Survey 2010 comments: noise

1. Designated loud zones. Everyone in the Reg thinks they deserve 100% quiet: these people should wear air traffic headsets.

2. Quiet areas,

3. Too much chatting in the general study space. People are talking on cell phones or to each other while others try to study. I find this interferes with my ability to work.

4. I'd also use it a lot more if it were warmer and quieter.

5. make students not anwser the phone in the quite space

6. It is also TOO LOUD. Students are always talking on their cell phones and it is very difficult to find a quiet space to study.

7. Zero tolerance quiet zones and no food in the library would be huge improvements!

8. Also, when areas are made available for all night study, there should be a designated quiet section.

9. Also, the A-level of the Reg turns into an all night party rather than an all night study space. I'm not saying students shouldn't be able to talk down there, just that it shouldn't be a free-for-all.

10. In Regenstein, there are often people using their cell phones on the quiet floors/stacks - some of whom are clearly not students and seem to be using the space to conduct their own businesses. I find this very disruptive when studying.

11. It would be hugely appreciated if, within the Regenstein library, a greater effort was made to ensure that the library stayed food free (desk surfaces often have food on them), and that a greater degree of quiet was observed on the upper floors.

12. sometimes non-audio 'noise' is an issue on first and second floors

13. Fewer classes in the space so that people aren't coming in and out of classes in talkative groups.

14. Often if I'm looking for a space for group study, my group and I have to personally investigate each potential space. This isn't a huge problem for us, but I think it irritates the people trying to quietly study when 2-7 people are rustling around

15. Also, please do a better job instructing College students on library etiquette. Cell phones, conversations, etc. are a constant problem.

16. And please, please do not turn on that TV monitor that mysteriously appeared in the lobby of Regenstein.

17. putting group study space for undergrads and computers together on the 1st floor is a bad idea. the undergrads frequently use the permission for quiet group to study to be an excuse to use cell phones throughout the area and disturb many patrons.

18. Quiet floors in library are not quiet as people often talk and there are lots of distractions with people walking around, listening to music loudly, etc.- would like more isolated study spaces than tables all in one area on each floor

19. Quiet study space is not quite at all

20. I usually use the back study room in the northeast corner of the first floor because it gets good natural light. However, there are far too few outlets for everyone's laptop, it's cold, and it's often under maintenance (ceiling, buzzing, etc).

21. There is nowhere in the library that is consistently quiet. The general noise level is unacceptable.

22. Regenstein: the only spaces for quiet study are between the stacks and the noise of machinery there is terrible.

23. Regenstein: Too much talking is permitted in the study areas. The first floor is fine for talking, but I think all levels above that should be strictly silence. Almost every time I study at Regenstein, someone is talking very loudly on their cell phone. Quietness needs to be enforced better.

24. There can also be problems with noise--usually patrons answering their cell phones and/or having loud conversations in the reading rooms, but sometimes even library staff. I wish there was more effort/signs to discourage this.

25. undergraduates are VERY disturbing (talk on the phone, hold long and loud conversations, eat smelly food, etc.) Graduate and serious students need more quiet, clean places to study with comfortable chairs, desks and convenient electrical outlets.

26. The group study rooms do not diminish noise at all, and so groups are very distracting to everyone in the immediate area.

27. The late night study hours in the regenstein were exceptionally noisy and there were no options for quiet study. This was extremely frustrating and wish I would have had access to quiet study at that time.

28. I'm glad that Harper is being renovated to give undergraduates a more social space to study. In the past Regenstein has been the social hub, making it a little hard to read and write while others are chattering away.

29. The noise level in the Reg is not good, either, I find it difficult to work there.

30. The only places for group study are places where it's noisy for students studying alone nearby.

31. The only quiet place to work is in the stacks -- people talk in the reading rooms and answer their phones - including library staff - there should be people to monitor the noise

32. The seminar rooms are helpful, and I tend to study in them. (When that one guy on the fourth floor isn't using the room to make phone calls about his ebay business.)

33. The Regenstein library is often noisy and crowded,

34. large study tables have uncomfortable chairs and often have other people (talking/eating/using cell phones/&c).

35. There needs to be a space on campus, in any of the libraries, that is for graduate students only. This is especially evident during midterms and finals, when undergraduates use the libraries more often. They come in groups, talk and whisper, answer their phones, and eat full meals at their desks. It's impossible to concentrate at these times.

36. There needs to be better space for quite study (people talk too much). Strangely, the new space in Harper Memorial Library is quieter than the Reg. How to get people in other libraries to act like that?

37. There needs to be more enforcement of quiet in the quiet spaces. Especially the cell phone signs are not prominent enough, but more and more undergraduates don't understand that libraries are quiet places, not places to chat.

38. there needs to be more quiet spaces for individual study. there is a lot of talking that goes on and this can be very distracting.

39. Undergraduates often take the Reg as a hang-out place, and talk quite a lot.

40. It's very much a socializing spot for undergrads, plus it's crowded, and I find it hard to find a quiet, comfortable spot to do my work.

41. When Harper closed undergraduate students moved their headquarters to Regenstein and after the reopening of Harper they forgot to move back . What used to be quiet places for study and research (Floors 2-5) are now full and loud with partying undergraduates all the time. It became very difficult to find a place for quiet research.

42. A service that bans all cell phones in the library would be useful, perhaps something that would deliver a light electric shock to anyone who uses their phones in the library.

43. Defenestrating undergrads who talk on their cell phones in the reading rooms.

44. Designated quiet or writing zones would also be helpful.

45. designated zones for quiet study



48. I chose group study above because sometimes it gets noisy when a group of usually undergrads sit at a table in the middle of the floor.

49. I think the vast majority, if not all, of the study spaces at the library should be quiet zones, unless they are in a separate room altogether.

50. I worry that if there were designated zones for quiet study, then people would stop being quiet in other spaces of the library...?

51. I'm a little shocked that the "designated zones for quiet study" is an option on the above list. It admits that the library is no longer a zone for quiet study, which presumably is what the reading rooms are for. If you'd prefer the Reg function as a networking space rather than a workspace, continue to introduce things like "group study spaces equipped with technology"--btw, that's essentially what the entire library is now, undergraduates work in groups and are equipped with technology. If, however, you're interested in promoting a healthy, productive and successful graduate community, you MUST address the lack of space in which to work. We're writing BOOKS, people. Help us out a bit. If I could write a book in a group with technological assistance, I promise you, I would. But we're not there yet..

52. I'm concerned that adding designated zones for quiet study will send the message that the rest of the library is for noisy study. It should ALL be for quiet study, with some limited spaces for group study.

53. maybe a light noise machine that gently overtakes the sound of everyone sneezing, shuffling papers, computers turning on, and phones vibrating.

54. More study rooms. With more and more undergraduates coming to the school and using the libraries of late, the Regenstein is slowly becoming an unusable space for serious graduate students / really quiet study. Break rooms/study rooms allow for noise minimization, group comraderie while "oppressed" with heavy work loads, and a comfortable space. MORE ROOMS!!!!!!! oh, and more outlets. And while you're at it, change those draconian metal single booths. They amplify noise and are coffin-like. .

55. More study spaces (clean, quiet, and with electrical outlets.)

56. more quiet spaces available-especially during exam time, students tend to congregate in the library and it becomes difficult to concentrate/easy to be distracted.

57. talking on cellphones in the library. I wouldn't even mind a granola bar or a snack, but students eat entire meals. That's just not the purpose of the library! Also, students pick up cell phones to whisper "I'm in the libary, can I call you back" into them. But that's still distracting and rude. I've actually said something to students frequently. I am not sure what would help. Maybe individual table tents at desks that say "When we say NO CELLPHONES, we don't mean MAKE IT QUICK, we mean ABSOLUTELY UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES ARE YOU TO PICK UP THE PHONE AND TALK INTO IT".

58. It is difficult to find a truly quiet space in Regenstein to study without the imposition of cell phones and recreational chit chatter.

59. there are no so-called 'spaces for quiet study' (in the Reg at least) - because library personnel don't think it is their responsibility to make sure that people don't talk/use cellphones on floors 2-5.

60. At the Regenstein, absolute quiet should be more rigorously maintained. It seems louder than last year, or my memory is bad.

61. Because there are so few group study rooms, occasionally groups of students will come into the common spaces and have to be told that there conversations, even while trying to whisper, are disturbing others.

62. The Reg should have clearly marked areas for absolutely quiet study--i.e. NO talking.

63. Reg lighting is okay, but finding quiet study space during the school year can be tough.

64. During peak hours, it's very difficult to find individual study spaces in the Reg which are quiet and well-lit.

65. Enforcement of quiet is needed in some areas, though there are plenty of places that the silence is observed and I seldom have difficulty finding a quiet place. The weekends, however, are rather noisy in all areas

66. Quiet study isn't. Group study is not even sound dampened.

67. Group study spaces in the Reg have poor sound insulation.

68. I am dissatisfied with the spaces for quiet study not because of the library itself, but because of the inconsiderate behavior of its users. There really isn't much that the library or staff can do to make others be quiet or stop answering their cellphones inside, especially since signs have already been posted.

69. First, the lack of individual study spaces for graduate student (carrels etc.), or at least a quiet space for those involved in research as opposed to chatting with friends or watching youtube

70. I don't study in the Reg anymore because the behavior of other patrons just got to be too much - eating stinky food, talking, answering phones, etc. I'm not sure if this has improved since Harper has been redone - I hope it has!

71. I don't suppose there's anyway to discourage cell phone users in the Regenstein any more; perhaps signs in the window bays in the study areas reminding callers that those spaces are NOT soundproof?

72. I find that people don't use the group study spaces in the Reg to work together and often talk in quiet study areas. It can be quite noisy in the library.

73. I have contacted the library previously about the lack of quiet space for graduate research and writing. As enrollment increases, spaces in which graduate students can work becomes increasingly hard to find. Undergraduates tend to work together and are studying, rather than writing, which means frequent talking--not to mention the amount of food and electronics they bring with them for distraction. This is a major problem toward the end of the quarter when most graduate students are driven out of the Regenstein. This is unacceptable. For those of us working toward our doctorate, we cannot be asked to interrupt our writing schedule every 8 weeks (now more frequently). How many universities of Chicago's status don't have graduate-exclusive work spaces?

74. It is also unfortunate that the acoustics of the Reg can make it a little noisy in the late afternoon, although I would hate to see the open spaces of the 2nd and 3rd floor disappear.

75. I have no idea how to change this, but the only reason I don't study at the library is that other students do not treat the quiet study spaces as QUIET study spaces. They chat, take phone calls, etc. That's the sense in which I'm dissatisfied with the Regenstein's quiet study spaces.

76. When the main part of the library closes, however, and students are sent downstairs, there is really nowhere for students to quietly study by themselves; it seems like the whole area is group study and not necessarily very quiet.

77. I like to study in the group study area in the reg (A level), however, people use the area to be especially loud, chatting on skype. Even though it is a group study area, I would like for it to be used for group projects or people studying together rather than a place people go to use the internet to have loud skype conversations.

78. I have the same problem in the Reg, but at least in the Reg I can go into the stacks and achieve some modicum of quiet, even though people seem to love to talk or use their cell phones in there as well. Studying in the normal library spaces is IMPOSSIBLE because of the constant chit-chat and eating, and it shouldn't be my responsibility to ask people to stop having conversations. Since when did it become acceptable library policy or etiquette to eat constantly in the library? Is there any chance either of enforcing the library rules against food more effectively, to create a list of acceptable and unacceptable items (acceptable: water, coffee, tea, things that aren't crunchy or loud or smelly when you eat them, unacceptable: burgers, spicy foods, individually wrapped candy wrappers, foil bags of potato chips that you eat with your mouth open after putting in your headphones), or to create areas in the library that are food-okay and food-forbidden? Same thing with socializing: some trains have "no talking" cars. Can we create a few spaces that are "no talking, quiet study" areas? Seriously, I think it's totally insane that I am unable to study in the library because it's too loud and full of food, and I can't be the only one who has this problem.

79. people are loud

80. I used to study in the Reg, but had to search for other spaces recently. The reason is that there is virtually nothing like "Space for quiet study" there. All floors are used for group study. I also regularly see people having dinner in the library - officers at the entrance doing nothing to prevent people entering with food. It is also not a great idea to have the not-sound-proof meeting rooms in the middle of study floors: each time the door is opened, everyone on the floor can hear, what's going on inside. The lockers and library computers don't help either: if one sits near the lockers, he most probably will be distracted every 5 minutes. As a result, Library turned out to be the worst place for study during the finals week last quarter, which is not helpful. I think, there is desperate need for some real quiet-study spaces.

81. I used to work more often in the library but it tends to get very crowded at certain times of the quarter, people talk on their phones, eat, chat, air quality can get bad despite the constant sound of the air ventilation system, bathrooms can get disgusting etc. which makes it hard to focus.

82. The 24 hour space in the Regenstein is noisy and dimly lit. It is not a productive space.

83. I would like better soundproofing for the group study areas.

84. The lights on the 4th floor of the regenstein make an awful buzzing noise. This needs to be stopped.

85. At Regenstein, I would prefer to see more sound dampening systems. Perhaps more soundproofing around group study rooms.

86. the reading rooms have become progressively louder over my four years as a PhD student here; the "soundproof" rooms are not as soundproof as their inhabitants tend to assume. I feel that the library needs to be more aggressive, beyond polite signage, in promoting a culture of quiet study in the reg; perhaps with the lovely new Harper space, some of the noisier study activity will migrate away from the reading rooms.

87. Contrary to Crerar, the Reg often gets quite noisy, maybe smaller workspaces, or a rearranging of the tables, would make it less of a problem.

88. I wished there were more quiet/silent spaces for individual study that were not in the cubicles where there are people walking around. i.e. At the University of Michigan there were small carrels in the stacks with doors that you could close and not be bothered by any outside noise or distractions.

89. I say it every time there is a survey. Make one of the floors in the Regenstein an Absolute Quiet Floor. Hundreds of people will thank you. And it's not that crazy of an idea: most serious universities have such a thing in their libraries. A lot of people (and young people especially) do not appreciate the value of quiet, and need to be guided a little bit. And it's best to do this with policies imposed from above. Signs that say something like "No talking, no whispering, no persistent coughing or sniffling" make it acceptable for those who are bothered to say something to those who are bothering -- without feeling like they are being jerks about it. Please, please, please! You are the only ones who can save us!

90. I would like to see better, quieter study spaces -- especially designated carols for graduate students like at other major universities.

91. I wish there were more unrestricted computers (i.e., non-catalog computers with MS Office, etc.) in the library, especially in quieter places. As it is, it's very hard to find a computer in the library where I can do work.

92. I'd love more spaces for independent study that were more comfortable and conducive to long study sessions as well as better spaces to interact among different students in a library like setting without needing to be so quiet.

93. In terms of providing work space, it's failing. Most advanced graduate students I've talked to have stated that in the past two years they've stopped working in the Reg because of the distractions and noise.

94. we need a solution to quiet study for advanced graduate students. Now that Harper is available to undergrads, it seems like the next move to designate a floor of the Reg graduate-exclusive.

95. In Crerar, it seems like there is frequently too much noise to study effectively-- sometimes this is the library staff talking on phones in the library proper.

96. One custodian in crerar can be incredibly loud and verging on disrespectful. She repeatedly vacuums around you while you are trying to study and acts like she is upset because you are blocking her way. This is almost daily in the middle of the day.

97. The cleaning staff in Crerar are constantly moving around and making noise during the afternoon, which can be a bit distracting for quiet studying. Does cleaning have to occur during the hours when most people are using the library to study?

98. The smaller room in Crerar at the end of the tables on the 2nd floor (courtyard side) makes people think that it is soundproof when it is not, and people often go in there to watch movies, listen to music, or have loud conversations not realizing that they can be clearly heard.

99. I stopped going to Crerar because it's become too social and people are constantly eating there. I understand snacking or drinking coffee in the library, but it's gone way beyond that to the point that I've felt ill from the smell of some of the things people bring in and eat (I'm vegetarian, so burgers just don't smell appetizing to me aside from the fact that they're inappropriate to eat in the library). I also had to stop going to Crerar because people bring in things like chips or granola bars, items that are wrapped in foil bags and are VERY VERY LOUD when being opened, eaten from or disposed of

100. Crerar needs more group study rooms that aren't so quiet! It's hard to have a group discussion in the rooms because they're not sound proof and we feel like we're bothering nearby students.

101. I don't think Eckhart Library is a quiet place for studying. The librarians answer theirs phones (personal and business) daily. I have been studying there for almost seven years.

102. Sometimes there are noise from the window of Eckhart

103. More electrical outlets and quietness in Eckhart Library!

104. Library staff in Eckhart library should be more quiet. It's one big room. They don't tone down their voices, disrupting everybody's studying. (Strangely, this only applies to the 'regular' staff. The student employees are usually quiet.)

105. Harper: ~ needs better lighting and WAY more plugs that are accessible from the middle/end of the table ~ there is a constant buzzing noise that is very distracting.

106. Insufficient group study areas in D'Angelo. Which makes the 2nd/3rd floors noisier than they should be.

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