Survey 2010 comments: interlibrary loan


1. I don't know what I'd do without ILL, but I wish I didn't have to use it as often as I do.

2. I particularly like the ILL service and the system of recalls

3. The ILL staff is amazing!!! They're always incredibly helpful with whatever requests I have, even when I'm not on campus.

4. ILL, book recall and book locating are just awesome

5. The subject specialists and the special collections and ILL staff are the library's major assets -- whatever the library can do for them and their departments will improve my research.

6. Bring in more materials - I have to use ILL a LOT.

7. Thank you for interlibrary loan!

8. The ILL staff has been very helpful to me and have made my research much easier in acquiring materials from other libraries.

9. I-LL is generally good

10. I can't say I'm dissatisfied with the library, because the ILL system is so fantastic with procuring these materials for me;

11. but inter-library loan makes that a relatively moot point.

12. everything that I have needed has either been in the library or has been easily obtained via interlibrary loan

13. And ILL always helps when I need them.

14. They don't need improvement, but I'd like to praise the ILL staff. My dissertation topic (French agriculture) is not well represented in the library's collections, which is understandable given our research strengths, but thanks to ILL I have managed to consult materials from all over the world.

15. Interlibrary Loan is also really helpful.

16. I cannot emphasize enough how helpful and wonderful the Inter Library Loan Staff is. Keep up the great work!

17. I didn't use the interlibrary loan myself, but a coworker did and got the material very timely.

18. I get interlibrary loans and missing/replaced materials very quickly.

19. i'd also like to note that i have had an excellent experience working with interlibrary loan and I very much appreciate all their assistance to patrons.

20. ILL has been awesome in their ability to find items and in the speed they get them!

21. ILL is extremely efficient and impressive service

22. Interlibrary loan is brilliant and fast - especially the electronic resource retrieval.

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23. When I was at Columbia University they had a great thing called Borrow Direct. It was basically ILL on steroids. You could search a database that included catalogs from participating universities in the NE and get books from them in 3 days. I really miss it. It would be great if something like that could be started here...

24. Also, interlibrary loan does not allow loans if the book is on reserve- this does not help me when I would like to take a book home to read it. If UC has all of its books on reserve then it should borrow some from other libraries.

25. How do we support dissertation writers doing research off campus better? While I am traveling to seek out unique manuscripts and rare books, I often don't have access to reference books and monographs in my field, but I am not in Chicago to physically pick up ILL materials if they aren't digitized, as is usually the case. Is there any possibility of expanding ILL privileges to deal with this situation through other institutions in our travels?

26. I've requested a number of items from Interlibrary loan, but haven't received them (it's been a few weeks).

27. One note about ILL: I still have trouble finding the request page--it seems to be buried somewhere and occasionally I'll come across it, but most of the time I have to search, or eventually just give up and work with the sources you have here. I'm sure it's more a function of my new-ness than the page being totally obscured, but it's definitely not linked in an intuitive place and most search functions lead to "how tos" about using ILL.

28. In my experience the FindIt button tends to mean that the source is not easily available and interlibrary loans will be necessary, which are often too time-consuming;

29. Don't know how to use interlibrary loan.

30. Longer interlibrary loans.

31. as would willingness to use inter-library loan to get materials that are checked out indefinitely and, hence, aren't easily recalled.

32. I have never had an extremely clear understanding of how to use ILL to request journal articles.

33. I-LL is generally good, but occasionally slow.

34. Also, improve the inter-library loan system and/or the new purchase process. Everything I've tried to borrow from another library has been too new, non-circulating or otherwise unavailable. If we aren't able to borrow this material then they shouldn't be falsely advertised as available on WorldCat.

35. If there's a way to speed up receiving ILLs of dissertations even, say, from 19th century German collections -- for instance, quickly as a pdf -- that would help immensely.

36. People in interlibrary loan who have a better understanding of our needs and can help us get the material we need in a reasonable amount of time.

37. Interlibrary loan requests often take several weeks to fulfill and communication about the status of the loan is vague and not particularly forthcoming during the waiting period.

38. ILL is *very* slow in comparison to other schools I have worked with.

39. I'm somewhat dissatisfied with interlibrary loan: last quarter, I checked out a dissertation from the U. of Wisconsin; it took a very long time to obtain, and by the time it came in, the quarter was almost over. I wasn't able to read the dissertation over winter break, and had to return it (after renewing it once) as soon as I got back. This was NOT a dissertation that was in high demand! Why couldn't I have renewed it again?

40. I find the process of finding a book on Worldcat and requesting it via ILL to be very clunky and difficult--the FindIt option seems like a giant waste. You can usually see on ILL if it's at U of C so why not a direct link to ILL?

41. for interlibrary loans, it would be great if I could just designate the specific library I want the book from. I use the Chicago Public Library very often, but it could be a pain to get there just to get one book. So if I could just specify it on my ILL form that I want it from Public Library, I assume it would be easier for both me and ILL people.

42. Interlibrary loan is a great resource, but it seems like the website could be updated to make things easier for everyone--for instance, shouldn't there be a book search so that we can point to a book in a database (google books?) instead of having to type in everything we know about it?

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