LibQUAL+ comments 2007: Survey

Survey - neg

1. Who the hell designed this annoying survery?! Minumum service level, perceived service performance, etc? Could you make it any more redundant and time consuming? And while you're at it, maybe stop asking dumb questions about whether the library spaces inspire learning (WTF?! are you serious--this a libary goal?) and ask how many grad students find it inane and inconvenient that you have a policy requiring us to physically take our books in to renew them after 3 quarters, especially when your circulation staffcan't handle simple requests like check this back in and then let me check it out so I don't have to lug it hear again next quarter.
2. I don't know how much you paid someone to write this survey, but you could probably fire your consultant b/c it was the most boring survey I've ever taken and I'm quite sure most people will just start filing in the dots.
3. This questionare seems incredibly. It's hard to imagine that respondents self designations of Minimum Level and Desired Level of service could at all calibrate into some kind of meaningful statistic.
4. The survey wouldn't let me skip the non-electronic-resource-related questions, so please take those answers with a grain of salt.
5. This is a strange survey... it seems to ask the same questions over and over. Why are there 5 separate questions about practically identical aspects of the employees' performance - is there that much of a difference between 'willingness to help' and 'readiness to answer questions'? I wish there were more questions about the library itself as a place, because it seems to be constantly getting hotter, noisier, and having more and more sections of books hidden in some transitional storage area... the employees are all great but that matters less than whether it's a habitable place to study in my opinion
6. all those questions about employee attitude) I don't need a librarian fawning over me, a business-like demeanor is just fine. They don't have to anticipate my every desire, just answer the questions I ask them.
7. This 1-9 scale format was kind of difficult to use. I couldn't decide what number I wanted to put down. There were some things that didn't matter to me in any particular way, but didn't qualify as not applicable. The phrasing of the statements was also rather ambiguous. What are information skills? What exactly are printed library materials--things that I printed at the library, or printed materials pertaining to the library itself in some way?
8. Also, this survey is really hard to understand.
9. Also, this survey was a little too complicated and repetitive.
10. Why were so many of the above questions completely redundant?
11. (By the way, the nature of the three columns for the majority of these questions makes the experience of filling this out laborious and somewhat of a nuisance. I found myself wishing to speed through instead of focusing on the questions and really trying to make sure that all my answers best represented my feelings. Questions that do not require so much individual consideration would yield more accurate responses, I believe. Good luck.)
12. regarding this survey -- the format is very confusing
13. This survey was complicated and confusing.
14. I find this survey quite strange. I do not think I fully under stand the Minimum/Desired service level selections. In fact, I find it bizarre that such a question would even be asked. I expect the highest quality of service from the library system at one of the finest academic institutions in the world. There is no excuse for my minimal expectation or my desired expectation to be anything less than the best possible service that can be provided. Given this, I have checked every Minimu/Desired option as 9. I can't see myself saying, Yeah, I'd accept shoddy electronic resources. Or, Mediocre study conditons are fine with me. Perhaps I have misunderstood the purpose of these criteria, but, I'm a fairly bright guy and they just don't make sense to me in reagrds to helping the library system evaluate how well it is servicing the University community.
15. I didn't want to answer all the repeated questions (ie, the ones that were just re-wordigns of earlier questions...) - so I just put N/A
16. the first part of the survey is very confusing
17. In terms of the actual survey, it was weird to have the question minimum service level.
18. This survey is way too long.
19. This survey was very poorly designed.
20. I'm concerned that this survey design will yield very poor quality information, especially in the beginning section, which is far too intensive. Additionally, forcing users to complete every item will likely drive submissions down. Is it really so important to have complete surveys that you're unwilling to accept incomplete ones? Oh, and this survey took me *much longer than 10 minutes to complete.
21. This survey is totally written in library-speak. I've worked at a library so I understand what you're aiming for with some of the questions, but I was still unsure on a couple of them - I can't imagine being a beginning undergrad and filling this out.
22. This survey is confusing, and not user friendly. The minimum levels of service questions really don t tell you anything. There are no other libraries that patrons of UofC can use as easily. The minimum level of service has to be what ever service you give you have no competition. The layout also makes the survey appear burdensome, witch will lower response rate and makes the data you do collect suspect. Many times people who fill out confusing surveys aren t answering the questions you are asking, and may even neglect to read the question fully because of the layout. The best bet with a survey like this is to do a pretest of your survey instrument with people who were not involved in the creation of the survey. Ask for comments or observe the non-response levels for each question, then modify accordingly. In addition you should never require respondents to anwser all questions, people will opt to not participate if they must go through all of your options. Please see the UofC Survey Lab, part of the Social Sciences division, for survey design help.
23. This survey is too long! Many questions are duplicated.
24. I find this survey to complicated and poorly thought out
25. The above question #43 does not have a professional degree option under the Graduate heading. Pursuing a JD or MD is not the same as a masters or doctoral degree.
26. This survey is not going to help you. It asks different iterations of the same question multiple times and tries to apply a number scale to things that cannot be quantified. Try Again!
27. A comment about the survey itself. Some of the questions--29 and 30, but there may be others--refer to the testee's academic discipline. I am a nonacademic employee, but my survey was returned to me unaccepted because I didn't answer those questions the first time. Maybe there should be either an N/A option for all the questions or some way for your computer to take the answer to 43 into account.
28. This survey was too overwhelming for me, but hopefully the demographic information will help.
29. This survey was complicated, had many duplicate questions, and was difficult to take. I recommend simplifying it for your users in the future.
30. also, there is no way this survey took less than 10 minutes, if you actually think about the questions you are answering, just fyi
31. Also, in this survey, I have difficulty understanding the difference between what's acceptable versus what I want. Considering the standards of scholarship at UofC, and the reputation of the institution, I'd expect only the best level of service to be acceptable, and in any case, it only seems rational to 'want' the very best service that's possible, unless of course, the question is really asking what level of service I want 'for a given cost.'
32. This survey was much too complicated to derive the information you were seeking. It could've been much simpler and thus made the quality of information higher.
33. Why is this questionnaire gendered??? You do not even leave the possibility of leaving it blank.
34. the design on this survey is terrible -from the scaling (you don't get any more info from a 9-pt scale then a 5-pt) to the question wording to the layout.
35. Also, in terms of school sponsored surveys, this one is a new low. Most students will go into system shock before ever filling out all of those damn bubbles.
36. Quesions 25-38 should have had a N/A response possibility.
37. This survey was difficult to understand and interpret.
38. This is a very long survey, too many bubbles.
39. The questions in the survey were so vague that I barely knew how to answer them, nor were they of much interest, so I don't think my answers mean anything beyond uninformed guesses. And the extraordinary range of nine choices for each seems to me to be meaningless false precision. Perhaps you should just ignore my answers.
40. This questionnaire is a little weird.I did not really want to spend the time to make sense out of it so I did my best with the allocated amount of time.
41. I stopped filling out this survey half way through because the questions don't make sense. I honestly don't know what you're asking. What is a service level regarding The printed library materials I need for my work? etc
42. shorter survey please; it asks the same querstions several times each.
43. I was ready to fill this out but asking people to fill something out that is this big is too much. For every question asking people minimum, actual, and perceived service levels?????? Also, aren't 7 point scales generally regarded as more statistically reliable? This survey design is not great--I filled in 1s where it made me but you should throw out that data. The only thing I want to let you know is that when you make a survey this big it reduces the response rate.
44. It is difficult for me to answer some of these questions because I am not a student, but a staff member, and am currently not taking classes.
45. This survey is very poorly designed.The N/A option shouldn't clear all other columns. There are times when the minimum question makes no sense. In addition, the survey is very repetitive. Respondents should also be able to submit the survey without answering every question.
46. The first part of this survey is quite stupid. Who would not desire the stated services to be at a maximum. And every other question was about cheerful and knowledgeable librarians. Of course the minimum would be surly and dull librarians. And the the desired level? Well, those that worked at Alexandria.
47. The first 2/3's of the survey is difficult to grasp, monotonous to finish.
48. This survey is insane. While I understand the desire to get information as complete as possible, just looking at the initial set of questions leads me not to take part.
49. I gather these questions are important to someone - though, especially given the generally high level of professional services provided, I would think collections (and not service) would be of primary concern.
50. This is a stupid survey. It requires too much thinking to be worth completing.
51. Why would anyone's desired level of service be less than high in any area?
52. I do hope that no one says that anything less than the highest performance on these points is acceptable--this survey didn't make a lot of sense in that respect.
53. When it comes to...A survey that doesn't ask the same question 4 times;My minimum service level is: 4;My desired service level is: 9;Perceived service performance is: 1
54. I am a new employee and have not used the library resources much. So, my answers to the questions are not accurate and reliable. It is just based on what I see and feel, not a personal experience. Thanks.
55. I started doing this survey. But the design of this survey is awful.
56. this survey is tediously stupid... cant waste any more time on it... I do a lot of evaluation and analysis and find the design here truly lame -- sorry!
57. One look at this kind of survey, vague statements with dozens of choices for each, is enough to discourage anyone from taking the time to figure out answers. If you want to learn what libray users want, ask them what they want, and do not waste time compiling worthless statistics.
58. I find this survey totally unintelligable
59. You certainly DO need help....this survey is so terrifying that I am not even going to attempt to complete it. Go get professional survey design assisitance, please!
60. please do not repeatedly email requests for your surveys. If I was uninterested to begin with, it goes downhill from there, and if then break under the harangue and complete it, it will certainly be with bad attitude.
61. a) This is a terrible survey: redundant, smarmy, imprecise.
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Survey - pos

1. But, I appreciate the library making this effort.
2. Good to know you are using LibQual.
3. Thank you for asking our opinion.
4. Thanks for asking.
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