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2013 Faculty Survey


What is the 2013 Faculty Survey?

The 2013 Faculty Survey, which ran from January 31-February 18, 2013, continued the University of Chicago Library's annual survey program which targets, on a rotating basis, graduate students, undergraduate students, and the faculty. Over 2,000 coded comments in response to the 7 open-ended questions provided the Library with a wealth of positive feedback and areas for growth.

Who took the survey?

For the purposes of this survey, we defined 'faculty' as those with appointments classified as Faculty, Emeritus, PostDocs, and Other Academic Appointee. Library employees were excluded from this population.

What did the survey cover?

The 12 question survey, designed by the Assessment Planning Team and based on previous annual surveys, covered:

What did we learn from the 2013 survey?

Assessment Planning Team members: Elizabeth Edwards, Assessment Librarian; David Larsen, Head of Access Services and Assessment; Benjamin Murphy, Head of Access Services; Gina Petersen, Human Resources Specialist; Margaret Schilt, Faculty Services Librarian; Rebecca Starkey, Librarian for College Instruction and Outreach; and Andrea Twiss-Brooks; Co-Director, John Crerar Science Library.

With additional help from: David Bietila, Web Program Director; Jamie Carlstone, Continuing Resource Orders and Cataloging Supervisor; Laurie Haugland, John Crerar Library Technical Processing Supervisor; Anne Knafl, Religion and Philosophy Bibliographer; Tod Olson, Systems Librarian; Julie Piacentine, Reference Librarian and Instructional Specialist; S Valiant, Receiving and Rapid Cataloging Supervisor; and Marcus Wolfe, Assessment Assistant.