LibQUAL+ comments 2007: Noise/cell phones

Noise/cell phones

1. Undergraduates Gone Wild, giggling and talking on their cellphones, are really not conducive to academic work.
2. Undergraduates are increasing their numbers significantly, and they are at the library all the time. They are understandably more noisy, but it makes graduate work more difficult.
3. I am not being humorous here but I would suggest that you hire a former high school librarian to police the ground floor of the Reg. The amount of food eaten, cell phone calls taken, computer spots littered is truly egregious.
4. My ONLY complaint is that Regenstein Library is not a quiet study space. Nowhere in the library can you study in peace. Students are constantly talking to each other and on their cell phones. It is absolutely ridiculous and seems to have increased over the past six years (my experience here). PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do something to stop this problem. I have basically stopped coming to the library to read or study because of incessant student chatter and conversations in what are supposed to be quiet study areas (floors 2-5). I now only come to the library to get books and leave, or to access the internet from my computer to do non-academic work. Isn't that ridiculous? I know that many of my PhD student friends do the same. You just cannot study here if you dislike loud talking and interruptions.
5. Everything is pretty good, I just wish there was a No Talking rule in place, at least in the upper levels of the library.
6. Really the only problem that I have with the library is that students (well over 90% of the time undergraduates) consistently talk on cell phones and hold conversations, and nobody from the staff tells them to be quiet. I have no personal qualms about telling them to stop, and they always quiet down immediately, but they always seem to look as if they're shocked that somebody would even ask them to stop talking. Frankly, it really should not be the responsibility of students to ask fellow students to keep quiet in a library.
7. I wish there were more questions about the library itself as a place, because it seems to be constantly getting hotter, noisier, and having more and more sections of books hidden in some transitional storage area...
8. The Regenstain is too noisy. Ongoing work during the last 2 years makes it feel like a construction site with noisy ventilation systems, closed off areas, torn down ceilings and walls. Very annoying.
9. There really needs to be a space that is completely quiet space--I find often that people will just have conversations in the reading rooms with no respect for others, and who are offended when told to quiet down.
10. My only real concern is the lack of quiet space. Between renovations, cell phone usage, undergraduate socializing, etc. the noise is always a problem. I've stopped actually working at the library. Now I check out things and lug them home.
11. I find Regenstein too noisy for studying.
12. The library is often far too loud and exceptionally crowded. It can make it hard to study. Designating some silent areas might really help.
13. There are only two negatives that I experience on a regular basis at the Reg: 1) TALKERS, especially the undergrad crowd after about 4 pm
14. But sometimes kids hang around talking and it is really disrputive for studying and thinking.
15. The library could be more comfortable (more electric outlets, nerf balls to hit the people who use their cell phones or are talking).
16. Also, sometimes people do not understand that the library should be a quiet place for study and not for socializing. This seems to have gotten worse to me after the fact that the A-level is no longer used as a study space.
17. the reg is ideal for working, though it sometimes becomes a little too noisy on the upper floors for my taste
18. The Reg. is OK. But it would be nice if the administration would do more to keep the place quite, either though repeated reminders or through a change to the physical arrangement (i.e. sound-proof the group rooms). As it is now, almost every floor on every occasion is sullied by groups talking loudly. It really is an ongoing problem.
19. Noise in the library has been an increasing problem, which is why I have given low ratings in some cases. Construction, cell phones, and thoughtless people--including those going to and from class in the library, especially on the 2nd floor--are making TOO MUCH NOISE to make the library a reliable study space for me anymore.
20. Noise in the library seems completely out of control at times. I am very disappointed in the poor cell phone etiquette in the library and the way students and (especially library staff!) seem to speak in loud voices in all parts of the library. I most wish this would change and a strict policy of low-to-no noise would be implemented.
21. My major complaint now is the prevalence of eating, conversation and other distractions.
22. Undergrads use it as a social gathering place. I wish someone would go around and remind people to be quiet.
23. The A-Level cubicles get too rowdy during the term to make them good places to
24. Also, the use of cell phones in the study areas ought to be regulated.
25. Noise is the biggest problem (people talking to friends, on cellphones, etc. all over the library)
26. The noise in Regenstein this year is unbearable.
27. I often also use the pcs for writing on the first floor of the reg. I would prefer it if this was a space where silence was encouraged.
28. I do wish there was more comfortable study space. It would be nice if graduate students had carrels or some kind of assigned study space, because I do find that things can get fairly loud up on the fourth floor....
29. I have been using the library for 10 years and am constantly bothered by excessive heat, lack of proper lighting, and noisy conditions because of ongoing work.
30. The undergrads and others are too loud in the Reg. Difficult to work there forlong hours
31. Lots of people talk on the cell phones and eat through out the library
32. the Regenstein is a great resourceful library, but it could be kept more quite by actively encouraging undergraduate students to use other campus resources and libraries, moving the all-night study space elsewhere on campus and possibly moving undergradu
33. The Reg seems to be harder for me to work in because people tend to be louder and more distracting there.
34. The loss of the A-level has sent chatty people all over the reg
35. Please know that I've quite studying at the Reg because of both patron and construction noise. Not that it was that pleasant to study in to begin with, but at least it was manageable. Now it's just not.
36. Regenstein study space is often distracting with construction noises or other regular noises.
37. The notice about cell phone use has also become more effective.
38. greater assurances for quiet study in the library, including in the downstairs computer lab;
39. The space provided at the law school library this year has been absolutely horrendous. I understand that the library needs to be renovated, but it is extremely loud and there is not enough room for all of the students to have study space. Law students need to have a quiet space to do their studies, and we don't have it. The space is cramped, and the construction is extremely distracting.
40. Please make quiet spaces or quiet floors in the library: places where there are clear signs indicating this, signs which will also allow all of those who use these spaces to ask those who are not being quiet to leave -- without feeling that they are thereby doing something mean or inconsiderate. Noise in this library has gotten out of control, just as noise everywhere has gotten out of control, and the library should be the one place where we can reliably find quiet. The young people who enter this university do not know any better because they grew up with cell phones and their parents never taught them how to behave correctly. The Unversity of Chicago -- that temple of the life of the mind -- has to be the place where they learn how to be quiet, and the library has to be the central agency in this. (So many other similar institutions have quiet areas in their libraries. It is odd that the U of C doesn't, given its position relative to those institutions.) And quiet doesn't just mean no cell phones and no talking. It is also means no sniffling, and no whispering. If you want to talk to someone, you tap that person on the shoulder and leave the area. A place of quiet, once it is established and treated with respect, will be nearly universally appreciated by this institution's young people, whether they acknowledge it or not. It will be a gift that will allow them to study better, to learn more, and to instill in them a sense of reverence for what they do.
41. I like almost everything about the library EXCEPT that the staff in Eckhart are consistently LOUD. I go to the library for quiet study. I have stopped studying in Eckhart because it is too noisy. The USERS of the library are quiet. The STAFF do NOT speak in a volume that is appropriate for a library!!
42. I want to go to the library for a quiet place to study, but often students and library employees are talkative, which I find distracting, at least in the small SSA library.
43. Someone scheduled the (extremely noisy) floor buffing in Crerar for exams week winter quarter. It would be wonderful if someone could investigate this so that it can be avoided in the future.
44. I don't use the library very often, but when I do, there are often library employees talking loudly when I am trying to study (particulary on the first floor of Crerar). This is rude and disruptive.
45. sizable environmental noise (e.g. building related, not from other users).
46. I look forward to completed construction. I spend very little time in the library due to the noise and poor temperature regulation.
47. The construction this year has been extremely detrimental to study conditions -- I used to stay in the stacks for hours to work quietly, but this year, it has been noisy, dusty, and freezing/burning -- I feel homeless without my usual spot and certainly feel that my productivity has declined significantly. Otherwise, I love the library and prefer it to my apartment.
48. The construction during the day, however, is really a pain in the ass. There are times when it's almost impossible to find a quiet place to work.
49. What I want is: a place where I can study with my friends, in the library, and be able to be loud (or at least talk in a normal voice). I rely heavily on group study, but ever since the a-level has been turned into bookstacks, I don't have that place.
50. Libraries are too quiet
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