Survey 2010 comments: reserves

Chalk Interface

1. The Course Reserves page is odd since items aren't listed in alphabetical order by author or title, but rather in the order that the person uploaded them...

2. Course reserves are difficult to find. In the past if I haven't had the exact call number for the item I'm looking for the librarian has had difficutly finding it. This doesn't make any sense to me. The library should consider changing the cataloging system for these books. You should be able to just give the course number or the professor and easily find these materials.

3. Course Reserves that I access from Chalk often do not open or take forever to open (documents/pdfs).

4. Course Reserves would be MUCH easier to use if the authors were alphabetized.

5. Course reserves are very slow, take a long time to load or switch back and forth. It would be nice if when you clicked on a reading, it opened the document in a new window, so you could select more than one reading at a time.

6. Either it takes many steps to get there, or (in the case of reserve readings) it takes a long time to download and print them from the library computers.

7. E-reserve isn't very intuitive to use.

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Checkout Period

8. Have course reserves for longer checkout time.

9. Just annoying to have to return things for 2 hrs

10. Course reserves should never be allowed for more than 24 hours, and electronic copies are much preferred as to having to come to the library to read a text;

11. Time limit on law course reserves is too short.

12. Also the 2 hour time limit on some reserve books is really inconvient; there is really no point in checking out a book for only two hours.

13. It would be great if I could check out study aids for a little more than 2hrs..

14. Course reserve checkout time is extraordinarily short for business school books.

15. I do not think that 24 hour reserve is a good idea. It removes critical, high demand materials for too long. This is especially true in the case of course or comprehensive exam materials. 2 hour reserve is good because it forces people to use the material and give it back for others to use. I know this from my own experience.--2 hours focuses your work!

16. I wish course reserves could be checked out longer.

17. Course reserves, esp. 2hr loans, are too restrictive.

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More Copies / More Items on Reserve

18. Last term I took a class where all 20 participants were expected to read a book each week that was on 4-hour reserve at the Reg. There was one copy, and it was an impossible (and immensely stressful) proposition. Is it possible to have more than one copy of reserves?

19. more copies of the same books that are always on reserve

20. More course reserves are needed to assist students who cannot afford to buy expensive textbooks. For one class in which I use the course reserve textbook, there is only one available and it is an older edition than the one that students purchased new this year, which is very disappointing.

21. More selections for course reserves.

22. Further, books that are put on reserve are often needed by other students--books which are often on reserve or recalled should have additional copies available (a professor should not, for example, be able to put all the copies of the Cambridge History of 19th Century Music on reserve, which is currently the case.)

23. It might be helpful if you could have more than one copy of books used in courses on reserve.

24. It would be better if some copies of the course reservise books could also be available for regular loan.

25. Also it would be great if there could be more than one copy of the books required for our courses at the Reserve Desk.

26. need to have more copies of course books in the reserve section, or specific chapters required should be posted online.

27. There are still several books that are often on reserve or are frequently recalled that the library only has one copy of.

28. We need more copies of our books. Too many students need too many copies, and the reserve system simply does not cut it.

29. The limit on two reserves at a time is problematic in instances in which one desires to listen to a musical recording and read the score simultaneously. In those instances one often likes to have multiple editions of the musical score and/or multiple copies of the recording. It would be nice to

30. The 'course reserves' service does not meet the demands of courses at the University, in my opinion. In practice the system assumes that all students buy most of the books for all of their courses - which renders the library useless. Why should 20 students each buy a book, when they could easily share 3-4 volumes in course reserves? of course, that would require a change in policy, and of course the rediculous 3 stacks at the circ' desk wouldn't be enough. But it makes much more sense, and would be much more 'green'.

31. Not be limited to two items at a time

32. There should be more than one copy of popular books that are recalled often. Having just one copy is simply not enough. Also, books that put on Course Reserves should also have more than a few copies, especially for those people who aren't in the class!

33. Often every available copy of a book in my field will be on reserve.

34. Course reserves are insufficient. Book are really expensive and some more copies should be available. I asked for a book to be in the course reserve section and I was told it was not necessary.

35. I like the flexibility of course reserves (24 or 4 hr), but the lack of selection makes course reserves unpredictable and frustrating. Rushing to beat someone in the morning to take out a book is not my idea of cordial camaraderie.

36. I think it's critical that all texts for a class are put on reserve! I bet this is the prof's responsibility....

37. I like the flexibility of course reserves (24 or 4 hr), but the lack of selection makes course reserves unpredictable and frustrating. Rushing to beat someone in the morning to take out a book is not my idea of cordial camaraderie.

38. Class text books should be under library reserve. That is student's should not be allowed to check out the current text book for a class.

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Reserve Processing Problems

39. The course reserves maintenance is my single biggest complaint about the Library. Much too often, I've tried to put material on e-reserve or regular reserve for courses I'm teaching and it never shows up

40. Scanning of book chapters, or sections, but not the crap that often gets done for course reserve, but actual conversion of each page as a separate page in a .PDF.

41. Many times the course reserves have not been available when they needed to be--either not scanned, or not pulled from the shelf, or scanned so poorly that it's difficult to read.

42. I am sympathetic to the plight of the course reserves and course e-reserves staff as their task is Sisyphean but I have not had a single class, either as a student or as an instructor, where there hasn't been some material that was not available in time--or at all!--because the item was missing from the library and no one knew it and no one notified us.

43. We've had multiple problems getting items on reserve for a course this semester--the reserve desk made a number of mistakes (e.g. putting the wrong chapters online) and was very slow at making material available.

44. There is something about the reserve book system that seems inefficient. Twice I have had the experience where the catalogue says that the book I am looking for is on the shelf, and I cannot find it so mark it missing, only to discover a few days later that it was in transition to reserve for the quarter. But then, when I go to take out it from reserve, it has not yet been processed. I've had books go for a week or two in the black hole of transition to reserve. I think any book that is actually available in the library should be available to patrons for use - there must be a way to add transparency and availability to that transfer to reserve process.

45. As a TA setting up the Library Course Reserves, I have been very disappointed. On several occasions I have been told that everything is finished only to find many (20+) items from the course list missing. I've been iterating back and forth with the course reserves staff after sending them the syllabus in December, and still don't have the full list online now during the fifth week of the quarter.

46. It has been very frustrating, and I have heard from other graduate student TA's that they have had similar experiences in the past.

47. Course reserves are inconsistent - often late to go up, often with shoddy scans, sometimes tetchy remote access.

48. Course reserves can sometimes take a LONG time to progress from the initial request to the circulation desk.

49. Course reserves has become very unreliable--scanning the wrong pages of books, not scanning things on time, it's necessary to harrass someone to get something done, no communication with the prof or course asst when a book is lost or doesn't come back after a recall notice.

50. I have had a few instances where books supposed to be on reserve for a course just weren't there- not checked out, not in the stacks, and not at the desk

51. From a teaching standpoint, I have found the course reserves employees and time to completion of a task less than satisfactory. I submitted all of my materials more than a week in advance of the start of my class and still by the 7th week of the course, I was still scanning my own materials in order to make sure that students had them on time. In addition, when I went to request several books that were listed online as "on reserve" for my course and available, library personnel were unable to find them. A week or two later I was notified that these items had been lost and then recovered. In short, I spent a lot of time on clerical work that the library was supposed to handle doubling my workload for a course that is already too much time for the money.

52. As an instructor, I love the reserve system but have often had to scan and upload documents myself at the last minute because they hadn't been processed by reserve staff yet.

53. PLEASE add library reserves to the system by author last name, not by book title or (???) journal name. It is irritating to everyone who uses the site, but as a TA who is responsible for adding some material to the site I get almost daily complaints from students and faculty about the organization of the reserve material. Constant complaints that they cant find what they need.

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54. Many of my reserve books are only at Eckhart. Expanding Eckhart's hours a little bit (especially on weekends) would be helpful.

55. Most everyone in the math department would prefer if we could contact the borrower directly rather than recall a book, which is annoying for all involved. I always choose to ask around to try and find a book indirectly rather than use the recall button.

56. Late fees for course reserves are OUT OF CONTROL. The fees should be greater than for regular library loans, but the hourly rate charged is ridiculous to expect from poor grad students.

57. Also, when a professor needs to put a book on reserve, that should override normal recalls, no?

 58. Email reply from library reserves should be more efficient.

59. Scanning articles and chapters of reserve books is very helpful. Dealing with one copy of a book on 2-hour reserve is a hassle compared to being able to download a PDF.

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