Survey 2010 comments: eating 


1. Study spaces where food/beverages are allowed.

2. Allow food and drink. Maybe have a cafe. In general, library should feel more like a cafe than an academic institution.

3. There could be an area within the library designated for eating, which could include a microwave

4. I know this probably isn't possible, but I'd really like to be able to eat food while I study.

5. I know this is an on-going issue but students keep a)eating

6. The rules are not followed by any visitors. I never study there because it is annoying to have to sit and listen to people eating and drinking, crackling their wrappers, etc.

7. I have the same problem in the Reg, but at least in the Reg I can go into the stacks and achieve some modicum of quiet, even though people seem to love to talk or use their cell phones in there as well. Studying in the normal library spaces is IMPOSSIBLE because of the constant chit-chat and eating, and it shouldn't be my responsibility to ask people to stop having conversations. Since when did it become acceptable library policy or etiquette to eat constantly in the library? Is there any chance either of enforcing the library rules against food more effectively, to create a list of acceptable and unacceptable items (acceptable: water, coffee, tea, things that aren't crunchy or loud or smelly when you eat them, unacceptable: burgers, spicy foods, individually wrapped candy wrappers, foil bags of potato chips that you eat with your mouth open after putting in your headphones), or to create areas in the library that are food-okay and food-forbidden? Same thing with socializing: some trains have "no talking" cars. Can we create a few spaces that are "no talking, quiet study" areas? Seriously, I think it's totally insane that I am unable to study in the library because it's too loud and full of food, and I can't be the only one who has this problem.

8. less food

9. Zero tolerance quiet zones and no food in the library would be huge improvements!

10. I don't study in the Reg anymore because the behavior of other patrons just got to be too much - eating stinky food, talking, answering phones, etc. I'm not sure if this has improved since Harper has been redone - I hope it has!

11. It would be hugely appreciated if, within the Regenstein library, a greater effort was made to ensure that the library stayed food free (desk surfaces often have food on them)

12. Regenstein's cubicles tend to be rather dirty. Some students eat their box lunches and dinner there. I can understand sneaking a candy bar, but hot box lunches? Not only is it messy, but it makes the whole floor smells! I think the librarians need to start enforcing no food rule.

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13. It'll be great if the library can provide hot water besides the fountain water, especially now it's winter.

14. Some students (esp.undergrads majoring in science) get together to solve problems and bring food not only to the library but also to the space which is dedicated to research (i.e. east asian lib. has two computers that have special softwares installed), make mess, talk loud etc. Can the university offer better food and drinks at or near the library? Hiring a couple of people who have a good training in cooking and catering should suffice it. I don't know why the university cannot do it, and instead it hires "a lot" of untrained people and make them cook or serve the food of the existing companies that are not healthy or tasty at all.

15. There should be people walking around selling tea and sweats and the Reg (as they do in India). I think it would really enhance my studying

16. I do wish there were choices for better meals close to the library, as the choices are mostly fastfood type, unhealthy food, and the Ex Libris cafe is dirty to the point of unhealthy.

17. Also, as many if not all students tend to get food/beverages at ex-libris (especially during finals period), I would like to see better and more variety of food and drink options. Also, ex-libris should take credit cards and not be cash-only, as there is no ATM in the Reg.

18. My main complaint is that it is not cleaned often enough (I use the Regenstein). Maybe the problem is that people eat and there is no system set up to clean up after people eating in a library.

19. Also, (but this is the problem for the entire campus) the library does not offer any decent place where to have a coffee or a meal: the place in the basement is the saddest place I can think of. It is dark, gloomy, uncomfortable, the music the kids from the coffee shop play is horrible and too loud. If I am working at the library, I would like to take a break in a place that is a little more cheerful, especially in the winter.

20. Please, how about a cafe with windows? Would lower suicide risk in PhD students and probably speed time to degree.

21. A better cafe. There is nowhere to eat substantive food while I'm studying.

22. Regenstein needs a nicer coffee shop - the exlibris space is not a nice space to relax in between hours of work

23. Oh, and here's one, any chance that the cafe could be accessible without having to "leave" and return? That'd be a small thing, but nice.

24. Sometimes undergraduate students use the research computer room in the East Asian Library as a study space, which wouldn't be such a big deal (especially when researchers are not using the computer) if they didn't dirty it up with the food they bring in there. Often there is food on the keyboards, chairs, desk, etc.

25. undergraduates are VERY disturbing (talk on the phone, hold long and loud conversations, eat smelly food, etc.) Graduate and serious students need more quiet, clean places to study with comfortable chairs, desks and convenient electrical outlets.

26. the Regenstein needs more cafe access!

27. meeting rooms are always very messy- with food wrappers, papers, etc.

28. There needs to be a space on campus, in any of the libraries, that is for graduate students only. This is especially evident during midterms and finals, when undergraduates use the libraries more often. They come in groups, talk and whisper, answer their phones, and eat full meals at their desks. It's impossible to concentrate at these times.

29. Both the Regenstein and Crerar libraries could do with better food & refreshment options - so that continuous study can occur without too much disruption

30. eating smelly food,

31. I used to work more often in the library but it tends to get very crowded at certain times of the quarter, people talk on their phones, eat, chat, air quality can get bad despite the constant sound of the air ventilation system, bathrooms can get disgusting etc. which makes it hard to focus.

32. It would be very nice to have a space somewhere to eat that is not in the basement.

33. (Reg) I think the new addition will provide this but one element that seems to be missing is a nice, large, well-lighted space where you can eat or drink, talk openly and, at the same time, study. The atrium at the law school, for instance, is an easy place to study: it's comfortable, there are lots of tables and chairs, the coversations blend into white noise, etc.

34. Cofeeshops!

35. What I would like to see more than any thing else is cafe space in the regenstein that isn't disgusting. There is plenty of space to study in the reg, but there is very little space anywhere on campus that is actually pleasant. I'm hoping that new reading room will correct this. I have no idea whether the cafe space in the reg is managed by people who have anything to do with the library itself. But if it is, can you send an email to the person who manages that cafe and ask them what in the world is wrong with them and why they can't come up with a cleaning list for employees? also some more casual study spaces would be useful. It would be nice to have an area where some food and quiet/brief conversation was allowed. Sometimes when you are studying for very long periods its hard to go without a snack, etc.For a daily visitor, there are not many places to get healthy food. Before Bartlett became a buffet (terrible idea!), I used to get just a salad with vegetables, a hamburger, a vegetable side dishes, etc. to tide me over while studying. The food situation here is very unhealthy, unsanitary, and dreary

36. Above-ground cafe in Regenstein might be nice. Ex Libris gets kind of gloomy, as there is no view of the outside world.

37. could there be a vending machine in the foyer/the area before one comes through the gate?

38. I do appreciate the access to the cafe and vending machines at the Reg,

39. For the Reg, it would be nice to improve/upgrade the cafeteria so that there are easy ways to eat while studying.

40. Good food and beverage options available whenever the library is open is a major factor on where I go to work

41. I have contacted the library previously about the lack of quiet space for graduate research and writing. As enrollment increases, spaces in which graduate students can work becomes increasingly hard to find. Undergraduates tend to work together and are studying, rather than writing, which means frequent talking--not to mention the amount of food and electronics they bring with them for distraction. This is a major problem toward the end of the quarter when most graduate students are driven out of the Regenstein. This is unacceptable. For those of us working toward our doctorate, we cannot be asked to interrupt our writing schedule every 8 weeks (now more frequently). How many universities of Chicago's status don't have graduate-exclusive work spaces?

42. Please, improve the coffee shop at the A-level of Regentein!!!

43. I stopped going to Crerar because it's become too social and people are constantly eating there. I understand snacking or drinking coffee in the library, but it's gone way beyond that to the point that I've felt ill from the smell of some of the things people bring in and eat (I'm vegetarian, so burgers just don't smell appetizing to me aside from the fact that they're inappropriate to eat in the library). I also had to stop going to Crerar because people bring in things like chips or granola bars, items that are wrapped in foil bags and are VERY VERY LOUD when being opened, eaten from or disposed of

44. Also, could the Regenstein library please provide graduate students a slightly decent coffee shop? The A-level coffee shop is so dirty and ugly. The coffee there tastes like garbage, and the microwave ovens there are mostly broken. During the winter break, I even ran into U of C alumna who was amazed by how short the library open-hours were nowadays, and by how shabby the A-level coffee shop looked like. A poor pathetic coffee shop like the one on the A-level would not give visitors any good impression on the university, let alone providing satisfactory service for all the hard-working students in the university. I think it'll be better if the libraries can provide some microwaves for us.

45. I wish there were more food available at Crerar!

46. for extended study sessions, wish that even a working vending machine was available at Crerar.

47. There should be a café in or near Crerar.

48. It would be nice if Crerar had some kind of snack station/area or even coffee shop.

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