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Survey of graduate and professional school students


What is the 2010 Survey of graduate and professional students?

The 2010 Survey of Professional and Graduate Students, which ran from February 9-15, 2010, launched the University of Chicago Library’s new annual survey program which will target, on a rotating basis, graduate students, faculty, and undergraduates.

What does the survey cover?

The 23-question survey, designed by the Assessment Project Team and based on similar surveys run by MIT and the University of Washington, covered:

Who took the survey?

What are the 2010 survey results?

Results include (see the full survey report for detailed analysis):

How is the Library responding to these results?

In addition to responses to specific requests (see the Library response to results), both the quantitative and qualitative data are reviewed and acted on by various committees and workgroups, including:

Assessment Project Team members: Agnes Tatarka, Assessment Director; David Larsen, Head of Access Services and Assessment: Tod Olson, Systems Librarian; Margaret Schilt, D'Angelo Law Library Faculty Services Librarian; Andrea Twiss-Brooks, Co-Director, John Crerar Library