LibQUAL comments 2007+: cleaning/maintenance


1. The space is always clean and organized.
2. The library is a cave of infection. You MUST do something to improve the health of students in the library who have to study all night. Improve the ventilation of study spaces. Clean the surfaces more often with antibacterial agents. Keep the bathrooms better stocked with supplies. Make sure students can at least get water to stay hydrated. The library is too dry and it increase respiratory illnesses.
3. Regenstein is filthy--the floors are dirty and I can't see out the windows. What is with this? And there's ALWAYS a toilet that is backed up. If you can't even keep your toilets clean, what does that say about your concept of service?
4. Additionally bathroom cleanliness is apalling [in Crerar]. They always smell terrible, and are never thoroughly cleaned. Bathrooms should have air freshners, and should be cleaned twice a day. Once mid day, and once at night.
5. The upkeep and cleaning of the bathrooms over Memorial Day weekend in 2006 was absolutely abhorrent. Students really utilize the library that weekend, and it is absolutely necessary for trash to be taken out (in the reading rooms AND bathrooms) and for broken restroom facilities to be serviced, which they were NOT last Memorial Day weekend. For such a great and well utilized facility, students expect more. Basic cleanliness shouldn't be too much to ask.
6. The maintainance of this library is atrocious. The fouth floor has been a disaster area for a year now. The repairs are going at a snails pace and right in the middle of prime study time. Also, problems like missing doorknobs should be dealt with immediately and not months after the problem has been identified. It is really disappointing to see an institution of this caliber to be run in such a poor fashion.
7. And finally, can you clean the library? When was the last time carrels and desks were wiped down? Realize that construction is taking place but it is disgusting.
8. I am not being humorous here but I would suggest that you hire a former high school librarian to police the ground floor of the Reg. The amount of food eaten, cell phone calls taken, computer spots littered is truly egregious.
9. Also, more quiet study areas are needed and desktops should be cleaned more periodically.
10. Please fix doorknobs in stairwell.
11. but the premises (specifically at the Regenstein) often seem a bit dark and dirty/grungy.
12. Study spaces can be cleaner
13. My only complaint is that the library is sometimes not as clean as I would like it to be.
14. Some of the books are quite dusty too
15. The water fountains in the library often don't work. I'm wondering if there can be a portal or some sort to say that water fountains or other facilities on the library are not working.
16. The bathrooms in Crerar are nearly always filthy. They smell like an outhouse (literally--I'm not trying to be funny) and the toilet bowls turn brown from lack of cleaning.
17. The men's bathrooms in Crerar on the 1st and 3rd floor routinely smell putrid and are not clean. This has been a long running issue that's never been addressed
18. The D'Angelo Law Library is tremendously confusing, and also dirty.
19. Little things like making sure that there are coat hooks on the back of the all the doors in the bathrooms make a big difference. I'm sometimes embarassed that such simple things are in poor repair (both in Harper and the Reg) since visiting scholars experience the U of C largely through our libraries.
20. It could be kept more clean. I am glad that the chairs were changed this year. I hope in general the cleaning facilities can be improved, like the desks,chairs etc cleaned more often.
21. The toilets waste vast amounts of water. The automatically flush means that the toilets flush at least 2-3 times during a single use. Respectfully, the library could fund extended hours with the savings it could amass from not using so much water. Plus, it's annoying to have the toilet flush so many times!
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