LibQUAL+ comments 2007: off-campus access

Off-campus access - neg

1. You new proxy is the worst thing that has happened to me since I moved to UChicago four years ago. It is, without a doubt, the stupidest most useles piece of shit I have ever encountered online. I must constantly retype into the address bar because the morons who set this thing up could not foresee that some sites have multiple domain names associated with them. If I go to and click on PRA I go to, where I must then retype the suffix. Likewise for I complained about this multiple times and pointed out exactly what had to be done to fix it and nothing has changed. This issue has cut my productivity from home by at least 50%. I will strangle the asshole who set this thing up if I ever find him or her.
2. In addition, the proxy autoconfig has not worked for me for about a month, and it was only by accident that I realized that disabling it and using the ProxyIt! bookmarklet could alleviate having to drill all the way back down to most desired resources. Given that the proxy seems like it would be a set and forget thing for most users, this information could be more prominently advertised.
3. Also, my first year here I never had to use this proxy it crap. The online instructions for its use are pathetic, half the time I have to guess whether or not I need to manually activate it. I'm sure there is a better system for students to access online materials from off campus computers. You should find it, it's your job.
4. it's annoying that searching on the home page always generates a pop up window. the old way of using proxies was much more convinient because mozilla could remember my password and it didn't have the problem that sometimes it doesn't know to redirect me.
5. Also, using electronic databases from off -campus is a pain. The proxy server only works with about half the things we're susbscribed to.
6. I cannot access web reserve from chalk in my apartment even with a proxy.
7. I often have trouble accessing electronic journals. Many times I have found an article outside the library system and would like to be able to access it directly by using a proxy server automatically detected, but this never seems to happen. It would be nice to have that stored on the browser somehow so you wouldn't have to go through the entire Library system to find out
8. I cannot access the Univ of Chicago library from my home computer since I have a securenet from my company - it is difficult to get help from Univ of Chicago since no-one is available after hours or on the weekends - I have basically given up even trying to access the Univ of Chicago library system
9. It would be nice to be able to more direct access to electronic resources from off campus and to have full avaialblity of electronic resources.
10. I am writing at home, and accessing the library online. I sometimes get confused trying to find the correct databases on the library webpage.
11. I have also had a number of problems when trying to log onto electronic journals that should be available to members of the U of C community.
12. also the change in the proxy server for electronic journals makes it more difficult to access common journals such as Nature (for example, it is no longer possible to simply type in to go to Nature's website) -- please change it to a simpler format.
13. I'm also unhappy with the hassle of accessing ereserves off campus and the recent switch to making it through chalk.
14. I'm very happy with the scientific and medical journals that are available through the library, but would like them to be easier to access from home.
15. seeking electronic resoures such as journals from home is one of the hardest tasks. The library could make it easier.
16. Would like to learn how to use our library web or portal for access from office and home.
17. remote access and delivery of materials, which is inferior at Uof C to what I have experienced at other institutions.
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Off-campus access - pos

1. I am pleased that electronic resourse access has shifted from proxy service to a sign-in mode for eight hours of use from remote computers. It enables me to access much needed resources from a variety of locations.
2. I love all the proxy resources. That is IMMENSELY helpful, especially when I am out of the country for long periods of time and am able to access information.
3. As a 1st grad student, who resides downtown, most of my access to the library has been online. I can usually find what I'm looking for.
4. I don't live in the state anymore so electronic resources are most important to me: not only what is available electronically, but how easy the resources are to use.
5. I very much like the electronic access to journals, especially proxy access from home.
6. I have found remote access to the OED and JSTOR more helpful than I could have ever imagined.
7. I like off-campus access to electronic resources
8. I am glad that I can still access the online services while abroad.
9. I love the online journals that I can access from home!
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