Survey 2010 comments: Social Services Administration Library

Aesthetics / Environment

1. The SSA library does not have any space for groups to meet, and because there are not any other spaces in the building, this presents a particular challenge. The collection in the SSA library is not as extensive as I would like it to be, particularly where it relates to internationally or cross-culturally themed social work.

2. The SSA library needs a facelift. Compared to the law library and Regenstein, the SSA library is primitive and barren. It is not an inviting space. How about some color so it doesn't feel like a prison? There need to be more electrical outlets and cozy chairs. There should be access to printing like in the SSA computer labs. It might be nice to have some different areas sectioned off instead of one large distracting room where everyone sits.

3. Also, give some love to the SSA library! It needs an update!

4. It would be nice if the couches in the SSA library could be cleaned (more) regularly.

5. more electrical outlets in the SSA Library.

6. I love the openness of the SSA library, but it needs more electrical outlets. I think there are only three tables with them now. It gets particularly difficult to work on my computer in there during finals time.

7. The SSA library is really well lit, especially with the gigantic windows, however because of that bright light I find it very hard to use my laptop computer in there because there is such a glare. Also I often have to squint to read things or feel I should be wearing sunglasses in there. There also needs to be more outlets for laptops.

8. better lighting in SSA

9. At SSA we have NO group study space. This is a hindrance to meeting for group projects

10. Having work/study space at SSA library is very important. Please keep it.

11. My study had trouble finding group study space where computers are available. It seems that where there are computers it also seems to be quiet general library space. Maybe help designate where groups can use because of the need for discussion and conversation.

12. SSA Library: More computers!

13. The SSA library is almost often too hot or too cold. It can be extremely uncomfortable.

14. SSA is rarely open outside of school hours-- many students are in class during the day! It doesn't make much sense.

15. The SSA library needs to extend its hours of operation!

16. longer hours for SSA

17. SSA's library should be open longer.

18. Very satisfied with SSA library.

19. These are mostly quite good--it's the electronic access that is a much bigger problem.

20. I'm not 100% clear on where the SSA library actually is, otherwise I would probably have visited/used it by now.

21. Suggested reading sections for special interest topics (perhaps up to 5 featured books) for special interest topics. For example, as SSA, select 5 featured books/month on children, gay/lesbian, geriatrics, gangs, etc.

22. I use the space to study and read alone, I think it is just fine (SSA Library).

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Outreach / Instruction / Reference

23. I've been wanting to take a workshop on Refworks but because of the SSA schedule, can never go when they are offered. I would appreciate an evening workshop.

24. More refworks workshops at SSA would be helpful and an overview of research using the library resources during orientation

25. Thanks for reaching out at various times during the school year. Please integrate professional school a little better. The midway acts as more than just a physical barrier.

26. The library's offer presentations and workshops on the vast resources that are available for the students but these workshops and presentations are not at convenient times based on the class schedule for SSA students. If the courses were offered during the week in the morning or afternoon (some of us have couple of morning 9-12 class and one afternoon class 1:30 -4:20 or 2 afternoon and one morning) so if the work shops were offered at both the times most of the students who want to attend can make it there. I am disappointed that I have not been able to attend the REF WORKS presentations and the ones for EXCEL

27. Can't really attend librarian workshops and presentations due to being an evening time student and working during most librarian presentations.

28. Well training for your student staff will be helpful! One day I went into the SSA Library and asked the student worker if he could look up a book for me because I was running late, He then asked me if I knew how to use the computer. I told him yes but I was late. So then he did it out of annoyance. If I am asking a question I should not be sent to a computer. More training would be helpful. Thanks!

29. At SSA, the reference librarian present during the week is very helpful. However, it is often difficult for me to be at the library for any amount of time during the week, and staff present on weekends are often not very knowledgeable/helpful.

30. Staffing someone in the SSA library with expertise in social work would be helpful.

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