LibQUAL+ comments 2007: Stacks/reshelving


11. Also thanks to the staff that painstakingly searches for the lost books that should be on the shelves or on reserve. You guys rock!
12. Books are generally so out of order in the general stacks it makes finding things confusing because you think you are in the right location only to realize the book with the call number which lead you to that conclusion is mishelved.
13. Sometimes books I need are not on the shelves and the staff cannot locate them. :(! BAD LIBRARY THIEVES.
14. Reshelving rates are far too slow in Crear
15. I was a post-doctoral research associate in Chemistry from Sep 2005 to Nov 2006. Unlike my graduate university (Rochester), which had excellent library services, the services at Crerar were awful. Books were never on stacks, were rarely reshelved, and the permanent staff in the main floor treated me with disrespect and no interest on a consistent basis. Sorry to tell but this is the truth.
16. The library should also keep better updates on where books are. So many times during my research last quarter, book were listed on the shelf and turned out to be missing. Perhaps the library should post how often books get reshelved or searches throughout the library floors put books back in their proper places.
17. Please have employees return books to stacks, not pile them up on carts on the different floors of the library.
18. I never find books I am looking for on their shelves. I have resorted to automatically asking for a book to be held for me, so that I can come in and pick it up. Re-shelving of books seems to be below par at the Reg.
19. Oh, and I guess the book shelvers aren't doing such a hot job either, since they seem regularly to misplace books and charge library patrons for books that were duly returned. Pretty much everyone I know has a horror story about this. I have three.
20. For the past several years it has become increasingly difficult to find particular books in the stacks. Less effort should be spent on beautifying web pages and more effort on the basics.
21. It would be ideal if books that are to be reshelved and books to be put on reserve or electronic reserve were processed more quickly.
22. Searching for a non-law book at the law library can be difficult (i.e. fourth floor).
23. The D'Angelo Law Library is tremendously confusing, and also dirty.
24. Larger, better signage on each floor about lay out of reference books.
25. My one suggestion: the (Regenstein) stacks could be better mapped for easier access.
26. I really think you should post stack maps (the poster that indicates which floor which call number can be found on) in all the elevators and by the elevators. Sometimes I have to get books from very different parts of the library and sometimes have to walk way out of my way and waste time trying to find a map to tell me which floor P vs PE is on.
27. or having more than just one map of the stacks per floor (a particular problem when it comes to oversize items)
28. more detailed and more obviously located floor directories would be useful
29. My only complaint is that you should have more maps of the bookstacks around the first floor to make it easier to locate call numbers.
30. The stacks are difficult to navigate; there aren't nearly enough maps placed among the shelves, and it's often difficult to find the lights.
31. I wish there was clearer signage regarding which floor of the stacks books are on. It is difficult to find the chart which says which letters are found where. It would be more useful if this information was near the entry to the main stairwell on each floor.
32. Also, I think it should be made more clear which floors and sections have which resources; e.g. on a sign or distribution of pamphlets on each floor.
33. I am also satisfied with the Crerar and Regenstein libraries since browsing and finding books/journals is simple and convenient. (I might like to see more maps of call numbers in the Regenstein bookstacks.)
34. clearer guideposts in the stacks areas for locating call numbers
35. Also, it would help very much if there were signs on every floor near the elevators and the doors to the stairwell that show which Call numbers are located on which floor.
36. Better instructions on where the lights are in the B level stacks in the Reg would be great, as well as more maps to the exits in the bookstacks on the other floors.
37. I do not like to go and try to find physical journals in compact shelving that is extremely hard to follow alphanumerically. If there were some way to indicate on the floor (like a maze) which way call numbers were going it would be helpful as far trying to navigate confusing places like the B level. Books are generally so out of order in the general stacks it makes finding things confusing because you think you are in the right location only to realize the book with the call number which lead you to that conclusion is mishelved.
38. The organization of the Regenstein library causes a great number of problems for locating the print materials I want.
39. The classics reading room is a mess. It's impossible to find books that are on the shelves, and their edition of Wheelock's Latin has been missing for at least a year. In general, the reading room shelves are difficult to navigate and it can be very hard to find what you are looking for.
40. The library information tools are not conveniently located within the library itself. The library shelving system is Byzantine.
41. The one great flaw in the University's library system is the Regenstein; it is dark, cold, uncomfortable, and a poor environment for study; moreover, the materials in my field are inconveniently spread out over three different floors (DT, PJ, elephant folios), the result of a bad set of decisions made about five years ago. In my opinion, the University needs to construct an entirely new central library facility to replace the Reg.
42. I find difficulty in getting some assistance at Reg-B level book stalks; I had to go all the way back to reserve desk for help. Some times I could not move the shelves due to some tech problems.
43. I wish that collections such as railraoding stuff were not split between Regenstein and Crerar.
44. Review the collection for books that need rebinding.
45. question 18) I can never remember what floor and where all those music recordings and films are...
46. New arrivals need to be displayed in a more organized fashion.
47. It would be nice if the library had a larger collection of contemporary novels and/or made the ones that they do easier to find!
48. Overall the books available from the Regenstein library are excellent. However, the accessibility is not always good, and there are times when the help desk is unoccupied
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