Survey 2010 comments: stacks & reshelving


1. I actually think some of the best physical work spaces are the ones in the stacks -- the desks along the wall at the back of the stacks are the perfect size for a full day of work, have multiple outlets, better lighting, and are normally very quiet.

2. However, I really like the open stacks

3. The only quiet place to work is in the stacks

4. I am very satisfied with Regenstein, particularly in the past 5 years or so. Everything is so easy to find, the collections are amazing, and the staff is helpful.

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5. When walking down the stacks, the lights should come on.

6. Reg stacks could be better marked and lighted.

7. The lighting in the Regenstein Library bookstacks is terribly dim. All else is fine.

8. The lighting in the stacks in Regenstein is awful.

9. Some of the bookstacks are not well-lit but in fact are dark. Maybe there's a way to activitate the lighting to help me find a book I'm looking for, but if so I don't know how to do this.

10. The stacks in the Regenstein are sometimes intermittently lit, which can be problematic.

Also, is it possible to keep the lights on at all times above the desks in the stacks? Having to pop up and hit the lightswitch every so often is annoying.

11. Make it more obvious which light switch controls which set of lights. Also, more step ladders would be nice.

12. It seems to me that the problem has improved in recent years, but it is frustrating to find that books are not on the shelf when they are listed as available. Is it possible that some of the faculty study spaces in the Reg contain books that are not checked out?

13. Perhaps the lighting in the Regenstein stacks could be set to a motion detector system? I've often seen many aisles left with the lights on, and have at times been browsing and had the lights turned off by someone who didn't realize I was there. I'm not sure how costly this would be, but it would likely save on energy in the long run.

14. better lighting in the bookstacks;

15. Better lighting in the Stacks/easier access, such as more ladders.

16. Regenstein: While the stacks tend to be in order, patrons often leave books lying around after browsing. Library staff should spend more time picking up strays. I once found a book I was looking for out on a study table, but in the catalog it appeared to be not checked out, and when I went back on a second and third day, it was still there.

17. Searching the stacks in Crerar is dark, even once you've found the right light switch and turned on all the available lights. The basement movable stacks in Crerar are difficult to move.

18. The Crerar stacks can be a bit creepy due to the lighting. I realize this is to save energy, however, so I don't necessarily think it should be changed.

19. The lighting in Crerar is often on a timer at the end of rows, and turns off long before I'm finished browsing journal articles or other items, many of which are older and not indexed online.

20. the lighting in the bookstacks is really dim.

21. Some of the stacks could be better lit.

22. The study spaces that are scattered throughout the stacks in the Reg are a nice idea, but very depressing in reality, with bad lighting and a suffocating feeling.

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23. As for maintenance/circulation, it takes too long before returned books become available. It also occurs quite frequently that a book is not on shelf.

24. The time it takes books to be returned to the shelves is a problem in Crerar. Several times, the catalog indicated that a book I was interested in was available, but it was not on the shelf. This would go on for weeks, until finally it was back on the shelf and I could check it out.

25. The turnover time to reshelve books is sometimes a problem--sometimes a book that I have used one day (and these are not common books so I doubth that they are being used by others) will take up to 2 days to find its way back to its place in the stacks.

26. Difficult to find things in the book stacks because things are not re-shelved quickly

27. Faster turnaround on new books: once they are in the library system and searchable, they should be on the shelves

28. The only thing that's slow is reshelving--but staff have let me search through carts of books that haven't been reshelved yet in order to find something

29. The rate at which returned books are reshelved Crerar is **terrible**. There's never been an occasion when I've never been there to look for a book, when I *haven't* had to search through all the backlogged trollies parked up full of returned books, to find what I need. The books are rarely in the right place - huge numbers of the social studies/history and philosophy of science books are misplaced or lost. I have to schedule extra amount of time to hunt all over the library every time I go there - and when I'm on campus I got there a lot.

30. If all the libraries were like the D'Angelo they would be far more pleasant work spaces. The table, the chairs and the lighting in this library are substantially superior to every other library on campus (the book stacks and books at the D'Angelo are another issue altogether! They seem far less well cared for than at the other libraries).

31. Crerar is does not re-shelve books quickly and the stacks are not labeled with the correct call numbers

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32. As I am sure you know, some of the shelves on the B-level don't move in the U-UA section. I use that section regularly and find the fact that users are unable to access the books without going back to circulation and having someone manually move the shelves unacceptable. That should be repaired immediately, not tolerated as a temporary inconvenience.

33. Difficult to move some of the collapsible shelves, especially in the basement of Regenstein Library (finance section)

34. A better organization of the stacks. There doesn't seem to be a system

35. The stacks look like crap, and are fairly frequently out of order (i.e. the books are in the wrong spot).

36. Some of the books shelved in the stacks are brittle and rare items, identify and transfer them to the Special Collections.

37. I wish there were reshelving drop-off points closer to the in-stack carrels in Regenstein.

38. The fiction books are held in two locations, and it is sometimes unclear in which location it is.

39. The only materials I have trouble with a specifically Middle East related. I oftentimes find items in the catalog that are listed as being in the stacks, but are in fact held in the cage behind the counter on the fifth floor. I imagine there are probably other materials held back there that are not cataloged and could be of use to patrons.

40. Few electrical outlets and terrible wireless signal in the stacks.

41. longer evening hours for the stacks.

The stack stairways are mismarked as to what floors you can reach through them, which I find extremely annoying.

42. Book stacks are not labeled with the correct call numbers making things hard to find

43. Shelving is a problem at D'Angelo.

44. Clearer maps/guides for the layout of books in D'Angelo Law Library

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