Survey 2010 comments: services


1. Any negative points raised are in comparison to an "ideal" library in my perfect world. Overall, the libraries rock.

2. All in all, though, I think the library is great. Easy to use, friendly, and an important part of my life.

3. As someone who is now "writing up" away from Chicago, let me just say that I miss the Regenstein dreadfully. I am ever more grateful for the quality of the U of C library collections, and ever more aware of just how uniquely lucky we are to have it while we do.... I dread the day that I graduate and lose access to that collection. Any chance of creating special "alumni access" to, say, electronic journals at least...? Seriously, it would be immeasurably appreciated. Thanks for all you do!

4. I appreciate the effort that has been made by Andy A. and other members of the Library Committee to really improve services.

5. I feel lucky to have access to such an excellent library. :)

6. I particularly like the ILL service and the system of recalls. and that I can get someone search for items I can't find on the shelf. Altogether, I'm very happy with the library services

7. Generally I'm pretty happy with the library.

8. Good collection and good service. I love our library.

9. It is an amazing place and a treasure. Thank you.

10. good library

11. Great library and expansive collection.

12. Great Work!

13. I am very satisfied with the services that I know exist at the library.

14. I have found the UChicago libraries, especially the Regenstein, to be among the best academic libraries I have ever worked in.

15. I know it's a cliché, but nonetheless: Keep up the good work!

16. I love our libraries. This must be kept in mind even when reading the less favorable reviews: there are many of us who love the atmosphere, the services, and the people here.

17. I love the library system

18. I love the library. It is the soul of an academic institution.

19. It's simply one of the best library systems in the world (and I'm from Boston, a land of libraries) and any complaints I have are minor. I am generally very pleased with staff, facilities and services. Many thanks.

20. I think it's a high quality library collection, space and service.

21. I think it's already very good, and I hope it can be even better.

22. In general, the library system is quite helpful

23. It has been really easy to access library services while I am in the field (Paraguay). Thanks!!!

24. It's been a wonderful resource

25. It's one of the best library systems around. I benefitted greatly as an undergraduate, but now as a Master's student use library resources less. This has more to do with my coursework than the library's offerings.

26. I spend a minimum of 2 hours every day (weekends included) reading/researching scientific literature. The more accessible it is via the internet, the more helpful it is to me. The library has been very responsive to my requests and needs, I have been very happy.

27. Keep up the good work!

28. Lighting and printing/copying equipment need a great deal of improvement. Very happy w/ all of the other services I use.

29. Our libraries are some of the most impressive in the world and I rue the day I will lose my access to them!

30. Over all, the library's resources are excellent.

31. Overall I'm pretty satisfied with the library

32. Thank you for running such a professional operation.

33. Regenstein is an amazing resource for my research.

34. Thanks for all of the great work.

35. Thanks again for providing a wonderful, helpfully staffed, resource

36. thank you for your service

37. Thanks for all your hard work!

38. The library is good and can only get better!

39. The library services are, overall, great.

40. The University of Chicago library is an indispensable quality information resource for me. It's a user-oriented and learning-friendly library that has a vital role in enhancing one's learning experience.

41. This is a great library, and you're doing a terrific work (I mean the Library staff).

42. This is the best research library I have ever used and it's one of the reasons I brag about being a student here.

43. This system is a jewel not only for the university but for the city itself and, really, for the region. I hope you get whatever resources you request from the school's administration. I now teach at a university with quite a good library, but it's no Regenstein. Congratulations, and best wishes for continued success. My own achievements as a scholar (such as they are!) owe a large debt to this library.

44. Though there is always room for improvement--especially in how the library utilizes the rapidly changing digital environment--I really am quite pleased with the library, its services and holdings.

45. Very satisfied with the rate at which features have been added while I've been here, but would still like to see more.

46. Wonderful job all! I've used many research libraries, including Harvard's Widener system and Northwestern's, and U of C is truly world-class. I appreciate that you continue to improve and adapt.

47. World class library, I love it!

48. You guys do a great job. Thank you for all your efforts.

49. A letdown from the Regenstein, which otherwise provide the doctoral students with wonderful support and service -- as well as incredible collections.

50. I am happy with the way things are right now

51. I am quite satisfied with this aspect of the library.

52. I am very happy with the library services that I receive.

53. I am very pleased with the support that I have received from the Library thus far. The services have been outstanding, and the staff has been very helpful.

54. I don't know - I have not been very good about using all of the library's resources and services in my research. It is very good to know that the resources and services are there, though!

55. Generally good

56. Doing well.

57. Already quite helpful.

58. All in all, it's more than sufficient

59. I feel fully supported.

60. I feel it is very good, but be sure to maintain staffing levels! I know other libraries that cut back and destroyed their service!

61. I find it adequate.

62. My favorite service is that, if I'm feeling lazy, I can just click "Can't find it?", and the library staff will page the item for me even if it's in place. I told all my friends and many of them have stopped going into the stacks altogether. Thanks guys!

63. You are doing well.

64. I think you're doing a great job!

65. Continue being helpful and responsive to student queries!

66. doing a fine job

67. Doing well.

68. -I am very satisfied.

69. I think you guys do a great job

70. From the friendliness of the folks at the check-out desk to the helpfulness of those at the information desk, I think that the library system is one of the "shining stars" at the university.

71. It is one of the best libraries I've used so far. Great job!

72. No improvement needed.

73. Satisfied.

74. So far, I'm really satisfied with the library collections and services provided by the librarians.

75. Thanks - you guys do a great job!

76. The library is doing a terrific job. In my 4th year as a student, and everything that I have needed has either been in the library or has been easily obtained via interlibrary loan.

77. The library is good

78. (This applies only to the Reg). I think that the library on the whole does a wonderful job

79. Crerar is a very good library. It is difficult to think of something more then we already have.

80. I think that the library's support system is fantastic--I need to remind myself to make use of it more en!

81. I think the library does a pretty good job already.

82. I'm satisfied with current services

83. It does a good job.

84. Just keep doing what you're doing!

85. Most of the support is there, and I make use of it when I need it.

86. The Library seems to be doing an excellent job, and I ought to take more advantage of the resources the library offers

87. GREAT LIBRARY. Please treasure it.

88. I think (and appreciate) that the library services are all very speedy.

89. The library offers great services, I just have not used them, yet because I've been able to find what I've needed so far. But I'm sure they will be more than helpful if ever I do make use of them.

90. You are doing well!

91. I think it's fine.

92. Seems pretty good to me.

93. I just have to say that I've been very satisfied with the library's willingness to order new books. I've probably requested 3-4 books for purchase, and they've always been ordered promptly without any questions.

94. I appreciate that the library will purchase items I request for my research.

95. I have made some successful purchase requests in the past

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Complaints - general

96. The University libraries suffer from Identity Crises--they're not sure whether they want to be a) a hangout spot for undergraduate students to lounge around in pajamas b)a place for graduate students to conduct research projects or c)a study space for students from across the University spectrum. I feel that spaces need to be better defined by the University Library system.

97. As a rather traditional library user, bogged down by the age of digitalization and fast-paced dissemination of information, I was very saddened by the closure of Harper. For me, it reflects a huge loss of a library tradition that was deeply rooted in the culture of scholarly pursuit that U of C prides itself upon.

98. I don't know how to use some of these things or how to access them or that they exist.

99. I don't know much about any of these programs...

100. I would it possible to transfer materials from one library to another for checkout (esp for volumes from the Law School, which is a pain to get access to).

101. Locate or replace materials that have been lost for more than one year.

102. More library help

103. Finding material in the Library tends toward the impossible.

104. It's been years since I used the microfilm readers, but when I was using them, I used them a lot. It's so important that those machines be always kept in good repair, and that they're just as advanced as the university can afford.

105. Instructions for use of microfilm equipment is unclear. Who to contact for help with the machines is not clearly indicated.

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Locker services

106. The one thing you didn't ask about in this survey was the locker service at the Regenstein. I have to say, I'm extremely dissatisfied with that one-- (A) it's too expensive and (B) one time my belongings were removed and disposed of by mistake, and I was never reimbursed for the loss.


108. Again, dedicated, locking study space. The library lockers are not really that useful for the kind of intensive, independent study that advanced graduate students in the humanities do, given the theft issues in the library.

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Purchase requests

109. The process for procuring new items through the 'purchase request' feature needs to be streamlined. I have made purchase requests in the past for books available at online vendors like Amazon and their status remains as 'on order' far longer than it would take for me to have purchased the book myself and has it shipped via their free shipping option. Since I do not have the financial resources to do this for some of these titles, I find it frustrating when the Library decides to follow through on a request but then takes weeks or months to fulfill that request.

110. And when I've requested that something be purchased it has never arrived in enough time to be useful to me for a given quarter.

111. book purchase requests could be handled more efficiently and quickly.

112. It often takes rather long until newly purchased books are available

113. And books that are reported lost need to be replaced!

114. (I am aware of the fact that I can ask for that but last time it took three requests, over a year and quite a lot of effort for me to do it for journals I want to read but don't absolutely have to)

115. Special ordering is a lengthy process.

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Working off-campus

116. As someone doing research at the university's Paris Center this year and hence not able to physically visit the library, it would occasionally be helpful if the gargoyle service were cheaper

117. Libraries need to be more than warehouses for books. In the 21st century the U of C library needs to focus on online delivery of journal articles and pdfs.

118. How do we support dissertation writers doing research off campus better? While I am traveling to seek out unique manuscripts and rare books, I often don't have access to reference books and monographs in my field, but I am not in Chicago to physically pick up ILL materials if they aren't digitized , as is usually the case. Is there any possibility of expanding ILL privileges to deal with this situation through other institutions in our travels?

119. If the school library can provide service in Gleacher Center, that will help us a lot

120. There is no library facility at Gleacher. Must have some way to access or have a library that links Hyde park facility.

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