Survey 2010 comments: outlets

1. More electrical sockets are needed to Library. Most are found against the wall but not around other tables throughout the library.

2. More outlets, more group study spaces with outlets.

3. More outlets. Warmer

4. more outlets (I mean honestly, everyone has a laptop these days)

5. In Regenstein Library, there aren't enough study spaces with outlets close by.

6. There is also more need for electronic outlets and public computers.

7. And finally, the more outlets for laptops, the better!

8. Also, most people are bringing in a laptop so more access to electrical outlets would be helpful.

9. Also, it is sometimes very difficult to find tables with outlets at Regenstein library.

10. More and better electrical outlet access in the Reg and more comfortable seating for reading.

11. more electrical outlets

12. More electrical outlets. Table use is tied to outlet availability. A table with 4 chairs and 1 outlet will get 1 user. A table with 4 chairs and 2 outlets will get 2-4 users.

13. More electrical sockets for computers would be helpful, ideally not on the floor where one has to crawl under a table to find it!

14. More outlets and more reliable wireless access would be great. I often have to wander around the floor to find a place with both wireless and outlets. (I usually work in the Stacks, rather than the Reading Rooms.)

15. More outlets for computers is much needed. I always spend about 5 minutes during each visit searching for an outlet to use.

16. Number of computers and electrical outlets near the seating areas could be increased.

17. Also some areas do not have electrical outlets close enough to use a computer.

18. Electrical outlets can be a pain to find

19. Regenstein needs more electrical outlets.

20. Regenstein has several tables and cubicals with no access to electrical outlets.

21. I usually use the back study room in the northeast corner of the first floor because it gets good natural light. However, there are far too few outlets for everyone's laptop, it's cold, and it's often under maintenance (ceiling, buzzing, etc).

22. Regenstein needs more outlets.

23. Regenstein, while a wonderful collection, is really a poor space to work. There's little natural light, too few outlets, and pretty dismal desks.

24. need outlet access at every study station

25. The bigger desks are not always positioned near an electric outlet, which makes it difficult to use laptop. If something can be done about it, that'd be great.

26. There are not enough outlets around the study carrels.

27. Graduate and serious students need more quiet, clean places to study with comfortable chairs, desks and convenient electrical outlets.

28. The 4th floor reading rooms have very few electric outlets, and often the ones that are there don't work. My colleagues and I have reported that they are broken multiple times, but nothing has been done to fix them. Also, many of the outlets are inconveniently located far from tables.

29. The access to outlets is terrible! I can almost never find one available at the desk I happen to be working at.

30. more electrical outlets are needed almost everywhere on campus, especially in the libraries,

31. the desks along the wall at the back of the stacks are the perfect size for a full day of work, have multiple outlets, better lighting, and are normally very quiet.

 32. I wish, though, overall, that the libraries had more outlets for plugging laptops, especially since during busy hours the computers are often full.

33. The Regenstein definitely needs more electrical outlets around study desks. Everybody uses laptops now, and everybody needs to use them longer than the 2 hours or so that a battery provides.

34. There also needs to be more outlets for laptops.

35. There need to be more electrical outlets and cozy chairs.

36. There are few outlets in most of the central floorspace of the Regenstein reading rooms, which can be a problem, as the outlet-rich areas get quickly crowded and the rest lies fallow.

 37. More electrical outlets and better wireless coverage would help, as would some non-florescent lighting

38. We need more electrical outlets.

39. In the main library, where there is wireless, there are almost no electrical outlets, which places a time limit on the amount of work someone with a laptop can do, which is most unwelcome. With no internet in the stacks and no power in the main library, I have begun avoiding the Reg for studying altogether.

40. Would be nice to have more power outlets by the tables (on the fourth floor, in particular).

41. Need more electrical outlets under tables.

42. Access to electrical outlets, the ability to print and hours of the library in between quarters are the three issues you queried about that seem most problematic.

43. More outlets

44. I also wish there were more working outlets, especially around the group study tables. If were are four at a table, there are simply not enough outlets for everyone.

45. More electrical outlets at the Reg

46. More electrical outlets! =(^-^)=

47. more outlets

48. More study rooms. With more and more undergraduates coming to the school and using the libraries of late, the Regenstein is slowly becoming an unusable space for serious graduate students / really quiet study. Break rooms/study rooms allow for noise minimization, group comraderie while "oppressed" with heavy work loads, and a comfortable space. MORE ROOMS!!!!!!! oh, and more outlets. And while you're at it, change those draconian metal single booths. They amplify noise and are coffin-like.

49. More study spaces (clean, quiet, and with electrical outlets.)

50. There should also be more outlets attached to the carrel-type desks in Regenstein.

51. All of the libraries need more electrical outlets.

52. As the majority of students bring lap tops, more electrical outlets would be appreciated.

53. Also unless you take a cubicle, it can be tricky to find an outlet.

54. The number of electrical outlets is good under most tables in the open study spaces, but there are some tables that don't have any. Also, in the study rooms on the 4th floor, some didn't work.

55. Regenstein- power outlet situation is much better,

56. The second floor also has a lack of plugs

57. Definitely need more outlets.

58. re outlets--huge swaths of desk space has no access to outlets

59. Electrical outlet access at the Regenstein has really improved over the last few years. Thanks!

60. Every single table should have outlets for computers, without having to stretch cords across walkways. It is the 21st century, for crying out loud.

61. Few electrical outlets

62. Also, as bound books decrease in importance you're going to need more comfortable study space -- good chairs with outlets and relative privacy.

63. I hope that there are more outlets for laptops in the Regenstein library.

64. I would like to suggest that you install more power out lets at study tables and carrells because so many of us bring laptops to work.

65. there always seems to be a dearth of outlets on the 5th floor

66. more outlets,

67. I think the electrical outlets are improving, but they need to be everywhere

68. electrical outlets there--it's impossible to find an outlet when you're sitting in one of the center tables.

69. here is still a shortage of outlets

70. more access to electrical outlets.

71. A few more AC outlets on the floor of the Reg. As things stand now, there are preferred tables on the first floor due to their proximity to AC outlets on the floor near them, and tables avoided because of no nearby AC access. The new Harper Space has "in-table" outlets. That might be nice someday in the Reg. But this is primarily an issue only on the first floor. All the cubes, and mini-cubes are of course powered and that's quite nice.

72. I think Regenstein should have more electrical outlets on the main floor.

73. The solo study spaces at Crerar could use some help -- mainly in increasing the number of electrical outlets and improving the lighting.

74. Crerar- group study rooms are sort of dingy and could use fewer broken chairs, more chalk, more power outlets. Crerar in general could use more power outlets.

75. Crerar library NEEDS more outlets

76. Power outlets. That 1st floor of crerar is great in terms of light and tables (if chilly), but it's pretty hard to get a seat with a power outlet. Si

77. more electrical outlets in the SSA Library.

78. I love the openness of the SSA library, but it needs more electrical outlets. I think there are only three tables with them now. It gets particularly difficult to work on my computer in there during finals time.

79. I just need more electrical outlets in Eckhart!

80. More electrical outlets and quietness in Eckhart Library!

81. There are very limited number of electrical outlets in Eckhart Library.

82. Most of the study areas on the first floor of the D'Angelo library are not near electrical outlets.

83. Dangelo needs more outlets

84. More outlets are needed in the D'Angelo Law Library

85. --Electrical outlet access in the D'Angelo library is excellent, at least along the window desks, but impossible to find at the tables in the main space. I believe Crerar suffers from similar access problems but I haven't studied there for a while. Regenstein's outlets are acceptable, in that I can usually find an open table with a power supply, but falls short of the D'Angelo's highest standard of two devoted outlets per table.

86. Harper: ~ needs better lighting and WAY more plugs that are accessible from the middle/end of the table ~ there is a constant buzzing noise that is very distracting.

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