2010 survey comments: circulation


1. I also like the fact that I no longer have to cart my books in on a regular basis for renewal. I used to have to bring a portion of them in every quarter for renewal.

2. love the shift to paperless book check-out

3. ILL, book recall and book locating are just awesome

4. The unlimited renewal ability is essential to me as a doctoral student -- sometimes I take out a book on seeing it cited, use it for limited research purposes, and intend to do a full reading later.

5. On the other hand, customer service in circulation has been very helpful.

6. Your system of borrowing books is GREAT! Keeping the book is good for the library and for the researcher.

7. Thank you for unifying the log-in interface for library accounts, recall request and offline access - it is much easier to use now.

8. It's nice that dvds can be checked out for two weeks.

 Loan Period / Notices / Returns

9. The medical school is the ONLY doctoral program grad school that is not given extended loan privileges. I had to haul all of my books over every quarter after the 3rd online recheck. This is ridiculous and presumptuous that we are hindered in our research. Fixing this would save infinite time. Thank you.

10. I think that it would be helpful for graduate students to increase the permitted length of check-out from 1 quarter to 1 academic year - obviously recall terms would still apply.

11. It is crucial that you solve the issues related to email notification! It is very, very frustrating to be warned that a book is overdue ... the day after. There's no reason an automated service could not be set up to send out early reminders!! Other university libraries are MUCH better at this!

12. when you send e-mails reminding us that our books are over due, can you add a link which would automatically take us to a the webpage were we can renew the books online? thanks

13. It would be very nice if the library would return to giving us due date slips when we check out books. When you keep many books in your locker, in can be confusing to remember which you have checked out and which you have not.

14. Perhaps it would help to: a) place the books that are due back first at the TOP of the "items out" list - that way you are more likely to be reminded. b) increase the amount of emails sent - for example in the days prior to the dead line, and then every single day after the book is due.

15. The biggest obstacles to my research and study are the following: inordinately cold temperatures of the library during the summer, poor lighting (the quality not intensity) that doesn't help my psychological state, and professors who monopoloize books they may not even look at because they are able to check books out for much longer.

16. A larger collection of dvds and a shorter checkout time for them would be helpful.

17. return policy during vacations should be more lenient - a two week notice instead of one week.

18. Allow people to check out magazine publications

19. I wanted to get music scores from the library, but all of the books were reference so I couldn't check them out.

20. I'm wondering if it would be possible to reduce the delays for making some foreign newspapers available.

21. the scanners for the cd collection do not work properly: I've returned cds and some are still left on my account.

22. Also the ability to return materials to any branch of the library system

23. Also, if you're willing to consider offering delivery service between the libraries, what about offering students the option of returning their all books to one location, such as the Reg?

24. Also -- Please Please Please put a book return box close to 57th St so we can return books easily without going inside and when we can't find parking. If we could just pull up and drop books, it would make a huge difference.

25. The Regenstein Library could have a "drop-off box" for when it is closed, to return books.

26. returning books at various locations around campus-i.e. the div school

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27. The library fines are pretty ridiculous. And the return policy in general is a bit extreme. Students pay a lot to go to the U of C. At my previous institution, we could renew books online continually until another student or faculty member requested the book. There have been several times when I have hung onto a book that I needed, gotten charged a late fee, and then had to check it out again immediately--no one else needed it, and I still did. I would like to see the library implement a policy whereby you can renew until someone else requests the book.

28. the overdue fees are RIDICULOUSLY expensive.

29. library fines are very hard to pay when away from Chicago doing research abroad!!

30. Last time I paid fines I was told that partial payments were not allowed. For example, if I had fines for three books and they were $3, $12, and $6, I had to pay an amount that was equal to the fine associated with one of the books, two of the books, or all three, but I couldn't pay an amount like $13 and have $12 of it cover the second fine and have the othe $1 put towards one of the other fines. Because I was not paying the other fines in full, the library would have been unwilling to accept the additional $1. Given that students have limited funds, the library should be willing to accept partial payments on fines to allow students to pay off fines as they are able to do so. It makes no sense for them to reject money because the fine is not being paid in full.

31. Circulation - well, I now insist on getting receipts for every book I return, because at least once or twice a year I was being fined for a book that I had returned, but that had been subsequently lost by the circulation staff after I returned it. Its very hard for library users to context this, although its happened to most of my friends on many occasions. There seems to be a real problem, especially at the end of the semester when everyone returns large numbers of books, that the system just gets over loaded. But it has happened to me at other times of the year as well. On one occasion I went into the stacks and found the book there on the shelf - the one I had apparently not returned and was being fined for. It wouldn't be such a sore point if it weren't for the fact that the fines are so ridiculously high. The recall system could also be restructured. If you don't live in Hyde Park, it can be difficult to get books back on time - very quickly the fines end up costing more than the book itself! And that is just crazy.

32. Circulation on occasion has not checked in a book I brought them and has led me to incur fines.

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 Checkout / Staff

33. Would prefer self-check out to standing in line on the first floor in order to lug books back up to locker upstairs.

34. It would be nice if there were an self-checkout station for when the library is open but the desk is not staffed.

35. Since I keep a lot of my books in my locker in the library, it would be EXCEPTIONALLY CONVENIENT to have kiosks on each floor to check out quarterly-loan books. We had such technology at UCLA and I appreciated how easily I could check out my own books using the kiosk. This would obviate the necessity for me to go to the main floor to check out books and then return again to the 4th floor where my locker is. (Ok, this sounds not so bad, but it is absurdly annoying).

 36. Carts or baskets to carry books from floor to floor while using the stacks

37. Study Carrel/locker check-out system would be nice. Other major research library allow for on-site check-out of materials. That way you can better track items that are in the library, but also in use by other patrons, saving everyone time from searching stacks and lockers.

38. The student workers at the Regenstein checkout seem to be the most disinterested individuals on campus. Is there a pre-requisite of being haughty to work there?

39. More people at the circulation.

40. one of the students at the circulation desk always slams my books around.

41. something is getting messed up lately with circulation - some books that I've returned and then needed to check out again (or were recalled from me and subsequently returned by another patron) have gone missing a *ton* lately - are employees there getting adequately trained?

42. the staff at the circulation desk could be more helpful. My past experience with them gave me the impression that they knew little about specific questions, and sometimes all the answer I could get was "go ask blablabla at blablabla," which was somehow helpful, but frustrating at the same time.

43. There are very few people at the circulation desk, and lines get very long. Has there been a staff reduction? It makes things take much longer.

44. Sometimes it takes upwards of 15 min to get items off reserve. It seems like staff has trouble finding CD's and music scores. This seems to slow down check out time for everyone. I do not know how to fix this, but items of a musical nature seem hard for them to find.

45. I wasn't entered into the library system even though I'm a student. I had to have the front desk call the privileges office in order to set up my account (to check out course reserves or recall materials, etc), which was frustrating.

46. I have been repeatedly annoyed by the circulation desk staff's inability to check in course reserve books which I have turned in on time. I am tired of accruing fines for their incompetence.

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47. It would be helpful for the circulation desk to be open as long as the library is. When you leave the library at 10:00 pm on a Saturday and need to check out some books, it borders on irritating to have to leave the books behind and to have to make a return trip, just because the circulation desk closes 15 minutes before the library does.

48. It would be also nice to have the library open 24 hours, with the ability to check materials out.

49. It would also be great if circulation would start slightly earlier (8:00 or 8:15) - I like to head there before I go to my office. As for maintenance/circulation, it takes too long before returned books become available.

50. The circulation desk closes before the library - that leads to problems all the time.

51. I hope the Crerar library Circ./Reserve time can be extend to Sunday morning.

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 Graham / Gleacher

52. As a distance learner who is based out of the Graham School building downtown it would make it much easier if I could return the books to the Graham School instead of having to go all the way to the main campus.

53. I think that it would greatly enhance Graham School students' ability to use the libraries if you had a return box for library books in the Gleacher Center. As it is, when we have a book that is due, we often must make a special trip to Hyde Park to return it. I understand that there is an office in Gleacher (the GSB career center?) that has a pickup service, but it is off limits to Graham students. Please support Graham students with access to a similar service. It would be very valuable.

 54. I get books from the Fischer Express, and they never specifically have a due date on them. The staff at the Gleacher Center where I pick up my books never know that due date. I have returned two books late because I finally get an email telling me they are overdue. It would be nice to know when they are due. I have started borrowing from the Chicago Public Library b/c I am sick of going overdue at U of C Library.

55. More library resources at Gleacher center please.

56. I would also love it if I could go the library at the Gleacher center to renew the books that I picked up from the Regenstein library. This would be very, very helpful !

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57. being harsher on people who write in books

58. When checking out a book, I hope the library system can send me a summary of my borrowing with details on due dates, also an alert one month before due day would be helpful

59. It would be good to have a way for graduate students to borrow books for carrel use w/o checking them out.

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