Survey 2010 Comments: Regenstein


1. The great advantage of the Reg over other university research libraries is that one can browse the shelves. As we go forward, please ensure that we continue to have materials on site and in open shelves.

2. I love the Reg.

3. As someone who is now "writing up" away from Chicago, let me just say that I miss the Regenstein dreadfully. I am ever more grateful for the quality of the U of C library collections, and ever more aware of just how uniquely lucky we are to have it while we do.... I dread the day that I graduate and lose access to that collection. Any chance of creating special "alumni access" to, say, electronic journals at least...? Seriously, it would be immeasurably appreciated. Thanks for all you do!

4. Having lived and worked other places, it is a genuine pleasure to return to Regenstein where I can take for granted that I will be able to find the materials I am searching for, no matter how esoteric. Our library system is what makes this a premier research university.

5. I have been teaching at a well-respected university, and I can't believe the stunning difference between the U of C libraries and that university's resources. It actually crossed my mind that I didn't want to finish my dissertation so I wouldn't have to give up my Regenstein privileges. You do a wonderful job, to the point where, as I mentioned, I've seen dancing angels and hear choral music. I'll be lost and lonely without you!

6. I have found the UChicago libraries, especially the Regenstein, to be among the best academic libraries I have ever worked in.

7. I love the Reg! It's always a pleasure to go there and get material. the staff is great and helpful. the spaces are nice and i always bump into someone i know due to the airy openess of the spaces. on the down side i usually like to check my email in the foyer and most of the time have to wait for a computer to free up.

8. I only use Reg, and I'm very satisfied with what Reg has already provided for the students. Clearly all the staff at Reg are very dedicated to make the library easy to access and helpful to research. Great job!

9. I'm a history Ph.D student so I spend almost all my time in the library. Compared to my previous institutions (Reed College & Oxford University), UChicago has a far superior range of online subscriptions (databases, e-journals, etc.) I hardly ever encounter a database we don't have a subscription for -- and this is exceptional. I also use a lot of print books -- and here too I am very satisfied with the collection -- I hardly ever need to go outside the University for a book. New books seem to show up fairly quickly too. The biggest drawback is the physical space. The Regenstein is just not a great place to spend 40 hours a week -- but I have noticed the construction...

10. Overall I am impressed with the Reg. I always want to access to the stacks; so I hope you do not elimiante this as it is important for research

11. Overall I think that the Regenstein library is a great research library with easy access to most of its resources.

12. Regenstein is an amazing resource for my research.

13. The landscaping that was done last Fall at the 57th St entrance of the Reg is beautiful. I think the most important thing at the library is its human resources. ILL, book recall and book locating are just awesome, as well as the bibliographers who keep the collections up-to-date. The Reg is the best library I have ever worked with.

14. the library staff is, generally speaking, phenomenal, especially the research librarians. They are excellent and have always been able to point me in the right direction at Crerar and the Reg. It is clear the university has invested in the quality of its staff, and this is the most critical aspect of the library in helping my research. Thank you!!!!

15. Space is fine.

16. I am very satisfied with Regenstein, particularly in the past 5 years or so. Everything is so easy to find, the collections are amazing, and the staff is helpful.

17. I love studying in Crerar and Regenstein.

18. I love the Regenstein!

19. Reg is pretty good in almost all aspects.

20. (This applies only to the Reg). I think that the library on the whole does a wonderful job

21. Over all, the Regenstein is fabulous and it is the One part of the U of C to which I would donate money if I finish.

22. I have mainly used the Regenstein and am in general happy with the physical space. I like that there is a combination of study carrel, open tables, and divided tables

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23. In terms of staff and materials, the Reg is doing a good job. In terms of providing work space, it's failing. Most advanced graduate students I've talked to have stated that in the past two years they've stopped working in the Reg because of the distractions and noise.

24. I have the same problem in the Reg, but at least in the Reg I can go into the stacks and achieve some modicum of quiet, even though people seem to love to talk or use their cell phones in there as well. Studying in the normal library spaces is IMPOSSIBLE because of the constant chit-chat and eating, and it shouldn't be my responsibility to ask people to stop having conversations. Since when did it become acceptable library policy or etiquette to eat constantly in the library? Is there any chance either of enforcing the library rules against food more effectively, to create a list of acceptable and unacceptable items (acceptable: water, coffee, tea, things that aren't crunchy or loud or smelly when you eat them, unacceptable: burgers, spicy foods, individually wrapped candy wrappers, foil bags of potato chips that you eat with your mouth open after putting in your headphones), or to create areas in the library that are food-okay and food-forbidden? Same thing with socializing: some trains have "no talking" cars. Can we create a few spaces that are "no talking, quiet study" areas? Seriously, I think it's totally insane that I am unable to study in the library because it's too loud and full of food, and I can't be the only one who has this problem. Aside from that, the overhead lighting is terribly dim. Where I study in the stacks, the lighting is poor and it's SUPER SUPER COLD to the point that I don't even take my coat or hat off anymore. Any chance of fixing that and of installing desk lights or making them available for rental?

25. I wished there were more quiet/silent spaces for individual study that were not in the cubicles where there are people walking around. i.e. At the University of Michigan there were small carrels in the stacks with doors that you could close and not be bothered by any outside noise or distractions.

26. I don't study in the Reg anymore because the behavior of other patrons just got to be too much - eating stinky food, talking, answering phones, etc. I'm not sure if this has improved since Harper has been redone - I hope it has!

27. I don't suppose there's anyway to discourage cell phone users in the Regenstein any more; perhaps signs in the window bays in the study areas reminding callers that those spaces are NOT soundproof?

28. Regenstein: the only spaces for quiet study are between the stacks and the noise of machinery there is terrible.

29. Group study spaces in the Reg have poor sound insulation.

30. I don't reside in Chicago at the moment. However, in the previous three year I spent in Chicago I used the library daily and was rather dissatisfied with two thing: First, the lack of individual study spaces for graduate student (carrels etc.), or at least a quiet space for those involved in research as oppsed to chatting with friends or watching youtube. Second, the flickering neon lights scattered all around the Reg.

31. Contrary to Crerar, the Reg often gets quite noisy, maybe smaller workspaces, or a rearranging of the tables, would make it less of a problem.

32. There needs to be better space for quite study (people talk too much). Strangely, the new space in Harper Memorial Library is quieter than the Reg. How to get people in other libraries to act like that? More electrical outlets and better wireless coverage would help, as would some non-florescent lighting

33. There needs to be more enforcement of quiet in the quiet spaces. Especially the cell phone signs are not prominent enough, but more and more undergraduates don't understand that libraries are quiet places, not places to chat.

34. At the Regenstein, absolute quiet should be more rigorously maintained. It seems louder than last year, or my memory is bad.

35. I like to study in the group study area in the reg (A level), however, people use the area to be especially loud, chatting on skype. Even though it is a group study area, I would like for it to be used for group projects or people studying together rather than a place people go to use the internet to have loud skype conversations.

36. Regenstein: Too much talking is permitted in the study areas. The first floor is fine for talking, but I think all levels above that should be strictly silence. Almost every time I study at Regenstein, someone is talking very loudly on their cell phone. Quietness needs to be enforced better.

37. Despite my complaints, I love the Reg--I quit smoking years ago to be able to work there in a sustained way. Thre needs to be more facilitation of absolutely quiet study, though.

38. Overall, the resources of the Reg are exceptional (you all know this). However, it has become nearly impossible to study there. As a repository of information, it's great. As a place to work, it is full of people on their cell phones, having group conversations, and eating meals, all under the buzz of fluorescent lights. Having a quiet place to study has become the most essential resource to my course of study. My department does not offer space or offices to its graduate students. I depend on the Reg as a space to work.

39. The physical space of the Reg is not good for studying. The lighting is bad, the cubicles are too small and have bad lighting and there is not enough group study space. It is also TOO LOUD. Students are always talking on their cell phones and it is very difficult to find a quiet space to study.

40. The Regenstein library is often noisy and crowded, with very few spaces for either private group work or spaces to study by yourself. The cubicles are often over-crowded/unavailable, and the large study tables have uncomfortable chairs and often have other people (talking/eating/using cell phones/&c).

41. Zero tolerance quiet zones and no food in the library would be huge improvements! Otherwise, the Reg is a huge asset.

42. In Regenstein, there are often people using their cell phones on the quiet floors/stacks - some of whom are clearly not students and seem to be using the space to conduct their own businesses. I find this very disruptive when studying.

43. Regenstein has been the social hub, making it a little hard to read and write while others are chattering away.

44. Undergraduates often take the Reg as a hang-out place, and talk quite a lot.

45. lot of 'quiet spaces' but not enough private spaces. sometimes non-audio 'noise' is an issue on first and second floors

46. More quiet spaces in the main floors, longer evening hours for the stacks. Fewer classes in the space so that people aren't coming in and out of classes in talkative groups.

47. Regenstein needs a dedicated quiet study space. There is nowhere in the library that is consistently quiet. The general noise level is unacceptable.

48. putting group study space for undergrads and computers together on the 1st floor is a bad idea. the undergrads frequently use the permission for quiet group to study to be an excuse to use cell phones

49. The only quiet place to work is in the stacks -- people talk in the reading rooms and answer their phones- including library staff - there should be people to monitor the noise

50. When Harper closed undergraduate students moved their headquarters to Regenstein and after the reopening of Harper they forgot to move back . What used to be quiet places for study and research (Floors 2-5) are now full and loud with partying undergraduates all the time. It became very difficult to find a place for quiet research. Something should be done to encourage them to move back to Harper - maybe to move the Harper collection back to Harper?

51. Spaces are DIRTY (esp. Regenstein), with OFFENSIVE graffiti (esp. Regenstein), and undergraduates are VERY disturbing (talk on the phone, hold long and loud conversations, eat smelly food, etc.) Graduate and serious students need more quiet, clean places to study with comfortable chairs, desks and convenient electrical outlets.

52. The late night study hours in the regenstein were exceptionally noisy and there were no options for quiet study. This was extremely frustrating and wish I would have had access to quiet study at that time.

53. The rules are not followed by any visitors. I never study there because it is annoying to have to sit and listen to people eating and drinking, crackling their wrappers, etc.

54. I have no idea how to change this, but the only reason I don't study at the library is that other students do not treat the quiet study spaces as QUIET study spaces. They chat, take phone calls, etc. That's the sense in which I'm dissatisfied with the Regenstein's quiet study spaces.

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Aesthetics / Environment / Spaces

55. The interior feels like a regional corporate office in the 1970s. Drab surroundings, institutional lighting. It's an embarrassment in comparison to peer institutions. Suggest thorough remodeling (I guess this will be happening in a couple years, in conjunction with the Mansueto addition? Right?), but in the short term put reading lamps on all the tables and warmer lights overhead.

56. Regenstein library needs interior decoration. The apperance of bare concrete wall makes it look like its in a rundown factory

57. The Reg: excellent collections & horrible study space;

58. The Regenstein is unattractive--very dated.

59. The Regenstein library can feel confined, dark, and even dungeon-like in some areas; updating the color scheme or lighting or changing the way the space is organized to make it feel airier and lighter would be an immense help; aesthetics matter a lot in a study space and aesthetically the Reg can be a depressing place to be spending your days studying

60. For Regenstein, aesthetics could be moderately improved without great investment. Less grey, some warmer or more lifelike colors. Repainting maybe, perhaps replacing some furniture. This really is not a small or idle request; it would make a great difference in the experience of spending extended time in the library. Perhaps also an option for table lighting rather than overhead flourescent at least at some workstations.

61. I wish the Regentein library could look a bit "lighter" in its decoration--with less depressing gray carpets, for instance. Also, could the Regenstein library please provide graduate students a slightly decent coffee shop? The A-level coffee shop is so dirty and ugly. The coffee there tastes like garbage, and the microwave ovens there are mostly broken. During the winter break, I even ran into U of C alumna who was amazed by how short the library open-hours were nowadays, and by how shabby the A-level coffee shop looked like. A poor pathetic coffee shop like the one on the A-level would not give visitors any good impression on the university, let alone providing satisfactory service for all the hard-working students in the university.

62. the Regenstein needs more cafe access!

63. Both the Regenstein and Crerar libraries could do with better food & refreshment options - so that continuous study can occur without too much disruption ...

64. I am very happy with the library services that I receive. I do wish there were choices for better meals close to the library, as the choices are mostly fastfood type, unhealthy food, and the Ex Libris cafe is dirty to the point of unhealthy.

65. For the Reg, it would be nice to improve/upgrade the cafeteria so that there are easy ways to eat while studying.

66. Regenstein needs a nicer coffee shop - the exlibris space is not a nice space to relax in between hours of work

67. Please, improve the coffee shop at the A-level of Regentein!!!

68. There should be people walking around selling tea and sweats and the Reg (as they do in India). I think it would really enhance my studying

69. What I would like to see more than any thing else is cafe space in the regenstein that isn't disgusting. There is plenty of space to study in the reg, but there is very little space anywhere on campus that is actually pleasant. I'm hoping that new reading room will correct this. I have no idea whether the cafe space in the reg is managed by people who have anything to do with the library itself. But if it is, can you send an email to the person who manages that cafe and ask them what in the world is wrong with them and why they can't come up with a cleaning list for employees?

70. I do appreciate the access to the cafe and vending machines at the Reg,

71. I wish the Regenstein had longer hours and more access to electrical outlets. I also wish there was one more 24 hour study space (or that one of the libraries stayed open 24 hours-- at least during dead week and finals week). The 24 hour space in the Regenstein is noisy and dimly lit. It is not a productive space.

72. In the reg there is more need for group study places. students should not be allowed to run naked in the library as has become a disgusting and disturbing custom in the university.. there is also more need for electronic outlets and public computers.

73. The Regenstein feels like a bomb shelter. Any improvements in lighting possible would be extremely welcome.

74. The library is perfect, the students are a nightmare. When I don't have a laptop and need to check something online, there's a gaggle of facebook entranced idiots in line ahead of me.

75. In the Regenstein, I appreciate that there are some study spaces on the 4th floor for groups. It would be nice if there were more. I also have a hard time reading at night with the Florescent lights -- they give me a headache. It would be great if there were desk lamps or something to supplement the overhead lighting. I was very dissatisfied with the wifi access last year, but this year it has gotten much better (faster, doesn't kick me off as often). And finally, the more outlets for laptops, the better!

76. In general, the women's restrooms in the Regenstein need to be cleaned more frequently, at least 3x/day. If an increase in cleaning frequency is not possible, perhaps signs could be posted encouraging cleanliness in the restrooms. Also, the A-level of the Reg turns into an all night party rather than an all night study space. I'm not saying students shouldn't be able to talk down there, just that it shouldn't be a free-for-all.

77. Regenstein's cubicles tend to be rather dirty. Some students eat their box lunches and dinner there. I can understand sneaking a candy bar, but hot box lunches? Not only is it messy, but it makes the whole floor smells! I think the librarians need to start enforcing no food rule. The bigger desks are not always positioned near an electric outlet, which makes it difficult to use laptop. If something can be done about it, that'd be great.

78. Regenstein's decor—especially in terms of colors (predominantly grays and beiges)—could be updated to improve lighting and the occasionally oppressive feel of the (necessarily) large, windowless, fluorescently-lit study areas.

79. Again, as a source of materials, it's wonderful. As a place to study, it's awful. "Satisfied" or "dissatisfied" doesn't capture that.

80. Generally, I think the library needs to be made more cozy and less industrial. The most important issues to me are the uncomfortable chairs (we need real couches instead of those awful armchairs) and the dearth of student-access computers. Another very important issue--the automatic sensors on the ladies' room toilets (especially on the first floor) waste water and make using the bathroom a miserable experience. They flush at least 4 times every time I use the bathroom, splashing water everywhere. Please either fix the sensors or entrust the women of the University of Chicago to flush their own toilets.

81. This is a bit embarassing, but many of the toilets in the ladies rooms of the Reg are very unpleasant (first floor bathroom being the worst, as far as I can tell). Some flush 2-3 times during one simple use. If you ever have the chance to, I suggest a return to good old fashion handle flushing toilets.

82. This seems trivial, but I would appreciate more frequent vacuuming of floor space, including the stacks. The library gets lots of traffic--especially Reg--and a clean environment is much more pleasant to work in. Also, the library has improved in painting over graffiti in the stacks--keep up the good work on that one.

83. too much gray in Regenstein...

84. Great library, but it could be a bit prettier and less uniform in the aesthetic of its reading spaces.

85. Searching for journals and books can't always get fit in to a day - especially when books are so often lost. I'd also use it a lot more if it were warmer and quieter. Getting rid of those horrible depressing bushes on the 57th st side of Regenstein was brilliant - they've bothered me for years. The single ugliest thing on campus, at such an important spot.

86. I think you guys are great. I just wish there were a nicer physical space to work in.

87. I work in the Regenstein from 8:30-12 virtually every week day, and find it pleasant and helpful then. Unfortunately, it becomes a social scene in the afternoon and evening and it's virtually impossible to get serious work done there. I realize that's not really the library's fault, but rather that of its patrons, though, and

88. Regenstein's architectural hideousness aside - there is ample work space.

89. I rarely spend any time in the actual library, though. As a grad student, I find the Reg to be a horrible work space, and have opted to work almost entirely from home. The combination of bad lighting and loud undergrads who study in groups have driven me away.

90. The Reg is just an inhospitable place. The brutalist architecture, the lighting, the lack of smaller, quiet group study rooms, etc. Fixing any of these things would be wonderful.

91. The reg isn't a nice space to study in. It is ugly and uncomfortable and not inviting. It makes my head hurt. I am jealous of other universities that have nice study spaces. The addition of lots of new plugs for computers has been helpful, but for the most part, the Reg remains one of my least favorite places to study. It would be nice if come thought and care were put into the general feel of the space.

92. The Reg needs more diverse study spaces: quiet areas, reading tables with lamps, cubicle areas, etc. Brighten up that drab space! It is very unpleasant to work there. (full disclosure: my experience with other libraries which I found to be better in physical layout are the CUNY Graduate Center and Vassar College)

93. The stacks are too dark and scary. I worry that I will go in and never come out and no one will notice! Other women I know are scared of them too. A few overhead lights that stayed on during open hours would be very reassuring. The ones you turn on yourself are hard to find and don't help when entering new territory.

94. The study spaces aren't very attractive

95. the cubicles are grey and outdated...

96. the cubicles are of a soul-sucking drabness. I wished they were painted in a color different than gray, and that there were less angular shapes. The lighting also, while effectively, is aesthetically quite disappointing. Furthermore there is very little natural light in the single study areas. PLEASE RENEW THE CUBICLES! PUT UP SOME WOODEN ONES, WITH SOOTHING CURVING SHAPES! PLEASE RENEW THE LIGHTING, MAKE IT LOOK LESS LIKE A MORGUE! IT IS A TERRIBLE SPACE TO STUDY ALONE AS IT IS, AND I AM SPENDING HERE MOST OF MY LIFE...

97. It has always been frustrating that only certain subjects have specific graduate reading rooms. Other peer institutions, Columbia, for example, offer ample spaces for a much wider selection of subject areas. U of C is constrained by the smaller size of the Reg, of course, but are undergraduates being encouraged to use Harper more?

98. It would be nice to have better chairs at Regenstein. I notice the difference when I occasionally study at D'Angelo.

99. more large chairs/group spaces.

100. More spaces for group study would be better. There should also be some portion of the library that is open 24 hours a day all quarter long.

101. My main complaint is that it is not cleaned often enough (I use the Regenstein). Maybe the problem is that people eat and there is no system set up to clean up after people eating in a library.

102. My main problem seems to be the lack of group study rooms; they're almost always taken.

103. Reg needs a clear place for group study and for quite individual study. The large tables are used for whispering group study, which is a poor middle ground.

104. Not enough markers and erasers in the group study areas

105. Often if I'm looking for a space for group study, my group and I have to personally investigate each potential space. This isn't a huge problem for us, but I think it irritates the people trying to quietly study when 2-7 people are rustling around. If there was a sign-up list for study space on the first floor, we could walk right to our space with minimum disruption to others. On the other hand, Ex Libris usually works pretty well for us.

106. Regenstein study spaces are not really very conducive to getting work done. Maybe they could take a few design tips from Crerar.

107. Regenstein, It's cold inside the building both during winter and summer. Why don't you offer more heating in winter and less air conditioning in summer? please..

108. Regenstein, generally good in terms of phsical spaces.

109. Regenstein, while a wonderful collection, is really a poor space to work. There's little natural light, too few outlets, and pretty dismal desks. Mansueto's construction should help a lot, but I think that floors 2-4 of Regenstein could also be improved with different study carels and individual lights for pooled rather than fluorescent light.

110. The carrels in Regenstein are uncomfortable. It would be nice if they looked a little less stark as well. Also, I'm someone who prefers libraries where the study spaces are more private. I find the large open floors in Regenstein too exposed, even if you are just studying in a carrel. I think the openness of the space makes little sounds magnified.

111. Unfortunately I don't find the Regenstein a very comfortable place to actually study. It's very much a socializing spot for undergrads, plus it's crowded, and I find it hard to find a quiet, comfortable spot to do my work. The temperature is also often off--in the summer the air conditioner is up way too high and it's freezing; the heat is often on too low in the winter and so it's cold then too. I wish there was a nice, quiet reading room with comfortable chairs and individual lamps. As it is, I do my best to avoid studying at the Reg.

112. There are no places to for short rest, chairs by windows are not useful for it. there is no room for prayer in the library. 2. There places in campus for this purpose but you need to go out of the building. 3. Divided study cubicles or whatever they are called are old and not much useful. They should be equipped with electricity and accessories, like a small shelf, light etc.

113. Regenstein is very depressing, which I hope will change with the remodel.

114. The empty rooms in Regenstein should be made available to individuals and groups for studying and working on projects. When I tried to reserve one, I was told they were only for professors, though I have seen students using them. There should be individual study rooms made available as well at Regenstein.

115. RegensteinLibrary has really bad air quality. Can't stay more than several hours.

116. The group study rooms do not diminish noise at all, and so groups are very distracting to everyone in the immediate area. Also, it would be nice to have a more obvious system for reserving group study rooms.

117. The A level study areas in the Reg are a zoo. There never seem to be enough chairs, and group study tables are often occupied by only one or two people (this becomes frustrating when a larger group is trying to find a space to meet).

118. The dimmer and mustier the area, the more I feel I'm in an atmosphere of study. The newer and more sanitary the study area, the less it puts me in the mood for hitting the books.

119. Reg is too cold on the 4th and 5th floors

120. Sometimes the Regenstein Library can be extremely cold. I don't like libraries to be warm, but it's frustrating to have to put my down coat on inside. There can also be problems with noise--usually patrons answering their cell phones and/or having loud conversations in the reading rooms, but sometimes even library staff. I wish there was more effort/signs to discourage this.

121. Also, I often need to watch dvds at the library. There is no comfortable place where to do it. The Art reading room is especially bad. They cannot even provide you with headphones.

122. Regenstein: more computer terminals; better lighting in the bookstacks; more spaces for group study.

123. temperature too low (Regenstein)

124. The air conditioning during the summer is extreme almost vulgar.

125. The atmosphere of the Reg is sleepy and depressing. Adjusting the temperature so that it is not too hot would help, and getting more air circulation would as well. The lighting is just fine for being able to see, but the quality of the light is harsh and awful. It makes everyone look gray and just feels depressing.

126. The main reason I stopped doing most of my studying and reading at the Regenstein was because I was continually catching strep throat, colds, and flus in there. I don't know if it was the ventilation systems or inadequate disinfection of tables, chairs, and keyboards, but I was sick a lot. No longer, now that I avoid reading in there. I would recommend more frequent cleaning and disinfection of commonly-touched surfaces in the library. Hire more cleaning staff. Sophia is great, but she can't keep up with the germs alone.

127. I've tried to study at Regenstein. I find the space very pleasant except for the fact that I always get a headache when I have stayed for a few hours. At first I didn't believe it was the library making me sick but after it happened repeatedly, weekend after weekend, I was convinced. I feel the air is very dry. Could that be the case? Maybe people and books require different humidities and it would be wiser to separate the two in space?

128. The reg could use a lot more seminar rooms. They are always packed during exam times.

129. The Reg has all the materials I need, but I don't like it. I don't like the space. It is dingy and the computers are crappy - especially the keyboards.

130. I used to study in the Reg, but had to search for other spaces recently. The reason is that there is virtually nothing like "Space for quiet study" there. All floors are used for group study. I also regularly see people having dinner in the library - officers at the entrance doing nothing to prevent people entering with food. It is also not a great idea to have the not-sound-proof meeting rooms in the middle of study floors: each time the door is opened, everyone on the floor can hear, what's going on inside. The lockers and library computers don't help either: if one sits near the lockers, he most probably will be distracted every 5 minutes. As a result, Library turned out to be the worst place for study during the finals week last quarter, which is not helpful. I think, there is desperate need for some real quiet-study spaces.

131. I usually study up on the 5th floor of the Reg, occasionally on the 4th. Even though there is a choice between open work spaces and carrels (and even some reading chairs) it's just not a very friendly place to study. I don't mind popping in for an hour or so between classes, but for a longer stretch of research, I just check out a bunch of books (that I may not even end up needing) and take them home, which can be really inconvenient since I don't live in Hyde Park. I'd rather do more of my active researching at the Reg, but... maybe the fluorescent lights are too institutional, or there's too much metal, or something.

132. I wish the maclab wasn't such a musty dungeon. I prefer using macs to Dell but strongly dislike the maclab.

133. I frequently find that the temperature is too cold in the Regenstein, and I often leave because of it, even if I have not completed my work.

134. I find the Reg to have an oppressive atmosphere. The overabundance of overhead lighting (practically no lamps) and the lack of comfortable reading spaces make me avoid this place. If I do go, I do so to get some writing done in one of the cubicles. Why not convert some of the space into more comfortable reading areas (couches, different types of seating)? Or at least install warm lighting in individual lamps on the tables. Lighting is the biggest factor in atmosphere!

135. The Reg is just way too stark. I feel like I'm working in a bomb shelter, but I understand there's not much that can be done. The seminar rooms are helpful, and I tend to study in them. (When that one guy on the fourth floor isn't using the room to make phone calls about his ebay business.)

136. The Regenstein 5th floor is always too cold - the temperature should be raised.

137. The Regenstein should invest in ergonomic carrels and tables. The chairs recently purchased are too low to the desk space to allow for comfortable or ergonomically correct computer work.

138. The Regenstein, though built in the seventies, need not look like it on the inside. The university should desperately invest in, at least, indirect lighting sources that can replace the glare of the florescent lights, and remodel some floor layouts to give more options for study spaces--small lounge areas, reading rooms, large reading rooms, individual study rooms, etc.

139. The Regenstein's study spaces definitely struggle to hold the number of interested students during peak hours and periods of the quarter. The University has a real need for more study space. I've begun studying in the stacks more often to find a quieter place to study. Hopefully the new Wing will alleviate some of the pressure.

140. The study spaces that are scattered throughout the stacks in the Reg are a nice idea, but very depressing in reality, with bad lighting and a suffocating feeling. Also, the study spaces near the lockers on the second (or is it 3rd?) floor of the Reg are also depressing and suffocating to me. I like the desks that are divided into 4 sections. I really think the Reg needs more computers - sometimes at peak hours I cant find a single computer to use, and that can be frustrating.

141. There needs to be a space on campus, in any of the libraries, that is for graduate students only. This is especially evident during midterms and finals, when undergraduates use the libraries more often. They come in groups, talk and whisper, answer their phones, and eat full meals at their desks. It's impossible to concentrate at these times. Moreover, given that most graduate students don't have office space on campus, most of us use the libraries to work. It would be great to have a library space that is quiet and grad-student only.

142. Reg lighting is okay, but finding quiet study space during the school year can be tough.

143. There are frequently people who leave stacks of books and their belongings (desk lamps, sandals, notes, etc) in carrels on the 5th floor of Regenstein (East Asian section). I study in there often and find it unfair that people "reserve" these carrels by leaving their things there for week, even months at a time. Can they be urged to not leave such things behind by library staff?

144. The libraries on campus need more private study rooms and students should be allowed to reserve rooms in advance.

145. No places to tuck yourself away and get work done. I always study from home or in my department rather than at the Reg.

146. There are not many places to meet for group study in Regenstein, and the lighting in the bookstacks is really dim.

147. There is very little space to study alone at Regenstein. Most tables are all grouped together by a million people. The few coves that have study space are always taken since there are so few of them.

148. there needs to be more quiet spaces for individual study. there is a lot of talking that goes on and this can be very distracting. also, in the winter months the library is often poorly heated (seating next to the windows for example becomes intolerable).

149. When the new wing is complete, I really wish some space would be allotted for small 5' X 8' private rooms that students can apply for quarterly access keys to. This way, grad students who commute down can have a place to study as they spend the day down in Hyde Park. My undergrad institution had this and it was huge for me as far as studying goes.

150. I think it would be nice to have more non-carrel study space on the upper floors of the Regenstein. I study on the 5th floor, and the comfortable chairs next to the windows are nice, but often full. It would be nice to have a few clusters of similar chairs in other spaces on the floor.

151. I use the Regenstein library almost daily -- because of its physical space problems, I primarily use it as a place to retrieve books and leave. I would like to see better, quieter study spaces -- especially designated carols for graduate students like at other major universities. Also, there is sometimes problems with books not being on shelves.

152. Spend a little more on tables and chairs in the Reg!

153. I would like to see more beautiful spaces -- Regenstein can be quite stark. There are no areas with nice looking chairs and soft lighting.

154. Decoration in Regenstein needs some fixing up (walls mainly). Looks a little run down in parts.

155. Is there any alternative to those ugly metal cubicle seating areas? Aesthetically displeasing.

156. I am also a bit frustrated by the lack of group study areas in both Crerar and Regenstein.

157. I used to study and write frequently at the Regenstein, however, these days I almost never do. All too often the lighting is poor and people are loud, eating smelly food, or being distracting in carrels areas

158. I spend most of my time in the Reg, which is uncomfortable from nearly every angle. We need better lighting, more outlets, and longer hours.

159. I love studying in the stacks, but it's freezing (5th floor).

160. PhD students should receive private study carrels with power outlets, bookshelves, and a desktop that locks. There should be an entire floor for PhD study carrels. The could be rented for a nominal fee.

161. Again, dedicated, locking study space. The library lockers are not really that useful for the kind of intensive, independent study that advanced graduate students in the humanities do, given the theft issues in the library.

162. Again, I think most important would be to create a variety of aesthetically pleasing reading spaces within the library, rather than having the homogeneous style of cubic chairs and lighting.

163. I can't stand cubicles - which the Reg has many many more of. But that's clearly a personal preference only.

164. Sometimes the Reg elevators are really shakey, which can be a bit frighening. Other users have commented on this as well.

165. Modernize the elevators!

166. Regenstein- power outlet situation is much better, but there seems to be even less group study space.

167. It would be hugely appreciated if, within the Regenstein library, a greater effort was made to ensure that the library stayed food free (desk surfaces often have food on them), and that a greater degree of quiet was observed on the upper floors.

168. Would like more clear signage on areas in the Regenstein

169. During peak hours, it's very difficult to find individual study spaces in the Reg which are quiet and well-lit. Difficult to find free computer terminals and printers to quickly check email and print course documents.

170. I work on my dissertation in the Regenstein every day. I think the lighting over desks is inadequate. I usually compensate with natural sunlight by trying to sit near a window. I have even considered bringing my own desk lamp in and keeping it in my locker for daily use. Please consider lamps for all the desks. Also, I am very dissatisfied with the new printing system. Please have technicians to fix all the glitches that are apparently still in it. I get anxiety now every time I have to print something! Finally, people in the Reg need to be told that it is a library and NOT a social hangout. Far too many people openly talk on cell phones in work spaces and/or with their friends. This type of thing has disrupted my workday on more than one occasion. Perhaps we should have separate floors designated for undergrads and graduate students.

171. The Reg offers good spaces for quiet group work but it would be nicer to have more spaces where quiet discussion could occur. Could one floor could be available for quiet, not silent, study during the daytime hours? The availability of good computers is dismal. It would be nice if the libraries (Reg and Harper specifically) offered good machines and not monitors hooked up to servers. The Sundisk systems are pathetic and no professor would expect to be given that computer for their research, why are the students? If the University wants to maintain a policy that students do not need to own a personal computer they should supply an adequate number of quality machines for use in non-departmental spaces. The removal of the printing machine that allowed you to add balances from your credit card is also dismal. Who carries cash regularly? I have to pay an ATM fee to get cash to add to my printing account so that I can scan an item, make a photocopy or print- that's frustrating. This prevents me from using the library as often as my department offers free printing so it can be better for me to stay in their building rather than working in the library.

172. Comments about Regenstein: Most important: The group study rooms are not well ventilated and smell almost moldy. It gives a headache if you have to study there in a group all day. Second most important: In the summer, it's too cold in the library. The number of electrical outlets is good under most tables in the open study spaces, but there are some tables that don't have any. Also, in the study rooms on the 4th floor, some didn't work. Lighting is a bit harsh.

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Printing / Scanning / etc.

173. I hate the new printing system at the Reg.

174. Scanning should be free of charge. Present Canon Scanners are clumsy and difficult to use. They do not have good scanning quality. I mean Regenstein Library.

175. It would be nice to deep-clean the table tops of the desks located in the bookstacks - some smell like old decks of cards... Also, I emoan the fact that scanners are not available for free use anymore in the Regenstein Library. This is really a hindrance on my research, since I rely on portable document formats and images - at 2 cents a sheet, it gets heavy on the wallet. Plus the new integrated printer-scanner interface is tedious and not user friendly. Also complicates some T.A. scanning duties. Please bring back those wonderful free book-friendly scanners for graduate use! A letdown from the Regenstein, which otherwise provide the doctoral students with wonderful support and service -- as well as incredible collections.

176. Need much improvement in Printing and Scanning equipments. Too many troubles in anywhere.

177. My only suggestion concerns the Regenstein library. In my opinion there are not enough computers and printers available. I also think that the new system for photocopying and printing is very bad. Everytime I go there it takes me half an hour to print anything. Usually, according to the Canon assistant, the reason is that some computers are not yet connected to the system. I suggest that either you put all the computers in the system or you write put a sign on the ones which does not allow you to print. Also, (but this is the problem for the entire campus) the library does not offer any decent place where to have a coffee or a meal: the place in the basement is the saddest place I can think of. It is dark, gloomy, uncomfortable, the music the kids from the coffee shop play is horrible and too loud. If I am working at the library, I would like to take a break in a place that is a little more cheerful, especially in the winter.

178. Regarding Regenstein: I would use the computers and printing equipment if the university had a print quota for students. It is cost prohibitive to use the university's equipment. As a graduate student with almost no assets of note this is a true impediment in being able to make full use of the university. Further, the lack of late hours (I work in the evenings best) pushes me off campus to work, it serves to limit the usefulness of the library. Coming from a university with a 24-hr library, Regenstein is an acquired taste that lacks a lot of the flavors (multiple copies of books that I need, 24 hr, free print quota) that make a library experience easy, simple and cost effective.

179. need more computers or a more extensive computer lab and while the new printing system is better than last year it is still unnecessarily complicated you should be able to buy printing credits electronically (like on your library or student account) and just send the document to the printer

180. New scanners are great, when they work and when I can get on them, which isn't always the case. Many of their functions are frustrating, including inability to crop image before capture/upload, and tendency to timeout during higher volume jobs.

181. The Regenstein needs to get decent flatbed scanners. I know the photocopy machines are supposed to do scanning, but when scanning an entire book, they don't work. I often check out books at the Reg and then go to Crear to do scanning. The two scanners in the Reg Basement lab are slow, when they work. Perhaps get some overhead book scanners?

182. Printing in the MAC lab should be reinstituted as well as free scanning.

183. printing is often slow and crowded

184. Also, how about some Mac’s at the Reg, many of us prefer Mac’s to P.C’s. AND MORE PRINTERS. The new system seems to be creating a lot of frustration that did not seem to exist with the old system, or at least I did not notice the frustration. I don't remember lines of people waiting for their work to be printed. There seems to be a lot of anger at the first floor printers at the Reg. At a minimum fix the equipment immediately in high traffic areas. One of the printers on the first floor has been down for weeks. Not acceptable. Also, how about some MAC's at the Reg. AND MORE PRINTERS. The new system seems to be creating a lot of frustrastion that did not notice with the old system. I don't remember lines of people waiting for their work to be printed. At a miniumn

185. Printing, copying and Scanning is much too expensive. I ended up buying my own Laser Printer, and in 3 months it has paid for itself vs library rates. Library closes too early one weekends... Electrical outlets can be a pain to find

186. Regenstein: New printing system is horrible. It is slow. there are not enough stations. If I print in the library, it's usually something urgent, and the lines are always very long. It doesn't allocate print jobs to the next available printer, so selection of the print station is always a gamble. Scanning is very inconvenient. Since it is not hooked up to a computer, you cannot scan documents and email them to yourself or save to your account. Sometimes I forget a flash stick, and can't scan.

187. Dissatisfied with number of scanners available at Regenstein

188. The new printing/copying services instituted this year are terrible. "Tapping" my card works maybe 5% of the time; 'swiping' it NEVER works, even though I've talked to the associate many times--I finally gave up and try to use printing copying services elsewhere; also, putting money on my card must be done in $20 increments, and this only works half the time anyway; $20 needless to say, for a grad student is a lot; and time is of the essence and trying to make simple copies has eaten much of my time up.

189. The copier are horrible!!! Please replace them all. Get scanning facilities. I often check out books to carry to the Oriental Institute library in order to use their copier and scanners!! The old system worked just fine and this new system is absolutely useless.

190. (at Regenstein) printing and copying are incredibly overpriced. They give me a greater incentive to simply check out the resource and scan it at home, or rather to use the scanner at the library instead of the copiers. Other libraries have much more economical photocopying options.

191. the printing and scanning are over priced and ridiculous. this is our library - please dont suck the remainder of our student loans into overpriced printing. i do not ever copy at the library anymore, you would make so much more money and actually help the productivity and study of students if printing was reasonably priced at 1 or 2 cents per page (despite being a student at the Div school I know that is still a profit). please stop scaming the students -paper and innk do not cost 10 cents a page.

192. The printing system at the Reg is a nightmare, and it seems only to have gotten worse with the new system. One person printing a long document can gum up the works for ages, and, so far as I've been able to tell, you don't know where you are in the queue until you've already paid up for a particular printer. I've ended up double-paying because I didn't have time to wait for the person in front of me to print his/her 100-page document (not exaggerating; I think s/he was printing multiple dissertation chapters). Could there perhaps be a printer designated for, say, documents of five pages or less? Or, at the very least, some indication on each machine of how many pages it currently has in its queue?

193. there are no reading rooms where large numbers of people gather to study quietly. the printing system in regenstein is a disgrace, especially now that there is no free printing in the mac lab. i've never gotten it to print properly, and even if i had, it would be too expensive - it shouldn't be *that* much more expensive for me to use an industrial capacity printer at the library than to print stuff out at home.

194. The scanning/printing policy change implemented this academic year has adversely impacted my academic activities. It is difficult to print given the high volume of users for a small number of printers. Furthermore, now that most of the scanners have been removed and we are asked to pay to scan, it is a huge inconvenience to simply select and electronically save book chapters for my research.

195. There need to be more printers in the first floor of the Regenstein. Often there are long lines of people. I know there are printers in other parts of the library, but those printers are closest to all the computers and everyone uses them. Why not have more than two printers there

196. I think more printing should be available in the regenstein library.

197. Regenstein needs more computer terminals on the first floor.

198. There don't seem to be adequate scanning facilities. The few times I've tried to scan from the printers located in the stacks by connecting my external hard drive to the machine, I've gotten messages saying the scanner is not available. This is something I should take up with the Canon rep, but when I'm in the middle of scanning and trying to stay on time it is really a big inconvenience and time-consuming to have to relocate myself and take everything with me back down to the ground floor to the front desk for help up at one of the printing stations. Also, b/c my copying and scanning is from old Polish magazines that measure ~8"x14" or so (they are oversized), and because this is a long-term project involving a lot of scanning and printing of the material in order to return it on time to the lending libraries, I've found it somewhat inefficient for the purposes of my own time management to find that some of the printers hold LTRR paper and some don't, holding only legal size or oversize paper. This seems trivial I guess but b/c I spend so much itme with this project, the unpredictability here does result in lost time and stress.

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Electrical Outlets / Technology

199. Electrical outlet access at the Regenstein has really improved over the last few years. Thanks!

200. In some of the study spaces located in the stacks, it is difficult to get a good wireless signal. Also, as many if not all students tend to get food/beverages at ex-libris (especially during finals period), I would like to see better and more variety of food and drink options. Also, ex-libris should take credit cards and not be cash-only, as there is no ATM in the Reg.

201. In the Regenstein, there appears to only be about 10 computers on the A level that have SPSS, Matlab, etc. on them. This makes getting access to these computers very difficult because of the large number of students who need to use these programs for school work/research. It would be good if more computers could have these programs added to them.

202. It can be very difficult to get access to a computer in the Regenstein Library, especially during daytime hours on weekdays.

203. And, not enough computers in the Reg. library to accomodate the growing student body.

204. The access to outlets is terrible! I can almost never find one available at the desk I happen to be working at. It would be also nice to have the library open 24 hours, with the ability to check materials out.

205. but it really, really needs to modernize, physically with better outlets, stacks, and technology.

206. In Regenstein Library, there aren't enough study spaces with outlets close by.

207. It would be nice to have more computers available--the ones on the first floor are usually already being used when I need one.

208. There should also be more outlets attached to the carrel-type desks in Regenstein.

209. more electrical outlets

210. More outlets and more reliable wireless access would be great. I often have to wander around the floor to find a place with both wireless and outlets. (I usually work in the Stacks, rather than the Reading Rooms.)

211. More electrical outlets. Table use is tied to outlet availability. A table with 4 chairs and 1 outlet will get 1 user. A table with 4 chairs and 2 outlets will get 2-4 users.

212. More electrical sockets for computers would be helpful, ideally not on the floor where one has to crawl under a table to find it!

213. Librarys need scanners and more printers. Also, it is sometimes very difficult to find tables with outlets at Regenstein library.

214. More electrical outlets at the Reg

215. It would be really useful to have some public-access computers where you don't have to sign in, for quickly looking up things relevant to library use (Chalk, Wikipedia, a book title you have in an email message). Maybe make them internet-only or something so people don't use them for working on documents. It's frustrating to have to wait for the system to log in, or go downstairs (at the Reg) to find a computer that I need for two minutes. (Apart from the first floor, in the Reg the only sign-in computers generally available at peak times are the Sun ones, and these are painfully slow. I will go downstairs just to avoid waiting for them.)

216. More and better electrical outlet access in the Reg and more comfortable seating for reading.

217. more coatracks, more computers in Regenstein

218. A few more AC outlets on the floor of the Reg. As things stand now, there are preferred tables on the first floor due to their proximity to AC outlets on the floor near them, and tables avoided because of no nearby AC access. The new Harper Space has "in-table" outlets. That might be nice someday in the Reg. But this is primarily an issue only on the first floor. All the cubes, and mini-cubes are of course powered and that's quite nice.

219. I like the mac lab in the Reg.

220. More computers would be helpful for those who don't want to bring their computers on campus. It is often difficult to find a computer in the afternoons.

221. More outlets for computers is much needed. I always spend about 5 minutes during each visit searching for an outlet to use.

222. More outlets, maybe at least 2 printing locations (not printers) per floor

223. Most of the time, at the Reg, all the computers that have access to more than the library catalog are taken up for long periods of time. It would be easier on me, often, if the library catalog computers also

224. Number of computers and electrical outlets near the seating areas could be increased. Also, the card-recharge machine near the printer-scanners should ideally accept credit/debit card too because it's not always possible to carry cash (or an ATM machine near the Ex-Libris cafe would be an equally good option).

225. Regenstein needs more electrical outlets.

226. Regenstein has several tables and cubicals with no access to electrical outlets. Also, I'm ususally freezing in Regenstein!

227. Regenstein needs more outlets.

228. Regenstein: need better wireless access throughout building; lights are sometimes out; need outlet access at every study station

229. Power outlets. That 1st floor of crerar is great in terms of light and tables (if chilly), but it's pretty hard to get a seat with a power outlet. Similar problems in Reg,

230. There are few outlets in most of the central floorspace of the Regenstein reading rooms, which can be a problem, as the outlet-rich areas get quickly crowded and the rest lies fallow. I have recently started studying in Harper due to this issue. Also, missing books are problem.

231. The Regenstein definitely needs more electrical outlets around study desks. Everybody uses laptops now, and everybody needs to use them longer than the 2 hours or so that a battery provides.

232. Regenstein's outlets are acceptable, in that I can usually find an open table with a power supply, but falls short of the D'Angelo's highest standard of two devoted outlets per table.

233. Sometimes it is hard to find a computer to print documents or work on a manuscript. But most times I do find one.

234. We need more electrical outlets. There are not enough computers

235. The 4th floor reading rooms have very few electric outlets, and often the ones that are there don't work. My colleagues and I have reported that they are broken multiple times, but nothing has been done to fix them. Also, many of the outlets are inconveniently located far from tables.

236. The computers in the basement run GIS incredibly slow.

237. The computers outside of the computer lab are rarely available when I go to the library. It would be most helpful to have more computers or offer rentable laptops for students to alleviate this problem.

238. The lack of cell phone reception in parts of Regenstein is both a blessing and a curse. I'm not sure whether to say it should be rectified or maintained, but you ought to know it's there.

239. Sometimes there is a computer shortage in the Reg. There are not enough outlets around the study carrels. The new printing system seems

240. There should be machines to put money on our ids for printing, etc. on every level and not just on the first floor. Spaces for quiet study are few and far between.

241. a little complicated and is still far from fail-proof.. in turn the company is charging a lot...

242. Would be nice to have more power outlets by the tables (on the fourth floor, in particular).

243. The physical space could be improved, I believe. Access to electrical outlets, the ability to print and hours of the library in between quarters are the three issues you queried about that seem most problematic.

244. Would like a few more group spaces--for about 5-6 people. Need more electrical outlets under tables. Wireless access has been very slow and spotty, but I know you have done something new this quarter--I haven't been there this quarter so I don't know if it worked or not. Could use a few more computers on upper floors. New system: copiers don't sense cards well when you "tap" them. Sometimes I have to rub my card on the tap spot for several minutes. Frustrating!

245. Would really appreciate more computer access in Reg. Also would like free scanners, or at least less expensive scanners.

246. Wireless access in the Regenstein is spotty at best. Connection often drops completely.

247. Wireless Internet access should be improved for private study tables in the Regenstein Stacks, if possible.

248. Wirless does not appear to reach the stacks at Regenstein. While it may be nice to escape from the reach of the internet, it make it very hard to do some research there. In the main library, where there is wireless, there are almost no electrical outlets, which places a time limit on the amount of work someone with a laptop can do, which is most unwelcome. With no internet in the stacks and no power in the main library, I have begun avoiding the Reg for studying altogether.

249. The wireless connectivity in the Regenstein library is very weak.

250. I find the wireless signal in the Reg. is sometimes a bit touchy.

251. re: Regenstein: 24 hours access would be highly appreciated. I understand the library staff should be allowed to have fun or rest, but extended hours on weekend nights could be a middle ground of sorts. In some areas, wifi network gets too crowded and slows down. You should encourage mobile work stations (I would definitely check out the the first class cabins on the new A330 Airbus for inspiration -- they would be nap-inclusive too). But what's the deal with paying for scanning? I might as well print then, and I thought the point should be to encourage less use of paper...

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252. Stay open longer!

253. Can you please extend the library hours again? I think it's criminal that Crerar and the Reg close so early, especially since the folks who are most likely to use Crerar late at night are folks from the hospital or scientists and not a bunch of undergrads.

254. The library should be opened earlier, especially on Sundays.

255. Would appreciate longer opening hours during recess times, especially in summer

256. It is inconvenient for me that the Regenstein is not open on Sunday mornings. I would use it regularly at that time. It seems to me that the problem has improved in recent years, but it is frustrating to find that books are not on the shelf when they are listed as available. Is it possible that some of the faculty study spaces in the Reg contain books that are not checked out?

257. My only (very small) complaint is that I find the limited hours on Friday and Saturday evenings unnecessarily restrictive, and, if the policy accords with any of the hypothetical explanations I've heard for it, more than a bit ham-fisted.

258. Please consider having Sunday morning hours, or at least a place for quiet study from 8AM-noon. Also, please do a better job instructing College students on library etiquette. Cell phones, conversations, etc. are a constant problem.

259. To my personal opinion, the Regenstein library could open earlier than 8 a.m. while I hardly make any use of it after 10 p.m.

260. Please have all-night study available seven days a week.

261. I know I'm probably in the minority here, but it bugs me that the Regenstein opens at 8 a.m. Opening at 7 a.m. would be great!

262. For Regenstein, weekend hours are not very convenient for me. also there are simply not enough places to sit down.

263. Regenstein: earlier regular opening hours (6a), comfy chairs in all-night study space

264. The physical spaces in Regenstein are very nice. I wish that the library opened earlier, however -- perhaps at 7am instead of 8am. I wouldn't mind closing Regenstein earlier in the evening if we could have it open a hour earlier in the morning.

265. The Regenstein needs to have extended hours on the weekends and early mornings. Opening at 8:30 is too late for many students who get up and want to get straight to work without going to the dreary overnight study space.

266. The building hours are OK on weekdays during quarters but much too short on Fridays, especially on breaks. It would also be great if circulation would start slightly earlier (8:00 or 8:15) - I like to head there before I go to my office. As for maintenance/circulation, it takes too long before returned books become available. It also occurs quite frequently that a book is not on shelf. Asking for it to be searched rarely leads to results. Often I didn't get a notification after the search regarding its results (which were almost always negative), and there is an annoying bottleneck in terms of recalling other copies/submitting an interloan library request when the book is missing.

267. I'd like longer hours during weekends for Regenstein.

268. while building hours during the quarters are satisfactory, interim hours are outrageous - if the Reg is a 'research library', it should meet the needs of graduate students, not just the college.

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269. It would be good to have more lighting in reading areas. The Reg should also remain open later on Friday and Saturday nights. There are not enough computers for the amount of users; competition has been really tight lately.

270. It would be great if there were desk lamps in the Regenstein Library. Also, the elevators in Regenstein shudder and shake. It's pretty terrifying, actually.

271. It would be great that the light at the Regenstein Library gets brighter.

272. It would be great to have a few areas in the library with softer lighting, i.e. shaded desk lamps. The harshness of the overhead fluorescence really shortens the amount of time I'm able to stay.

273. Less flourescent lighting pls!!

274. Lighting in the Reg, in the film studies collections, is often only one light/ shelving unit, making it nearly impossible to see the texts I am looking for. If students can turn the lights on manually, I am unaware, as there is no sign instructing this.

275. Lighting in the stacks is poor and tiring. Perhaps if there was more space for group work in specific levels, there would be less disturbances on other floors.

276. Lighting is so dark in regenstein library.

277. Lighting system is so dark that studying is somewhat harmful for our eyes. Also, I would like you to expand studying space for grad students.

278. Lightning is poor at regenstein and group study rooms are usually unavailable. Also it is hard to find a computer to use as they are usualy being used.

279. More local, close-up lighting (as opposed to only ceiling lighting) in study spaces outside the 1st floor of the Regenstein.

280. More natural light. More light in general. More SOUNDPROOF group study rooms. More printers, more scanners, more computers (free printing, up to a certain # of sheets per quarter, would be nice, too). It would be great if the books in the library were actually on the shelves where they are supposed to be. I have used lots of academic libraries and nowhere else have I had so many problems finding library materials. I submit a 'missing from shelf' request at least every other week - THIS IS TOO OFTEN!!!!!

281. It's gotten a lot nicer in the last few years! The only complaint I have is longstanding and well-known: the lights in the music seminar room, JRL 264, are on a 15-minute timer. Is it really that hard to fix??

282. Needs better lighting (softer); could be made more comfortable. For example, Harper is wonderful for studying. Reg -- so much feels sterile, slightly dirty/dusty and airless (because of lack of windows etc.) While you can't do much about lack of windows, there is still a lot of room for making it a more welcoming space.

283. Obviously you can't build new windows very easily, but the Reg often feels like a cave. I wish there were more natural light. Natural surfaces (like wooden tables) also make it feel much nicer than the synthetic grey carrels.

284. Overall, Regenstein is fine. Some areas have too-dim fluorescent lighting, and sometimes all the group study rooms are full. Also some areas do not have electrical outlets close enough to use a computer.

285. Perhaps the lighting in the Regenstein stacks could be set to a motion detector system? I've often seen many aisles left with the lights on, and have at times been browsing and had the lights turned off by someone who didn't realize I was there. I'm not sure how costly this would be, but it would likely save on energy in the long run.

286. Please add additional lights and/or color. I do not study alone in the Reg because it feels so uncomfortable. I get my materials and go elsewhere if I'm alone. Studying with others, it is an improved experience.

287. Please get better lighting in the Reg. The fluorescents there are awful and headache-inducing.

288. please improve the light of the top floors of the regeinstein library.

289. Reg stacks could be better marked and lighted.

290. All need different lighting, I would think

291. Slightly better lighting is needed.

292. Softer, brighter lighting in the Reg would be preferable.

293. The horrible, flickering, buzzing fluorescent lighting is the number one reason I don't work at the Reg.

294. The fluorescent lighting in the Reg is absolutely awful because it manages to be both harsh and too dim at the same time, and it makes studying there at night very unpleasant.

295. The fluorescent lighting is harsh and very artificial feeling. It makes me feel closed in, even in large rooms, if I can't sit near a window and get some natural light

296. The fluorescent lights are a travesty. They make reading painful after any extended period of time, and there is nowhere to escape from them. Energy efficiency or not, at least have some stations with desklamps with normal bulbs

297. The fluorescent lights are absolutely horrible to work under. The light hurts my eyes, they create a horribly depressing mood, and they flicker and buzz. Some nice desk lamps would be wonderful, and also, if there is any way more natural light could come into the building, that would be wonderful. The Reg is like working in a cave.

298. Probably my biggest issue is the lighting on the Regenstein B-Level: why are there a bunch of lights out in the central study space?! I reported one of these lights being out LAST FALL. Let's fix all the lights in the basement before we finish that big new spacedome library next door, K? ;-)

299. the lighting at the reg could be improved; the renovation at Harper's (not listed here) is really nice; more electrical outlets are needed almost everywhere on campus, especially in the libraries, a little more window access in the reg would be nice

300. The lighting at the Regenstein is overall of a very poor quality, and when you match that with my own poor eyesight and long hours of reading, you end up with massive headaches. The lighting at the Crerar library is of a much higher quality (more light, brighter, whiter, and localized directly above study spaces) and this is something that the Regenstein could easily improve as well.

301. The lighting in Regenstein can be a little better. It seems a bit dark for reading in the evening. I'm glad that Harper is being renovated to give undergraduates a more social space to study. In the past The lighting in Regenstein is horrible. The group study spaces are nice, but we need more of them and they don't need to be as big. Often two people take over a room that could hold twelve.

302. The lighting in the Reg could be so much better. The tables by the windows go so quickly because no one wants to study in such a dim place. It's depressing. And there are so few windows or so few spaces by the windows, it'd be nice to have brighter livelier study space

303. The lighting in the Reg is good, but I sometimes find that it's hard to find a seat where there isn't a flickering light. I also wonder if you could have special reading lamps available for building use only that students could "check out" by leaving an ID at the circulation desk. Finally, it would be nice if you could use a computer in a private, quiet space, rather than out in the open and in the noisier areas of the library where they seem to be now.

304. the lighting in the Regenstein leaves much to be desired. As does the air quality. The noise level in the Reg is not good, either, I find it difficult to work there.

305. I'd like to see more single-user, bright lightning options in Regenstein.

306. Would be helpful if the library was slightly more well lit. It can be very dim, especially when sitting in the individual study cubes.

307. The lighting in the Regenstein Library bookstacks is terribly dim. All else is fine.

308. The lighting in the stacks in Regenstein is awful.

309. the lighting is depressing and the library is very uncomfortable to work in.

310. The lighting is pretty ghastly, the big chairs are strangely arranged (and the upholstery is rather unpleasant), and the library closes too early.

311. The lighting is terrible at the Reg and it is always freezing in there.

312. The lighting is terrible. I used to study there, but it put too my strain on my eyes to read under that awful poor lighting. lamps at tables would be helpful.

313. The lighting is very low and induces sleepiness.

314. The lights in Regenstein cycle, which my eyes are sensitive to. It makes it very difficult to study or read there, as I can see the lights getting brighter and dimmer on my page.

315. Even though most books I need are at the Reg, I end up spending most of my time in Crerar because the lighting in the Reg is so very poor

316. The new lighting in Harper is fantastic--I really like the table lamps and I wish the Reg had better lighting like that! JCL also has nice lighting--all that natural light during the day keeps me from wanting to jump out the window. :) I wish, though, overall, that the libraries had more outlets for plugging laptops, especially since during busy hours the computers are often full.

317. The stacks in the Regenstein are sometimes intermittently lit, which can be problematic.

318. I think the biggest issue for me at the Reg is the lighting. I am nearsighted, and the flickering of neon lights is very tiresome for my eyes. I try to work by the south windows to get natural light but during winter months,it gets dark very early. I wish there were areas with lights using a more natural spectrum.

319. I mostly study in Regenstein, but the lighting (diffuse and florescent, and much too dim for the carrels) is really hard on the eyes.

320. I find the lighting in Regenstein Library to be very bad. The lighting should be softer, and study desks should have an individual light on them. I also do not like working in the private study desks in Regenstein (that fit 4 people in a circle, each with their own private space), because the grey color is not very nice. I don't like the carpets in Regenstein. I was happy that new chairs were introduced to Regenstein.

321. I find the lighting in the Reg very hard on the eyes, and very unappealing generally. The chairs could be more (orthopedically) comfortable too--I'm often in a lot of pain from sitting there for long stretches of time.

322. I find the lighting in the stacks in the Reg really creepy. I understand that it would be very expensive to brightly light the stacks at all times, but I feel like light switches could be more avaliable.

323. I avoid studying in Regenstein because it is not very well lit

324. Some places in the Reg with more comfortable chairs and more aesthetically pleasant lighting for more focused reading would be fantastic. The inability to escape from the diffuse flourescent lighting keeps me from spending too much time there at night

325. Crerar library NEEDS more outlets. Both Crerar and the Reg should have lamp lighting on the tables.

326. Desk lamps would be a nice addition to provide better lighting while studying. More outlets--huge swaths of desk space has no access to outlets. I'm speaking about the Regenstein which is usually the only library I visit.

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327. Reg--A lot of the time books Im looking for aren't on the shelves. Frustrating.

328. Regenstein: While the stacks tend to be in order, patrons often leave books lying around after browsing. Library staff should spend more time picking up strays. I once found a book I was looking for out on a study table, but in the catalog it appeared to be not checked out, and when I went back on a second and third day, it was still there.

329. Some comments: --Almost every major trip I make to Crerar or Regenstein libraries, I find that books that were supposed to be on the shelves cannot be found. In the past, I have filed lost book notifications and the libraries have not been able to locate the copies. I am concerned and frustrated that a large fraction of the libraries' holdings are not where you think they are. --Electrical outlet access in the D'Angelo library is excellent, at least along the window desks, but impossible to find at the tables in the main space. I believe Crerar suffers from similar access problems but I haven't studied there for a while. Some of the stacks could be better lit.

330. The stack stairways are mismarked as to what floors you can reach through them, which I find extremely annoying. I also find about 20% of the time when a book is marked 'on shelf' it is not.

331. Almost every time I go to the Regenstein, there are books missing from the shelf that the catalog claims are not checked out. Having worked in a library at another institution, I wonder about how much shelf reading is done and how quickly books are reshelved once they are returned. This problem has caused me to waste a lot of time trying to find these books.

332. The turnover time to reshelve books is sometimes a problem--sometimes a book that I have used one day (and these are not common books so I doubth that they are being used by others) will take up to 2 days to find its way back to its place in the stacks.

333. As far as being able to find books - there are a lot of lost books that never seem to be replaced, or are mis-shelved and never found again. Some libraries are worse than others - although in the Reg its an occasional annoyance, in Crerar its a constantly repeated frustration.

334. There should be more spaces for group study. Computers are all taken most of the time. I'm surprised at how often the catalog says there's a book on the shelf, but it isn't there. This even happens when there are supposed to be three or more copies there.

335. I wish there were reshelving drop-off points closer to the in-stack carrels in Regenstein.

336. Difficult to move some of the collapsible shelves, especially in the basement of Regenstein Library (finance section).

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337. Since I keep a lot of my books in my locker in the library, it would be EXCEPTIONALLY CONVENIENT to have kiosks on each floor to check out quarterly-loan books. We had such technology at UCLA and I appreciated how easily I could check out my own books using the kiosk. This would obviate the necessity for me to go to the main floor to check out books and then return again to the 4th floor where my locker is. (Ok, this sounds not so bad, but it is absurdly annoying).

338. I use the Regenstein B-Level daily for individual study.

339. It'll be great if the library can provide hot water besides the fountain water, especially now it's winter.

340. Please, how about a cafe with windows? Would lower suicide risk in PhD students and probably speed time to degree. And please, please do not turn on that TV monitor that mysteriously appeared in the lobby of Regenstein.

341. Some students (esp.undergrads majoring in science) get together to solve problems and bring food not only to the library but also to the space which is dedicated to research (i.e. east asian lib. has two computers that have special softwares installed), make mess, talk loud etc. Can the university offer better food and drinks at or near the library? Hiring a couple of people who have a good training in cooking and catering should suffice it. I don't know why the university cannot do it, and instead it hires "a lot" of untrained people and make them cook or serve the food of the existing companies that are not healthy or tasty at all. Also, better stop using the detergent that makes these coffee shops bathrooms.

342. Sometimes undergraduate students use the research computer room in the East Asian Library as a study space, which wouldn't be such a big deal (especially when researchers are not using the computer) if they didn't dirty it up with the food they bring in there. Often there is food on the keyboards, chairs, desk, etc.


344. I mostly study in the Reg, but these comments apply to Crerar also.

345. I am currently off-campus, hence the infrequent visits. While on-campus, I visit the Regenstein weekly.

346. I find most of the in person aspects of the library frustrating and not very helpful for my personal work. In fact, one of the leading causes that had me nearly decide against Chicago was Regenstein Library

347. could access WorldCat, so that if our system doesn't have it, I can see if it's available for ILL.

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