LibQUAL+ comments 2007: computing/technology

Computing/technology - neg

1. We need Macs on the Library floors. NSIT really likes the Sun terminals, I know, but they just don't make sense in a research library. There is no call for the ability to stand at a terminal and surf the internet, people are here to write papers and save and print stuff. Check the usage of the Windows terminals against the Sun terminals, I sit and watch the things for hours every day and 1 person uses the Suns for every 8 that use the PCs. Ditch them. We need more (working) computers on every floor, and half (or more) of them should be Macs. While we're on it, computers dedicated to the catalog aren't needed. If there were enough computers to satisfy demand of library users, there would be no need to have specially designated catalog computers.
2. The Reg will certainly need more terminal stations, or need to emphasize that the computers are not for personal use. Alot of students send e-mails, write letters, etc.
3. There have been many times on the 4th floor when I have had to try numerous computers to find one that works. One has been broken for several months.
4. THE ONLY THING YOU MENTIONED ABOUT INFRUSTRUCTURE IS ABOUT COMPUTERS AND ELECTRONIC THINGS, WHICH IS NOT THE MAJOR PROBLEM (except for the number of computers, which always seem to be busy because of the increasing number of people at the Reg too).
5. Please make more fully-functional computers available on all of the floors. Demand exceeds availability during most times of the day.
6. During term sessions it is often difficult to find a terminal on the first floor that is not in use.
7. computers are slow, undependable, and in short supply
8. Improve computer capacity in the stacks.
9. I also think that I would be nicer to add more computers to the first floor reading room,
10. And a few more updated computers would be nice.
11. and cannot always find access to a computer.
12. more comuters in the main lobby of crear.
13. more computer terminals would help.
14. Need more Plugs and computers, also need a larger mac lab
15. And second to this, it seems to me that the library servers and net connections are too slow. Delays in response are too common.
16. john crerar library has a SERIOUS lack of wireless and wire internet connections. There are many areas in the library especially towards the back of the library where wireless connectivity is zero. There aren't enough ethernet jacks either. It is absolutely ridiculous for a student to not be able to connect to the internet in a library.
17. You should have a contest for people to report areas in the library (generally in the Reg) where there is a bad wireless signal and then fix those areas. It's a huge hassel to set up a laptop, get all of your papers out and then find that the wireless has a low/slow signal in your area.
18. some areas don't receive adequate wireless internet connection.
19. wireless connectivity is unreliable.
20. bad bad bad wireless, which also happens about 3 or 4 pm, when there are a lot of users. I seem to lose my address and get dropped like a bad cell call--not cool at all.
21. Bad Wireless Connections
22. The wireless access should be 90-100% at all desks in the library. Walk around with a laptop and put in routers to boost the signal. There are several places in cerar (back 2nd floor) where there is little to no signal.
23. Crerar needs better wireless internet access. My computer either get no signal or a weak signal in the reading room.
24. The only problem that we have not been able to resolve is the difficulty downloading PDF files of journals published by the American Psychological Association, but it turns out that is not a library problem but a problem with the configuration of the IT system at U of C.
25. (In 1993 my small, local Jesuit college library was far more advanced, especially in terms of technology, than the Regenstein.) The U of C libraries now need to anticipate the needs of the 21st century and become a leading institutions in every way.
26. should increase the size of the monitors like the Crerar macintosh monitors.
27. What needs improvement are the facilities. Its remains a tough place to work: lighting, (seats are finally fixed, five years too late), outlets, air quality, noise levels, study areas, food, number of computers, ease of online databases, etc. Small gestures towards improving the experience of working in the library would go a long way.
28. I often also use the pcs for writing on the first floor of the reg. I would prefer it if this was a space where silence was encouraged.
29. the library website/catalog don't seem very accessible to people using hand-held, mobile, or text-based devices. I've tried, and failed, several times to access library resources from my hiptop. (This is also a problem with Chalk, CMore, the Registrar's Office, etc ... so you're not alone!) Anyway, if there's a text-only or mobile-friendly version of the site already available, could you please make that information more prominent? If there isn't - perhaps creating one would be a worthwhile new project ...
30. the only thing that I would wish to have access to is a video lab in which I can turn VHS tapes into DVDs.
31. And I *wish* that the library had adequate facilities to support multi-media viewing needs of its faculty & patrons!!
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Computing/technology - pos

1. The Crerar cluster is as close to an IT best practice as I've seen - more clusters should mimic its resources and environment.
2. CrerarUsite is fantastic
3. The computer lab in the basement of Crerar is great.
4. Mac lab service is a great boon.
5. The macintosh lab is also very helpful for students
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