Survey 2010 comments: D'Angelo Law Library


1. D'Angelo is a fantastic library. If it were to improve in any of the areas where I am less than thrilled, I think it would have to make cuts in other areas; thus, all in all, I'd like it to change nothing.

2. D'Angelo is great, and the staff there is wonderful. I have had several negative experiences in Regenstein and, once again, was frustrated repeatedly by the fact that I could not use reference materials without paying to scan or copy them. Scanning should absolutely be free in a reference library.

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3. The law library is exquisite,

4. I like the open spaces of D'Angelo Law Library - it's a comfortable and friendly environment.

5. If all the libraries were like the D'Angelo they would be far more pleasant work spaces. The table, the chairs and the lighting in this library are substantially superior to every other library on campus (the book stacks and books at the D'Angelo are another issue altogether! They seem far less well cared for than at the other libraries).

6. It is always too hot.

7. It would be nice to have better chairs at Regenstein. I notice the difference when I occasionally study at D'Angelo.

8. Shelving is a problem at D'Angelo.

9. D'Angelo Library has great lighting with all the windows and after dark.

10. D'Angelo could be slightly better lit. It could also be warmer. I also think the internet is slow and unreliable on wireless.

11. Quiet floors in library are not quiet as people often talk and there are lots of distractions with people walking around, listening to music loudly, etc.- would like more isolated study spaces than tables all in one area on each floor

12. There is a serious problem in the D'Angelo Law Library with people whispering or talking in the quiet spaces.

13. If the conference rooms in D'Angelo are to be used for group study, they should be soundproofed. Having wireless printing is awesome, but wireless Internet in the library is often much slower than it is in the Green Lounge or elsewhere in the building.

14. The most important addition would be additional group study spaces.

15. The only places for group study are places where it's noisy for students studying alone nearby. Also, there never seem to be enough computers, and I really like scanning and there should be a way I can email myself PDFs.

16. There isn't enough study space in the law library during the day. At night and on weekends there is plenty but during the day it is often very difficult to find space to work. The wireless is also very difficult sometimes during the day.

17. D'Angelo could use more individual study spaces, not just tables, for people who are easily distracted by others. There is no way to block the view of others like you can in the study spaces in Regenstein or Crerar, for example, which have separators between desks for more privacy.

18. For D'Angelo, we need more spaces for group study. The only real space right now is in the conference rooms, which are often booked, or the Green Lounge, which is supposed to be social space and is often busy and noisy. More private rooms for small group study would make a big difference.

19. Insufficient group study areas in D'Angelo. Which makes the 2nd/3rd floors noisier than they should be. Wireless access also terrible.

20. D'Angelo library really needs more than one copy machine available to students. Now there are constantly undergrads in our library hogging the machine and it gets very frustrating. Can't we have more?

21. Photocopiers in the law school should be able to accept change. Not require cards.

22. There needs to be more than 1 scanner in the D'Angelo Law Library.

23. More scanners for DAngelo

24. Clearer maps/guides for the layout of books in D'Angelo Law Library

25. more outlets

26. --Electrical outlet access in the D'Angelo library is excellent, at least along the window desks, but impossible to find at the tables in the main space. I believe Crerar suffers from similar access problems but I haven't studied there for a while. Regenstein's outlets are acceptable, in that I can usually find an open table with a power supply, but falls short of the D'Angelo's highest standard of two devoted outlets per table.

27. More outlets are needed in the D'Angelo Law Library

28. Most of the study areas on the first floor of the D'Angelo library are not near electrical outlets. They changed wireless access to printers; it was hard to figure out the first time. I don't want to do it again. Lighting at night, when bright enough, is too harsh.

29. D'Angelo could use more electrical outlets at the center tables on the second and fourth floors.

30. Dangelo needs more outlets

31. At D'Angelo, internet access can be a real problem, especially on the second and third floors. It is very frustrating not being able to rely on the wireless connection

32. My wireless always kicks out in D'Angelo library, but that is likely because the lawschool bans internet in classrooms. Also, I think the library closes too early this year (12am instead of 3am).

33. Need to be able to log onto the network wirelessly (including printing functions). Wireless internet in D'Angelo is outrageously unacceptable.

34. -in D'Angelo Law Library study rooms, tables, sofas are fine...light isn't very good, internet-connection often collapses

35. The D'Angelo Law Library has iffy wireless service in some areas (especially 2nd and 3rd floor by the windows).

36. The law library's wireless is spotty during the day depending on what floor you're on. I imagine this is because of too many users but it would be nice to upgrade the capabilities --- at times you're unable to load a page properly.

37. The wireless in D'Angelo (particularly in the lower levels) is very, very shaky.

38. The wireless in D'Angelo is not very good. Also, it is ridiculous that D'Angelo closes at midnight. We're law students -- we need to study much later than that.

39. Wireless in D'Angelo could use drastic improvements to increase speed and efficiency

40. You really, really need to fix the wireless in D'Angelo. It comes and goes and constantly disrupts work, forcing you to re-authenticate... This should be your #1 priority.

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Hours / Access

41. Stay open longer!

42. The only real problem is the hours, everything else is perfect!

43. The D'angelo Law Library closes much too early this year; it is a vast inconvenience, especially since one of the security guards always makes us clear out at least 10 minutes before closing.

44. Very frustrating that Law library kept non-law students out during finals last year. There are very few libraries on that side of campus. I can understand for other spaces, but when libraries are shared, so should study space be shared.

45. We really need a 24 hr library. For a school of this quality, it's just inexcusable that it closes at midnight! More group study rooms would be good, but the main thing is that the hours are terrible. Everything else is great.

46. D'Angelo's Library should be open access to all students, if that is how it is advertised.

47. I realize that D'Angelo is "on the other side of the Midway" and poses certain "security risks"--real or imagined (mostly imagined, I suspect). However, I find it really insulting to have to sign in at a desk to use the library. It's not enough that I show my ID. Undoubtedly, law school students don't need to sign in to use the Reg. I've often needed books from D'Angelo but find the procedure and also the attitude and atmosphere of the library so unwelcoming and demoralizing that I end up foregoing using the book or end up buying it

48. D'Angelo is very specific to their population to get into the building. If the library is for all students, then it should be easy to get in at any time.

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Staff / Instruction / Assistance

49. The staff at the D'Angelo Law Library is great - always kind and very helpful!!!

50. the law library's mandatory presentations for 1Ls are extremely boring so people rarely remember their content. Either make them more entertaining by giving us a real world hot topic to research using the tools/sources they want to demonstrate, or wait until we have our assignment and we can research the assignment during the presentation to demonstrate the library's resources. That way we will remember what the librarians said and taught. The copy machine is too expensive. Copies should cost the same as printing, 5 cents per copy. For some law classes with large enrollments, it would be nice if there are more than two copies of the text book. Instead of purchasing additional copies, the library could just put all of its copies (including the ones currently under regular loan) into reserve for the first few weeks of classes, and then move the regular loan ones back to regular loan

51. For law students, incorporate more of the tutorials and training offered by Westlaw / Lexis Nexis into the presentations. Much of the time that the librarian spends explaining, Westlaw / Lexis Nexis will also explain with an in depth, personalized tutorial.

52. have librarians available at circulation desks during normal business hours (until 6p would be great).

53. Whenever there were internet research presentations at the law school, the internet never seemed to work well enough for me to follow along, the screen projection of the instructor's computer never seemed to be clear enough, and they always seemed to run out of handouts, which makes it hard to get much use out of the presentations

54. No offense, but those mandatory 1L memo research library sessions were awful. Either make the material accessible or let us figure it out on our own.

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55. Random comment: On at least three occassions, I've gone to the law library to check-out a book which was listed as available. They were not on the shelves and, when I reported this, I later received status updates that the books were missing. I've noticed that there is a least one way in which a person can access the law library collections and leave the building without ever having gone through a security gate - at least one that I could see. I did this inadvertently the first time and then, after being frustrated not finding the books I wanted, I intentionally retraced my steps to confirm that you could do it. I suspect books are walking off. Maybe I missed the security system but I looked for them intentionally.

56. I have no idea where the microforms are in the law library even though they would have been useful to me recently.

57. Time limit on law course reserves is too short.

58. Also, I wish there were teacher's editions of the law textbooks available for students. The textbooks often ask open ended questions w/o answers. Those answers are found in the teacher's editions.

59. The Law School DVD collection should include more non-law DVDs.

60. There also seem to be a weird number of legal books kept at the Reg instead of the law library.

61. The only reason I put dissatisfied with the print books is because I wish the law school had more copies of the books they have in the reserve room, and/or they had one copy of each that could be checked out for two hours and a second copy that could be checked out for a whole day and just not renewed for an additional day

62. The inclusion of more best-sellers or popular books in the law library.

63. It would be great if I could check out study aids for a little more than 2hrs...

64. I am not sure whether this is reasonable, but if a book is held by the law school library, I hope I can ask it to be delivered to a closer library.

65. It's nice that dvds can be checked out for two weeks.

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