LibQUAL+ comments 2007: staff

Staff - neg

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1. In all the questions about customer service I was forced to balance three impressions: the excellent service I consistently receive from librarians at the information desk on the 1st floor of the Regenstein (in person or on the phone - I use both), the average service I receive at the checkout counters on the 1st floor, and the terrible service I have often received when asking for help while using the mac lab on the A-level.
2. Staff is quite variable. Some are fantastic, while others can be frustrating.
3. front desk staff at the reg tend to accomplish tasks reticently and with almost no concern for patrons. they are willing to help but provide a very minimal level of service.
4. One of the employees at the Reg is overly-friendly to students all the times, and it's kind of disturbing.
5. The other problem was that I once notified the library staff (via the contact the library staff link) of a link to an outside electronic resource that was not working and I never heard back from them.
6. it is difficult to get help from Univ of Chicago since no-one is available after hours or on the weekends - I have basically given up even trying to access the Univ of Chicago library system
7. the permanent staff in the main floor treated me with disrespect and no interest on a consistent basis.
8. library employees are rude and unhelpful;
9. The 'administrative staff' left something to be desired.
10. when there have been issues requiring going to higher levels, that is when I feel there is a general disdain for the patrons.
11. I've not been so pleased with my interactions with library staff, which have been either unhelpful or impersonal.
12. Non-student employees talk too loud in the library.
13. there is nothing I can do -- University of Chicago ought to set a policy of never, never tolerating this sentence.
14. People at the reception desks could be nicer and could speak english better.
15. library staff!) seem to speak in loud voices in all parts of the library. I most wish this would change and a strict policy of low-to-no noise would be implemented.
16. Friendlier security staff!
17. the staff, at the lower levels refuses to admit that they make mistakes too.
18. the only problem i've had is trying to delete an outstanding charge from my account that i believe was added in error. i am studying overseas, and get repeated reminders about it every month or two, but when i respond saying that i have already requested removal, i receive no response, either way--it's like talking to a box or an unplugged robot. someone should be better about monitoring such things.
19. need better staff.
20. Every so often one encounters a miserable human being--but that's not a particular liability of the library.
21. clerks and support staff are rude
22. One particular individual is consistently grumpy and unhelpful and makes it quite clear that he does not think that helping library patrons is part of his job. If this particular individual were not there, I would have answered ALL the questions in this survey higher than I did, but because he is prominently positioned in the library, and one often has no choice but to deal with him, I cannot rate my overall experience of library service as ideal. Without this one individual, I could. One grumpy person who does not understand that the library serves research and teaching in the university rather than the other way around unfortunately does make a difference in the overall library experience. But overall, I am delighted with the library.
23. I am not sure if the library is in charge of the computer service folks in the law library, but the gentleman who sits in the computer pod has to be one of the most unhelpful, mean, and demeaning people I have met on campus.
24. I suspect lots of unseen library employees are highly competent, in fact. It's really too bad that with the exception of David, the front of the house employees are so snotty and incompete
25. I like almost everything about the library EXCEPT that the staff in Eckhart are consistently LOUD. I go to the library for quiet study. I have stopped studying in Eckhart because it is too noisy. The USERS of the library are quiet. The STAFF do NOT speak in a volume that is appropriate for a library!!
26. There's one employee at the library I've foun consistently competent and helpful. I think his name is David. He works at customer service in the Reg, and he's the guy I go to when other staff member screw up (which seems to happen on a regular basis).
27. Example screwup of another employee: a couple weeks ago, I went to pick up a book that was being held on recall for me at Harper. The student employee told me that this was the last day the book would be held, but that I had to pay a fine on my account before picking it up. (The fine was later determined to have been erroneously applied for a book I had returned, which the library promptly lost, and billed to me before finding it in the stacks mis-shelved). At any rate,I told the student I would go to the Reg to pay the fine, since Harper won't accept payments. The student told me that IF I LEFT FOR 15 MINUTES HE WOULD RETURN THE BOOK TO CRERAR, since that day was the last hold day. Seriously, he would NOT let me go pay the fine and come right back so I could get the book, which I needed for my dissertation research! So of course when I went to check it out the next day after it had been returned,someone else had already gotten it, and I had to push back my dissertation proposal as a result-- all because this peevish employee felt the book had to be sent back RIGHT THEN.
28. The biggest problem I've had with the library during my long tenure here is that I have rather often had the library fail to check in books that I have returned, which has meant that I've had to persuade library personnel that I have, in fact, returned the books. Not sure if this is a common problem or if I've just been unlucky, but I hope it happens less often in the future.
29. I had to go to UIC in order to find a book I needed for research but I couldn't check it out. I also felt that their staff was much more knowledgable and nice. Sometimes people working at the circulation desk are rude. However, I think that the class librarians do a great job. Sometimes the people working the front desk are rude as well.
30. Someone needs to teach people at Circulation that sometimes it's okay to just fire that person who completely lacks customer service skills, at least if they're not going to bother teaching them those skills, which they obviously aren't.
31. I've really only had one negative experience with one of the checkout staff, but aside from that, the service has been acceptable, however, nothing really of note (i.e., it wasn't exceptional).
32. Some of the people who operate the circulation desk have poor attitudes. I don't want to accuse them all but I have had various rude encounters.
33. My main complaint is with a few employees of the check-out desk. Most of them are fine, but the few are incredibly rude, sullen and unhelpful and I really wish that those people who don't have the basic skills to work at that desk were fired.
34. people working at circulation are not always as helpful or patient.
35. You should also distinguish on here between regular staff and student employees. Because it seems a bit unfair to blame the entire library staff for the general apathy of the student employees.
36. undergraduates working in library are the weakest link in the system, often unfriendly and not very knowledgable
37. The student workers can be rude sometimes,
38. Many of the students staffing the circ desks at Crerar and the Reg are sullen at least, and sometimes openly rude. They often act as if helping patrons is a waste of their valuable web surfing time.
39. some of the students are pretty rude at check out and I've been tempted to correct them, but I haven't.
40. I find that student workers aren't always very knowledgeable.
41. (Student help not adequately trained.)
42. But student employees at circulation are terribly trained.
43. The student employees are often rude and unhelpful. When you go to one to check out books or ask a question, they normally act as if you're asking them to do something that's not in their job description. Train them to be more polite and helpful to patrons, or screen applicants for friendlier workers with more positive attitudes in the future.
44. Reference librarians tend to be very helpful and nice, student employees much less so.
45. Staff needs to be more knowlegeable on finding statistical data.
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Staff - pos

1. I always receive prompt and friendly service from the librarians, ill, reserve, and recordings staff, and counter attendants. If a particular employee can't answer my question he or she can usually guide me to someone who can. Keep up the good work!
2. I have not been here long but I am impressed by the library staff, all are courteous and o above and beyond to assist you.
4. I want library staff that know their way through advanced problems and can find me books we don't have or I can't find easily, quickly, and politely. And that leave me alone to find my stuff when I don't have any problems. In general I have found the library staff very helpful.
5. I am always impressed by the knowledge, patience, and generosity of the Research Desk staff as well as other full-time library employees. Student workers are fine, but the dedication, investment, knowledge, and courtesy of the full-time staff truly stands out.
6. I think the library staff is very generous with their time and very willing to go out of their way to help students find the information that they need.
7. Hi, I love the U of C library systems the staff is amazing and the online resources are top notch. Well run!
8. It is very easy to learn the systems and any time I asked for help I was treated professionally. As an older student and a bit of an outsider I felt welcomed.
9. Overall, library services are excellent and library staff are polite and willing to help.
10. I appreciate the staff's friendliness- please keep this up!
11. Staff are always very helpful in assisting me.
12. The staff are consistently nice and helpful.
13. the employees are all great but that matters less than whether it's a habitable place to study in my opinion
14. Generally, our libraries and staff are first rate.
15. The library staff has been incredibly kind and helpful to me over the years
16. 99% of the library staff are extremely helpful and courteous. But sadly, it's the other 1% that makes the strongest impression.
17. I've always been impressed when I've interacted with the library staff
18. The library staff is great
19. library staff is great
20. There are those who do their job quite well though.
21. I also have found the staff to be very helpful
22. In general I find the library staff very helpful and courteous.
23. The staff was always extremely helpful and patient with me when I asked for help.
24. Library staff are usually courteous,
25. I think the professional staff is very good and helpful,
26. Overall, though, the library staff is extremely helpful and the resources are very good.
27. the people I encounter most often are great,
28. I think library employees are courteous, helpful and knowledgeable enough.
29. The staff is knowledgeable, friendly, reliable, and caring.
30. I have no complaints whatsoever about our library staff. They are outstanding.
31. The library staff continue to be most helpful and professional in all of my requests.
32. All have been very helpful and polite.
33. All but one of the library staff I have encountered are WONDERFUL
34. Generally, I think the library staff does a very good job and is always warm, friendly, and helpful
35. Employees are almost always very friendly and helpful. Sometimes it is difficult to find information on one's own.
36. the staff have always been courteous and helpful to me.
37. The permanent staff is always very helpful and nice and I have not had a bad experience
38. Generally very pleased with the library and its services . Your staff have always been really helpful
39. have been very pleased with the staff, ease and access to needed materials.
40. staff has done a pretty good job working with the construction process
41. Also the rest of the staff is extremely nice.
42. Excellent service!
43. The library is very good, the staff excellent--very competent and courteous.
44. I love our library and all of the people and services provided by it.
45. The staff for the most part are well trained and helpful.
46. Great people, especially the permanent staff.
47. The staff is, across the board, superb.
48. staff helpful,
49. The staff there [Crerar] are generally excellent.
50. The research staff in the Crerar Library was extraordinary!
51. Cannot say enough good about the staff in Crerar.
52. Eckhart people are wonderful,
53. I primarily use the library in the Gleacher center. It is quite small, but very friendly staff.
54. The law school library staff has always been absolutely wonderful about everything.
55. I have been very happy with how quickly D'Angelo staff retrieves items from storage.
56. The people who at D'Aneglo are fantastic,
57. The Law Library staff is fantastic.
58. The Law Library staff is incredible helpful and knowledgable.
59. I am continuously amazed at the collection, and am ALWAYS quite pleased with the polite and courteous service I receive from the people who work in the library. I always have a wonderful experience at the Reg.!
60. A big thanks for all the library staff, though. They make the Reg a friendly place and I'm glad to see them there everyday.
61. For the most part, the Reg satisfies my needs. The staff is always courteous and well-trained, and able to answer my questions.
62. The folks that work in the Reg. are great!
63. The staff at the SSA library are highly competent and very willing to provide assistance to me and my students. I really appreciate their willingness to work with me to problem solve difficulties that arise, even if we aren't able to actually solve the problem. The SSA staff have worked with me on a number of issues surrounding access to electronic databases and to electronic resources. It is no exaggeration to tell you that I couldn't teach what I do, the way I do without their (frequent) assistance.
64. I have had GREAT service at the SSA library. Everyone is helpful, knowledgeable, and efficient. Great work!
65. exceptional staff at SSA library
66. The SSA library is consistently excellent - in staff, services, support
67. The staff at SSA's library always do their best to help me find sources. They are also very helpful to my students.
68. ILL folks are really helpful!
69. I love Dan at the customer service desk of the Reg! He is the sweetest man.
70. There's one employee at the library I've foun consistently competent and helpful. I think his name is David. He works at customer service in the Reg, and he's the guy I go to hen other staff member screw up (which seems to happen on a regular basis). He's awesome. Please give him a raise.
71. The managers at circulation are very, very very good, and very helpful.
72. The students who check out books are for the most part very nice and courteous. Compared with the gym student staff, they are lovely!!
73. On the other hand, the checkout staff are extremely nice and helpful.
74. Circulation desk staff always very helpful and considerate.
75. I was impressed with the help I received in the basement (2) when the stacks wouldn't open - a staff member promptly came to help me.
76. Also thanks to the staff that painstakingly searches for the lost books that should be on the shelves or on reserve. You guys rock!
77. Absolutely first-rate.Same for employees in privileges.
78. Tyjuan works at the entrance and front desk of the library. He always makes me feel welcome. He's an excellent employee.
79. I have been especially well-served by Tyjuan Edwards in the privileges office, who helps me keep my privileges in force and my books renewed.
80. The library staff have consistently helped me put course materials on reserve in a timely manner.
81. The people who put the materials online for reserves for the course I'm teaching this quarter were consistently nice and very efficient throughout the process.
82. I want to particularly praise the staff that works with e-reserve and reserve. Their patience and support are greatly appreciated.
83. Ray, the microfilm man on the third floor, is an amazing help, tremendously knowledgeable and willing to aid with all manner of questions.
84. I find everyone I come across curtious and helpful. But I know more about Mrs. Modschiedler at Crerar and the staff in DML lab. I cannot praise them enough. They are extremely helpful and nice to deal with.
85. The staff have been especially helpful. David Larsen has helped our office out in the past.
86. Jim Vaughan is a model employee.
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