LibQUAL+ comments 2007: Building access/hours - neg

Building access/hours - neg

1. For a school that heralds itself as a being a Great Library System I cannot believe there is not a computer lab or a library open 24 hours a day. Every other prestigious school in the country has libraries and computer labs open 24 hrs per day. If Uchicago wants to belong in this category I suggest they start ammending its rules on how long the library stays open.
2. Make the Reg open 24 hours. Crerar isn't bad, but access to the Reg's stacks at night would be nice.
4. It would be nice if the Reg stayed open later instead of Crerar
5. Also, it is RIDICULOUS that the library is not open on Sunday mornings, the day when most students tend to wake up early to work. If the issue is finding security staff, the libraries should pay more money for those shifts. If the issue is lack of funds, the library should find funds. It is unbelievable that a school of our caliber would close its entire library system on a sunday morning.
6. Regenstein Hours. I still don't understand why the Reg doesn't open until Noon on Sundays. Can't it at least be moved back to 10 AM? Those extra two hours would be really appreciated, but I suppose if there's not the funding and staff for it then there's not much that can be done about it.
7. My biggest complaint is that it does not open until 12:00 noon on Sunday. Why is that? I also think that reading rooms and the stacks should be available 24 hours. This would be in keeping with other institutions of UChicago's caliber.
8. Also, I would really like the library to open sooner on Sunday mornings. That's when everyone does the homework after a weekend long of partying (yes, we at the U of C do indeed party).
9. Also, the libraries should really open earlier on the weekends because lots of undergrads would like to study before 12. The tunnel entrance between BJ and the Law Library should open at 10 on saturdays and sundays because the library is open then.
10. the library hours STINK. Why have a major research library that closes at 10 pm on weekends? Worse, why ostensibly privilege Christian students by not opening until noon on Sundays, the only day of the week that the library opens so late?
11. i wish the reg stayed open later
12. I wish the hours were expanded though.
13. But I have problem with the library hours, temprature setting, outlet availability, etc.
14. I wish the Regenstein were open later.
15. The fact that microfilm and audio recordings are basically only available on weekday afternoons is a constant annoyance. I would appreciate the entire library system being open for longer hours as well but feel that that is less necessary.
16. the hours of Special Collections are entirely inadequate. It will never approach the use value of Berkeley or Madison's collections if you don't stay open longer. This especially includes remaining open for a portion of academic breaks - UC students are often too busy during quarters to get in there, and visiting students with the same break can't come to use it. The week following the end of Autumn quarter but before the holidays (roughly Dec 10-17) - it is imperative that Spec Collec remain open these days.
17. Hope SSA library can open longer hours during weekends.
18. longer hours and more heat at Harper.

Building access/hours - pos

1. As it stands, the lirbary is open stacks and very convenient to use at almost any hour,
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