LibQUAL+ comments 2007: Library: Special Collections Research Center

Library: Special Collections Research Center

1. What I have been extremely satisfied with is the Special Collections Research Library and ILL. Special Collections has a vast amount of research material and the librarians have been very helpful in locating it
2. Library system is wonderful, especially Special Colletions.
3. I wish that materials at the Chicago Jazz Archive were available for everyone to use (I think that, as of now, they are not).
4. My only suggestion would be more regulatory transparency at the Special Collections Research Center. While they allow laptops in the reading room, I am still not allowed to bring my own scanner--which would reduce waiting time for me and workload for SCRC when I need copies of research-related documents
5. More information on rare collections and how to access them.
6. I would like the university to allow for more interest in rare collections as well. For example, if there are manuscripts from the 10th century, I would like to be able to have relatively easy access. This is not the case right now.
7. the hours of Special Collections are entirely inadequate. It will never approach the use value of Berkeley or Madison's collections if you don't stay open longer. This especially includes remaining open for a portion of academic breaks - UC students are often too busy during quarters to get in there, and visiting students with the same break can't come to use it. The week following the end of Autumn quarter but before the holidays (roughly Dec 10-17) - it is imperative that Spec Collec remain open these days. Return to TOC