Survey 2010 comments: staff


1. Generally, I feel confident that the staff is intelligent, talented, caring, and competent!

2. In the end, I know that the library staff are doing the best they can and it is often difficult to meet budget with expectations.

3. the staff is great and helpful

4. I only use Reg, and I'm very satisfied with what Reg has already provided for the students. Clearly all the staff at Reg are very dedicated to make the library easy to access and helpful to research. Great job!

5. have almost universally found library staff to be competent and helpful.

6. I have had nothing but courteous and professional interactions with staff.

7. I greatly appreciate the efforts of the staff

8. I am generally very pleased with staff

9. Library staff has always been courteous and helpful. Thanks!

10. The staff are wonderful and I hope the library makes good use of this survey to continue improving our fabulous resources.

11. Thanks for everything Librarians and staff!

12. The ILL staff is amazing!!! They're always incredibly helpful with whatever requests I have, even when I'm not on campus.

13. The staff at the D'Angelo Law Library is great - always kind and very helpful!!!

14. The staff is very effective and helpful.

15. The University of Chicago Library system, collections and staff are among the best in the world. I think one way to improve Library services will likely be found through adapting current library services to new digital technology, as mentioned in this survery (e.g., providing mobile phone access to library services, creating and sending pdfs of print journal or interlibrary loan requests electroniclly rather than mailing photocopied documents). However, it should be recognized that the ability of such changes to run smoothly and efficiently will be dependent on library staff. Often times it seems that the adoption of new digital technologies is used de facto as an argument to cut staff. However, in most cases I believe it should only argue for more well-trained and dedicated library staff. The primary reason the UofC Library system is so successful is in its ability to recruit, train, and retain quality staff. A library with less librarians would not be any kind of improvement.

16. This is a great library, and you're doing a terrific work (I mean the Library staff).

17. Also high praise for Special Collections in terms of what it has and the super-helpful folks who work there. Special Collections deserves more florid praise than it probably gets.

18. The subject specialists and the special collections and ILL staff are the library's major assets -- whatever the library can do for them and their departments will improve my research.

19. On the whole, though, the library staff does a wonderful job! I feel really lucky to have such a devoted and competent group of people managing our library system!

20. the staff has been very helpful.

21. I feel it is very good, but be sure to maintain staffing levels! I know other libraries that cut back and destroyed their service!

22. Also, I was looking for a book that wasn't on the shelf and the staff searcher found the book very quickly, I really appreciated that.

23. The ILL staff has been very helpful to me and have made my research much easier in acquiring materials from other libraries.

24. The library staff has saved my life more than once helping me find things. And one staff member took the time to teach me the basics of RefWorks when she noticed it might be an enormous help to me. I thought I faintly saw angels dancing around her as she did so. Wish I could remember her name to thank her properly, but please know that someone on your staff has excellent karma.

25. library staff is good.

26. The staff at the East Asian Library has always been helpful in assisting me in my research.

27. Staff, while friendly, tend to lose items between the desk and the shelves, and this is very problematic.

28. Staff is always nice and helpful.

29. Even though I am an advanced graduate student and am embarrassed to say it, I need help managing and conducting searches using electronic catalogs and article databases. I get lost in keeping track of searches and knowing where to go next. Librarians (particularly Frank Conaway) have been particularly helpful AND available for consultation and that has made a huge difference. But, I am not sure what to do when I am not with a librarian.

30. friendly staff

31. I think you guys do a great job

32. I don't know enough to know why that is so cannot say what to do. Sometimes one thinks the page is too cluttered to SEE what one needs. I'm not sure. That's why Librarians are so important for me.

33. Thanks - you guys do a great job!

34. Librarians and staff are doing a great job!

35. I love Crerar library! Wonderful, quiet space to study.The librarians at the reference desk have always been very helpful. The library staff is friendly, knowledgeable, and efficient.

36. I'm pretty satisfied. The library staff deserve Props.

37. The staff was always excellent back in the time I was using the physical library. You do a great job.

38. In terms of staff and materials, the Reg is doing a good job.

39. the few times I've gone, the staff has been very helpful, and although I do not use this resource that often, I'm very glad it's available.

40. I am very satisfied with Regenstein, particularly in the past 5 years or so. Everything is so easy to find, the collections are amazing, and the staff is helpful.

41. Also, the people at the Circulation Desk aren't always especially engaging (although sometimes they are really wonderful).

42. Some employees at circulation are not pleasant. Can't recall specific names. In general, most are helpful.

43. The circulation staff is great, helpful and for the most part very nice. The same is true for every librarian I have talked to.

44. On the other hand, customer service in circulation has been very helpful.

45. From the friendliness of the folks at the check-out desk to the helpfulness of those at the information desk, I think that the library system is one of the "shining stars" at the university.

46. I have always found the circulation staff to be incredibly helpful with any questions or requests I have.

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47. In Crerar, it seems like there is frequently too much noise to study effectively-- sometimes this is the library staff talking on phones in the library proper.

48. There can also be problems with noise--usually patrons answering their cell phones and/or having loud conversations in the reading rooms, but sometimes even library staff.

49. people talk in the reading rooms and answer their phones - including library staff

50. I don't think Eckhart Library is a quiet place for studying. The librarians answer their phones (personal and business) daily.

51. Actually respond to emails...

52. It is hard sometimes to find the specific library specialist you need.

53. When I've needed a book that wasn't on the shelf even though it was checked in nothing was ever done about it. Staff would basically say I was 'out of luck'

54. Library staff could be friendlier.

55. Library staff in Eckhart library should be more quiet. It's one big room. They don't tone down their voices, disrupting everybody's studying. (Strangely, this only applies to the 'regular' staff. The student employees are usually quiet.)

56. My experience with the staff on the first floor has not been good

57. I once called the library after realizing that a book I couldn't find was probably in the new acquisitions. The staff wouldn't call or connect me to that department. For those of us that live off campus, a simple call of this sort would save a lot of time. If it's a policy, it's a silly one. Friends who work in other libraries were surprised at the refusal.

58. Also, the people at the Circulation Desk aren't always especially engaging (although sometimes they are really wonderful).

59. Some employees at circulation are not pleasant. Can't recall specific names. In general, most are helpful.

60. The circulation staff need to be occasionally reminded that they are in a customer service position, not being paid to ignore the library patrons and chat.

61. The student workers at the Regenstein checkout seem to be the most disinterested individuals on campus. Is there a pre-requisite of being haughty to work there?

62. Making photocopies/scanning of print journals at Crerar is very inconvenient, and the student on staff usually doesn't do a good job helping me.

63. Well training for your student staff will be helpful! One day I went into the SSA Library and asked the student worker if he could look up a book for me because I was running late, He then asked me if I knew how to use the computer. I told him yes but I was late. So then he did it out of annoyance. If I am asking a question I should not be sent to a computer. More training would be helpful. Thanks!

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