Survey 2010 comments: off-campus access


1. I have been impressed and really satisfied with the vast amount of information that I can access just using the library's web site and online collections. Please keep supporting these media -- they are so helpful to someone who often works on school work at night and on the weekends, from home.

2. Off campus access is very useful but could be more user-friendly

3. Having access to electronic journals and other library sources has saved my life while doing research abroad!

4. I cannot overemphasize the importance of digital resources for those of us that spend a great deal of time away from campus doing fieldwork or other forms of research away from campus. The more we can use the library resources remotely, the more productive in our work we can be.

5. I LOVE that I can use the proxy to get access to online materials while not on campus!

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6. Off-campus access to electronic journals and databases is horrible, in my opinion. It is so inefficient and time-consuming. I think there should be a system where you only have to log in once (per use, I mean) off-campus and then when you go to PubMed you can access the full -texts right from there. This is how it was at my old school.

7. The holdings are still great but access to them isn't. For example, I tried to access the online edition of the Chicago Manual of Style a few minutes ago. When I go to particular pages, I get an error message regarding subscription. I understand that these things are bound to happen, but I could not find any clear place to send feedback on that, and that's a book published by the University of Chicago Press.

8. The e-Journals site is REALLY slow to load when accessing off-campus, sometimes it doesn't load at all. I've talked to my ISP and the problem is not on their end. I am not sure if there are other users who have had this problem but I thought I'd let you know :)

9.Please improve the condition of OFF-CAMPUS access, in any form. The UC Libraries are the information center for researchers working for their research out of town/country.

10. Make off-campus e-journal access easier!

11. easier access to online journals - the proxy doesn't work to access journals that provide updates by email (e.g. Nature)

12.Electronic journals - not sure anything can be done, but so, so fragmented. I've had to log onto four or five different access points to find an article. Licensing arrangements probably to blame, but this is annoying.

 13. I believe that the Lens/E-Journal search process could go work a little more smoothly -- I feel like I have to constantly enter my cnet id, etc.

14. I am unable to access the electronic database for journals at work. It might be a problem on my end though. I think a firewall at work might block it.

15. Electronic sources: using can be very confusing and I am not always sure of which sources this will cover. A better directory, leading directly to these sources, would be helpful.

16. Make proxy access easier and more stable, possibly through the use of a dedicated program.

17. However, if UChicago fixed its remote access to full text online journal articles, I would be very satisfied. I use this all the time and the current system is inefficient and time-consuming. I find it to be quite burdensome.

18. proxy sometimes doesn't work properly (some journal sites, when I click the "proxyit" button, end up going into an endless loop that doesn't allow me to actually access the journal site)

19. Sometimes I encountered the problem of connecting to electronic journals and database through off-campus access. I used to use "proxy" to connect directly and immediately. Now I have to go to the library's website and find the electronic journal and then be able to access the articles. It's not as convenient as before.

20. The off campus access to journals and databases can be seriously improved. The proxy server often simply doesn't work. Since many doctoral students are not in residence, this is a crucial service that should be given more attention.

21. TO find an article in a particular database, there are too many screens/steps to go through, and then half the time I find the article and have some sort of access problem that requires me to renew my proxy login and start all over again.

22. I use electronic journals and databases via the proxy server which is not always fully functioning.

23. Because I can't get to campus often, as much material that can be accessed online as possible would be highest priority for improvement.

24. Making remote access to journal articles easier and more efficient.

25. better off campus access

26. Sometimes when I follow links to journal articles on a proprietary site, I am unable to use the proxy method to gain access to the file, even for sites for which I know the University of Chicago has access. I don't know what causes the unreliability of the proxy process.

27. It should be easier to access article databases by proxy. It's quite difficult to set up as it is now

28. While I can generally use electronic resources from home using the proxy server, I still have trouble accessing certain databases (ARTFL, for instance) this way. The more I can connect to these kinds of things off-campus the better, especially since I sometimes need to work outside of Chicago.

29. I would love to get access to resource remotely.

30. More access from home PC

31. lens search from library home page often does not work on my home computer.

32. Off campus access is very useful but could be more user-friendly

33. also, during the summer 2009 quarter, my access to electronic journals and databases was discontinued without any explanation, and was reinstated after multiple emails to library officials and the registrar's office. it would be great if such errors could be avoided in the future.

34. Improve the link between our website and outside databases and journals (there are often times when Shibboleth stops functioning or locks me out of websites as I'm conducting searches).

35. remote access to article databases can be very confusing.

36. Sometimes hard to navigate to licensed journal sites when off campus.

37. Would be nice to be able to obtain from off campus without VPN.

38. However, the remote authentication is still a bit inadequate. The new VPN software is nice, but I still get a lot of cases where I've used google scholar to search for something and the link to the publisher's website doesn't pick up the institutional access, and then it's back to the e-journals page to go through econlit or jstor or whatever.

39. streamlined access to materials on Reganstein - sometimes I'm required to have a VPN to access certain databases and other times I am not. Or, my cnet ID doesn't work with some of the resources.

40. Lens search does not work from home and is also very slow and unpredictable at times when using on the campus computers.

41. Please improve access to Optical Society of America journals (from the proxy in particular).

42. Please allow for Scifinder access (not the web version) off campus

43. I have been trying to use Investext/Bank One for research, but have had difficulties because you need specific technical requirements on your computer to access, and have been unable to install them properly. This should hopefully be addressed.

44.I have sometimes had trouble connecting remotely to JSTOR. This has particularly been a problem during my dissertation research abroad. I'm not sure what the library could do to solve this, but it would be nice.

45. make sure the proxy sources work reliably. I think ARTFL still doesn't work from off-campus.

46. Not sure if this is through the library, but sometimes when I access articles through JSTOR I can't open them...especially when I'm off-campus. The proxy site eventually works, but it's annoying. Furthermore, I usually can't print the material if I want it for class when the professor doesn't allow computers.

47.I often have troubles accessing articles from locations off-campus. Either it doesn't work for all articles databases, or my computer won't support some protocols, or the proxy system may not work properly all the time.

48. I am unsure if this is the case, but all e-journals that are accessible on-campus should be accessible off-campus via VPN. This would be very valuable to those of us who do most of our research from home.

49. I have had trouble accessing my Scopus account using the proxy server. This is the service I primarily use and it is frustrating to not be able to use my saved searches, etc. Also, in the case where an E-journal link is not available, it is rare that the findIt button directs me to a hard copy. The link is usually a dead end.

50. E-journals behaves erratically with off-campus access. If I am logged-on, sometimes the search is aborted and am unable to retrieve results.

51. I sometimes have problems accessing certain online journals when I am off campus. I log in to the library system, but it still says I need some sort of I would appreciate it if any problems like this could be resolved.

52.The "proxy it" bookmark for web browsers is very useful though.

53. Well I am happy to have access to electronic journals, the portals and authentications are cumbersome.

54. Can be slow accessing journals off campus

55.Quicker download time when searching using online research tools. Right now, this can sometimes be painfully slow. This could possibly be due to the fact that my access is from outside the US, in Singapore.

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