LibQUAL+ comments 2007: Training/instruction


1. That said, I think that the the Library system could do a beter job in two areas. First in providing new students some sort of orientation on all the options available at the Libraries. From Interlibrary loans, to rare book collections, to reserves, to periodical resources,and more, the library system has more options and information resources than any student could even guess at. I for one stil; am unsure as to what each individual library specializes in; discovering how to utilize interlibrary loan options was a bit of a snipe hunt for me. Additonally, there doesn't seem to be an easy way to find journal articles. I have searched for articles from the basic/initial search, not found what I was looking for and then after poking around in specific catalogs/databases, actually discovered they were available online. I'm obviously doing something wrong, but a how-to guide on finding journal articles would be great, and if you already have one, perhaps a very obvious link would be useful.
2. At times, I wish there were more sources so that I could answer certain questions on my own.
3. More online information and better ways to navigate the library resources, and to be taught to do so independently. There are several book collections and resources that I know are probably available in the library, but I have no idea of how to access them. The librarians usually have a rough idea, but are not experts on all field, thus, for example, cannot usually help me with very precise questions on historical material.
4. I would say that my one area I think could really, really help users new and old would be to provide a printed guide to electronic resources. Or an online guide. Because there are so many databases and there is no one centralized way to know descriptions of them all, how to use them, and how to distinguish between them, especially remotely.
5. I still find it confusing to figure out which electronic databases to search for published scholarly articles or other sources on various topics. Any online guides would be most appreciated.
6. I would appreciate updated subject guides that include links to relevant e-journals for users.
7. Would like to learn how to use our library web or portal for access from office and home.
8. Need instruction in how to get copies of periodical materials available only on line.
9. the database research introduction that students in some classes receive by request of their teacher is somewhat useful, but it could be better. also, for students who do not receive it, there ought to be some tutorial to which they can refer for guidance.
10. Beth Bidlack does an awesome job of informing the divinity school of new resources, programs, and training sessions. Thanks Beth!
11. Andrea Twiss-Brooks (sp?) provides excellent library resource support for my work in the chemistry program. Her training sessions for new chemistry search programs has been extremely helpful to me.
12. I think there is a great need for the Law Library to offer research training sessions beyond the first year of law school. Those sessions in the first year were helpful, but when legal research tools aren't used on a daily basis, it would be extremely helpful to have referesher courses available. Also, I'd like a little more explanation about the Ask a Law Librarian events that are scheduled in the law school Briefs during various lunch periods. I've never taken advantage of one of these, but it's because I have no idea what they are for or why they are happening.
13. i woiuld welcome workshops that fopcused on teaching people how to use information resources better - e.g. citation indices, major databases, etc.
14. I like the computer courses I took at Crerar and now periodically those I take at Regenstein.; They are most useful.
15. The training sessions and information sessions have been very helpful for my research.
16. I wish there were more seminars on useful software, like FileMakerPro. The support I have gotten for Endnote was really good.
17. And it would be extremely useful if searches from the library catalogue could be directly downloaded into Endnote - WorldCat has a function like that and it is very useful.
18. the class I took on how to use Refworks was a joke. I had to spend consdierable time after the class teaching myself how to use the program. Either alot more time to teach the class more thoroughly or find better instructors because I got nothing form the class, as did several of my cohorts.
19. Although the librarians themselves are friendly and helpful, the training sessions I have attended with them have been completely out of touch with student needs.
20. Also, consider offering seminars in soft- and hard-cover maintenance and repair. The student and faculty population would respond very well.
21. Crerar librarians have been extremely helpful in teaching me how to use citation programs and navigating medical literature, often going well out of their way- what a wonderful experience.
22. And a recent workshop on EndNote was also extremely well presented and very usefull
23. Many students, especially undergraduates, remain unaware of many great services that would make their research easier and enrich their intellectul lives. I'm not sure how this could be remedied other than making library orientation mandatory during general orientation period.
24. I do think that some sort of library orientation needs to be offered (or better publicized if it is offered) with maybe even tours of the buildings made available. Because, as much as I have learned about the libraries in my first six months here, I bet there is 10 times as much I still don't know about. And that's a dman shame.
25. I recommend making the library information sessions more in-depth and mandatory for Cerar and the Reg during O-Week, because these two libraries are incredibly intimitdating, and so many students coming out of high school are entirely dependent on Wikipedia and then what their professors post on Chalk. Also, I believe you should have an introduction to Academic Journals, because I have found them critical in my studies and research here, but I feel that they are quite esoteric beyond academia. The average person reads Popular Science, not Nature. Professors assign them without blinking an eye, yet it can be a little shocking to open your first syllabus and find four journal articles as your first reading--especially when you are used to high school textbooks. I think I am the only one of my friends who can, or will, confidently and independently navigate J-STOR and the other electronic journals, because I am lucky enough to come from a school that provided access to these materials and high school teachers who used journal articles in their lesson plans.
26. orientation library tours in the beginning of the year?
27. I believe the library should be part of the employee orientation because there are a lot of resources that are accessible that people do not know about.
28. if there is any area of improvement it would be to make sure that all incoming graduate students (or those in the PhD programs) have many options to learn about what the library has to offer. This might mean coordinating with departments to set up times where the incoming PhD cohort is given a tour of the library as part of the general orientation. This would be helpful to educate new students to the full dimensions and resources in the library.
29. If the library really wants to spend money on these two issues, it can just 1)make a class for students to learn about how to evaluate sources, and 2) buy lots of recent material.
30. There need to be more effort to help students understand the resoureces availble as well as how to use them.
31. I think the library could do much more to teach faculty and students how to use the internet- courses offered to faculty would be very useful
32. Also, I have a hard time finding new resources available on the library webpage or in the library itself that would help me search more effectively. I always have a feeling I'm missing something, and I would love it if there were more tips readily available about how to use the different applications. Particularly since my undergraduate library was limited in terms of resources and software applications, it would be nice if someone took the time to point out all the nifty things one can do at such a huge library as we have here.
33. I think that the library may contain many rare and historical resources that might be useful but of which I'm unaware.
34. The library system could use some marketing around the various libraries on campus and their areas of specificity.
35. …the library provides no services that I can use to do my job better. If there are services that I could use available, there has been outreach that was effective in communicating those services to me.
36. I find it hard to do productive on line searches for information on my own.
37. the library's search engine is terrible! Sometimes even if I type the exact name of a book, it won't show up even if the library has it.
38. I would have liked more instruction on how to find sources and information but I loved the session for BA research, it was very helpful.
39. Too many professors don't know how to use Chalk and the on-line Library article sites. Makes some classes rather confusing and frustrating for students and profs both! Many students don't know how to use Chalk either.
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