Survey 2010 comments: Eckhart Library

1. I will be happy with the library system as long as Eckhart remains open.

2. Please do not move Echkart library to another building.

3. Please don't close Eckhart library - it's a great place to work. Also, as a math student I can quickly find exactly what I need there, it saves me a lot of time compared to what i'd have to do to look for books and articles in a larger library elsewhere.

4. Don't close the Eckhart library!!

5. I've heard rumors that the University has thought about, or is planning/thinking about closing the Eckhart library and moving the collection to Crerar (or elsewhere). I think that the Eckhart library is a great resource and in a great location and that it would be a large inconvenience if the collection were moved.

6. Keep Eckhart open.

7. Please don't close Eckhart library. It makes a huge difference having the math library in the math building.

8. In Eckhart Library, the hours are not convenient, especially it closes too early on Saturdays and not even opens on Sundays. Moreover, the study area is too open-space like, so it is easy to get distracted.

9. Longer hours in Eckhart!

10. Many of my reserve books are only at Eckhart. Expanding Eckhart's hours a little bit (especially on weekends) would be helpful.

11. There are quite a few Statistics books that are very popular but Eckhart either doesn't have them or most of the time they are checked out (the latter is more often).

12. I like the organization of Eckhart library--it is conveniently located and has basically all of the useful books I need. Its smaller size makes it easier to browse and also easier to find the material I'm interested in.

13. Maybe you could put more computer in Eckhart?

14. Eckart is cramped, but fine.

15. All need different lighting, I would think

16. More electrical outlets and quietness in Eckhart Library!

17. I just need more electrical outlets in Eckhart!

18. There are a very limited number of electrical outlets in Eckhart Library. I found it very inconvenient to study there. Furthermore, in many cases, I don't think Eckhart Library is a quiet place for studying. The librarians answer theirs phones (personal and business) daily. I have been studying there for almost seven years.

19. Library staff in Eckhart library should be more quiet. It's one big room. They don't tone down their voices, disrupting everybody's studying. (Strangely, this only applies to the 'regular' staff. The student employees are usually quiet.)

20. Sometimes there are noise from the window of Eckhart

21. Eckhart library needs more ventilation. It smells like old books.

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