LibQUAL+ comments 2007: Study space

Study space

1. However, the construction is at times distracting, and there aren't enough study rooms, now that the A-level is not available for the most part.
2. I would prefer more spaces to study where there are not so many people in one room--like where the tables are broken up by bookshelves or lockers, like on the north side of the 4th floor reading room, as opposed to the south side. It's less distracting, but also less claustrophobic than the carrels.
3. Lack of sufficient faculty work space in the library.
4. Focus on developing many inviting spaces for individual study and group collaboration. In a place like Chicago, an inside city for much of the school year, there is a huge need for third places to provide for activities not accommodated by students' homes or classrooms. The library should become more inviting and comfortable for the complete process of study.
5. Materials are good, the libraries as study spaces are not so much.
6. Lack of group study rooms and individual study cells in general.
7. Study spaces can be cleaner.
8. Also, the study space is not as good as it could be. Unfortunately, my division does not provide office space for graduate students, and a carrel at the library just isn't quite the same thing.
9. I mainly use the library as a place to study, but whenever I've needed things there, they've been easy to find.
10. In addition, it would be great if there could be more study rooms -- if that's possible.
11. Any negative ranks I gave the library have to do with the construction and the study space.
12. There is absolutely nowhere to sit [speaking of D'Angelo].
13. There are a nice variety of different types of study spaces.
14. What are your plans for more space?
15. The lower level computer area was a great study space.
16. It would be nice if there were a designated quiet study area. Also, perhaps group study rooms that would be reserved in advance, and reserved for group meetings rather than private study.
17. NO space to study, NO study rooms, Not enough tables,
18. More big tables and fewer carrels would IMHO be much nicer.
19. I would like improved work space in microforms collection.
20. Why not update Harper into a useable study space instead of as a warehouse for broken furniture? You could heat that space, add more computers, and make it accessible instead of squeezing everyone into the Reg.
21. Study spaces in my opinion do not aide or promote study. Harsh light, little natural light, sometimes sizable environmental noise (e.g. building related, not from other users). Comfortable chairs do little more to help make a comfortable environment for studying than for sleeping.
22. The library should be more inviting and comfortable for students to go and study
23. In six years the shrinking space has become a problem for me. Not only there is a lot more of undergrads, but they are increasingly coming to the Reg rather than Harper. I do not find this problematic in itself, but there should have been a parallel concern to expand the available space which is now hosting a higher amount of people.In addition to lack of space, entire parts of the library seem to be chronically under construction, i.e. the fourth floor - especially classics and its surroundings- and the A level. In the A level it is even worse, because there is a lot of space that could be used and is actually wasted because there are piles of objects that have been there for a long time. To add another problem, the previously spacious A level has now been shrinking too, not only because they have left things as if it were a storage for garbage, but also because half the space where tables were is now occupied with stacks. The idea of constructing an extension to the Reg sounds exciting, but more immediate solutions are required. THIS IS A UNIVERSITY WHERE GRADUATE STUDENTS HAVE NO OFFICE SPACE, THE LIBRARY IS OUR ONLY SPACE FOR WORK OUTSIDE OF OUR HOMES. It is true that this situation has been the result of an institution with a disproportionate amount of graduates. This has given the university a lot of advantages, but the cost has been the impossibility to offer office space for all graduate students. In addition, as the Reg used to be an almost all-graduate research library, it was a welcoming space to work. However, this situation has been changed dramatically. Undergraduates are increasing their numbers significantly, and they are at the library all the time. They are understandably more noisy, but it makes graduate work more difficult. So in a way we are going in the direction of the worst of the possible worlds about this. Chicago is becoming just another major institution where the uniqueness of the disproportionate amount of graduate students is disappearing but at the same time the benefits of a bigger undergrad population is not present. Most universities with a number of undergrads grant more private spaces to graduate students. Not only my office hours are in public spaces that are sometimes noisy, but in addition there are problems about being a TA and grading. I am afraid of leaving my stuff around when I am grading, as any student could just flip a paper and see it when I go for a coffee. The privacy required for graduate students who teach undergrads is not available at the library. I THINK IT IS REALLY UNFAIR THAT THE ISSUE OF SPACE IS NOT EVEN MENTIONED.
24. We should pack Regenstein with books rather than undergraduate students. Alternatively, let's turn Harper into a research library since it's already abandoned by undergraduates.
25. I am not being humorous here but I would suggest that you hire a former high school librarian to police the ground floor of the Reg. The amount of food eaten, cell phone calls taken, computer spots littered is truly egregious.
26. I like the general sense of flexibility and casual setup of the library.
27. Somehow improving the miserably depressing study spaces on the stack floors in the regenstein (what matters above all to me is improving air circulation.)
28. In the winter, Harper Library is only marginally warmer than the outside temperature. Otherwise, that is my favorite study space.
29. Please add more group studying areas. A serious but completely overlooked problem with the University is that it does not encourage group study. It's bad enough we have to do that much studying, but to want to study alongside someone and derive some kind of enjoyment from it and not given enough space for it, it's beyond my comprehension why this is the way it is. I'm sure there are either other places in this world to selve books or to build some more group study areas.
30. Devote more space to group study? Crerar and The Reg are punishingly quiet at times...
31. More group study areas, perhaps enclosed rooms would be helpful.
32. More group study space in crerar.
33. More study rooms/places for two or three person groups would be good. The booths in the basement Crerar computer lab are fantastic. The A-level in the Reg is seriously missed!
34. Group study areas?
35. Group study space in Regenstein, and in general, insufficient. Rooms on the 4th
36. and 5th floor are unnecessarily large and there are too few.
37. More group study space is needed in general, especially in the Crerar, but also in the Regenstein.
38. I really like the group study space in the A level of the Reg because of the white boards, tables and quick access to computers if needed.
39. Please provide more group study spaces in A-level of Reg. Currently groups are moving to study in other levels creating a lot of disruption.
40. We couldn't find good group space to work.
41. During many times, I have trouble locating space to work, especially in a group,
42. I would like to see more (and quieter) study spaces for small groups. The fourth floor seminar rooms set aside room for 10-15 people, which is way more than usually occupy them (I typically see 2-4 people occupying the long tables). The A-Level cubicles get too rowdy during the term to make them good places to work. If you could make actual rooms for small groups, it would make my experience of the library much more congenial.
43. The only problem I find with the library (Regenstein) these days is that the group study spaces are often being taken up by just one person studying alone, so that it is usually impossible to find one free for a group. Also, the library feels very crowded, but that's inevitable now that it has become a study hall for undergraduates.
44. I think the library's greatest problem is lack of group study space. It is the biggest problem for me personally, and the one I most often hear people complaining about, especially after the elimination of the A-level study space. I do realize that areas that allow (relatively) quiet group study have undesirable consequences that may seem counter-productive to the library's aims, but they are invaluable resource that, right now, we are seriously lacking.
45. And more group study space that isn't in the basement at the tables
46. More availability for quiet group study areas in the Reg would be fantastic.
47. Too few places to work as a group (not enough classrooms in Crerar or in the Reg),
48. I love the A-Level group study cubicles.
49. It is very important to have conference rooms with adequate blackboard
50. facilities. What I want is: a place where I can study with my friends, in the library, and be able to be loud (or at least talk in a normal voice). I rely heavily on group study, but ever since the a-level has been turned into bookstacks, I don't have that place.
51. Also, more quiet study areas are needed and desktops should be cleaned more periodically.
52. I would particularly be interested if, in the restoration, there could be permanent study spaces for PhD students.
53. I think it is an awful shame that Humanities and Social Sciences students do not have carrels. A university with such a large graduate student population really ought to provide adequate research space for its students. I also think the locker situation at Regenstein is ridiculous. The lockers are not wide enough to hold either my backpack or larger folio volumes.
54. There is NO quiet study space in the Reg. Lack of quiet study space is my biggest current problem with the Library, and it often keeps me from using the Library.
55. I wish there were more private study areas, and some more of those nice wooden chairs they have in the north room of Harper instead of all cushy ones.
56. I find there is a lack of study rooms, where one can go and study in the privacy of a separate room. I often find giant study rooms, which potentially can fit ten people, are monopolized by a single person, especially in the Regenstein. It would be wonderful and greatly appreciated if there were more single/double occupancy individual study rooms, and the larger study rooms were actually reserved for large study groups.
57. But I do wish there was more comfortable study space. It would be nice if graduate students had carrels or some kind of assigned study space, because I do find that things can get fairly loud up on the fourth floor....
58. My experiences are limited to Crerar library, but I really wish there were more private study rooms, because there are so few of them there. Those rooms are great for group problem solving, working on projects, and talking with students. But I very rarely get to use them because they are nearly always occupied (and sometimes by single individuals who could just as easily sit in the regular seating). Also, throughout this winter, Crerar has been freezing! This really isn't conducive to learning.
59. I want to go to the library for a quiet place to study, but often students and library employees are talkative, which I find distracting, at least in the small SSA library.
60. I find Regenstein too noisy for studying. D'Angelo used to be good but the current construction makes it less so. Harper is quiet but always seems to be too cold or too hot for comfort, and the chairs are really ratty.
61. The library is often far too loud and exceptionally crowded. It can make it hard to study. Designating some silent areas might really help.
62. The current library at Gleacher (and Gleacher in general) has a reprehensible lack of individual study space.
63. There should be at least one place on campus that folks can find comfortable chairs to study in. Yet in no library (or even coffee shop) is there such a location. I can't understand it, as at Harvard there were dozens of places to study.
64. I wish both Eckhart and Regenstein had more inviting/enjoyable study spaces (New furniture, more comfortable chairs, etc.)
65. Need better individual study area with sufficient lighting and quiet/comfort space.
66. More insulated spaces for individual study
67. More private study rooms are desired.
68. Graduate students really need a quiet, comfortable library space in which to work.
69. I used to work in the library daily. The construction noise and hassle drove me away last summer and I haven't been back. A quiet yet public work space is essential... doctoral work is extremely isolating, and my quality of life has deteriorated since I have been unable to tolerate the conditions of the library.
70. Space available, especially for those students ACTUALLY studying and wishing to do so in a relaxing and completely quiet environment.
71. The library is no longer a setting for quiet study and research. It has become a student union for undergraduates.
72. I'd like to see cleaner carrels and more isolated study spaces.
73. The construction this year has been extremely detrimental to study conditions -- I used to stay in the stacks for hours to work quietly, but this year, it has been noisy, dusty, and freezing/burning -- I feel homeless without my usual spot and certainly feel that my productivity has declined significantly. Otherwise, I love the library and prefer it to my apartment.
74. Greater assurances for quiet study in the library, including in the downstairs computer lab;
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Study space - A-level

1. WHY did you take away the A-level? So sad. And the outside of Crerar isn't well lit at night, so it's a little creepy.
2. The A-level in the Reg is seriously missed!
3. What happened to the A-Level at Regenstein?
4. I miss the A-Level.
5. You should not have moved the 24 hour study space to Crerar. I am very disappointed with that.
6. Why take away the all-night study space? There's no damn group study space at Crerar and it's like a tomb. I'd rather kill myself than go to Crerar again.
7. I was abroad autumn quarter of this year and returned to find the all-night study space moved from the Regenstein to Crerar. This is possibly the most useless and frustrating thing the library could have done. The Regenstein is used by the majority of undergraduate students (who are the ones to use the all-night study space), and it's fairly ridiculous and, more importantly, extremely unsafe to leave the Reg at 1am to go over to Crerar, which has a horrible atmosphere completely inconducive to studying. Furthermore, leaving the all-night study space at Crerar is made even more unsafe because there are no street lights on Ellis. As for the A-level in the Reg, I don't think I've once seen a single person even attempt to find a book in the shelves that have been placed there. A productive resource was taken away. It was the best space to work on group projects and to meet for exam review with other classmates. The move was just ludicrous. It would be sincerely appreciated if the A-level were converted back to the productive space it used to be, rather than a place to shelve dusty volumes that are never touched. As for adhering to the needs of the graduate students over those of the undergrads (which were the terms in which a member of the library staff explained the moveto me), I selected to come to the University of Chicago because of the focus that was purportedly placed on undergraduates. Other than the all-night study space move, I would rank the overall quality of the library as 9. The change, however, brings it down to a 5 for my needs and for the majority of the undergraduate regular users of the library.
8. Also, sometimes people do not understand that the library should be a quiet place for study and not for socializing. This seems to have gotten worse to me after the fact that the A-level is no longer used as a study space.
9. I miss the A-level (Crerar is too depressing) :(
10. It would be nice if the Reg stayed open later instead of Crerar
11. The A-Level of the Reg. is missed.
12. Crerar can't handle the capacity that the Reg used to. And the A-level needs to come back as soon as possible.
13. The Reg was a much better overnight study space rather than out of the way Crerar.
14. I know that there is the Crerar Study space but there are no vending machines (the drink vending machine does not work) and it is not convenient for the shuttles.
15. The loss of the A-Level in the Reg is a tragedy, although I understand that those books had to be put somewhere. Longer hours in the Reg would still be nice though. People who study regularly in the Reg do not like to go to Crerar---it's different atmosphere disrupts their studies, and often they have lockers in the Reg.
16. The A-Level was essential. Not having it during my senior year was, I believe, detrimental to my education.
17. I wish Reg were open 24/7.
18. With the expansion of the Regenstein, the A-Level was closed as an overnight study space, and all the study tables were moved. I feel that the A-Level was an integral part of my experience here as an undergraduate, and the fact that there is no similar space with the atmosphere the A-Level created is really a terrible development. With the popularity of the A-Level, I would have hoped that the expansion would have left it intact and found another form of storage space. The movement of the A-Level is one of the most disappointing changes for me here at the University, and since I have not been as satisfied with a space for study.
19. But I do witsh you would give us the A-level back for an all night study space! The room at Crerar is difficult for finding a private space to study since it's all tables. Despite this, there's no room for group study there, either, since you have to stay quiet for everyone else in the room. If there's been a dip in the average GPA of the college, then it's probably because you took the A-level away.
20. Bring back the A-level!
21. Everyone I talk to, including myself, wants the A-level reopened as all-night study space. I understand that there is a severe space shortage, but the A-level being open all night significantly contributed to the social life of the campus. People miss this.
22. Make the Reg open 24 hours. Crerar isn't bad, but access to the Reg's stacks at night would be nice.
24. Please bring back A-level at the Regenstein, or some sort of overnight service. It is ideal location for bus stops if a person is studying late at night.
25. Please bring the all-night study space to the regenstein A-level. It is more accessible and most students who wish to study late are already at the Regenstein at closing time. It would be nice not to have to switch buildings.
26. The loss of the all night study space in the Regenstein Library is atrocious. Students depended on its convenient location and hospitable atmosphere. Crear is a wonderful atmosphere for graduates but it does not work well for undergraduates and is not large enough.
27. Please bring back the all night study space on the A-Level of the Regenstein.
28. I don't like the all-night study space in Crerar. The Reg A-Level was much more comfortable!
29. Moving the all-night study space elsewhere on campus and possibly moving undergradu
30. The loss of the A-level has sent chatty people all over the Reg.
31. I also wish we still had the A-Level All Night Study Space. I miss it greatly. I love the A-Level group study cubicles.
32. You really shouldn't have closed down the 24 hour A level! Crerar is nice but not the same. I know so many students who are sad and outraged. Also, Crerar is far away and the path there is not well-lit. It's dangerous.
34. I also really miss the A-level, which I think was the best thing ever about the library and has left a large hole in the library services.
35. There needs to be an all-night group study space. No one appreciates getting kicked out of Crerar study rooms by having a security guard call the police-it's absurd.
36. Open Reg. A level 24 hours for students!! Crerar is too far away from my home, and I even don't feel safe when I leave the Library. so I gave up using Crerar over night study place since winter quarter.but I strongly desire to study!
37. About the allnight study space. Crerar is a terrible spot for the all night space. The lighting is poor, too dark. There aren't enough computers. There is no printing. Crerar is not close to any spot to get food. The cafe in the basement is permanently closed. The space is also too small.
38. I am looking forward to the A-level being open all night again.
39. However, I am so dissappointed that the A-level was ruined. 24 hour study there was SO much better than Cerar. Crerar is dark and depressing and not near any eateries. It is also physically less safe there in terms of muggings in the nearby area (you have to wait for the drunk van in dark, isolated places). Before someone gets mugged, I would recommend moving all night study back to the Reg. Also, Please reconfigure the A-level for social studying again and an atmosphere that finally made the u of c cool.
40. Since closing the A-level for 24-hr study, Crerar has provided a better study space, yet it does not have all the friendly resources.
41. and I particularly like that Crerar is open 24 hours.
42. I also appreciate very much that it is now open overnight, as grad studies tend to creep into the wee hours of the night more often than not. [regarding Crerar]
43. However, I strongly appreciate the 24 hours of operation at the Crerar library. If the Regenstein were open for longer hours, or some nights for 24 hours, I would take much more advantage of it
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