Survey 2010 comments: lighting

1. more light

2. AND the good reading light!! I can't stress it enough!!

3. The lighting needs to be improved!!!

4. Better lighting

5. Also, is it possible to keep the lights on at all times above the desks in the stacks? Having to pop up and hit the lightswitch every so often is annoying.

6. Lighting and printing/copying equipment need a great deal of improvement.

7. More diverse lighting!! Try putting slightly more expensive, less shitty lighting on one floor and see what happens. I'm sitting in a North side coffee shop with track lighting right now primarily because the after-dark on-campus fluorescence is depressing.

8. The lighting is bad

9. I also have a hard time reading at night with the Florescent lights -- they give me a headache.

10. It would be good to have more lighting in reading areas.

11. It would be great that the light at the Regenstein Library gets brighter.

12. The harshness of the overhead fluorescence really shortens the amount of time I'm able to stay.

13. It's gotten a lot nicer in the last few years! The only complaint I have is longstanding and well-known: the lights in the music seminar room, JRL 264, are on a 15-minute timer. Is it really that hard to fix??

14. Less flourescent lighting pls!!

15. Lighting could be improved for the quiet study spaces in the Crerar library.

16. Lighting in the Reg, in the film studies collections, is often only one light/ shelving unit, making it nearly impossible to see the texts I am looking for. If students can turn the lights on manually, I am unaware, as there is no sign instructing this.

17. Lighting in the stacks is poor and tiring.

18. Lighting is so dark in regenstein library.

19. Lighting system is so dark that studying is somewhat harmful for our eyes

20. Lightning is poor at regenstein and group study rooms are usually unavailable.

21. Lights are dim in some corners.

22. Make it more obvious which light switch controls which set of lights.

23. More local, close-up lighting (as opposed to only ceiling lighting) in study spaces outside the 1st floor of the Regenstein.

24. More natural light. More light in general.

25. Lighting at night, when bright enough, is too harsh.

26. Needs better lighting (softer); could be made more comfortable.

27. Obviously you can't build new windows very easily, but the Reg often feels like a cave. I wish there were more natural light.

28. Some areas have too-dim fluorescent lighting, and sometimes all the group study rooms are full.

29. Perhaps the lighting in the Regenstein stacks could be set to a motion detector system? I've often seen many aisles left with the lights on, and have at times been browsing and had the lights turned off by someone who didn't realize I was there. I'm not sure how costly this would be, but it would likely save on energy in the long run.

30. Please add additional lights and/or color.

31. Please get better lighting in the Reg. The fluorescents there are awful and headache-inducing.

32. please improve the light of the top floors of the regeinstein library.

33. Reg stacks could be better marked and lighted.

34. I usually use the back study room in the northeast corner of the first floor because it gets good natural light.

35. All need different lighting, I would think

36. Regenstein, while a wonderful collection, is really a poor space to work. There's little natural light, too few outlets, and pretty dismal desks. Mansueto's construction should help a lot, but I think that floors 2-4 of Regenstein could also be improved with different study carels and individual lights for pooled rather than fluorescent light.

37. lights are sometimes out;

38. better lighting in the bookstacks;

39. Regenstein's decor—especially in terms of colors (predominantly grays and beiges)—could be updated to improve lighting and the occasionally oppressive feel of the (necessarily) large, windowless, fluorescently-lit study areas.

40. Slightly better lighting is needed.

41. Softer, brighter lighting in the Reg would be preferable.

42. Some of the bookstacks are not well-lit but in fact are dark. Maybe there's a way to activitate the lighting to help me find a book I'm looking for, but if so I don't know how to do this.

43. Some of the stacks could be better lit.

44. The lighting is just fine for being able to see, but the quality of the light is harsh and awful. It makes everyone look gray and just feels depressing.

45. the cubicles are of a soul-sucking drabness. I wished they were painted in a color different than gray, and that there were less angular shapes. The lighting also, while effectively, is aesthetically quite disappointing. Furthermore there is very little natural light in the single study areas. PLEASE RENEW THE CUBICLES! PUT UP SOME WOODEN ONES, WITH SOOTHING CURVING SHAPES! PLEASE RENEW THE LIGHTING, MAKE IT LOOK LESS LIKE A MORGUE! IT IS A TERRIBLE SPACE TO STUDY ALONE AS IT IS, AND I AM SPENDING HERE MOST OF MY LIFE...

46. The fluorescent lighting in the Reg is absolutely awful because it manages to be both harsh and too dim at the same time, and it makes studying there at night very unpleasant.

47. The fluorescent lighting is harsh and very artificial feeling. It makes me feel closed in, even in large rooms, if I can't sit near a window and get some natural light

48. The fluorescent lights are a travesty. They make reading painful after any extended period of time, and there is nowhere to escape from them. Energy efficiency or not, at least have some stations with desklamps with normal bulbs

49. The fluorescent lights are absolutely horrible to work under. The light hurts my eyes, they create a horribly depressing mood, and they flicker and buzz. Some nice desk lamps would be wonderful, and also, if there is any way more natural light could come into the building, that would be wonderful.

50. The Reg is like working in a cave.

51. The horrible, flickering, buzzing fluorescent lighting is the number one reason I don't work at the Reg.

52. Drab surroundings, institutional lighting. It's an embarrassment in comparison to peer institutions. Suggest thorough remodeling (I guess this will be happening in a couple years, in conjunction with the Mansueto addition? Right?), but in the short term put reading lamps on all the tables and warmer lights overhead.

53. the lighting at the reg could be improved;

54. a little more window access in the reg would be nice

55. The lighting at the Regenstein is overall of a very poor quality, and when you match that with my own poor eyesight and long hours of reading, you end up with massive headaches. The lighting at the Crerar library is of a much higher quality (more light, brighter, whiter, and localized directly above study spaces) and this is something that the Regenstein could easily improve as well.

56. The lighting in Regenstein can be a little better. It seems a bit dark for reading in the evening.

57. The lighting in Regenstein is horrible.

58. The lighting in the Reg could be so much better. The tables by the windows go so quickly because no one wants to study in such a dim place. It's depressing. And there are so few windows or so few spaces by the windows, it'd be nice to have brighter livelier study space.

59. The lighting in the Reg is good, but I sometimes find that it's hard to find a seat where there isn't a flickering light. I also wonder if you could have special reading lamps available for building use only that students could "check out" by leaving an ID at the circulation desk

60. the lighting in the Regenstein leaves much to be desired.

61. The lighting in the Regenstein Library bookstacks is terribly dim. All else is fine.

62. The lighting in the stacks in Regenstein is awful.

63. the lighting is depressing and the library is very uncomfortable to work in.

64. The lighting is terrible at the Reg

65. The lighting is terrible. I used to study there, but it put too my strain on my eyes to read under that awful poor lighting. lamps at tables would be helpful.

66. The lighting is very low and induces sleepiness.

67. The lights in Regenstein cycle, which my eyes are sensitive to. It makes it very difficult to study or read there, as I can see the lights getting brighter and dimmer on my page.

68. The Regenstein feels like a bomb shelter. Any improvements in lighting possible would be extremely welcome.

69. updating the color scheme or lighting or changing the way the space is organized to make it feel airier and lighter would be an immense help

70. The university should desperately invest in, at least, indirect lighting sources that can replace the glare of the florescent lights,

71. The stacks in the Regenstein are sometimes intermittently lit, which can be problematic.

72. The study spaces that are scattered throughout the stacks in the Reg are a nice idea, but very depressing in reality, with bad lighting and a suffocating feeling.

73. the lighting in the bookstacks is really dim.

74. More electrical outlets and better wireless coverage would help, as would some non-florescent lighting

75. I wish there was a nice, quet reading room with comfortable chairs and individual lamps.

76. When walking down the stacks, the lights should come on.

77. Would be helpful if the library was slightly more well lit. It can be very dim, especially when sitting in the individual study cubes.

78. Again, I think most important would be to create a variety of aesthetically pleasing reading spaces within the library, rather than having the homogeneous style of cubic chairs and lighting.

79. .light isn't very good,

80. Better lighting and more heating in 5th Floor Regenstein Bookstacks- it gets quite chilly studying there at night

81. Fixing the lights in the Reg so they are not headache inducing.

82. More study areas would only be helpful if there were adequate lighting provided in them.

83. Better lighting in the Stacks/easier access, such as more ladders.

84. The lights on the 4th floor of the regenstein make an awful buzzing noise. This needs to be stopped.

85. The whole place gives off a damp, musty feeling--better lighting (individual lights for study carols)

86. Lighting is a bit harsh.

87. Lighting: the halogen lights often flicker in ways that give me a headache after several hours of reading.

88. Some places in the Reg with more comfortable chairs and more aesthetically pleasant lighting for more focused reading would be fantastic. The inability to escape from the diffuse flourescent lighting keeps me from spending too much time there at night. By comparison, the overhead lamps in Crerar are great, but it is a more socially isolating space.

89. The lighting on the second floor is bad.

90. Desk lamps would be a nice addition to provide better lighting while studying

91. During peak hours, it's very difficult to find individual study spaces in the Reg which are quiet and well-lit.

92. Energy effiiency: lights in the stacks are almost always left on, a big waste of energy. Often it's library employees shelving books who leave them on. At the very least shelvers should be instructed to turn off the lights when they finish with a section - better would be making someone responsible for turning off unused lights periodically during the day

93. Lighting is of extreme importance to me and others who study long hours in the library. There's not many economical solutions to switching from florescent lighting to something with a more steady emission, but, when natural light is limited, it becomes an important issue. The few study desks with their own lighting are ideal and I use those whenever possible.

94. Even though most books I need are at the Reg, I end up spending most of my time in Crerar because the lighting in the Reg is so very poor

95. There are no lamps in any area I have ever been to for better personal lighting.

96. Perhaps also an option for table lighting rather than overhead flourescent at least at some workstations.

97. Reading lamps at some of the armchairs and tables would be wonderful

98. I avoid studying in Regenstein because it is not very well lit

99. Second, the flickering neon lights scattered all around the Reg.

100. I find the lighting in Regenstein Library to be very bad. The lighting should be softer, and study desks should have an individual light on them.

101. I find the lighting in the Reg very hard on the eyes, and very unappealing generally.

102. I find the lighting in the stacks in the Reg really creepy. I understand that it would be very expensive to brightly light the stacks at all times, but I feel like light switches could be more avaliable.

103. The overabundance of overhead lighting (practically no lamps)

104. I do think that the lighting can be a little dim, perhaps as a result of being installed before the age of laptops?

105. I have said that I am dissatisfied with the lighting, and indeed, it's a bit harsh. But that is a minor complaint overall.

106. I mostly study in Regenstein, but the lighting (diffuse and florescent, and much too dim for the carrels) is really hard on the eyes.

107. Lighting in most of the study areas is terrible. I usually work in B level, and I think a major reason may be that the ceilings are lower there, so I get better light. (Flickering fluorescents aside.) Study carousels also have the shelf casting a shadow.

108. We need better lighting

109. Aside from that, the overhead lighting is terribly dim. Where I study in the stacks, the lighting is poor

110. I think the biggest issue for me at the Reg is the lighting. I am nearsighted, and the flickering of neon lights is very tiresome for my eyes. I try to work by the south windows to get natural light but during winter months,it gets dark very early. I wish there were areas with lights using a more natural spectrum.

111. Third, I'm very dissatisfied with lighting there--overall lighting is good, but there are at least three overhead lights out over the central study tables, and at least one had been out since fall--I know, because I notified the front desk about it! Why hasn't this lighting been fixed? People study there, AND NEED LIGHT!!!

112. All too often the lighting is poor a

113. there is still a shortage of outlets and lighting.

114. The 24 hour space in the Regenstein is noisy and dimly lit. It is not a productive space.

115. I think the lighting over desks is inadequate. I usually compensate with natural sunlight by trying to sit near a window. I have even considered bringing my own desk lamp in and keeping it in my locker for daily use. Please consider lamps for all the desks.

116. There are no areas with nice looking chairs and soft lighting.

117. the lighting is terrible for reading... need some good full-spectrum halogen lights

118. I'd like to see more single-user, bright lightning options in Regenstein.

119. It would be great if there were desk lamps in the Regenstein Library.

120. Both Crerar and the Reg should have lamp lighting on the tables.

121. The Crerar Library has poor lighting in a lot of the areas (the automatic lights never come on, or don't stay on even if you move around). There are also few places for group study.

122. Crerar: a terribly maintained library! are they short on funds or something; there are almost always lights out for weeks on every floor

123. Searching the stacks in Crerar is dark, even once you've found the right light switch and turned on all the available lights.

124. The Crerar stacks can be a bit creepy due to the lighting. I realize this is to save energy, however, so I don't necessarily think it should be changed.

125. The lighting in Crerar can be harsh on the eyes after a while.

126. The lighting in Crerar is often on a timer at the end of rows, and turns off long before I'm finished browsing journal articles or other items, many of which are older and not indexed online.

127. The lighting in Crerar is terrible. They go out every 10-15 min when I'm studying, so I have to get up and turn them back on. I know it's saving power, but can the timer be set to 30 min at least or on a motion sensor? It's very disruptive.

128. JCL also has nice lighting--all that natural light during the day keeps me from wanting to jump out the window. :)

129. The solo study spaces at Crerar could use some help -- mainly in increasing the number of electrical outlets and improving the lighting. I know lighting was recently replaced on the 2nd floor, but it is fluorescent and pretty unpleasant

130. The John Crerar Library is poorly lit in many of the study areas,

131. A few more tables and more lighting in Crerar (the outer area in the basement)

132. D'Angelo Library has great lighting with all the windows and after dark.

133. D'Angelo could be slightly better lit

134. The new lighting in Harper is fantastic--I really like the table lamps and I wish the Reg had better lighting like that!

135. Harper: ~ needs better lighting

136. The SSA library is really well lit, especially with the gigantic windows, however because of that bright light I find it very hard to use my laptop computer in there because there is such a glare. Also I often have to squint to read things or feel I should be wearing sunglasses in there.

137. better lighting in SSA

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