LibQUAL+ comments 2007: Printing/copying/scanning - neg

Printing/copying/scanning - neg

1. When I came to the university six years ago, printing was totally free and unlimited. There has been a consistent policy of limiting printing which I think is counterproductive. Supporting students with more available printing facilities for free is crucial for me. I understand if there are some limitations on the printing, but limiting free printing to 50 pages a day at the A level of the Reg is a little too excesive. There are days in which I do not print at all, but there are days in which I definitively need to print way more than 50 pages. I think it would be great if the university could grant a few hundred pages a month that were accessible in any of the existing labs and without limiting this to word program (allowing pdf and any other program). Reducing the price of paid printing would also be helpful: why is the price of printing double side the same than singe side when the cost is really different? The university is clearly investing a lot of money right now. In a few years, campus buildings have been increased significantly, and there are plans to continue doing so. Is printing really such a heavy burden for the university? I believe that this university cares a lot about the success of the students here. Sometimes small things like printing may have a stronger impact on student's life than big projects...
2. The charges for photocopying are unnecessarily high in the Regenstein Library. The price is considerably lower in Crerar, but we are left with no option when photocopying reference materials marked Library Use Only in the Regenstein. The Copico customer service representative in the office on the first floor is unfriendly and often unavailable. (The people who load the paper in the machines are, however, very friendly and helpful). For obvious environmental reasons, double-sided photocopying should be encouraged - perhaps a price discount would encourage students to be more economical with their paper use.
3. Please relax the requirements for Maclab printing. We are asked in class not only to buy books but also to rountinely print dozens of pages of readings. I believe that the combination of people expecting students to print so much and students having to pay money to print pdfs and other important documents lead to many students not printing anything at all and just blowing off the readings, or reading them online where easy reference and notetaking are difficult. The strict requirements for printing are not in the spirit of academic inquiry. If you don't like so much printing going on in Maclab, tell the Divisions to print readings for us or to stop assigning so much material from electronic sources while making us buy $20 books in which we only read 20-25 pages.
4. Printing is too expensive. I think 1 cent a sheet would be more reasonable, ideally it would be free. I have spoken to many friends at comparable universitieswho don't have to pay for printing.
5. I would definitely appreciate if we were given an allowance for pdf printing that is much higher than what is available now. Many, if not most of my classes require course readings available online, and have been disastisfied with the fact that often, I'd have to spend 20 dollars a week just to access such materials.
6. It would be great if the MAC lab in Regenstein allowed us to print pdf's or if the other libraries charged $.06 per copy like Harper. Many of us grad students have to print out a lot!
7. Printing and photocopying must be cheaper. At the moment it is often equally cost-effective to just buy the book.
8. Photocopying is WAY too expensive at the library. Pricing should be competitive with off-campus resources. Also, the way we are charged (adding money to ID or copy card) is cumbersome. Should be able to add our printing/copy charges to our fee bills or charge a monthly rate or something if we use our student IDs..
9. Would again appreciate free printing for all materials, though I agree that this should be limited.
10. The copy machines charge something around 12 cents/page. This is ridiculously overpriced
11. The printing prices are unacceptably high, they should come down a few cents or make it part of tuition.
12. it would be really great if PDF Chalk e-reserves weren't so expensive
13. feel that printing is often too expensive and time-consuming.
14. enable scanners on copiers. why is photocopying so expensive?
15. As for up-to-date technologies: the Reg's printing system is out-dated and not very user friendly. It's a joke that there's double-sided printing at only one printer in the whole place, and that there's no place where recycled papers are being used for printing, and that when the printers break down there's no service person to speak with. Why do we not hire someone to carefully manage printing for us instead of paying some outside company who obviously does a poor job at it?
16. it would be really nice if you could offer printing for cheaper. And, if there were a bigger reward for double-sided printing, and all of the machines allowed for it
17. The availability of double-sided printing at cheaper prices than single-sided throughout the library would be one improvement. More publicity for the one double-sided printer in the library and for the option of double-sided copying (which should also be cheaper) would also be nice.
18. Please, please, please provide double-sided printers in the law library. Considering the number of e-materials assignes, it's an absolute necessity for cost, environmental and medical reasons.
19. Double-sided printing, not to save money but because I don't want to heft so much paper around.
20. Vending machines, better printing options (same price as the U-site) on the first floor would be better fit, and enclosed cubicles with dry-erase boards would make the study area better.
21. Please add double-sided printing at ALL Usite computers. This is an extremely important issue. When printing class reading the pages can really pile up and it's a huge waste of paper. You could offer a small discount for people printing double-sided as an incentive to conserve. Please lead the example in responsible use of printed materials and printing!
22. I have had printing issues in the past. As I was doing some printing one weekend, the print station ate my card and wouldn't give it back. The *sole* person at the reference desk had no idea what to do and said I would have to wait until a weekday to get it back. I think I ended up force-quitting the computer to make it eject my card. All in all, a bad and unnecessary experience.
23. I hate those Mac-Gray mini-stripe reader copier payment things. Why should I have to keep a separate account for this kind of thing? Harvard University's Crimson Cash system is much friendlier to use. Or even Kinko's credit card system.
24. have someone who is responsible for copying and printing services in the library proper;
25. Xerox in the library is way below minimum standards.
26. Photocopy machines are far from good.
27. You need new microfilm scanners that are NOT owned by a cheap lazy private company who wants to make money. You need four brand new scanners that will work with new software. I often take my microfilms (or order them through ILL) to a second rate state university instead of reading them at the Reg because they have much better scanners and I never have to wait. The status of your microfilm scanners is a shame to the university's committment to research.
28. Lib should have more machines with microform/fiche scanning software, because often there is a queue at the one single machine!
29. One example, are there any alternatives to or improvements to machines for reading microfiche & film? Right now the machines are consistently broken and the only one knowledgable staff member for that office is there part-time.
30. Reg could use some cleaning/maintenance of the microfiche machines and make it possible for people to scan microfiche images onto their own computers instead of waiting for the single workstation.
31. more machines for scanning and/or printing from microforms
32. There has to be a better Microfilm scanner. The present one produces substandard quality scans.
33. machines to read a microfish -- they are just too old and I don't even know how to use it and make a photocopy. You should replace them with new ones.
34. Given the present organization of the library, for instance, there are still significant barriers posed to the ready use of electronic media (such as audio and visual materials).
35. Internal Regenstein Printing. Is there any way to allow laptop users to print to Regenstein printers using a http:// protocol or the like? The dormitories have a great universal printing setup in place and especially during times of peak computer activity it would be helpful if a similar setup was put in the Reg so that laptop users could print without transfering documents to a Reg computer (paid printing of course, not Mac lab printing).
36. The library needs a new scanner or new software for the microfilm reader that creates tiff-files. The current one does not work properly. It crashes regularly and the image quality (independent of the microfilm) is very poor - to the point where most pictures are unusable, which is why the scanner is hardly used.

Printing/copying/scanning - pos

1. I use the Regenstein Library because of the free printing available at the MacLab. I would like to have access to free printing at other sites as well.
2. I am glad we can finally print PDF's in the Mac Lab.
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