LibQUAL+ comments 2007: Missing/not found

Missing/not found

1. I thought the handling of reshelving, books missing from the shelves saw a lot of improvement in the last few years.
2. The few times I've put through electronic requests for missing titles, I received a timely response.
3. many important but less used works appear to be missing. Lib should do a comprehensive survey of the existing material and prevent misplacement and/or theft.
4. Reports on missing books don't seem to be acted upon.
5. I find that when books are missing there is no remedy. It's gone, and there is no plan to re-order it even if it doesn't show up for months. This is not good.
6. print holdings are very good (aside from the refusal, too often, to re-order recent popular titles that go missing);
7. Please, too many books are missing on the shelves. Need a better security system. Or lockers that are not in the book areas. Also, let us use ILL for books that are checked out by others
8. I never find books I am looking for on their shelves. I have resorted to automatically asking for a book to be held for me, so that I can come in and pick it up.
9. The greatest problem seems to be.. its users. They take books from the shelves and leave them in awkward places. More and more often the books I'm looking for are not to be found on the shelf...
10. I have also had a problem with books missing off the shelves even when they're listed as not checked out.
11. The library should also keep better updates on where books are. So many times during my research last quarter, book were listed on the shelf and turned out to be missing. Perhaps the library should post how often books get reshelved or searches throughout the library floors put books back in their proper places.
12. One of the most annoying things about the Regenstein is that items are not shelved correctly. On quite a few occasions I have gone to pull a book that is supposed to be on the shelf and not found it. If I take the time to search the shelves around the shelf on which it should be, I often find it (among books on different subjects). I do not know whether this is due to staff shelving the books incorrectly or users re-shelving books.
13. I dislike the fact that every time I try to check out a book, I have to recall it or put in a search for it, b/c it's not on the shelf.
14. There appear to be a number of books missing from the shelves. Whenever I see a missing book I try to remember to click missing on the library website. Is there any way to improve the library inventory system? I think one of the best ways is probably regular checking and surveillance of student lockers, although I don't know if this is possible. Clearly there are a number of missing books and whenever one goes to the stacks and a book is not there the result is great disappointment.
15. Missing books should be found quicker, sometimes they're not found on the shelves and yet are not checked out either.
16. books not checked out but not on shelves
17. I am concerned that many times books are not on the shelves.
18. Also, I have lately had a problem with missing books (marked returned on the website, but not present on the shelf)
19. Difficulty in locating missing/stolen/hidden books is a problem.
20. I'd estimate that a book I'm looking for is only on the shelf it's supposed to be on 40% of the time, and that's be on a good day.
21. There are many books missing from the library. I have been regularly frustrated by the number books either listed as missing or not listed as missing that are not on the shelves.
22. Sometimes books I need are not on the shelves and the staff cannot locate them. :(! BAD LIBRARY THIEVES.
23. I frequently find that books I need are missing.
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