2010 survey comments: catalog

1. The catalog seems to be getting better at finding articles within essay collections by a particular author but not always.

2. After trying Lens I still prefer the old library catalog, which allows me to quickly find a book by author or title without a lot of extra (and often unhelpful) suggestions.

3. i find the library catalogue itself very helpful.

4. Please, don't get rid of the regular online catalog.

5. if you have a pretty good idea of what the title is, its better to use the catalog

6. I'm only dissatisfied with the catalog because its kind of cumbersome to manage two different platforms.

7. The right combinations were returned in the Library catalog searches in a way that made it easy to identify the entries of interest and related entries, but author lists in Lens are difficult to sift through.

8. One should be able to see the floor, where a book is located, directly in the online catalog. Currently, one has to download floor plan each time one tries to find this information.

9. When you look up a book it the program doesnt tell you what floor it's on

10. Searches could be more unified, easier to access, and could turn up results more easily.

11. It took me a while to figure out how to search materials in other languages (e.g. german umlauts or whether to transliterated chinese words go together or not, and this sometimes is not consistent but one has to try several possibilities).

12. The library catalog system was made worse in the most recent update. My current method for finding sources is to search on Google for something until I find one I want, and then to type the exact title and author into the library search, which means that for me the given Lens/Library Catalog system is essentially worthless.

13. But I am using Google scholar most of time instead of the library websites unless I need to check the catalog. The search result of the catalog is a pain!

14. The library online catalog is not very good. The words you search for usually have to be very specific and the book that seems like the most obvious hits don't always come up first. When looking for a specific book or a book on a specific subject I usually search for it on Amazon first in order to get the exact name and author and also other related books. Then I just use the online catalog simply to look up call numbers once I know exactly what I am looking for through Amazon.

15. The library online catalog is horrible. searchability suitable for 10 years ago.

16. The library catalog search function is not always good at finding what I would like to find. E.g. it does not know how to ignore "the" in a search, which can be quite grating

17. The library catalog seems to be in a shambles. You can look for a book by author and NOT find it, then by name or subject and find it. Often one author will be represented as several, or one book (same edition) listed as several different entries... The collection is far better than the catalog. I use it all the time, and have worked at libraries, so I'm not just confused.

18. The Library Catalog sometimes is hard to search. It sometimes seems a particular book can only be found using a very specific search criteria. There have been times when a title cannot be found through a title search but I end up finding it through an author search - despite having typed the title in correctly.

19. The library catalog search tool is annoying because it never lists the most relevant item as the first item back, usually the item I want is the third on the list. This is not a big deal but I find it baffling and annoying.

20. the catalog is a librarian's tool that doesn't help researchers

21. The catalog search engine sometimes produces misleading results. It has happened that I've been looking up a specific book in the catalog and having problems finding a link to it. This is sometimes caused by the inclusion/omission of a leading "the" in the title (the catalog doesn't seem to systematically exclude this word from searched titles), but the problems seem to go beyond this. For instance, I'll search for words I know are in the title, or even the name of the author, and I'll have to try several variations before finding the book I actually want.

22. Seems like the Lens and catalogue services could be better integrated.

23. Some math books are published as series. They do not show the item's status (checked out/on the shelf/etc) on the catalog's web page for the item. Instead, they tell you to "see call # browse" and give you instructions for retrieving circulation status using the call number. These instructions do not work. I suggest either fixing them or (preferably) eliminating the "See call # browse" status entirely.

24. It would be great if the library catalog was more easily searchable.

25. The library catalog only gives me what I want when I know a title or author I'm looking for. I'm a fan of Lens!

26. The regular catalog could be made less clumsy (why does it return so many unrelated results?) but its more accurate than Lens for my needs.

27. The old library catalog (not Lens) is hard to use. Often when I know exactly which book I am looking for I have trouble finding it. I end up using Google to find the book in the U of C library.

28. The search functions for Lens and Catalog could be smarter.

29. the E-journals search is also useless, much like the book catalog. seriously, please change your search engine.

30. The library catalog is clunky.

31. catalogs have inconsistent search methods (e.g. no call number search in Lens) and very inconsistent reference points for searches (e.g. searches for known titles often take several attempts because of misspellings, misplaces articles, etc.)

32. catalog search could be improved - it often gives a lot of irrelevant results...

33. Some things in the catalog are misspelled so hard to locate.

34. Print journals aren't always easy to find in the catalogue - sometimes they're sorted as journals, sometimes as individual books, sometimes as a serial publication... more than once I've requested an interlibrary loan because I couldn't find something in the catalogue only to have the ILL department send me the call number.

35. Catalogs - Don't care for Lens, and the old catalog is truly awful. I know how to refine a search, I can find an item when I need it; but when I title-search "The Power Elite" and get "The Port of Shanghai", "The Raleigh Record" and a video of "The Road" instead, something is very wrong!

36. Even though I'm a librarian's daughter, I find the various library catalogs confusing

37. The library catalog often requires advanced searching for seemingly simple requests e.g., a specific author - full last and first name brings up too many non-specific hits.

38. Tidy up the catalog!

39. Librarians could do a better job in bringing materials together: for example Proclus, a 5th century philosopher is catalogued both under GREEK PHILOLOGY..PA [why are his Elments of Theology under P?]...AND under Greek Philosophy.

40. Better catalogs would be very, very useful.

41. While this is a difficult and potentially impossible task, more comprehensive catalog entries (for example, including tables of contents in all catalog entries as opposed to only some) would make searching much more comprehensive and efficient.

42. I find the library catalog kind of hard to use, and I get confused between the different ways to search it - Lens/catalog etc

43. I find the way keywords are handled by the catalogue inefficient/counterintuitive

44. I have indicated "dissatisfied" with the catalogs because they are often difficult to use, do not include tools to adequately refine searches (even with advanced search), and continue to have many incorrect entries.

45. The web-interface for the library catalog is a bit clunky. Also, when entering names of authors or texts, the name needs to be spelled EXACTLY as it appears in order to pull up the text. It would be more helpful if it could give approximate/likely guesses, as web search engines do, based on the characters used.

46. I often have trouble when I search the cataglogue for a journal - usually the electronic page where that journal can be found is linked to on the catagalogue, but for some reason when I click on that link I am led to a page that says that I need to be a registered user to see the journal. Of course, I know the university is a registered user, so the solution is to go back to the Library website and go directly to the site that hosts the journal (like Ebsco), but shouldnt the link on the catalogue take me there with no problem?

47. I prefer the library's regular catalog to "Lens," but the catalog could still be improved in terms of smarter user-friendliness and more effectively limiting results to what the searcher is actually looking for.

48. The library catalog is still a bit too sensitive in its searching criteria, so you have to make sure you search for "Book" as opposed to "The Book". Also, the entries are not quite standardized, so it's difficult for me to generate a clean, consistent bibliography using a program like refworks. When I've tried, half of the citations are inconsistent or end up having unreadable characters.

49. I would appreciate streamlining of catalog. Sometimes materials are listed under author, but not subject, and visa versa.

50. improve search function of the library catalog

51. Improve search function on library catalog (more uniform categories, ability to apply limits successfully, etc.).

52. Library catalog more intuitive

53. Library catalog would need a search mask designed in a way that one can search for "author," "title," "year," etc

54. improved library catalog

55. Ideally, our catalog would present links to Google Books (based on the ISBN, perhaps?), WorldCat, even Amazon, etc. so we don't need to re-search everything when it's checked out. It wouldn't be hard--I have thought many times about just making a GreaseMonkey script myself but haven't yet had a chance.

56. The library catalog is not very useful because the search somehow does not work so well; I will search by title and the book I am looking for will not show up, then I will search by author and sift through twenty books to find it. Also if you are searching in languages that are in other alphabets (this experience comes from Arabic and Hebrew) it is sometimes extremely difficult to run a search because the transliteration is not predictable.

57. The catalog seems to be getting better at finding articles within essay collections by a particular author but not always.

58. The catalog(s) don't work as well as one would like. Once I figured out some things - like that putting The in front of the title sometimes produced my result, at other times excluded it, or that sometimes one has to search by author, because the title randomly doesn't appear, my life improved, but it's still rather irritating.

59. The electronic catalogs don't always pop up the most relevant source. It could be that my search phrases aren't precise enough, but I wonder if there is anyway to make the searches smarter.

60. the library catalog is impossible to use. books are only found if the search term matches the 1st word in the title, which is useless. please get a new search engine.

61. Searching the library catalog is not very user friendly.

62. the catalogs for books are somewhat difficult to use

63. Number one priority for me: make the online library catalogue as easy to use as possible

64. library catalog is somewhat hard to use to find conference proceedings

65. Print books/library catalogue: the library catalogue is very effective when searching titles/authors in English, but less so in other languages (Spanish in particular). This is especially problematic with edited volumes of essays/articles, where subjects or contributors names will not always appear.

66. rated catalogs dissatisfied because often enough, using the library catalog, i've come across incorrect or misleading information regarding item.

67. Some better searching capabilities. If I know exactly what I am looking for it is okay to go straight into the library catalogue. Conversely, if I don't have an exact description (Vol., issue, author, title, etc.) of what I am looking for, I use Google Scholar 1st (to get the info), and then go online through the U of C library.

68. The library catalog is regularly less reliable than WorldCat in determining whether items are held by the UofC.

69. The Library's catalog search engine is weak. For instance, to search the title of a work, one must have the exact title of the work with no errors or omissions..

70. Again, searching for books can be difficult through library catalog.

71. Catalog is hard to search.

72. Catalog is hard to use because need to input exact words and sometimes get unrelated results, hard to find proceedings of conferences

73. The catalogue search often turns up weird results (like, you're searching by author's name, and you get results that don't bear any relation to the author's name--something written by Smith when you were searching for Jones), and it seems like the weird results increased with the new catalogue; the old one felt more intuitive to me. More choices for specific search criteria at the beginning of a search would be nice.

74. The online catalogue is very confusing. The search function in the online catalogue does not work well.

75. Make it possible to see right away whether a book is checked out or not when browsing the electronic catalogue.

76. Within the Library Catalog, the system for checking the circulation status of a specific volume of a print journal is inexplicably convoluted. I would like to see this simplified.

77. You could add an option to filter searches for audio recordings by CD, LP, etc. since I am not interested in LPs and would prefer to see which recordings are available in CD format. Also, often the "limit by" function in the catalog does not work, when trying to filter search results.

78. The "MyList" feature regularly drops books that I've added to it from the catalog while logged in, to the point of being useless.

79. Provide catalog access to all the eBooks that UChicago pays for (else it is waste of money)

80. It would be nice if the maps collection or any available data collections were more easy to find and search for online.

81. better search tools

82. It would be great more/everything were digitized and the online catalog linked you to the electronic version for download/viewing.

83. And is the catalogue always down on Saturday mornings? It has been the past two times I've tried to look something up, and I might suggest it's not the absolute best time for maintenance.

84. Search in the Library catalogue was awful.

85. i've been using the regular library online catalog because this is the page that appears on the library computers by the circulation desk and that one is horrible.

86. I find the online catalog difficult to use. Often, even if I know the exact title and author of a book, it still ends up buried in a pile of useless results and I can't imagine how the system thought I would be requesting some of the first hits.

87. I never seem to find the book I am looking for unless I do an advanced search which isn't always convenient

88. My dissatisfaction with the catalog was stated earlier in a comment and is that the books that are supposedly on the shelves are often in fact nowhere to be found.

89. In the catalog it would be helpful to be able to see what's nearby on the shelf; in general the catalog is rather clunky

90. More copies of popular books. Don't fall to the trend of electronic books--they suck! Reclassify to Collections neg.

91. You could add an option to filter searches for audio recordings by CD, LP, etc. since I am not interested in LPs and would prefer to see which recordings are available in CD format.

92. Unified browse & search would be a great aid to finding the most relevant resources.

93. Searching for journal by abbreviation would be an incredibly helpful feature.

94. Unify the film studies and library's DVD catalogs.

95. The Library Catalog is, in general, useful. However, its use of pinyin (Chinese) is not uniform, and trying to filter results (by year, for example, which is only available for newest year first, and would be helpful for oldest year first!) often screws up the search altogether.

96. It would be great if the catalogue could support additional languages. Searching for non-English books using English letters requires a lot of guessing work regarding how their names were spelled in English. The same is true for authors' names (although for the latter there is only one acceptable form that can be googled first).

97. The regular catalog could be made less clumsy (why does it return so many unrelated results?) but its more accurate than Lens for my needs.

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