LibQUAL+ comments 2007: Browsing


1. The open stacks are the most important physical aspect of the library to me. They are the reason I chose UofC for graduate school and the reason I go to the library so often.
2. Ability for patrons to browse open stacks is essential to research.
3. As it stands, the lirbary is open stacks and very convenient to use at almost any hour
4. More general reading material, like you would find at a public library would be nice as would a convenient way to browse such material. Perhaps you could have a new arrival shelf or a selected materials shelf that is rotated frequently. This would help patrons branch out into areas beyond their specialized field.
5. Reg is OK though I am disappointed they did away with displaying new acquisitions on a special bookshelf. Browsing is an important part of a library's function and this has been taken away at the Reg, but thank God not at Crerar.
6. I am also satisfied with the Crerar and Regenstein libraries since browsing and finding books/journals is simple and convenient. (I might like to see more maps of call numbers in the Regenstein bookstacks.)
7. I can't praise the library administration enough for maintaining the open-stacks format insofar as possible. New chairs and additional power outlets in the reading rooms are great, but being able to browse the stacks at will is far more significant to me.
8. I have come to the conclusion that if I really wanted to make sure I have done my research right, I cannot rely only on the electronic catalogue, I have to go to the physical shelves and see the books around the ones I have found.
9. open stacks are great.
10. I am happy in principle with the Regenstein Library (i.e. open stacks, substantial collection under one roof),
11. Must keep print access to journals.
12. In my undergraduate experience at another school, there was always a browse section that made new books (fiction or non-fiction) available. If there is one available on campus, I am unaware of its presence and would appreciate it if this type of information were more widely available.
13. Also, in comparison with other libraries I've worked in I very much appreciate open stacks and no off-site storage, so keep that up!
14. A way to make browsing online resources and databases easier would be very useful. It is very difficult to discover resources the library has that I do not already know about.
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