Survey 2010 comments: study space


1. The dimmer and mustier the area, the more I feel I'm in an atmosphere of study. The newer and more sanitary the study area, the less it puts me in the mood for hitting the books.


3. Study spaces where food/beverages are allowed.

4. As a place to study, it's awful.

5. I am very satisfied with research resources but only partly satisfied with the studying in the library experience, both of which are essential to my completing the PhD.

6. I hope that I've made my point. Quality of workspace needs to be addressed.

7. I work in the Regenstein from 8:30-12 virtually every week day, and find it pleasant and helpful then. Unfortunately, it becomes a social scene in the afternoon and evening and it's virtually impossible to get serious work done there. I realize that's not really the library's fault, but rather that of its patrons, though,

8. private and group study areas would be huge.

9. As a grad student, I find the Reg to be a horrible work space, and have opted to work almost entirely from home. The combination of bad lighting and loud undergrads who study in groups have driven me away.

10. Also, as bound books decrease in importance you're going to need more comfortable study space -- good chairs with outlets and relative privacy.

11. I'd love more spaces for independent study that were more comfortable and conducive to long study sessions as well as better spaces to interact among different students in a library like setting without needing to be so quiet.

12. In terms of providing work space, it's failing. Most advanced graduate students I've talked to have stated that in the past two years they've stopped working in the Reg because of the distractions and noise.

13. (Reg) I think the new addition will provide this but one element that seems to be missing is a nice, large, well-lighted space where you can eat or drink, talk openly and, at the same time, study. The atrium at the law school, for instance, is an easy place to study: it's comfortable, there are lots of tables and chairs, the coversations blend into white noise, etc.

14. Regenstein, while a wonderful collection, is really a poor space to work. There's little natural light, too few outlets, and pretty dismal desks. Mansueto's construction should help a lot, but I think that floors 2-4 of Regenstein could also be improved with different study carels and individual lights for pooled rather than fluorescent light.

15. I think it would be nice to have more non-carrel study space on the upper floors of the Regenstein. I study on the 5th floor, and the comfortable chairs next to the windows are nice, but often full. It would be nice to have a few clusters of similar chairs in other spaces on the floor.

16. I would like to see better, quieter study spaces -- especially designated carols for graduate students like at other major universities.

17. Finally, people in the Reg need to be told that it is a library and NOT a social hangout. Far too many people openly talk on cell phones in work spaces and/or with their friends. This type of thing has disrupted my workday on more than one occasion. Perhaps we should have separate floors designated for undergrads and graduate students.

18. the space continues to leave something desired and I have been working from a campus office or off-campus doing research for the last two years of my Ph.D. If more quiet or subject-specific study spaces were offered, I can imagine doing more work at the Reg when I was back in Chicago.

19. However, it has become nearly impossible to study there. As a repository of information, it's great. As a place to work, it is full of people on their cell phones, having group conversations, and eating meals, all under the buzz of fluorescent lights. Having a quiet place to study has become the most essential resource to my course of study. My department does not offer space or offices to its graduate students. I depend on the Reg as a space to work.

20. we need a solution to quiet study for advanced graduate students. Now that Harper is available to undergrads, it seems like the next move to designate a floor of the Reg graduate-exclusive.

21. The Regenstein library is often noisy and crowded, with very few spaces for either private group work or spaces to study by yourself. The cubicles are often over-crowded/unavailable, and the large study tables have uncomfortable chairs and often have other people (talking/eating/using cell phones/&c). No places to tuck yourself away and get work done. I always study from home or in my department rather than at the Reg.

22. And more study spaces would also be helpful, especially since very few graduate students in the social sciences have access to their own offices.

23. Reg needs a clear place for group study and for quite individual study. The large tables are used for whispering group study, which is a poor middle ground.

24. In Regenstein Library, there aren't enough study spaces with outlets close by.

25. It has always been frustrating that only certain subjects have specific graduate reading rooms.

26. Also, I would like you to expand studying space for grad students.

27. lot of 'quiet spaces' but not enough private spaces

28. The Reg needs more diverse study spaces: quiet areas, reading tables with lamps, cubicle areas, etc. Brighten up that drab space! It is very unpleasant to work there. (full disclosure: my experience with other libraries which I found to be better in physical layout are the CUNY Graduate Center and Vassar College)

29. There needs to be more study spaces and better group study spaces on campus. The libraries in general are too crowded.

30. More study spaces

31. More study spaces (clean, quiet, and with electrical outlets.)

32. More warm work spaces would be welcome.

33. Moreover, the study area is too open-space like, so it is easy to get distracted

34. Also, I often need to watch dvds at the library. There is no comfortable place where to do it. The Art reading room is especially bad. They cannot even provide you with headphones.

35. Also, I'm someone who prefers libraries where the study spaces are more private. I find the large open floors in Regenstein too exposed, even if you are just studying in a carrel. I think the openness of the space makes little sounds magnified.

36. Graduate and serious students need more quiet, clean places to study with comfortable chairs, desks and convenient electrical outlets.

37. the lighting is depressing and the library is very uncomfortable to work in.

38. the lack of comfortable reading spaces make me avoid this place.

39. The Reg: excellent collections & horrible study space;

40. remodel some floor layouts to give more options for study spaces--small lounge areas, reading rooms, large reading rooms, individual study rooms, etc.

41. The Regenstein's study spaces definitely struggle to hold the number of interested students during peak hours and periods of the quarter. The University has a real need for more study space. I've begun studying in the stacks more often to find a quieter place to study. Hopefully the new Wing will alleviate some of the pressure.

42. It might be nice to have some different areas sectioned off instead of one large distracting room where everyone sits.

43. The study spaces that are scattered throughout the stacks in the Reg are a nice idea, but very depressing in reality, with bad lighting and a suffocating feeling. Also, the study spaces near the lockers on the second (or is it 3rd?) floor of the Reg are also depressing and suffocating to me. I like the desks that are divided into 4 sections.

44. There are frequently people who leave stacks of books and their belongings (desk lamps, sandals, notes, etc) in carrels on the 5th floor of Regenstein (East Asian section). I study in there often and find it unfair that people "reserve" these carrels by leaving their things there for week, even months at a time. Can they be urged to not leave such things behind by library staff?

45. There is very little space to study alone at Regenstein. Most tables are all grouped together by a million people. The few coves that have study space are always taken since there are so few of them.

46. Would be helpful if the library was slightly more well lit. It can be very dim, especially when sitting in the individual study cubes.

47. Again, I think most important would be to create a variety of aesthetically pleasing reading spaces within the library, rather than having the homogeneous style of cubic chairs and lighting.

48. As a med student, it would be most supportive to have a great place to study

49. It would help immensely if the library would enforce a policy so that people do not leave their personal belongings in carrels. Some carrels in the East Asian section of 5th floor Regenstein have lamps, sandals, and other personal effects. Some have been left for longer than a quarter. When I arrive in the morning, I find a good number of what I consider to be the "best" carrels taken/reserved in this way. It seems unfair to those who come early in the morning and can never use those carrels.

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Group Space

50. even less group study space.

51. Because there are so few group study rooms, occasionally groups of students will come into the common spaces and have to be told that there conversations, even while trying to whisper, are disturbing others.

52. Also, group study rooms go quickly.

53. Most important: The group study rooms are not well ventilated and smell almost moldy. It gives a headache if you have to study there in a group all day.

54. Quiet study isn't. Group study is not even sound dampened.

55. Group study spaces in the Reg have poor sound insulation.

56. have more large room non-quiet rooms for group study. The group rooms get busy and it would be nice to have another place where talking was allowed in Crerar.

57. I would suggest better monitoring of the study rooms. I've often seen only one or possibly two students using them, though obviously not for a group study session. That is, they are sitting inside to read/study individually and prevent groups from utilizing them.

58. I would like more study space for small groups (2 or 3 at a time), instead of a few larger rooms. I rarely meet more than 2 other people at the library, and get the sense few other people do either.

59. Perhaps if there was more space for group work in specific levels, there would be less disturbances on other floors.

60. My study had trouble finding group study space where computers are available. It seems that where there are computers it also seems to be quiet general library space. Maybe help designate where groups can use because of the need for discussion and conversation.

61. need more group space and white boards

62. Not enough markers and erasers in the group study areas

63. Often if I'm looking for a space for group study, my group and I have to personally investigate each potential space. This isn't a huge problem for us, but I think it irritates the people trying to quietly study when 2-7 people are rustling around. If there was a sign-up list for study space on the first floor, we could walk right to our space with minimum disruption to others. On the other hand, Ex Libris usually works pretty well for us.

64. I do not study alone in the Reg because it feels so uncomfortable. I get my materials and go elsewhere if I'm alone. Studying with others, it is an improved experience.

65. putting group study space for undergrads and computers together on the 1st floor is a bad idea. the undergrads frequently use the permission for quiet group to study to be an excuse to use cell phones throughout the area and disturb many patrons.

66. My main problem seems to be the lack of group study rooms; they're almost always taken.

67. Provide more spaces for groups.

68. More SOUNDPROOF group study rooms.

69. More spaces for group study would be better.

70. more spaces for group study.

71. Spaces for group study are often occupied by one person which makes it difficult for groups to actually use it. The rooms could be locked and opened by verified groups (2+ people) that are given key access by the front desk.

72. The empty rooms in Regenstein should be made available to individuals and groups for studying and working on projects. When I tried to reserve one, I was told they were only for professors, though I have seen students using them. There should be individual study rooms made available as well at Regenstein.

73. The group study rooms do not diminish noise at all, and so groups are very distracting to everyone in the immediate area. Also, it would be nice to have a more obvious system for reserving group study rooms.

74. more large chairs/group spaces.

75. The group study spaces are nice, but we need more of them and they don't need to be as big. Often two people take over a room that could hold twelve.

76. The Reg offers good spaces for quiet group work but it would be nicer to have more spaces where quiet discussion could occur. Could one floor could be available for quiet, not silent, study during the daytime hours?

77. The only places for group study are places where it's noisy for students studying alone nearby.

78. The reg could use a lot more seminar rooms. They are always packed during exam times.

79. there are no reading rooms where large numbers of people gather to study quietly.

80. There are not many places to meet for group study in Regenstein

81. More group study rooms would be good

82. There should be more spaces for group study.

83. Would like a few more group spaces--for about 5-6 people.

84. In the reg there is more need for group study places.

85. Some areas have too-dim fluorescent lighting, and sometimes all the group study rooms are full.

86. More group study space,

87. Group spaces with some technology support would be great, especially if it was loaded with all the software.

88. More study rooms. With more and more undergraduates coming to the school and using the libraries of late, the Regenstein is slowly becoming an unusable space for serious graduate students / really quiet study. Break rooms/study rooms allow for noise minimization, group comraderie while "oppressed" with heavy work loads, and a comfortable space. MORE ROOMS!!!!!!! oh, and more outlets. And while you're at it, change those draconian metal single booths. They amplify noise and are coffin-like. .

89. Just a note about additional group study spaces: they need not be so large. Most of the study groups I participate in consist of 3-5 people. It would be better to have many small rooms than a few large ones. Also, it would be great if they were more private (i.e., a single window rather than two glass walls). This would be better for sound-proofing, too.

90. I find that people don't use the group study spaces in the Reg to work together and often talk in quiet study areas. It can be quite noisy in the library.

91. I like to study in the group study area in the reg (A level), however, people use the area to be especially loud, chatting on skype. Even though it is a group study area, I would like for it to be used for group projects or people studying together rather than a place people go to use the internet to have loud skype conversations.

92. I really like the group study rooms.

93. Also some more casual study spaces would be useful. It would be nice to have an area where some food and quiet/brief conversation was allowed. Sometimes when you are studying for very long periods its hard to go without a snack, etc.

94. I would like better soundproofing for the group study areas.

95. At Regenstein, I would prefer to see more sound dampening systems. Perhaps more soundproofing around group study rooms.

96. the reading rooms have become progressively louder over my four years as a PhD student here; the "soundproof" rooms are not as soundproof as their inhabitants tend to assume. I feel that the library needs to be more aggressive, beyond polite signage, in promoting a culture of quiet study in the reg; perhaps with the lovely new Harper space, some of the noisier study activity will migrate away from the reading rooms.

97. Also, it would be nice to have more small group study rooms.

98. there is not enough group study space

99. Lightning is poor at regenstein and group study rooms are usually unavailable.

100. The library could use additional group study spaces

101. I appreciate that there are some study spaces on the 4th floor for groups. It would be nice if there were more.

102. MORE STUDY ROOMS!!! Everyone likes em. Everyone competes to use them MORE STUDY ROOMS

103. The seminar rooms are helpful, and I tend to study in them.

104. More group study space

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Quiet Study

105. More cafe-type spaces would be nice for people who like some background noise.

106. I'm a little shocked that the "designated zones for quiet study" is an option on the above list. It admits that the library is no longer a zone for quiet study, which presumably is what the reading rooms are for. If you'd prefer the Reg function as a networking space rather than a workspace, continue to introduce things like "group study spaces equipped with technology"--btw, that's essentially what the entire library is now, undergraduates work in groups and are equipped with technology. If, however, you're interested in promoting a healthy, productive and successful graduate community, you MUST address the lack of space in which to work. We're writing BOOKS, people. Help us out a bit. If I could write a book in a group with technological assistance, I promise you, I would. But we're not there yet..

107. Despite my complaints, I love the Reg--I quit smoking years ago to be able to work there in a sustained way. There needs to be more facilitation of absolutely quiet study, though

108. I have contacted the library previously about the lack of quiet space for graduate research and writing. As enrollment increases, spaces in which graduate students can work becomes increasingly hard to find. Undergraduates tend to work together and are studying, rather than writing, which means frequent talking--not to mention the amount of food and electronics they bring with them for distraction. This is a major problem toward the end of the quarter when most graduate students are driven out of the Regenstein. This is unacceptable. For those of us working toward our doctorate, we cannot be asked to interrupt our writing schedule every 8 weeks (now more frequently). How many universities of Chicago's status don't have graduate-exclusive work spaces?

109. I used to study in the Reg, but had to search for other spaces recently. The reason is that there is virtually nothing like "Space for quiet study" there. All floors are used for group study. I also regularly see people having dinner in the library - officers at the entrance doing nothing to prevent people entering with food. It is also not a great idea to have the not-sound-proof meeting rooms in the middle of study floors: each time the door is opened, everyone on the floor can hear, what's going on inside. The lockers and library computers don't help either: if one sits near the lockers, he most probably will be distracted every 5 minutes. As a result, Library turned out to be the worst place for study during the finals week last quarter, which is not helpful. I think, there is desperate need for some real quiet-study spaces.

110. I have no idea how to change this, but the only reason I don't study at the library is that other students do not treat the quiet study spaces as QUIET study spaces. They chat, take phone calls, etc. That's the sense in which I'm dissatisfied with the Regenstein's quiet study spaces.

111. No, but I would like to stress that more quiet study space is NOT an issue. I hear complaints from people who want to study in absolute silence a dozen yards from the entrance, near lockers and computers -- in other words, the areas where grad students run into each other and, bizarrely for the University of Chicago, exchange salutations. This is ridiculous. There are four floors of above-ground stacks and lots of space on B-level with nary a human interaction to trouble the focused mind.

112. I would be concerned, with the designated quiet areas, that other areas would become potentially not quiet. Right now, almost the entire library is silent all the time, and it's great! With Ex Libris and group study areas, it's really nice that people who need to talk have a space, and that people who need silence don't have to search too hard.

113. designated quiet areas would enhance that.

114. More quiet spaces in the main floors,

115. Quiet floors in library are not quiet as people often talk and there are lots of distractions with people walking around, listening to music loudly, etc.- would like more isolated study spaces than tables all in one area on each floor

116. Quiet study space is not quite at all

117. I usually use the back study room in the northeast corner of the first floor because it gets good natural light. However, there are far too few outlets for everyone's laptop, it's cold, and it's often under maintenance (ceiling, buzzing, etc). It would be an excellent space for designated silent study though.

118. Regenstein needs a dedicated quiet study space.

119. Regenstein: the only spaces for quiet study are between the stacks and the noise of machinery there is terrible

120. The only quiet place to work is in the stacks

121. there needs to be more quiet spaces for individual study. there is a lot of talking that goes on and this can be very distracting.

122. Spaces for quiet study are few and far between.

123. Unfortunately I don't find the Regenstein a very comfortable place to actually study. It's very much a socializing spot for undergrads, plus it's crowded, and I find it hard to find a quiet, comfortable spot to do my work

124. When Harper closed undergraduate students moved their headquarters to Regenstein and after the reopening of Harper they forgot to move back . What used to be quiet places for study and research (Floors 2-5) are now full and loud with partying undergraduates all the time. It became very difficult to find a place for quiet research.

125. In some of the study spaces located in the stacks, it is difficult to get a good wireless signal.

126. I think the vast majority, if not all, of the study spaces at the library should be quiet zones, unless they are in a separate room altogether.

127. I worry that if there were designated zones for quiet study, then people would stop being quiet in other spaces of the library...?

128. more quiet spaces available-especially during exam time, students tend to congregate in the library and it becomes difficult to concentrate/easy to be distracted.

129. there are no so-called 'spaces for quiet study' (in the Reg at least) - because library personnel don't think it is their responsibility to make sure that people don't talk/use cellphones on floors 2-5.

130. Undergraduates should be encouraged to stick to certain parts of the library. They can be amazingly rude, particular en masse, during midterms/finals.

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Carrels / Designated Work Space

131. When the new wing is complete, I really wish some space would be allotted for small 5' X 8' private rooms that students can apply for quarterly access keys to. This way, grad students who commute down can have a place to study as they spend the day down in Hyde Park.

132. Desk space to keep work on overnight. Lockers are great -- but it would be even better if there was some way to avoid constantly packing and unpacking all the books and papers for an ongoing project. Even a small surface area to keep papers would help a lot.

133. I understand that the faculty studies are underutilized, as faculty have offices. It would be very nice if doctoral candidates whose dissertations make heavy use of library resources could have access to unused studies.

134. Again, dedicated, locking study space. The library lockers are not really that useful for the kind of intensive, independent study that advanced graduate students in the humanities do, given the theft issues in the library.

135. Lockers in other libraries besides the Reg? Carrels for doctorate students?

136. Also, I wish that the Reg or another campus library had specifically assigned study carrels available for rent to students who don't have other study space options, as on other campuses; as a qualitative SSD student, I don't get my own research space or office on campus, and would really appreciated a designated study space within the reg, beyond a library locker--a place where I could leave books set out so I can quickly return to my own work.

137. There needs to be a space on campus, in any of the libraries, that is for graduate students only. This is especially evident during midterms and finals, when undergraduates use the libraries more often. They come in groups, talk and whisper, answer their phones, and eat full meals at their desks. It's impossible to concentrate at these times. Moreover, given that most graduate students don't have office space on campus, most of us use the libraries to work. It would be great to have a library space that is quiet and grad-student only.

138. Also, I wish that the Reg or another campus library had carrels available for rent to students who don't have other study space options, as on other campuses; as a qualitative SSD student, I don't get my own research space or office on campus, and would really appreciated a designated study space within the reg, beyond a library locker--a place where I could leave books set out so I can quickly return to my own work.

139. Also, carrels for graduate students who are not given offices by their departments - whether it's done on the basis of a lottery or only for those writing up or for a small fee . . . the faculty offices are rarely used, and it seems that some space could be set aside to give semi-permanent desks to PhD students in the humanities/social sciences without a "home base" for dissertation writing!

140. It would be helpful to have study spaces for students in advanced residency doing dissertation write-up. Many students in the Division of Social Sciences do not have access to an office in their home department, so having a desk in the library where we could keep books and materials (not just lockers, which are helpful but can involve lots of time shuffling material around) would be really helpful, especially for students who are dissertation-writing and don't have other workspace. Thanks!!!

141. I wish there was more space for doctor students to use exclusively on a daily basis. It is hard to prepare course materials and lectures, as well as do your own research without an office or at least some isolated space that is consistent from day to day.

142. I wished there were more quiet/silent spaces for individual study that were not in the cubicles where there are people walking around. i.e. At the University of Michigan there were small carrels in the stacks with doors that you could close and not be bothered by any outside noise or distractions.

143. The libraries on campus need more private study rooms and students should be allowed to reserve rooms in advance.

144. First, the lack of individual study spaces for graduate student (carrels etc.), or at least a quiet space for those involved in research as oppsed to chatting with friends or watching youtube

145. While I would really relish (and productivity would be greatly enhanced) individual study spaces for rent, I understand that it is not always possible to offer every service.

146. we need a solution to quiet study for advanced graduate students. Now that Harper is available to undergrads, it seems like the next move to designate a floor of the Reg graduate-exclusive.

147. Finally, it would be nice if you could use a computer in a private, quiet space, rather than out in the open and in the noisier areas of the library where they seem to be now.

 148. Regenstein study spaces are not really very conducive to getting work done. Maybe they could take a few design tips from Crerar.

149. Contrary to Crerar, the Reg often gets quite noisy, maybe smaller workspaces, or a rearranging of the tables, would make it less of a problem.

150. Sometimes undergraduate students use the research computer room in the East Asian Library as a study space, which wouldn't be such a big deal (especially when researchers are not using the computer) if they didn't dirty it up with the food they bring in there. Often there is food on the keyboards, chairs, desk, etc.

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24 Hour Space

151. Opening at 8:30 is too late for many students who get up and want to get straight to work without going to the dreary overnight study space.

152. Also, the A-level of the Reg turns into an all night party rather than an all night study space. I'm not saying students shouldn't be able to talk down there, just that it shouldn't be a free-for-all.

153. When the main part of the library closes, however, and students are sent downstairs, there is really nowhere for students to quietly study by themselves; it seems like the whole area is group study and not necessarily very quiet.

154. The A level study areas in the Reg are a zoo. There never seem to be enough chairs, and group study tables are often occupied by only one or two people (this becomes frustrating when a larger group is trying to find a space to meet).

155. The late night study hours in the regenstein were exceptionally noisy and there were no options for quiet study. This was extremely frustrating and wish I would have had access to quiet study at that time.

156. I also wish there was one more 24 hour study space (or that one of the libraries stayed open 24 hours-- at least during dead week and finals week). The 24 hour space in the Regenstein is noisy and dimly lit. It is not a productive space.

157. Again, library study space should be available 24/7. Also, when areas are made available for all night study, there should be a designated quiet section.

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158. I love Crerar library! Wonderful, quiet space to study. The librarians at the reference desk have always been very helpful. It would be nice if there were more spaces for group study at Crerar.

159. I also use the Crerar library frequently. It seems to be much less used as a study space that the Reg,

160. In Crerar, it seems like there is frequently too much noise to study effectively-- sometimes this is the library staff talking on phones in the library proper.

161. I am also a bit frustrated by the lack of group study areas in both Crerar and Regenstein.

162. In Crerar, the group study spaces are really great, but it is very frustrating to often find that only one person is using them. I think there should be a rule that ONLY groups may use them, and that single users should not be in them.

163. It would be nice if there were more spaces for group study at Crerar.

164. Lighting could be improved for the quiet study spaces in the Crerar library.

165. Many of the group study rooms in Crerar lack wireless internet. There are also too few enclosed study rooms in Crerar, especially around exam times.

166. More separated study desk--John Crerar

167. The Crerar Library has poor lighting in a lot of the areas (the automatic lights never come on, or don't stay on even if you move around). There are also few places for group study.

168. The smaller room in Crerar at the end of the tables on the 2nd floor (courtyard side) makes people think that it is soundproof when it is not, and people often go in there to watch movies, listen to music, or have loud conversations not realizing that they can be clearly heard.

169. The John Crerar Library is poorly lit in many of the study areas, and meeting rooms are always very messy- with food wrappers, papers, etc.

170. At Crerar it is sometimes difficult to get a study room to work on a group project and it would be nice if there were at least 2 more designated study areas there.

171. Crerar- group study rooms are sort of dingy and could use fewer broken chairs, more chalk, more power outlets

172. Crerar needs more group study rooms that aren't so quiet! It's hard to have a group discussion in the rooms because they're not sound proof and we feel like we're bothering nearby students.

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173. If the conference rooms in D'Angelo are to be used for group study, they should be soundproofed.

174. Insufficient group study areas in D'Angelo. Which makes the 2nd/3rd floors noisier than they should be.

175. Most of the study areas on the first floor of the D'Angelo library are not near electrical outlets.

176. There is a serious problem in the D'Angelo Law Library with people whispering or talking in the quiet spaces.

177. There isn't enough study space in the law library during the day. At night and on weekends there is plenty but during the day it is often very difficult to find space to work.

178. Very frustrating that Law library kept non-law students out during finals last year. There are very few libraries on that side of campus. I can understand for other spaces, but when libraries are shared, so should study space be shared.

179. -in D'Angelo Law Library study rooms, tables, sofas are fine...

180. D'Angelo could use more individual study spaces, not just tables, for people who are easily distracted by others. There is no way to block the view of others like you can in the study spaces in Regenstein or Crerar, for example, which have separators between desks for more privacy.

181. For D'Angelo, we need more spaces for group study. The only real space right now is in the conference rooms, which are often booked, or the Green Lounge, which is supposed to be social space and is often busy and noisy. More private rooms for small group study would make a big difference.

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182. For example, Harper is wonderful for studying.

183. I'm glad that Harper is being renovated to give undergraduates a more social space to study. In the past Regenstein has been the social hub, making it a little hard to read and write while others are chattering away.

184. The upgrades to the former Harper Library main halls are super. Similar conversions to study spaces in the other libraries would draw more students looking for comfortable (non-table/desk), quiet study spaces.

185. the Harper renovation has set a very nice standard, and it would be great if we had a similar graduate study area. Life might be even better if my department gave us desks, but I'm not holding my breath on that.

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186. The SSA library does not have any space for groups to meet, and because there are not any other spaces in the building, this presents a particular challenge

187. At SSA we have NO group study space. This is a hindrance to meeting for group projects

188. Having work/study space at SSA library is very important. Please keep it.

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189. I don't think Eckhart Library is a quiet place for studying. The librarians answer theirs phones (personal and business) daily. I have been studying there for almost seven years.

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