LibQUAL comments 2007+: collection

Collection - negative

1. Also, I have to say that the library collection is not nearly as complete as I would have hoped. I came from an undergraduate institution that is not as prestigious as the U. of C. and the library there almost always had the books I sought. There have been several instances here in which the U. of C. library has not had what I am looking for, and I am baffled as to why this is the case because the titles I am seeking are not especially obscure or out-of-print. I can even remember some of these titles of the top of my head and I am almost positive they are available from or anywhere else
2. I find that the collections don't always seem to be as good as at my undergrad institution (Cornell).
3. I think there are ways to better the electronic resources, especially older issues of journals, and subscription to journals that the library isn't subscribed to. Also possible is to have access to foreign newspapers and resources. Books, both foreign and domestic publications, need to be covered more extensively and more copies of specific books need to be acquired. Some rare books could also be better accessed through e-books, so i think the library should attempt to widen its scope of subscription and attempt to be more proactive. But thank you otherwise...
4. Certain collections are in decline
5. My biggest concern centers around helping students obtain information (newspapers, journals etc.) that may be outside of InterLibrary loan - mostly international in scope. I have found it difficult in obtaining materials I need for my academic pursuits that are from a foreign country. I know this may be difficult to do, but my perception is that the University does not have the international network that I would think a university of this caliber would have. For example, I needed to obtain some newspapers from Bolivia that are well known, but the University of Chicago does not have the information or the resources to network with Bolivian Universities or other universities that might carry collections that I need.
6. The Library should try to refine its collections policies to build up areas of particular strength relating to faculty research. The Library will not be able to buy everything in the future, but it is important that we maintain outstanding collections that build upon current areas of scholarly strength in the faculty.
7. Is there any way to improve book acquisition processes?
8. Buy more new books
9. Also, please buy the books that we request!!
10. You need people who are better aware of the needs in my field and more budget to purchase resources.
11. The library is extremely responsive to my ordinary needs for books and journals, but the library has not responded well to my needs for specialized acquisitions to support research. This has been an issue for many years, and many opportunities for building the collections in my fields have been lost.
12. Other than that, and although it wouldn't affect me personally, the only thing I'd like to see the library do would be to expand unique collections to attract top scholars in a range of disciplines to the university. I'm sure though that this is one goal the library already has.
13. If all 5 copies of a book are checked out it might be nice if you bought some more because demand is obviously extremely high.
14. There need to be more reserve copies of books that are widely needed in core classes. For example, there is [no] reason the library should not have 30 copies of The Wealth of Nations or The Marx-Engels Reader, 10 on 2 hour reserve and 20 in circulation. If there are 5 sections of a SOSC class that need these books, 20 kids per section, why not at least attempt to serve a third of them? Libraries are for borrowing books. Forcing students to purchase books for classes is not nice (and more than a little wasteful). Battling for reserve books stinks, but consistently not being able to do the work for classes because you can't afford the books and the library does not have copies of them or has one copy on two-hour reserve that is perpetually checked out really stinks. I think the library system needs to reexamine how it can better serve not only those doing research but those members of the community who would prefer, or have no choice but to, check their books out of the library.
15. I believe it would be helpful if the library bought multiple copies of popular books, particularly those used in the humanities. I have often been placed 5 or 6 in the recall queue for a book, which hinders my access to needed material.
16. Library has to have more copies of books that are frequently in use.
17. The books I want are often checked out. Consider purchasing replacement copies for used material over unused material.
18. Also, in particular, many of the texts I use for research, especially translations, there may exist one copy in the entire library system, although in general the library is very good about having enough copies available, I find that often times with these translations I am having to wait multiple weeks to get the material. It would be useful if there were more copies, I know it is unreasonable to ask for this, but nevertheless a change in this area would make my library experience essentially perfect.
19. Greater collection of books or e-books (I regularly am unable to check out even basic academic books without waiting several weeks)
20. Also; many a times i was disappointed to see some great works are always unavailable unless untle i go for recalling them.It would be more helpful if you provide such works atleast 2 or 3 copies at hand for regular circulation.
21. Don't have all the journals that I would like to access, but who does.
22. Too few academic journals.
23. The library should subscribe to more academic journals. Subscriptions are expensive and all students can benefit from access to more journals.
24. My biggest issue is that certain journals I am looking for are not available via online subscription OR in print.
25. I wish that hard copies of journals such as PMLA and Shakespeare Quarterly were still available and not moved to storage.
26. More access to journals besides the top tier and also have publications that are older issues.
27. I would like the Law School Library to keep its magazine subscriptions updated. Especially Harper's--it stopped coming last year.
28. I like that there is a DVD collection at the Reg, but I wish there were more movies, especially foreign films.
29. More dance resources please, both DVDs and books.
30. More information on New York ballet from the 1950s-80s!
31. I wish that materials at the Chicago Jazz Archive were available for everyone to use (I think that, as of now, they are not).
32. . . .that the recordings collection's very small archive of old blues and country-blues music be expanded to match its excellent archive of old jazz music; and that the library acquire more VHS tapes and DVDs (they're very popular and half the collection seems to be taken out at any given time).
33. Library's film and video collections are surprisingly bereft of classics, making the process of teaching film more arduous, because students are more comfortable with the Reg than they are with the film studies center.
34. I would appreciate more attention to user purchase requests for important materials. An expanded DVD collection would also be great. In my opinion, these should be higher priorities than the physical environment in the libraries. Mostly I check out materials to use at work and at home.
35. The music library needs some more contemporary music scores.
36. Personally, I'd like to see the TR section expanded, and generally for more image-based material to appear in the collection.
37. Greater collection of books or e-books (I regularly am unable to check out even basic academic books without waiting several weeks).
Humanities, Area Studies
38. Books on Objectivist philosophy are absent from the university collection (though books criticizing the philosophy are available).
39. One major lacuna in library services is in providing access and information about non-English language resources. My research uses with French, German and Scandinavian sources - hardly obscure, but I often found non-English material to be seriously underserviced from the electronic resource perspective (although the Scandinavian printed resources at UofC are amazing.
40. The items are received late (Middle Eastern History).
41. The library is missing some very important cd resources in Jewish studies such as the DBS Torah cd-rom library.
42. The library does not have enough academic journals in my discipline (Italian literature). Many subscriptions appear to have been cancelled.
43. Aside from the law school libary, which is directly related to my studies, I have actually made an effort to look for a library on campus that has a fiction section, the type you'd expect to find at a public library. In my undergraduate experience at another school, there was always a browse section that made new books (fiction or non-fiction) available. If there is one available on campus, I am unaware of its presence and would appreciate it if this type of information were more widely available.
44. More general reading material, like you would find at a public library would be nice as would a convenient way to browse such material.
45. It would be nice if the library had a larger collection of contemporary novels.
Sciences & medicine
46. Relative to the libraries of the other institutions that I have been at (Cornell, U. Washington, UC Berkeley), the extent of the collections in my field (ecology/marine biology; including government gray literature) are not very extensive, which can often be very frustrating.
47. I would like to see more health care quality and safety journals available.
48. It would be extremely helpful if the library renewed its membership to BiomedCentral.
49. The library lacks access (particularly electronic) to all the major plastic surgery journals that I use regularly. These include (but are not limited to) Annals of Plastic Surgery, Journal of Reconstructive Microsurgery, British Journal of Plastic Surgery, etc.
50. I'm a bio major but rarely use library sources for sciences (which I think are lacking) but often use them for my Art History minor, for which I think they are excellent
Business & social sciences
51. I was hoping the library would have recent business books - such as in investing, but it is really outdated.
52. As a GSB student, do not use the library a lot--can get most of the stuff I need electronically through the GSB. However, the times I have used it, I have been disappointed by the lack of resources available for business related study.
53. We need more primary sources for the late 19th and early 20th century America. I am surprised to find that we don't have many journals or bulletins from civic associations (even in Chicago) during this period of time.
54. The library will be even better if it strives to buy more electronic books online and makes them downloadable. Also I hope the library to buy more textbooks for students to borrow and learn by themselves.
55. Need to have more real and relevant (updates) textbooks there. Most of the material related to courses is dated and old. This is very dissatisfying. Although I understand some legal issues in not keeping latest editions of textbooks, there are many other great semi-textbooks that the library can keep and thereby help student learning.
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Collection - pos

1. I am still awed to find almost any book I want is in the Reg. It is still the best library in the country, if not the world (in my humble opinion).
2. In general, I find the University's library services satisfactory, especially with regard to the completeness of coverage in my field.
3. The library materials (electronic journals and books) are incredible and so useful.
4. I like that there is a DVD collection at the Reg,
5. The library resources are very good.
6. In general the Regenstein is the best thing about the University of Chicago, at that is no small compliment. On the whole, the concentration on building and maintaining a library for professional researchers is, to my mind, right and proper and I greatly appreciate the efforts that the Reg makes to put its limited resources into objects that are crucial to the accomplishment of serious scholarly aims and not into cosmetics.
7. Generally pleased with the library resources, but would like to see more Ejournals.
8. I'm very happy with the range of journals subscribed to - I can get almost anything I want without leaving my chair.
9. The resources of the Regenstein are unparalleled.
10. I am continually grateful for the richness of the collections
11. This library has a comprehensive collection.
12. Our collection is one of the most impressive in the country,
13. In terms of the resources in the library and the website, it is pretty good.
14. The library does have an amazing selection of books that I used often last quarter.
15. I was able to find everything I needed for my thesis without having to travel all the way to the campus where I had class
16. Must keep print access to journals.
17. It is a excellent resource library where I can find all that I need.
18. The collection is amazing.
19. In general I am very pleased with the resources at the library. Most things I need I can either find online or through inter-library loan.
20. The Reg has an unmatched collection.
21. Library materials are great.
22. collections are amazing. Thank you!
23. Very happy with the resources.
24. The collection is quite good.
25. The libraries are excellent and there has hardly ever been a time when I didn't find what I needed.
26. Overall the books available from the Regenstein library are excellent.
27. Materials are good, the libraries as study spaces are not so much.
28. the collection of materials is astonishing.
29. Overall, the library enjoys an amazingly large and comprehensive collection of books and it helps me a lot with my study because I can virtually find whatever books that I want here.
30. 90% of all materials I am looking for are available through the UofC
31. Overall, though, the library staff is extremely helpful and the resources are very good.
32. I go to the Regenstein mostly for leisure. I appreciate the availability of so many books, novels or essays, and CDs as well.
33. I am continuously amazed at the collection
34. I think Regenstein is a good library, both in terms of its collections and the usability of those collections.
35. I am very satisfied with both the collection and the services that the Regenstein provides.
36. To end on a positive note, as a student working on Middle East/Zionist history who more often than not expects that they will have to find their resources abroad, I am consistently impressed by the collection retained by the Regenstein in these areas.
37. I feel that this library is a wonderful library and my work in the field of statistical inference could not be carried on without it. Some of the reference materials are available only through libraries and can no longer be obtained any other way.
38. That said, one high praise I would give is the recent acquisition of the Criterion Collection DVD's and the ability to check those out.
39. I'm a surgical resident at the hospital. I feel the physical and virtual collections of the library are one of the greatest assets of this institution. It gives me so much pleasure to pull a 1932 JAMA off the shelf to read the original article
40. I'm very happy with the scientific and medical journals that are available through the library, but would like them to be easier to access from home.
41. The collections are awesome (even if the library hasn't managed to teach any of the patrons not to write in the books - half the philosophy collection is underlined in pencil AND pen),
42. The Scandinavian printed resources at UofC are amazing.
43. South Asia collection is amazing.
44. I'm a bio major but rarely use library sources for sciences (which I think are lacking) but often use them for my Art History minor, for which I think they are excellent.
45. I am always surprised by the breadth and depth of the Japanese language print materials. Numerous trips to Japan have been avoided by the availability or reprint Japanese educational journals from late Meiji-Taisho-early Showa eras.
46. I must say our East Asian collection is rather good.
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