LibQUAL comments 2007+: comparisons to other institutions

Comparisons to other institutions

1. Crerar is a great library and they should not change a thing; it beats H[arvard] M[edical] S[chool] Countway hands down.
2. The high professionalism of the entire staff under the superb leadership of Judith Wright is not equalled at any other school I've ever visited. They do more with fewer resources than any of their peer institutions and remain the benchmark by which every other law library can be judged.
3. I've found staff to be unfailingly responsive and courteous; any problems or requests I've had have been dealt with quickly and efficiently (a considerable difference from my Yale library experience).
4. UOC libraries are good compared to other university libraries I have used in past.
5. Also, in comparison with other libraries I've worked in I very much appreciate open stacks and no off-site storage, so keep that up!
6. Particularly since my undergraduate library was limited in terms of resources and software applications, it would be nice if someone took the time to point out all the nifty things one can do at such a huge library as we have here.
7. I hate those Mac-Gray mini-stripe reader copier payment things. Why should I have to keep a separate account for this kind of thing? Harvard University's Crimson Cash system is much friendlier to use. Or even Kinko's credit card system.
8. Although I have some high expectation from 'a library' based on my experience from my previous school, but for UC library, I do not have such high expectation because the UChicago library, by planning, is not designed to serve all the students.
9. I had to go to UIC in order to find a book I needed for research but I couldn't check it out. I also felt that their staff was much more knowledgable and nice.
10. The lockers are not wide enough to hold either my backpack or larger folio volumes. This makes me angry because first, I am wishing I had a carrel like so many other graduate students at other instituations and then I find that the university cannot even provide me with a locker big enough to hold my backpack and all this in a neighborhood where crime is high and muggings are frequent.
11. at my undergraduate school, there was a service that allowed a student to request certain books from the library shelves, and in a few days pick up all the books from a central location without having to hunt down all the books in the stacks - this service was one that I used frequently and found very useful. perhaps it could be considered here.
12. I was a post-doctoral research associate in Chemistry from Sep 2005 to Nov 2006. Unlike my graduate university (Rochester), which had excellent library services, the services at Crerar were awful. Books were never on stacks, were rarely reshelved, and the permanent staff in the main floor treated me with disrespect and no interest on a consistent basis. Sorry to tell but this is the truth.
13. One thing I'd like to see is the curved tables like they have at the Grinnell library.
14. The Reg is not a very attractive or comfortable place to study, particularly when compared with the libraries of peer institutions. Hence the popularity of the Harold Washington Librarary, Newberry Library, and northside cafes. I use the library's electronic resource quite a lot; print holdings are very good (aside from the refusal, too often, to re-order recent popular titles that go missing); ILL is an excellent service. I just don't like spending a lot of time studying there because of the ugly, corporate office-like interior.
15. Aside from the law school libary, which is directly related to my studies, I have actually made an effort to look for a library on campus that has a fiction section, the type you'd expect to find at a public library. In my undergraduate experience at another school, there was always a browse section that made new books (fiction or non-fiction) available. If there is one available on campus, I am unaware of its presence and would appreciate it if this type of information were more widely available.
16. Relative to the libraries of the other institutions that I have been at (Cornell, U. Washington, UC Berkeley), the extent of the collections in my field (ecology/marine biology; including government gray literature) are not very extensive, which can often be very frustrating.
17. I find that the collections don't always seem to be as good as at my undergrad institution (Cornell).
18. (In 1993 my small, local Jesuit college library was far more advanced, especially in terms of technology, than the Regenstein.) The U of C libraries now need to anticipate the needs of the 21st century and become a leading institutions in every way.
19. So many other similar institutions have quiet areas in their libraries. It is odd that the U of C doesn't, given its position relative to those institutions.)
20. For a school that heralds itself as a being a Great Library System I cannot believe there is not a computer lab or a library open 24 hours a day. Every other prestigious school in the country has libraries and computer labs open 24 hrs per day. If Uchicago wants to belong in this category I suggest they start ammending its rules on how long the library stays open.
21. Really bad at making sure each book is scanned when checking out and losing books after they returned. The worst service in this manner of any library I have ever used.
22. My biggest complaint is that it does not open until 12:00 noon on Sunday. Why is that? I also think that reading rooms and the stacks should be available 24 hours. This would be in keeping with other institutions of UChicago's caliber.
23. I miss one service at Duke University (where I got my Ph.D.) library - getting users (even graduate students) pdf's of any journal article they request through the library website free. Because these requests usually concern articles that are not electronically available, this service is tremendously helpful and saves users lots of time retrieving documents on their own (they have to be in the library, finding the article in the stacks, and go make copies). And for persons like me who live far away from campus, getting to the library physically is not always practical. Adding this service would be most welcome.
24. having used different University libraries, it seems to me there are quite a few journals available online that UofC does not provide access to
25. Most universities with a number of undergrads grant more private spaces to graduate students.
26. The Interlibrary loan is not very good. There should be a possibility to request ILL for items that have been checked out from the Regenstein, and it would be nice if there were an expedited service, similar to the Borrow Direct system of the Ivy League Universities. Sometimes it's important to obtain books or articles very quickly when working on a publication.
27. remote access and delivery of materials, which is inferior at Uof C to what I have experienced at other institutions.
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