at Crerar were awful. Books were never on stacks, were rarely reshelved, and the permanent staff in the main floor treated me with disrespect and no interest on a consistent basis. Sorry to tell but this is the truth.
13. Someone scheduled the (extremely noisy) floor buffing in Crerar for exams week winter quarter. It would be wonderful if someone could investigate this so that it can be avoided in the future.
14. I don't use the library very often, but when I do, there are often library employees talking loudly when I am trying to study (particularly on the first floor of Crerar). This is rude and disruptive.
15. I kept going to the Reg and being told to go to Crear, but when I was there in the evenings, there didn't seem to be reference personnel available; we couldn't find good group space to work.
16. John Crerar library has a SERIOUS lack of wireless and wire internet connections. There are many areas in the library especially towards the back of the library where wireless connectivity is zero. There aren't enough ethernet jacks either. It is absolutely ridiculous for a student to not be able to connect to the internet in a library. Additionally bathroom cleanliness is appalling. They always smell terrible, and are never thoroughly cleaned. Bathrooms should have air freshners, and should be cleaned twice a day. Once mid day, and once at night.About the allnight study space. Crerar is a terrible spot for the all night space. The lighting is poor, too dark. There aren't enough computers. There is no printing. Crerar is not close to any spot to get food. The cafe in the basement is permanently closed. The space is also too small.
17. Reshelving rates are far too slow in Crear
18. In general I only use electronic resources, although I have found the stacks at Crerar very useful when ejournals are not available. The student workers can be rude sometimes, but I have always found the librarians very nice and helpful.
19. Librarians at Crerar are much more friendly and helpful than librarians at the Reg, as a general rule. I look forward to asking librarians questions at Crerar, but dread doing so (and avoid doing so) at the Reg. Many of the students staffing the circ desks at Crerar and the Reg are sullen at least, and sometimes openly rude. They often act as if helping patrons is a waste of their valuable web surfing time.
20. The Crerar cluster is as close to an IT best practice as I've seen - more clusters should mimic its resources and environment.
21. CrerarUsite is fantastic.
22. The computer lab in the basement of Crerar is great.
23. more group study space in crerar. more computers in the main lobby of crear. more outlets for laptop use throughout crear.
24. Power outlets at the late-night study Crerar Library.
25. Crerar is a great place to work quietly, though lack of electrical outlets is sometimes frustrating.
26. Crerar needs more electrical outlets.
27. Need more electrical outlets in Crerar for computers
28. Crerar needs better wireless internet access. My computer either get no signal or a weak signal in the reading room.
29. The Crerar Library needs more electrical outlets for laptop computer users. It's a nice library otherwise, and I like the layout of the tables, but there's only a couple of places you can plug in your laptop, so I don't work there as much as I'd like to. This is especially problematic when I want to browse through a recent medical journal and I'm in the Regenstein Library.
30. Also, it is important for there to be a large quantity of outlets spread through study areas. This seems to be a major problem in Crerar where there are only two outlets for approximately 25 chairs.
31. The science library and Regenstein both need to have more outlets available for laptop usage. Ideally, they should be attached to the tables and carols so the cords are not across aisles.
32. [If] Crear had more electrical outlets for laptops
33. In Crerar there is a lack of electrical outlets.
34. Some areas don't receive adequate wireless internet connection.
35. Crerar Library. Access to electrical outlets. The wireless internet access in Crerar is excellent, but there are not enough power outlets to accommodate all the students who study with a laptop. Adding more outlets would make the library much more accessible.
36. Please install more outlets in Crerar. There are large sections of desks/tables with no outlets nearby.
37. There is a great shortage of outlets for laptops in Crerar. I'd say that well over half of students in Crerar use laptops, and lack of outlets creates problems.
38. Lack of outlets discourages me from using the library. It is IMPOSSIBLE to find an outlet in Crerar, and I am forced to walk around the Reg looking underneath desks to hopefully find an outlet to plug in my laptop.
39. The addition of more outlets in Crerar would be helpful, as would easier browsing and discovery of electronic resources.
40. It would be helpful if the libraries (Crerar & Regeinstein) have more outlets available for laptops.
41. Please add more power outlets at Crerar. I've had to walk around for minutes or even leave the library because I could not find a power outlet to use my laptop computer. The few that are in the library were all taken.
42. Why take away the all-night study space? There's no damn group study space at Crerar and it's like a tomb. I'd rather kill myself than go to Crerar again.
43. I was abroad autumn quarter of this year and returned to find the all-night study space moved from the Regenstein to Crerar. This is possibly the most useless and frustrating thing the library could have done. The Regenstein is used by the majority of undergraduate students (who are the ones to use the all-night study space), and it's fairly ridiculous and, more importantly, extremely unsafe to leave the Reg at 1am to go over to Crerar, which has a horrible atmosphere completely inconducive to studying. Furthermore, leaving the all-night study space at Crerar is made even more unsafe because there are no street lights on Ellis.
44. Please provide food vending services at Crerar Library. Please make card access mandatory for the Crerar basement area after hours.
45. I know that there is the Crerar Study space but there are no vending machines (the drink vending machine does not work) and it is not convenient for the shuttles.
46. However, I strongly appreciate the 24 hours of operation at the Crerar library. If the Regenstein were open for longer hours, or some nights for 24 hours, I would take much more advantage of it
47. Since closing the A-level for 24-hr study, Crerar has provided a better study space, yet it does not have all the friendly resources. Vending machines, better printing options (same price as the U-site) on the first floor would be better fit, and enclosed cubicles with dry-erase boards would make the study area better.
48. You really shouldn't have closed down the 24 hour A level! Crerar is nice but not the same. I know so many students who are sad and outraged. Also, Crerar is far away and the path there is not well-lit. It's dangerous.
49. However, I am so disappointed that the A-level was ruined. 24 hour study there was SO much better than Crerar. Crerar is dark and depressing and not near any eateries. It is also physically less safe there in terms of muggings in the nearby area (you have to wait for the drunk van in dark, isolated places). Before someone gets mugged, I would recommend moving all night study back to the Reg. Also, Please reconfigure the A-level for social studying again and an atmosphere that finally made the u of c cool.
50. There needs to be an all-night group study space. No one appreciates getting kicked out of Crerar study rooms by having a security guard call the police--its absurd.
51. The Crerar Library is an incredibly inviting place for study and research. The environment is lovely, and the spaces provided are incredible. I also appreciate very much that it is now open overnight, as grad studies tend to creep into the wee hours of the night more often than not.
52. Devote more space to group study? Crerar and The Reg are punishingly quiet at times...
53. Better lighting is needed in Crerar Library, especially on the second and third floors. Also, more quiet study areas are needed and desktops should be cleaned more periodically.
54. More group study space is needed in general, especially in the Crerar, but also in the Regenstein.
55. My experiences are limited to Crerar library, but I really wish there were more private study rooms, because there are so few of them there. Those rooms are great for group problem solving, working on projects, and talking with students. But I very rarely get to use them because they are nearly always occupied (and sometimes by single individuals who could just as easily sit in the regular seating). Also, throughout this winter, Crerar has been freezing! This really isn't conducive to learning.
56. Crerar is fantastic. So much easier to study there than at the Reg.
57. My main concern with the libraries is that they are quite disinviting for study. There is nothing comfortable about them. I find them sterile. And I am referring only to Crerar and The Reg. I can't speak for the others because I do not use them.
58. Too few places to work as a group (not enough classrooms in Crerar or in the Reg),
59. I like Crerar because it is extremely quiet and a nice workspace.
60. Crerar Library could use more efficient study space that includes more outlets for laptop computers. It would be nice to see a coffee shop or better vending options.
61. Crerar study space is often too cold.
62. And the outside of Crerar isn't well lit at night, so it's a little creepy.
63. Please, oh, please turn up the heat in Crerar! I've been asking for years, and the people behind the desk say either we're working on it, or we can't. I have been bringing extra clothes and blankets to the library for 3years now, and now I just don't want to go anymore because it's so cold to study there. Regenstein and my home are now much more preferable.
64. I like how quiet Crerar is and how much light comes in to the building.
65. Crerar could use more comfortable chairs (like armchairs for reading in) but maybe this would lead to people treating like the Regenstein and taking their shoes off and rubbing their feet all over the furniture.
66. Although I have to go to Regenstein occasionally to get research materials, I prefer to check them out and actually study in Crerar because it is such a drastically more pleasant atmosphere.
67. Regarding Crerar library, some students think it needs a more comfortable environment because it is 'too sterile.' I would disagree.
68. Also, Crerar might benefit from brighter colors and a slightly more cozy area.
69. The bathrooms in Crerar are nearly always filthy. They smell like an outhouse (literally--I'm not trying to be funny) and the toilet bowls turn brown from lack of cleaning.
70. I also wanted to express gratitude for replacing the light bulbs that had burned out in Crerar. The improved lighting makes a big difference.
71. All of these comments pertain to Crerar: More outlets would be very helpful. More private study rooms are desired. Better lighting is MUCH needed. Vending machine for food would be much appreciated.
72. . . .of coffee shop, to make studying much more comfortable at Crerar.
73. I definitely think Crerar should have some changes on it, such as a print policy such as what is available at the Reg Mac Lab
74. A few of the elevators in Crerar and the Reg seem to be groaning and making death rattles. Their inspection certs are pretty out of date. Might be time to call the elevator inspector, or at least get out the WD-40.
75. Either a microwave or a vending machine in the basement of Crerar would be nice.
76. The men's bathrooms in Crerar on the 1st and 3rd floor routinely smell putrid and are not clean. This has been a long running issue that's never been addressed
77. crerar is too far away from my home, and I even don't feel safe when i leave the Iibrary. so I gave up using crerar
78. over night study place since winter quarter... but I strongly desire to study!
79. The charges for photocopying are unnecessarily high in the Regenstein Library. The price is considerably lower in Crerar, but we are left with no option when photocopying reference materials marked Library Use Only in the Regenstein.
80. I wish that Crerar had a drop box to return books. I don't feel comfortable leaving them at the circulation desktop and it hardly merits calling for assistance. A simple wooden desktop box would do, just so the staff and I know that the material is being returned. Thanks.
81. I do wish there was more bike parking for crear
82. Go to Reg building most frequently to study; go to Crerar for most information/resources.
83. Although I use the Reg the most, Crerar is also meeting my expectations and so is the Crerar USITE.
84. Since arriving at Chicago in 2005, I have been consistently impressed and delighted by the service I've received at the Regenstein (and Harper. Crerar, Eckhart, and Law when I've used them)
85. I use the Regenstein, Harper, and Crerar libraries. I find all three excellent under all respects.
86. I use Crerar electronic journal access
87. Disciplines & position bridge across biol & social sciences - so use Regenstein almost as much as Crerar
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