ULibQUAL+ comments 2007: Library: D'Angelo

Library: D'Angelo

1. The renovation of the Law School will cure the only conspicuous problem that the law library has faced. The high professionalism of the entire staff under the superb leadership of Judith Wright is not equalled at any other school I've ever visited. They do more with fewer resources than any of their peer institutions and remain the benchmark by which every other law library can be judged.
2. have been very happy with the DA research librarians' expertise, willingness to help, and thoroughness in following up on my questions.
3. The Law Library staff is incredible helpful and knowledgable.
4. The librarians at D'Angelo are great. They are always helpful and very courteous.
5. The people who at D'Aneglo are fantastic,
6. The law school library staff has always been absolutely wonderful about everything.
7. I have been very happy with how quickly D'Angelo staff retrieves items from storage.
8. I have always found William Alspaugh in the East Asian Library and Lyonette Louis Jacques in the Law library to be very kind, knowledgable and helpful.
9. Since arriving at Chicago in 2005, I have been consistently impressed and delighted by te service I've received at the Regenstein (and Harper. Crerar, Eckhart, and Law when I've used them)
10. The Law Library staff is fantastic. The facilities are getting a needed upgrade. Hopefully the changes will be adequate.
11. i prefer law to regenstein in terms of atmosphere and service. my regenstein experiences have been just ok, but i think i would not want to spend the resources to improve.
12. I am not sure if the library is in charge of the computer service folks in the law library, but the gentleman who sits in the computer pod has to be one of the most unhelpful, mean, and demeaning people I have met on campus.
13. The staff at D'Angelo is great, but due to the renovations, the library is essentially unavailable as a study space (the floors that are open are crowded, there is noise, and the climate control is poor), and print resources are difficult to access. The staff has done a pretty good job working with the construction process, but I wish there had been some way to keep more print sources available in the library.
14. Alot of my negative feelings have come as a result of the construction. The construction on the student spaces of study should have been done over the summer. It is unacceptable that I LITERALLY cannot study in the library during the day because the sound of drills, etc. get through my earplugs, and because I would have to strip in order to not be completely sweat drenched when leaving. I believe that this has negatively impacted my ability to study at school, and therefore that has translated into a problem studying generally. I have actually driven all the way to the 95th S. Chicago Public Library just to find some peace and quiet to study. This is ridiculous.
15. D'Angelo used to be good but the current construction makes it less so.
16. The D'Angelo Law Library is extremely sub-par. I know it is getting renovated so hopefully that will help, but I do not want that to be an excuse to ignore survey responses about the Law Library.
17. There is absolutely nowhere to sit.
18. the law library is not acceptable is one pays a tuition like that.
19. There are also few outlets, yet we are expected to use laptop computers.
20. We pay a ton of money yet are studying in a hard hat area. It is constantly loud.
21. It also has terrible temperature control. I have heard nothing but complaints about the atmosphere. I have friends who go to far worse law schools yet have much better study facilities.
22. The space provided at the law school library this year has been absolutely horrendous. I understand that the library needs to be renovated, but it is extremely loud and there is not enough room for all of the students to have study space. Law students need to have a quiet space to do their studies, and we don't have it. The space is cramped, and the construction is extremely distracting.
23. In addition, the spaces that have plugs for our computers are few in number and usually taken.
24. The law library is a disgrace - poorly lit, extremely uncomfortable chairs, very cramped and ugly.
25. The D'Angelo Law Library is tremendously confusing, and also dirty.
25. I think there is a great need for the Law Library to offer research training sessions beyond the first year of law school. Those sessions in the first year were helpful, but when legal research tools aren't used on a daily basis, it would be extremely helpful to have referesher courses available. Also, I'd like a little more explanation about the Ask a Law Librarian events that are scheduled in the law school Briefs during various lunch periods. I've never taken advantage of one of these, but it's because I have no idea what they are for or why they are happening.
26. It might be nice for there to be hot water taps in the libraries for making tea. There is such a one in the Law Library on the third floor and it is quite a nice addition.
27. Please, please, please provide double-sided printers in the law library. Considering the number of e-materials assignes, it's an absolute necessity for cost, environmental and medical reasons.
28. Also, the libraries should really open earlier on the weekends because lots of undergrads would like to study before 12. The tunnel entrance between BJ and the Law Library should open at 10 on saturdays and sundays because the library is open then.
29. I would like the Law School Library to keep its magazine subscriptions updated. Especially Harper's--it stopped coming last year.
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