2010 survey comments: cleaning & maintenance

1. This is a bit embarassing, but many of the toilets in the ladies rooms of the Reg are very unpleasant (first floor bathroom being the worst, as far as I can tell). Some flush 2-3 times during one simple use. If you ever have the chance to, I suggest a return to good old fashion handle flushing toilets.

2. Another very important issue--the automatic sensors on the ladies' room toilets (especially on the first floor) waste water and make using the bathroom a miserable experience. They flush at least 4 times every time I use the bathroom, splashing water everywhere. Please either fix the sensors or entrust the women of the University of Chicago to flush their own toilets.

3. Other than the loud custodian in crerar, which has caused many of us to move our study space from the 4th floor (where she cleans) to the 3rd floor, the experience is fine. The only other thing which I am not sure is actually possible to fix, is the plumbing in the bathrooms. The toilets are repeatedly clogged and don't flush with much force. It makes for a pretty disgusting experience almost daily.

4. It would be good if light bulbs were replaced more quickly; I have found a number that went for a long time without being replaced, in areas that I use frequently. Or if the lights were broken, fixing them promptly would be good.

5. Please change the lights in the Reg!

6. Probably my biggest issue is the lighting on the Regenstein B-Level: why are there a bunch of lights out in the central study space?! I reported one of these lights being out LAST FALL. Let's fix all the lights in the basement before we finish that big new spacedome library next door, K? ;-)

7. The staplers seem to always be out of staples or not working. It doesn't seem like it would take much to have someone periodically check on these to make sure they are full. Thank you.

8. The staplers near the printers need to be checked more often as they are often out of staples.

9. Printing: One of the biggest frustrations is printing something out and finding that the stapler by the printer is either missing or out of staples. This is a small thing, but incredibly annoying, especially since a lot of printing happens at the last minute.

10. Modernize the elevators!

11. Elevators in the Reg *really* need to be updated.

12. Also, the elevators in Regenstein shudder and shake. It's pretty terrifying, actually.

13. Sometimes the Reg elevators are really shakey, which can be a bit frighening. Other users have commented on this as well.

14. In general, the women's restrooms in the Regenstein need to be cleaned more frequently, at least 3x/day. If an increase in cleaning frequency is not possible, perhaps signs could be posted encouraging cleanliness in the restrooms.

15. Spaces are DIRTY (esp. Regenstein), with OFFENSIVE graffiti (esp. Regenstein),

16. The main reason I stopped doing most of my studying and reading at the Regenstein was because I was continually catching strep throat, colds, and flus in there. I don't know if it was the ventilation systems or inadequate disinfection of tables, chairs, and keyboards, but I was sick a lot. No longer, now that I avoid reading in there. I would recommend more frequent cleaning and disinfection of commonly-touched surfaces in the library. Hire more cleaning staff. Sophia is great, but she can't keep up with the germs alone.

17. The main things I am dissatisfied with is the cleanliness of the study spaces

18. This seems trivial, but I would appreciate more frequent vacuuming of floor space, including the stacks. The library gets lots of traffic--especially Reg--and a clean environment is much more pleasant to work in. Also, the library has improved in painting over graffiti in the stacks--keep up the good work on that one.

19. My main complaint is that it is not cleaned often enough (I use the Regenstein). Maybe the problem is that people eat and there is no system set up to clean up after people eating in a library.

20. Reg -- so much feels sterile, slightly dirty/dusty and airless (because of lack of windows etc.) While you can't do much about lack of windows, there is still a lot of room for making it a more welcoming space.

21. It would be nice to deep-clean the table tops of the desks located in the bookstacks - some smell like old decks of cards...

22. Regenstein's cubicles tend to be rather dirty.

23. Also, better stop using the detergent that makes these coffee shops bathrooms.

24. One custodian in crerar can be incredibly loud and verging on disrespectful. She repeatedly vacuums around you while you are trying to study and acts like she is upset because you are blocking her way. This is almost daily in the middle of the day.

25. If the cleaning and vacuuming service at Crerar were done before the start of public hours, it would be wonderful. But I do realize there are constraints about that, since staff don't start their shifts before the public hours.

26. Crerar: Reschedule library cleaning staff so they aren't cleaning desks during study hours.

27. The cleaning staff in Crerar are constantly moving around and making noise during the afternoon, which can be a bit distracting for quiet studying. Does cleaning have to occur during the hours when most people are using the library to study?

28. Crerar: a terribly maintained library! are they short on funds or something; there are almost always lights out for weeks on every floor

29. It would be nice if the couches in the SSA library could be cleaned (more) regularly.

30. the computers are crappy - especially the keyboards.

31. you don't feel like you'll get a communicable disease from the computer's keyboards.

32. meeting rooms are always very messy- with food wrappers, papers, etc.

33. What I would like to see more than any thing else is cafe space in the regenstein that isn't disgusting. There is plenty of space to study in the reg, but there is very little space anywhere on campus that is actually pleasant. I'm hoping that new reading room will correct this. I have no idea whether the cafe space in the reg is managed by people who have anything to do with the library itself. But if it is, can you send an email to the person who manages that cafe and ask them what in the world is wrong with them and why they can't come up with a cleaning list for employees?

34. It would be really nice if the cafe downstairs were cleaned more often--the tables are grimy and revolting.

35. It would help immensely if the library would enforce a policy so that people do not leave their personal belongings in carrels. Some carrels in the East Asian section of 5th floor Regenstein have lamps, sandals, and other personal effects. Some have been left for longer than a quarter. When I arrive in the morning, I find a good number of what I consider to be the "best" carrels taken/reserved in this way. It seems unfair to those who come early in the morning and can never use those carrels.

36. More study spaces (clean, quiet, and with electrical outlets.)

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