Survey 2010 comments: browsing

1. Overall, I feel privileged to use the collections at the Regenstein library and enjoy researching and studying at all facilities. My main concern is that the option to browse the stacks is not taken away when the Mansueto facility is completed. A key part of my research is standing at particular shelves, comparing works, particularly those in a foreign language. I can't tell you how many times this kind of hands on research for either my own work or for my teaching has yielded a valuable source or audio/visual material for class activity. Being able to have this kind of access is vital to my career.

2. The great advantage of the Reg over other university research libraries is that one can browse the shelves. As we go forward, please ensure that we continue to have materials on site and in open shelves.

3. Just don't start burying the stacks or collections in harder to reach places or anything, being able to wander the stacks and peruse different sections is one of the great things about our library(s).

4. I am also pleased that unlike some universities, Chicago scholars know how important browsing actual, physical bookshelves is to research.

5. Overall I am impressed with the Reg. I always want to access to the stacks; so I hope you do not elimiante this as it is important for research

6. Physically looking through the stacks of books is very important to me - I often find books I wouldn't otherwise have known about. With whatever renovations are taking place, it would be devastating if the open stacks were completely done away with.

7. Being able to browse in the book stacks has been very important and useful for the progress of my dissertation research

8. Better labeled shelves to improve browsing

9. Find another way to put call numbers on DVDs such that the titles can be read off the shelf.

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