LibQUAL+ comments 2007: Safety


1. Oh and then there is the fun chance of getting robbed when you walk out the Reg late at night. Perhaps have a safe zone? Where there is 24h police coverage so one knows it is ok to goto the library?
2. Do undergraduate students feel comfortable in reporting anything suspicious? As every librarian knows, libraries are not safe places. (I also realize there is a fine line to walk here.)
3. Crerar is far away and the path there is not well-lit. It's dangerous.
4. crerar is too far away from my home, and I even don't feel safe when i leave the IibraryAnd the outside of Crear isn't well lit at night, so it's a little creepy.
5. crerar is dark and depressing and not near any eateries. It is also physically less safe there in terms of muggings in the nearby area (you have to wait for the drunk van in dark, isolated places). Before someone gets mugged, I would reccomend moving all night study back to the reg.
6. And the outside of Crear isn't well lit at night, so it's a little creepy.
7. and all this in a neighborhood where crime is high and muggings are frequent.
8. Furthermore, leaving the all-night study space at Crerar is made even more unsafe because there are no street lights on Ellis.
9. Please make card access mandatory for the Crerar basement area after hours.
10. Please, install security cameras in the bike parking areas so that the bikes would not be stolen so often.
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