LibQUAL+ comments 2007: Lighting


1. The law library is a disgrace - poorly lit, extremely uncomfortable chairs, very cramped and ugly.
2. Better lighting is needed in Crerar Library, especially on the second and third floors.
3. I also wanted to express gratitude for replacing the light bulbs that had burned out in Crerar. The improved lighting makes a big difference
4. but the premises (specifically at the Regenstein) often seem a bit dark and dirty/grungy.
5. The libraries need more conducive and varied workspaces, such as more comfortable chairs, better lighting and more available electrical outlets.
6. The one great flaw in the University's library system is the Regenstein; it is dark, cold, uncomfortable, and a poor environment for study
7. Please, better lighting and more electrical outlets!@
8. The improvements to the buildings' infrastructure will, I hope, correct temperature problems, terrible stuffiness, and lighting on the basement, second, third, and fourth floors.
9. Also, it would HUGELY improve the library, and in general the quality of life of graduate students, if the lunchroom had natural light, rather than being buried in a depressing basement. This sounds like a small concern, but it's really not. In the winter, especially, this would make a difference.
10. What needs improvement are the facilities. Its remains a tough place to work: lighting, (seats are finally fixed, five years too late), outlets, air quality, noise levels, study areas, food, number of computers, ease of online databases, etc. Small gestures towards improving the experience of working in the library would go a long way.
11. my two major complaints about the library is that besides on the first floor the lighting is too dark
12. but it could still do better
13. and it's often difficult to find the lights.
14. Lighting is not sufficient in reading area.
15. bad reading/writing light
16. Better lighting is MUCH needed.
17. Harsh light, little natural light,
18. lighting is awful (and creates a awfully irritating buzzing sound)
19. More natural light would REALLY be nice
20. I think the library REALLY needs better lighting
21. The bookstacks at the Reg are well-organized, but some of the lights do not work, so it is difficult to find the call numbers (since the whole row is out most of the time).
22. The library has made great improvements with replacing burned-out bulbs in the stacks
23. and it's often difficult to find the lights.
24. And the outside of Crear isn't well lit at night, so it's a little creepy.
25. Crerar is a terrible spot for the all night space. The lighting is poor, too dark
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