Survey 2010 comments: collection

Print collections and collections - general

1. Again, as a source of materials, it's wonderful.

2. expansive collection

3. Has pretty much every book I've ever wanted.

4. I am often amazed by the books you actually have.

5. I am very satisfied with research resources but only partly satisfied with the studying in the library experience, both of which are essential to my completing the PhD.

6. I appreciate the library collections a lot. Thank you for all you do!

7. I'm amazed at what's available, and the things I use are terrific.

8. Materials are readily available

9. Its a good library with a good collection,

10. there is a wide selection of books and good journal coverage

11. Overall I've been extremely impressed with the breadth and extent of UC's collections, AND its willingness to purchase books in a [more or less] timely manner.

12. Still the best University Library in terms of collections;

13. The collection that the library has in my field is truly impressive! I am so grateful to have access to the library.

14. The library has been very useful, and whenever I have needed a resource it's been available or at least easy to retrieve.

15. But, overall, the collection has completely spoiled me for other libraries. I'd just say, this excellence is, for me, dependent on continued (a) open stacks (b) very, very broad e-journal subscriptions (c) great ILL services. If those three things exist, everything else is icing.

16. Very satisfied because of collection and professionals

17. A letdown from the Regenstein, which otherwise provide the doctoral students with wonderful support and service -- as well as incredible collections.

18. Regenstein, while a wonderful collection, is really a poor space to work.

19. I highly value the reference librarians, the psychological test collection and their librarians, and would use more of their services if I knew how.

20. Also, it is great to have reference books in individual reference areas (i.e., Judaica, Classics, Bible, Middle East) and the more expansive and up-to-date these reference collections are, the better they are for research.

21. Continue to obtain and expand access to a wide range of journals and books (both print and electronic).

22. Continuing to expand its collections.

23. Please keep print books available!

24. Please continue investing in actual books. I have no idea whether there is an intention of considering reallocation of those monies, but any such intention would be a serious detriment to the library as a research destination.

25. The absolute most important thing to my research is access to a variety of different journals in the social sciences. The bigger the breadth the better! I cannot emphasize how much my research throughout my academic career has relied on PDF copies of articles from journals available online. I have used print media infrequently. The absolute best thing is to have so many resources to cast wide for information!

26. Maintaining as wide and deep a collection as is possible. To a researcher, there is an immediately apparent difference between an excellent library and a merely average library. I used to be at a CIC state school and most of my interlibrary loans were getting shipped two states over from Crerar!

27. the subject print book collections (such as Middle East) are great,

28. Always found what I have needed

29. Continued and enhanced financial support for collecting South Asian language materials and South Asia imprints. These are nearly all print materials rather than electronic.

30. doing a fine job

31. Doing well.

32. Having studied abroad at universities where university library collections and services were significantly smaller and poorer, I highly appreciate the University of Chicago libraries and their offerings.

33. I am extremely impressed by the journal and book holdings at UofC.

34. As I said, I am quite impressed - thanks

35. I am extremely satisfied with the collections.

36. I believe that the collection is wonderful

37. -I am very satisfied.

38. I don't think the Library collections need any improving.

39. I haven't been here long enough to get a good sense of the collection in my field, but thus far I've been very happy with the resources available

40. There have been very few occasions where a journal I wanted to access was unavailable both in print and online. This is pretty good, because I use a very large range of journals in my research, many obscure.

41. though I can almost always find the book I'm looking for in print.

42. I'm generally quite satisfied with the library collections.

43. In terms of original manuscript and archival materials, the holdings are generally good in my area (Renaissance)

44. It is one of the best libraries I've used so far. Great job!

45. Just a note....I answered "don't use" to original mss and archival materials, but this doesn't mean I don't plan on using them when the occasion arises. I think they're very, very important!

46. Keep print resources! I find it MUCH more convenient to be able to check out print books on cutting-edge topics than to download an electronic copy.

47. Keep up its large and up-to-date collection of philosophical work in print.

48. Maintaining print books should be #1

49. No improvement needed.

50. Please don't toss the print journals! My own research (and growing work by other scholars) depends on using the material itself, not just electronic versions, and consulting advertisements, paper quality, back and front covers.

51. Preserve the Dewey Collection - it's a goldmine for history of science!

52. I think that as we get better e-book access, this will also become a nice resource, but physical books are still important in many cases.

53. Satisfied.

54. So far the libraries print collection has been sufficient for my needs.

55. So far, I'm really satisfied with the library collections and services provided by the librarians.

56. The library is doing a terrific job. In my 4th year as a student, and everything that I have needed has either been in the library or has been easily obtained via interlibrary loan.

57. The Reg's book collection is excellent beyond belief.

58. l the Library's holdings are fantastic and they often have things in their collection that I didn't think they would.

59. here is plenty of nonfiction literature by African American authors.

60. otherwise the library seems to have nearly everything I need.

61. The Reg: excellent collections & horrible study space;

62. Regenstein's resources are incredible

63. I have heard a rumor that in order to make more space available for study persons and groups, the reference sections may be eliminated. This would be unfortunate for me, as I rely heavily on the 4th Floor Reference Sections (including the Judaica Section) in the Regenstein.

64. I think the library does a pretty good job supported graduate students through the maintenance of the collection and providing access to electronic resources (catalogs, JStor etc).

65. In case I don't have the opportunity later in the survey, I would like to tell you that this is a phenomenal library system. I have always been amazed at my success rate in finding what I'm looking for -- typically books from 19th century Britain or Ireland.

66. In terms of staff and materials, the Reg is doing a good job.

67. I've been to many libraries in the world. This is the best, or at least one of the best in my field (South Asia study). Thank you so much!

68. The Reg does have the Annual Reports of the CAS (Children's Aid Society) which have been invaluable to my research.

69. I'm satisfied with the linguistics collection,

70. Please maintain your print journal collections as well as electronic collections. Electronic resources are wonderful, but it is still important to be able to come to the stacks and actually search materials manually.

71. I also use a lot of print books -- and here too I am very satisfied with the collection -- I hardly ever need to go outside the University for a book. New books seem to show up fairly quickly too.

72. I like the fact that I can request that books be purchased and made available. I don't do it often, but I like that it is an easy process.

73. I'm glad that any Purchase Suggestions are taken seriously and handled quickly. It proves that the UofC library system is out to be one of the best research libraries in the country.

74. The library seems very willing to buy books that I request;

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More books – general

75. It is curious though that it does not have some very recent copies of books that are out of print that I have been able to find at other neighboring universities.

76. Please continue to enhance financial support for purchasing monographs, especially in non-Western languages.

77. please raise the buget so we can have more books and have them fast.

78. The collection in the SSA library is not as extensive as I would like it to be, particularly where it relates to internationally or cross-culturally themed social work.

79. Bring in more materials - I have to use ILL a LOT.

80. Continue to build a very strong monograph collection and enable subject specialists the ability to be aggressive in collection development and providing new resources for research.

81. Frequently used ILL items should be acquired

82. Addition of more books that are not available online so that interlibrary loan does not need to be used as often.

83. Have more books and sound recordings available

84. Continue to acquire the newest, most up-to-date books and journals in the field.

85. Basically duplicate everything in digital and hard copy. For serious.

86. some important books that most other libraries (including the University of Illinois) hold are not held here

87. Easy understandable and accessible printed catalogues

88. Expand collections

89. Also, though I know it's hard to keep all the books updated, really old editions of books are not very helpful in a field that is moving forward quickly. Often I wish there were more copies of recent books or the newest editions instead of those from 5+ years ago.

90. Have more textbooks available

91. On the print side, I am shocked that there several seminal and foundational texts which we do not have in our collection, and it is not like they are out of print or anything.

92. I wish library has more multi-language books.

93. but have a mild tendency to be second/third/fourth editions rather than first, which can be quite useful but aren't optimal. Of course, limited printings means that it's not always possible to have a first, but some works change significantly, especially in this period, between editions.

94. It would be nice if more print books were available on-site

95. I've stopped using the Reg and started using the city library—their collection is better and they have more copies of most of the books I need. More recent books are usually not at the Reg.

96. Several times I have noticed that the library system does not keep any print copies of recent books I want to read; instead Lens redirects me to a place where I can download pdfs

97. Many books I attempt to look up are usually checked out.

98. I was also surprised at how few of the books that are on required reading lists for the various courses are actually available through the library system.

99. More current textbooks

100. More literature

101. More newly published books

102. More recent editions of books in print

103. Perhaps make more of an effort to add books that are frequently requested through Interlibrary loan

104. practically every geography-related book I have to get via ILL. Why is it so overlooked?

105. some important textbooks are not available.

106. Some kind of books that are related to the course are not enough, please buy more.

107. Sometimes I can't find recently published books.

108. The condition of many frequently used books leaves much to be desired. Most of them are full of highlights and underlines by previous users.

109. Get more copies (print or electronic) of books that are constantly or regularly recalled. Electronic copies would be best. Have multiple copies of recent publications by U Chicago professors on hand. Again, go for electronic copies rather than print. Perhaps add recently published work by Chicago faculty to a reserve/ non circulating rack.

110. The reference and dictionary tables on the various floors are very useful in the Reg, however, some of them need to be updated re: what is kept on them as more recent (and better) reference works exist that would be useful. The library only has a single copy of many of these new(er) reference works, and while I understand that it is not cost effective to buy multiple copies so that one isn't constantly checked out or being recalled, updating the reference tables would be quite useful.

111. Improve the collection

112. UC libarary's collection is very limited... I have to loan the book from other school.

113. for numerical data that is not digitized) Commission graduate students to compile a bibliography of papers indexed by the source material available in the Regenstein or Crerar collections.

114. You should have more samples of Text books

115. More copies of books

116. Also, there are books that are critical to my field, and the library has one copy, sometimes it's lost, and many students end up having to take turns reading it. I am aware that other institutions at times have multiple copies of such books.

117. I wish the library would order more second copies of important academic titles, as often the books I need are out when I need them.

118. more of the same copies of very important books that our professors put on reserve, when they do and the most recent edition is reserved we can't use it for a paper as easily

119. Most of the books I need are Reg copies only. It would be nice to have a copy that is allowed to be checked out of everything, as well as a copy for Reg use

120. Multiple copies of books. The books I need are always checked out

121. Need more copies of some of the newer books that are always checked out

122. Often, very few copies of newer/more recent scientific texts, and those are usually checked out

123. Only having single copies of heavily used books has been extremely annoying since it is almost impossible to get these books in time for an assignment or project

124. Please buy additional copies of books in high demand - for example, Talal Asad's Geneologies of Religion


126. It would be nice to have more copies of course reserve books.

127. Continue to track the books that are getting checked out frequently and put on course reserve and try to purchase more copies.

128. Is it possible to have more than one copy of reserves?

129. more copies of the same books that are always on reserve

130. The only reason I put dissatisfied with the print books is because I wish the law school had more copies of the books they have in the reserve room, and/or they had one copy of each that could be checked out for two hours and a second copy that could be checked out for a whole day and just not renewed for an additional day

131. More course reserves are needed to assist students who cannot afford to buy expensive textbooks. For one class in which I use the course reserve textbook, there is only one available and it is an older edition than the one that students purchased new this year, which is very disappointing.

132. For some law classes with large enrollments, it would be nice if there are more than two copies of the text book. Instead of purchasing additional copies, the library could just put all of its copies (including the ones currently under regular loan) into reserve for the first few weeks of classes, and then move the regular loan ones back to regular loan.

133. There are still several books that are often on reserve or are frequently recalled that the library only has one copy of.

134. It would be great if the library could get more copies of book that are checked out often

135. It would be helpful to get more copies of textbooks of some courses

136. It would be nice if there were more copies of popular reference/text books.

137. Yes, just get more copies of textbooks & make them available for checkout, not reserve but checkout.

138. Having extra or online copies of books that are used often.

139. Coming from a university with a 24-hr library, Regenstein is an acquired taste that lacks a lot of the flavors (multiple copies of books that I need, 24 hr, free print quota) that make a library experience easy, simple and cost effective.

140. Have more copies of the text book used in class

141. Please ensure the library has a few textbooks available to check out for all courses.

142. Just buy more copies of heavily used books

143. Hope library will buy more copies of often called books.

144. My biggest problem with the catalog or circulation or whatever is that the actual collection too often contains only one copy of some really important books, so there's a a lot of incentive to be recalling things, which isn't good for anybody.

145. we still could use more copies of frequently recalled books

146. The library should track books that are frequently recalled and buy additional copies.

147. The print books do not have sufficient copies of highly used items

148. Buy multiple copies of popular scholarly books.

149. Could use more copies of frequently used books, especially those regularly kept by faculty, not available for recall.

150. Get more copies/newer editions of textbooks used in the core (they tend to dissappear from the shelves) Get new textbooks / course books ( logic)

151. Having accessible copies of materials that are frequently checked out/recalled

152. more copies of standard textbooks would be appreciated

153. More copies of the more popular print books would be very helpful; quite often the books I'm looking for are checked out or get recalled right away; some of the books are older copies that are in poor condition

154. Purchase more copies of the frequently recalled books

155. There is often only one copy of hugely important books, meaning that things are constantly checked out and need to be recalled or get recalled from you.

156. We need more copies of our books. Too many students need too many copies,

157. More copies of books that are always checked out. Focus on area studies and acquire more books from overseas. The complexion of humanities is changing fast and it is important that our collection reflects that change

158. Make sure there are multiple copies of commonly used books in the library's collection

159. The library needs to have multiple copies of any book a professor is using for a class.

160. You need more duplicates of certain print books, and you definitely need a faster system to locate lost or stolen sources. It is not helpful when one is searching to take out 12 books and there are only 2 available.

161. The libraries may buy more copies for some books which are used very frequently.

162. There should be more than one copy of popular books that are recalled often. Having just one copy is simply not enough. Also, books that put on Course Reserves should also have more than a few copies, especially for those people who aren't in the class!

163. increase the number of copies of books which are popular and hard to be available to borrow

164. More copies of popular books.

165. Some popular books are very often recalled by other users. I wish for these popular books, there can be more copies.

166. As I mentioned on a previous page, buying multiple copies of popular scholarly titles would reduce financial burdens on grad students, in that buying such books would be less appealing (i.e. if they were reliably available from the library for more than a week at a time), and folks would probably accrue fewer fines (at least for myself, the chief cause of fines is not returning recalled books on time).

167. One possible way to improve the UofC library collections for me would however be to strengthen its relationships to university libraries abroad, so that it would be easier to get access to for example MA and Phd theses from universities abroad

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More books – specific titles / subjects

168. My experience with the library's archival collection is that it is very U of C specific, and as such not that useful for a wide range of historical projects. Similarly, the numeric data is very general, too general as anything other than background for a wide range of projects. If there was any way to grow the collections in ways that would help a significant subset of users (are there a lot of scholars doing work on China and could benefit from more demographic data, for instance?), please do.

169. More early (pre-1800) printed books.

170. More original manuscripts and archival materials for the feminist movement and 20th century American Protestant fundamentalism.

171. There are too few copies of many commonly used books, especially those that are often on reserve. Just some recent cases of this I've run into include Braudel's Civilization and capitalism (3 vols), Postone's Time, labor, and social domination, Cumings's The Origins of the Korea War (mainly vol 2 is a problem), Moore's Social Origins of Dictatorship and Democracy (7 copies on reserve!), Polanyi's The Great Transformation, Arrighi's The Long Twentieth Century.

172. More on the history of the left.

173. I would appreciate if you ordered more copies of Harootunian's book HISTORY'S DISQUIET

174. more copies of books which are constantly checked out. In my field this would be, off the top of my head, books by Ussama Makdisi, Deeb's "An Enchanted Modern", R. Khalidi's "Palestinian Nationalism", most stuff by Joseph Massad. Also, get some copies of Said's Orientalism that can be checked out for more than 24 hours.

175. Whereas the collection of books in the library are vast, I am truly disappointed by the lack of multiple selections. Whenever I take out a book it is immediately recalled. As a student in Latin American history, it feels like we are fighting amongst each other for books that we need. It has made this a very unpleasant experience.

176. It would be great if the scholars in each field (Soviet/Russian history in my case) could maintain a list of requested acquisitions somewhere on the library website. This might be helpful for both the librarians and scholars to see what is needed, and for greater weight to be given to those materials needed by a greater critical mass of researchers.

177. Consider multiple copies of core philosophy texts.

178. There was a book I was looking for the other day that I was very surprised the library didn't have: The Heterodox Hegel by Cyril O'Regan

179. There should be a few more copies of some fundamental primary texts - I've had to recall, for example, principal texts of Nietzche and Hobbes. Perhaps this is inevitable, since they are used in courses, but I mention it.

180. There was a book I was looking for the other day that I was very surprised the library didn't have: The Heterodox Hegel by Cyril O'Regan

181. It may be interesting to expand the collection of CD-ROM or digital versions of out-of-print or regionally really specific periodicals and journals. Bulletins from regional associations are of particular interest and importance for my work, and I would definitely use intensively any digital format available through the library. Also a good low-cost alternative to the procurement of obscure or incredibly specific publications (i.e. the International Association of Caribbean Archaeologists...)

182. In terms of urban studies and urban sociology, the collections would be improved if the library had a subscription to Urban Affairs Quarterly.

183. Wider collection of print books (particularly ethnographic monographs and edited volumes in sociology and anthropology)

184. More books on gender based violence

185. having more current books on social services, child development, and Latina studies

186. I feel like everybook I get that is based on social trends or social services has to be done ILL. Maybe get more books focused on that.

187. We need more books in Romance Languages. We need more books in Romance Languages. The library needs to have multiple copies of any book a professor is using for a class.

188. More Portuguese language historical, anthropological and ethnomusicological texts. Many of the "classics" have to be ILL'ed

189. More from Brazil in Portuguese! Having texts in their original languages matters to me.

190. The best thing that the library could do is increase its collection in my field of study (Latin American history), particularly of earlier publications (pre 1950), but even more contemporary ones.

191. More Spanish literature and criticism in books and online.

192. More information provided in Spanish and other languages;

193. As a Latin American historian, I wish there was a broader collection of maps and periodicals from the nineteenth and early 20th centuries (e.g. the IISH collection of Latin American Labor Periodicals). But at least the CRL has some of that stuff.

194. There are many important Arabic books that the library needs to acquire.

195. Increase printed book collections in Arabic Literature and Luso-Brazilian literature

196. Also, I wish our collection of secondary literature in German were better, especially for early 20th century. Perhaps some system of regularly ordering all or most new books on important authors such as Robert Musil, Thomas Mann, Rilke, Kafka etc. should be instituted.

197. I'm often somewhat constrained in what I read by limits in the library's collections, particularly of secondary literature, usually German-language but not always.

198. The German literature section is still holding on to lots of complete work editions of canonical in old German script (that take forever to read and take up lots of shelf space) and not enough current ones.

199. My dissatisfaction ratings are based on my personal research areas in Poland and Republic of Georgia. I understand that the archival sources I typically look for - popular print media - are not typically a priority of university and public collections, and so I must get these resources through ILL or personal trips to libraries with the appropriate holdings, e.g. University of Illinois Urbana.

200. I study Armenia related topics, and there are a number of publications that university libraries do not collect. Given the nature of Armenian Studies, this slight lacking is understandable, but a little problematic.

201. More journals and books from Russia

202. Greater access to scholarly work from and on the non-western world, particularly the "third world" would greatly advance the commitment to interdisciplinary research at UChicago.

203. I would also like to see some more focus on modern Chinese literature, especially pop culture.

204. I find your African section to be lacking and I have to use Northwestern to enhance my research.

205. The only thing lacking for me is African language and linguistics resources. It's not unexpected, though, since the school does not have a Kwa or Bantu languages division nor an African Studies dept. I frequently did not find those books or journals and had to get them through ILL.

206. There needs to be more African American literature. Many of books the books that are present are limited to Fredrick Douglas and Cornell west.

207. I wish important books (e.g. Marx, Foucault, Said) were available in many different languages.

208. Have more multi-language books in the library.

209. Library should hold more copies of dictionaries of languages (including non-European) that are constantly in demand.

210. For some basic patristic and early church materials, you simply don't have an English copy, when you really should have several copies of the most up to date versions.

211. Continued and enhanced financial support for collecting South Asian language materials and South Asia imprints. These are nearly all print materials rather than electronic.

212. See if you can get some bar exam study materials for the law students

213. Also, I wish there were teacher's editions of the law textbooks available for students. The textbooks often ask open ended questions w/o answers. Those answers are found in the teacher's editions.

214. obtain Hartshorne _Deformation Theory

215. Your collection of current science, programming, and mathematics books is somewhat lacking. There have been a few times where I had to find some genetic programming material at DePaul Library (through a friend since we aren't on their library sharing program). Although I really appreciate O'Reilly Tech Safari.

216. There are quite a few Statistics books that are very popular but Eckhart either doesn't have them or most of the time they are checked out (the latter is more often).

217. Also, I am somewhat dissatisfied with the library's acquisition policy for Springer books. The library at this point has access to all new Springer books electronically, and so does not buy them. While I appreciate that this must save a lot of money, and I support the policy in general (most Springer books, if acquired, would never be checked out), I wish there was some flexibility for books that individual patrons *would* use if hard copies existed. I have requested that the library buy copies of some Springer books which would be useful to have on my office desk for research purposes, and was told that hard copies are now never purchased; I asked if it would be possible to order a copy via interlibrary loan, and was told it was not

218. I would use more botanical and paleobotanical books in Crerar.

219. Have to use interlibrary loan a lot for geology and biology titles.

220. more evolution and ecology books, please!

221. I am in a new program for threat and response management, there are not a lot of current books on the subject of emergency management or on the subject of terrorism. For the most part I have to rely only on the digital journals and media.

222. computer science reference materials should include current launguages used in industry because industry drives research and jobs, not academics.

223. Throw away the old obsolete and incorrect editions & get the latest editions with updated corrections. Get solutions manual & make it available for checkout. For the MSFM program, the library does not have the standard textbooks ( Stefanica - Financial Engineering, Bjork, Rennie Baxter etc ) or their solutions. That sucks. Get all the Dover books on Math & make them available for checkout.

224. There are no business books in the library.When don't find the books Booth professors use, and there are no general business books

225. Books prescribed by the school of business are hardly ever part of the library's collection - forcing students to fork out money to buy the books. This needs to be remedied.

226. It should have current books for Booth classes

227. have more recent business publications

228. buy more books in economics

229. have old coursepacks or textbooks from MBA courses available for checkout

230. Also, more work from faculty/alumni/students when available

231. My only problem has been with availability, so my suggestion would be to beef up the collection and get multiple copies of highly sought after books. This can be determined by search volume, perhaps. One particularly egregious example: I was only able to find one English copy of One Hundred Years of Solitude!!

232. I would like to see more recent research done on James Joyce in the stacks. I've requested that the library purchase a couple that I would find useful but have heard nothing more about it.

233. The library collections contain very little French Canadian literature - this is a serious lack.

234. It seems as though any current best-seller book is checked out, and the University only owns a copy or two.

235. For less academic purposes, it would be nice to see some popular fiction or nonfiction, or to see it isolated in its own section.

236. The inclusion of more best-sellers or popular books in the law library.

237. Some How-To books that explain practical skills would be useful. hans-on guides to woodworking, electricical repair, etc. Introduction texts would also be useful (as would some basic high school level texts in subjects like chemistry).

238. More up to date career focused materials, many are form 2004-2006

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Music, performing arts, DVD collections

239. My research is in the performing arts, and the books I need get recalled quite often (perhaps because there are less copies?). On several occasions, I've had to resort to my father getting books for me (he works at another university). As the university prepares for the opening of the Logan Arts Center, it should consider building up its collection of performing arts materials (particularly dance). I see this as an area that will continue to grow in interest over the come years.

240. More performing arts resources would be very helpful, especially with regards to print books, multimedia (DVDs), and electronic journals.

241. I also wish the library would improve its DVD collection, particularly of Soviet films (something I use for my own research as well as classes I teach)

242. the music collection could be quite a bit more comprehensive in terms of music of the last 50 years

243. A larger collection of dvds and a shorter checkout time for them would be helpful.

244. A larger selection of CDs and DVDs would be helpful

245. Expand the M section (get more music scores, especially 20th century; and most especially scores since 1950).

246. Have more books and sound recordings available

247. I think the library could increase its collection of Audio books.

248. pleae add audiobooks also

249. Expand the collection of 20th century music (recordings and scores)

250. I hope that the library expands its collection of world music CDs, especially in the Latin American area.

251. I have found many books to have only one copy in the entire library, which is not available or loaned out to faculty, making it not possible to even take it for a short duartion loan Also, to the extent possible, please maintain print copies of journals. I have noticed that several journals I used to read in Crerar have disappeared in print form. Chemistry of Materials in particular comes to mind.

252. expanded music collection

253. Should have more book, DVD, music scores collection

254. More foreign language materials that involve audio or visual material would be useful.

255. The collection of films is terrible. The Film Center does not allow borrowing for non PhD students. At least having the basics at the library would be an improvement. By basics, I mean films important to cinema studies, at the very least.

256. The Law School DVD collection should include more non-law DVDs

257. Unify the film studies and library's DVD catalogs. Make more music accessible via mp3.

258. While I realize it is a minor research field in the grander scheme of things, please consider increasing the number of resources you have on twentieth century music after 1945. This includes secondary and primary sources (particularly those written in foreign languages), musical scores, and recordings. There are a number of graduate students working on this field, and many of the key texts continually have to be ordered through ILL.

259. You sooo need more movies. I see improvements in world cinema but black cinema is VERY LACKING!

260. My research in on contemporary Italian theater. Personally I find the library dvd collections on theater is on the verge of being ridiculous: there is almost nothing. I did not expect to find the latest Italian shows (although it would have been nice and some authors are internationally known). But I was surprised to find out that there are no dvds of the most important protagonists of theater in general. This is making my research very difficult, since, usually these material can not be obtained through interlibrary loans, since is often not circulating.

261. My research involves video games, which are notoriously problematic from an archival/preservation point of view. I don't have any practical suggestions, but please give it some thought! A U of C games collection would be really valuable.

262. The DVD selection is also small, and hard to use because the titles on the spines of the cases are covered.

263. DVD collections in particular need to be expanded.

 264. DVDs are scratched sometimes - they could be checked more thoroughly.

 265. I'd like to see more recent DVDs and CDs.

266. Improved DVD collection

 267. Increase purchases (and diversity of said purchases) of CD, DVD and other audiovisual materials.

268. It'd be helpful to have more films, since the films in the Cinema & Media Studies Ctr in Cobb cannot be checked out. The library's collection of dvd's is heavily used. Almost any film has to be recalled in order to view. This isn't an impossible task, but does not always fit into a student's schedule.

269. Also, I've tried to find some documentaries and other DVD resources, and the library has never had them

270. More CDs DVDs

271. Increase the library's DVD collections, particularly for teaching materials. I work in literature, and have found videos about improving writing and reading skills tremendously helpful in class.

272. Get more DVDs, especially movies in Arabic. A lot of stuff is avaiable on VHS, which means it is not available at all because no one has a vhs player anymore!

273. More DVDs and music would be nice. I would even pay a small fee for that privilege

274. The library needs to develop its Latin American collections, particularly as it pertains to media, music, etc.

275. More international movies (DVD).

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More journals and journals - general

276. IEEE journals (if I put it in every form, will it seem like more people want them? I do seriously need them, though).

277. More journals.

278. In addition, foreign language journal collections could be better so that we could see what is popular in countries where we conduct research.

279. Please get access to "The Geographical Journal."

280. Subscribe to the Wire UK (music magazine). It costs too much money for me to get my own subscription. Subscribe to Wax Poetics too. That is also a great music mag.

281. This is a request related to my research: would it be possible for the library to purchase a subcription to the Yediot Achronot newspaper online database (available 1967-present)? (I recently used this at the National Library of Israel and it was extremely helpful for my research.)

282. At the moment, the university does not have a subscription to GeoScienceWorld journal. This online subscription would be very helpful.

283. access to additional business publications like Advertising Age and Brandweek

284. More IEEE journals

285. Could invest more on important business magazines and online business case studies which are extremely important for Booth students (some other top business schools have great archive of business case studies).

286. I do a lot of research on architecture and design and I find that the University of Chicago rarely has foreign architecture journals, and if they do, then only for a short run. And, to my knowledge, there are very few primary non-textual sources at U of C, i.e. blueprints, drawings.

287. I do hope that the library subscribe more hard-to-find journals such as ones published in Japan, China, and Korea.

288. Moreover, many of the journals we subscribe to we only get in digital, and in most cases they are not available for at least another year. I would like to see all our journals available at least for a year in print, so that we can actually read the latest research. I don't have enough money to subscribe to four or five journals each.

289. I know we are not an ag school, but for those of us who study plants, having access to crop journals would be very useful! Almost half of the articles I read are from Crop Science. Most of the time, I write to the author for a copy of the paper. I don't know how difficult it would be to add access to a journal or two from the ag sciences, but it would be greatly appreciated!

290. I think it would be nice to have specialty journals like DAO and "The Journal of Melville Studies" available.

291. I would like to see more foreign newspapers -- I work with Hebrew language sources, and I am suprised that the library does not carry all the major Israeli newspapers (including the Jerusalem post) and that newspapers are not available for over a week from the print date.

292. I would love to see more important non-english language journals in the humanities

293. Also, volumes of journals I often need are in storage and I have to request them on ILL.

294. However, there are a few journals that are not available, or available only with very severe restrictions (large moving walls, etc.), and the collection of literary magazines is rather sparse. Literary magazines are relevant to my research and also a source of personal enjoyment.

295. It seems that we've discontinued subscriptions to several print journals in theology. This has affected my research.

296. Keep up to date with new Scientific Journal Subscriptions.

297. greater archive of older journals (or at least electronic access)

298. many important academic journals in my field, Italian literature are not available in the library. For some, the subscription to the printed edition has been cancelled, but these journals have no electronic edition so that it is impossible to consult them, which is quite annoying. Also, for many important books in more than one volumes, for some reasons I can't explain, the library purchased only one or two volumes and not the entire collection.

299. In addition, foreign language journal collections could be better so that we could see what is popular in countries where we conduct research.

300. Some additional journals would be nice, though I can't think what they are at the moment

301. There are gaps between the library's print journal collections and the digital collections of the same journal. Sometimes there are significant gaps of 5 years or more between when the print collection ends and the digital collection begins, or there are "digital versions" that don't actually provide access to full versions of journal articles, so that it is rather difficult to access certain social science journal articles. Too often, the links from the library catalog to the online provider do not work, too - a minor annoyance, but since someone has gone to the trouble of putting the link in, why not make sure it works? Similarly, when buying digital content, why not make sure the library's print collection really ends when the digital collection begins?

302. Widen the amount of articles and scholarly journals students can access

303. We don't have any of the James Joyce journals, which is something I would like to see changed.

304. subscribe to the journal Violence and Victims

305. can you get access to Food, Culture and Society

306. Recent journals are pretty unnecessary at Chicago. I might have looked at physical issues once or twice

307. As much as I love being able to check out almost every item, I think that more books - those that are important in a field and frequently used - could be treated as reference materials to be used in a certain area only.

308. Some reference works in the South Asian section (I am talking about what I know) should not be listed so. It is difficult to understand the logic in ascribing to some volumes this denomination. Some of these books, since they are reference works, are not allowed to be check them out even though they are not dictionaries or "reference works" as I would imagine (ex: Sarvastivada Buddhist scholasticism).

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Purchase requests/speed of acquisitions /replacing lost books

309. Quicker purchasing of new books--right now everything changes fast. Maybe eBooks would help

310. But I'm reminded that I placed some music purchase requests for some harder-to-find tango CDs quite a long time ago, and never even heard back about them! What's up with that?

311. I also hope that some collections, such as South Asia, can process new books more quickly.

312. The process for procuring new items through the 'purchase request' feature needs to be streamlined. I have made purchase requests in the past for books available at online vendors like Amazon and their status remains as 'on order' far longer than it would take for me to have purchased the book myself and has it shipped via their free shipping option. Since I do not have the financial resources to do this for some of these titles, I find it frustrating when the Library decides to follow through on a request but then takes weeks or months to fulfill that request.

313. I don't often request new books to be ordered, but I think there could be greater communication on this. I made a request several months ago, and although it shows up in the catalog as 'on order', I never received an email telling me that it had been ordered or when I might expect to have access to it.

 314. Some sort of auto-feedback or a button on the FindIt! page that a user could click to let the library know there's something wanted that we don't currently have. (I know that there's a way to request but this would provide the library with better raw data on where the "holes" are in the catalogue.) The Collections Dept. is usually very good at ordering most of the important new work.

315. Faster replacement of missing or lost books would be appreciated

316. Many books turn out missing but are not replaced quickly.

317. Replace books listed in the catalogue as missing more promptly.

318. Replace lost or missing copies in a timely manner.

319. Many books turn out missing but are not replaced quickly.

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320. no more documents (old PhDs etc) on microfilm. if it is on microfilm i pretty much won't use it.

321. more microfilms for rare books or journals would be nice

322. Transfer the holdings of the microfilm/ microfiche collection to an online database. This will allow for better preservation of the items.

323. It could acquire particular microfilm resources in 17th and 18th century European history. This is pretty specific, though, and I feel hesitant asking, as the material is available through ILL.

 324. Also, might it be possible to merge some of the microfilmed press collections held at CRL with the Regenstein? That would make borrowing/using materials much easier.

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