2010 survey comments: survey

1. I hope the library makes good use of this survey to continue improving our fabulous resources. Thanks!

2. I look forward to the impact of this survey and thank you for putting it together.

3. Taking this survey makes me realize I ought to use the library more often

4. I had never known about the Research guides until this survey.

5. No, this list is very comprehensive! Several great ideas in there that would make the library much better.

6. This survey was too long, but you do have a great incentive!!!

7. I appreciate the opportunity to give feedback.

8. Nope. This is a great list

9. Thanks for soliciting our input!

10. Surveys are great.

11. Thanks for the survey.

12. Thanks for doing this survey.

13. Thanks for reading.

14. When using my answers, please take into account the fact that I never use the library. There were a couple of questions on this survey where I would have liked the option to answer 'N/A' but instead had to pick 'not important.' I just want to make sure you're weighting the answers of people who actually use the library more heavily than answers from people like me.

15. Note that the answers in #15 will vary depending on stage in the PhD program. Now in the writeup stage, these points are important enough for me to note, but early in the program, they were much more important in terms of figuring out where things were, asking questions, gathering ideas, and so forth.

16. To be fair, this is my first quarter and I have not used a library yet. However, I completed this survey in regards to what would be important to me when I do begin using the library's services.

17. I feel I will have a more constructive suggestion after a full year of study!

18. It's hard to give an opnion on something I don't htink I've used often/ever.

19. As my coursework begins to slacken and I'm spending more time doing my own research and writing (for both dissertation and publishing) nearly all the above will move into the important or very important category; especially the subject specialists

20. You are wasting my time with this long survey!


22. This survey was too long, but you do have a great incentive!!!

23. This survey was too long.

24. Would like to add more about new photocopy machines, conditions of Crerar stacks, grad student carrels, etc, but fear for anonymity.

25. Too many facets of the library's physical space to comment on here.

26. Not about collections, but you might want to mention (or include) microfilm\microfiche in your evaluation of library collections

27. Harper is beautiful. I go there occasionally, but there is no place to indicate this.

28. The drop-down box for questions 20 has duplicates of each option, FYI.

29. Your item #20 above has doubled elements in it. That may affect your data.

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