Survey 2010 comments: building access / hours

1. longer hours

2. Open earlier in the morning.

3. Stay open longer!

4. Stay open later on Fridays and Saturdays.

5. have library open 24 hrs.

6. 24 hours access!

7. Can you please extend the library hours again? I think it's criminal that Crerar and the Reg close so early, especially since the folks who are most likely to use Crerar late at night are folks from the hospital or scientists and not a bunch of undergrads.

8. Have the library open 24 hours, with the ability to check materials out.

9. Please adjust Sunday hours. The library should open by 8am.

10. The only real problem is the hours, everything else is perfect!

11. Would appreciate longer opening hours during recess times, especially in summer

12. It is inconvenient for me that the Regenstein is not open on Sunday mornings. I would use it regularly at that time.

13. The Reg should also remain open later on Friday and Saturday nights.

14. It would be helpful if there was a library that opened earlier. It's surprisingly difficult to find a place to study before 8 am, and having something that opened earlier would allow me to find a quiet place to study when I have a window of time in the early morning hours.

15. libraries should be open every day; more library space should be open 24 hours

16. Longer hours during breaks would be great.

17. longer evening hours for the stacks.

18. There should also be some portion of the library that is open 24 hours a day all quarter long.

19. My only (very small) complaint is that I find the limited hours on Friday and Saturday evenings unnecessarily restrictive, and, if the policy accords with any of the hypothetical explanations I've heard for it, more than a bit ham-fisted.

20. Also, I think the library closes too early this year (12am instead of 3am).

21. To my personal opinion, the Regenstein library could open earlier than 8 a.m. while I hardly make any use of it after 10 p.m.

22. Please consider having Sunday morning hours, or at least a place for quiet study from 8AM-noon.

23. Please have all-night study available seven days a week.

24. Library closes too early one weekends...

25. re: Regenstein: 24 hours access would be highly appreciated. I understand the library staff should be allowed to have fun or rest, but extended hours on weekend nights could be a middle ground of sorts.

26. Further, the lack of late hours (I work in the evenings best) pushes me off campus to work, it serves to limit the usefulness of the library.

27. Regenstein: earlier regular opening hours (6a), comfy chairs in all-night study space

28. It would be also nice to have the library open 24 hours, with the ability to check materials out.

29. The building hours are OK on weekdays during quarters but much too short on Fridays, especially on breaks.

30. the library closes too early

31. I wish that the library opened earlier, however -- perhaps at 7am instead of 8am. I wouldn't mind closing Regenstein earlier in the evening if we could have it open a hour earlier in the morning.

32. The Regenstein needs to have extended hours on the weekends and early mornings. Opening at 8:30 is too late for many students who get up and want to get straight to work without going to the dreary overnight study space.

33. We really need a 24 hr library. For a school of this quality, it's just inexcusable that it closes at midnight! More group study rooms would be good, but the main thing is that the hours are terrible.

34. Access to electrical outlets, the ability to print and hours of the library in between quarters are the three issues you queried about that seem most problematic.

35. while building hours during the quarters are satisfactory, interim hours are outrageous - if the Reg is a 'research library', it should meet the needs of graduate students, not just the college.

36. At least one library should be open, 24 hours a day.

37. I use the Regenstein B-Level daily for individual study. First, I'm dissatisfied with the hours--why isn't this space open 24 hours, like the A-Level?

38. I wish the Regenstein had longer hours

39. The hours: 8am is too late in the day for the library to get going. I'm an early riser, usually up at 5:30, and so are many of my colleagues. 6am seems a reasonable time to open the doors for work. I realize that this adds operating cost, but perhaps we could just have the library open for study at 6 and not start actually desk and sign-out services until 8? Or maybe we could cut back on the 1am closing time, which seems pretty darn late, and move to a 7am-12am schedule instead of 8am-1am?

40. 24 hour access please!!!!!!

41. It would be helpful for the circulation desk to be open as long as the library is. When you leave the library at 10:00 pm on a Saturday and need to check out some books, it borders on irritating to have to leave the books behind and to have to make a return trip, just because the circulation desk closes 15 minutes before the library does.

42. I know I'm probably in the minority here, but it bugs me that the Regenstein opens at 8 a.m. Opening at 7 a.m. would be great!

43. Extending the library hours for the whole building (instead of just the 24 hours study in the basement of the Reg) would be great.

44. The library should also have weekend (sunday morning, etc) hours in the summer.

45. I'd like longer hours during weekends for Regenstein.

46. Longer hours are always welcome during the last two weeks of class. Near the end of last quarter there were nights where I had to leave before I was really ready to. At my old campus, during the last week of class the library would operate under extended hours which was very helpful.

47. Longer opening hours especially during summer and holidays

48. Earlier hours on Sunday

49. The library should be opened earlier, especially on Sundays.

50. It's always frustrating for me that the Reg closes at 1. But I understand why, and the difficulties of keeping it open later, so I don't complain.

51. I think it would be nice if the desk were open beginning at 8 rather than 8:30.

52. Opening hours are very good in general.

53. I like that the Regenstein Library is open thgough the night

54. Keep the non-regenstein libraries open more.

55. the hours Crerar is open should not have been shortened

56. I would recommend that the Crerar library be open later than 1 am during weekdays.

57. Crerar Library provides an excellent space for studying, and the longer hours are very much appreciated.

58. I hope the Crerar library Circ./Reserve time can be extend to Sunday morning.

59. The D'angelo Law Library closes much too early this year; it is a vast inconvenience, especially since one of the security guards always makes us clear out at least 10 minutes before closing.

60. D'Angelo is very specific to their population to get into the building. If the library is for a

61. ll students, then it should be easy to get in at any time.

62. Also, it is ridiculous that D'Angelo closes at midnight. We're law students -- we need to study much later than that.

63. SSA is rarely open outside of school hours-- many students are in class during the day! It doesn't make much sense.

64. longer hours for SSA

65. The SSA library needs to extend its hours of operation!

66. Longer hours in Eckhart!

67. In Eckhart Library, the hours are not convenient, especially it closes too early on Saturdays and not even opens on Sundays.

68. Many of my reserve books are only at Eckhart. Expanding Eckhart's hours a little bit (especially on weekends) would be helpful.

69. Have Eckhart open everyday

70. open the map room more hours

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